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Ricky Wiggans warms up and melts the Frost in the baking Jungle!

Track n Trail Tenko: The Ultimate Jungle Track 2.5 Hare and Hounds

Conditions were perfect for the race in the jungle at Tenko but we didnít expect the dust in these exceptionally dry conditions. As luck would have it the weather did cool off for the race after a week of blistering sunshine. There was a delightful cool breeze coming out of the woodland and the trees gave the riders a lot of shade through-out the race.

The 2.5 hour Hare & Hounds battle covered the best parts of the jungle within a very satisfyingly, flowing, sandy terrain and stunning woodland setting. The few boggy sections that were added for a bit of fun didnít cause much fuss and the sun dried them out in the days running up to the race. Thanks to everyone who took part for their great feedback and support.

Championship Class

Dylan Baynton was first off the line but Charlie Frost and Ben Harvey found a much quicker line around the first corner and took off into the distance in first and second. The next time we saw them Frost had an impressive 49 second lead and a much more impressive dust cloud following him with Harvey just in front of third place rider Richard Tucker and the rest of the pack charging hard.

Dylan Baynton Flying the Team Track n Trail colours was making up for being mugged off on the first corner and had worked his way up to 3rd place on the 3rd lap until the heat of the day got to him and he eventually pulled out of the race on lap 8 with breathing difficulties. Tucker inherited 3rd position again and held onto it to the very end clocking up 11 laps with only the top three on 11 laps.

At the half way point all the riders slowed a tad with the extreme heat and the beautifully flowing track looking slightly second hand and very high mileage towards the end of the day. Wiggans took control of the race showing his excellent woodland skills. Despite being dehydrated Frost managed to hold on to second place 1.37 sec behind Wiggans. It was testament to how hard the race was with the top riders laps slowing in the rough conditions.


It was a very much a simpler affair in the experts with Anthony Milliar leading from start to finish and the verynaggressive Paddy Twentyman riding as if his life depended on it coming from 5th place on the first lap carving his way past the opposition finishing only 1.53sec behind the leader. Brendan Griffiths moving up just one place with a very controlled pace taking third place a further 2mins back.

Over 40 Experts

All the top three places went to ex championship class riders. Ross Blackmore stamped his authority on his class after the lead changed places twice with Jack Twentyman, the last two laps Jack pushed as hard as he could reeling in Rossís advantage from 3min to 1.08sec at the line, Jonathan Tarr brought himself home in third place just missing out on his 10th lap.

In the over 40 clubman George Leyland took a great win after his last minute decision to enter, having found his company Albion Fork lifts were sponsoring the event by providing the materials for a large span bridge to cover the boggy part of the track where it had all gone wrong for him last year. Thanks for the great bridge George, I havenít told the game keeper it has a toll yet! Dave Sawtell pushed hard but couldnít catch George who was 3.5 mins ahead, Paul Hambridge also did well coming from sixth to third 3.14 min behind 2nd place.

Congratulations to the other winners, Rory Sherlock in Clubman 2 and Chris Tite in Clubman 4 who both held off youngsters Jordan Brigden and Harvey Wright respectively. Gary Wright took the Over 50ís class and it was the youngsters day in the sportsman classes with William Wilson taking the 2 stroke and Jack Allwood the 4. In the Trail Class the day went to Jason Smith.

Finally all credit must go to every rider who completed this event in the dust and the heat of the day.