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In July the fastest enduro riders from Europe compete in Paikuse

On July 8-9, 2017 the second round of the Enduro European Championship will take place in Paikuse, Estonia where the fastest enduro riders from Europe will wrestle with the local peat, sand and mud.

140 riders from 18 countries have signed up for the race, the farthest participant is from South Africa. The best Estonians will also start, among others Rannar Uusna who was elected the Estonian Motorsport Personality of the Year in 2016 and who is at the 5th position in the Senior E3 class in the European Championship.

Uusna has taken part in Paikuse Enduro only once, in 2014. „The track is sandy and that suits me well. My goal is to win this race!“ says Uusna.

On top of Uusna two more Estonians are starting at the European Championship round: the promising Junior Priit Biene and the legendary Veteran Toivo Nikopensius. Nikopensius is also the leader of Paikuse Motoclub and the organization of the EC round in Estonia. The club is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year and it is the second time for them to organize the European Championship – last time it was held exactly five years ago.

It is a great honour for Paikuse Motoclub to organize such an event for the second time. We hope that everything will run as planned and the foreign riders will do fine on our different terrain. We also hope that the public will come and enjoy the spectacular sport,“ says Nikopensius.

The third round of the Estonian Enduro Championship will also be held in Paikuse at the same time which presents the opportunity to enjoy local and neighbouring countries' best riders.

Paikuse offers a terrain that is a mixture of peat and sand. The track is 70 km long and on one round there is one Enduro Test (ET), two Cross Tests (CT) and two Time Chacks (TC). The European Championship classes will complete three rounds on both days, the Estonian Championship classes will complete three rounds on Saturday and two on Sunday and the Estonian Cup classes will take two rounds on both days. The start is at 9 AM on both days.

One of the Cross Tests is in the city of Parnu, near the Uus (New) Bridge and runs along the river Pärnu. The other Cross Test is in the Seljametsa village near Paikuse and the Enduro Test will be in the forest in Paikuse. The competition centre is situated in the Paikuse Elementary School and has all the necessary amenities like catering and live commenting of the competition on both days.

The track plan, starting list and other info can be found on the competition web page:  

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