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Bisset wins @ West Linton
Report Sophie Bruce
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The second round of the Scottish Hare and Hound Championship took place at a blustery West Linton on Sunday hosted by Ecosse XC and their sponsors Rockoil and Wulfsport. The track had a variation of land types to keep the riders on their toes. There were hill climbs; sand pits, moorland and grassy fields for the riders to tackle. The track also featured a boggy bit over a stream where some impressive superman impressions were witnessed by marshals. This led onto an uphill, rutted, boggy section going out to the moors. A couple of rain showers throughout the day made the track extra slippery for the riders.

The youth race kicked off the day on a shortened version of the adult track. Cristina Palmer from the Junior class and Tom Hume in the Youth class battled bar to bar the whole race, constantly overtaking one another. They both ended the race on 8 laps, taking the individual wins for their respective classes. Archie Stewart took second place in the youths with Charlie Campbell in third and Ethan Cleland in fourth. Sam Boyd came second behind Cristina in the junior class, Jack Hughes managed third place, followed by James Lindsay in fourth, Ross McGowan in fifth and Ryan Jamieson in sixth. In the girls' class, Kady Moore came first after completing 7 laps, followed by Lottie Hume who after a few tumbles came in second place.

In the adult's race, to add something a bit different, the riders had to run to their bikes for the start. Expert Andrew Bisset led the race by getting the hole shot, going on to float over the boggy sections with ease. Jason Moore took second place followed by trials rider Stuart Mack. Liston Bell came in fourth and Dean Reid in fifth, both managing 8 laps. Carl Howes came in sixth with 4 laps.

Will Westgarth took first place for Clubman, completing 8 laps, followed by Ben Mitchell and Ryan Paxton. Fourth place went to James Barrack, fifth went to Ben McLuskie and sixth was Grant Aitchison. Also, a special mention to Danny Cockburn in Clubman who managed to get stuck in the bog every single lap.

Mark Ritchie won the Over 40's class despite ongoing injury to his hand. Second was Paul Westgarth and third was James Harvey. Mark Fenwick came in fourth, Ian Bisset in fifth and Craig Mackenzie in sixth.

In the Over 50's class, Andrew Maben came in first place with 8 laps. Andy Dean was close on his tail in second place followed by Hugh O'Neil. Neil McGregor took fourth place, Andy Minns in fifth place and Bill Bruce in sixth.

Andrew Currie took the win for Clubman B also on 8 laps. Gareth Jamieson finished second with Les Pole close behind in third. Danny Sutherland came in fourth, Darren Laurie in fifth and Thomas Harris in sixth.

There were exciting times in the sportsman class. In his first adult race, Angus Bruce gained top position by the first corner, catching up with clubman riders half way round the track. This was also his first time racing a 125cc after the change from an 85cc. Richard Moorhouse who had entered on an 85cc bike, managed the win for the class with Angus not far behind managing second place after flooding the electrics when jumping into the pond. Jack Winn came in third, Scott Foote in fourth, Jamie McIntyre in fifth and Steve Carroll in sixth.

The next Scottish Championship event is Glendearg run by the Scottish Borders Enduro Club on the 9th July.