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Kevin Gallas wins the final in Schwepnitz and secures the championship title of the HardEnduroSeries

1500 spectators enjoy top class enduro sport in Schwepnitz in Eastern Saxony It was a long and not without problems first season of the HardEnduroSeries Germany. Drought and approval problems forced the series management of the championship, which was held for the first time this year, to compromise. However, one of these compromises was a stroke of luck for the series, as the Isegrim Enduro in Schwepnitz was born as a replacement event for a completely new event. This took place yesterday and attracted with about 100 riders also for the late date in November many riders.

After the dry events throughout the year the joy was great that there were once ideal conditions, the sandy ground presented itself like the riders in top form and provided the best ingredients on the 4.5 kilometer long track in the group race. But first we went into the prologue, where the first decision of the championship should be made. Kevin Gallas as leader after 3 events went first on the lap. Directly behind followed Leon Hentschel, who like Gallas still had chances for the prologue title. The eyes were immediately focused on the timing when both riders crossed the finish line. With a lead of 2 seconds it was Hentschel who took the lead and won the Prolog Award supported by X-Grip. Marcel Teucher finished 3rd in the prologue stage ahead of guest rider Kevin Nieschalk. After the prologue, the group races started. The ingredients couldn't be better. 4.5 kilometres with some tricky parts, but also beautiful enduro parts where you could also enjoy the driving fun. The favourite in group 1 was again Leon Hentschel. At the beginning of the 90-minute elimination, where 20 riders entered the final, youngster Louis Richter put him under pressure. The conditions from the German Enduro Championship were good for him this time, because the track was similar to a special stage. Towards the end, however, the man from Lower Saxony extended his lead to 2 minutes and won ahead of Louis Richter and Marcel Teucher. Kevin Gallas won the second group race against Robert Scharl with another 2 minutes advantage. Eddie Findling showed his best performance of the year and finished 3rd, ahead of Dirk Peter, who wanted to secure his overall victory in the senior classification in Schwepnitz. All favorites were therefore represented for the showdown in the final on the front starting positions. The lap was now shorter and offered more extreme enduro elements. Both Gallas and Hentschel still had chances to win the championship. Leon Hentschel sat in front, but made the decisive mistake in lap 2, which ended in a crash.

Until he had recovered again, Kevin Gallas had driven up and away. So the BadenBaden´er was able to drive his speed and also had an advantage in the decisive passages like the pine groove or Yucatan. After 11 laps he won his first championship title for his new team MH Racing / Endurorides and is thus also the first champion of the HardEnduroSeries Germany. "I am happy to be premiere champion. Nobody knew before the season what to expect with this new championship. The initial problems were solved quickly, everyone was ready to react to mistakes. It is absolutely top what the team around Denis Günther has organized in such a short time. The series is an absolute enrichment for the Enduro riders in Germany". Such a visibly satisfied Kevin Gallas at the finish. Also Leon Hentschel can be happy, because besides the Prolog Award he was second in the championship and could also win the special ranking of the juniors. Like Hentschel, Dirk Peter scored full points in the special classification for seniors. The start of the HardEnduroSeries Germany 2019 season is expected to take place at the end of March in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz. As Patrick Jentsch of Quadpoint Schwepnitz e.V. confirmed, they will also be part of the championship in 2019: "We are absolutely satisfied with the race day. We now also know what the driver's level is and can already start thinking about next year". Series Manager Denis Günther adds: "It was a great season. The conclusion in Schwepnitz with the many fans was the icing on the cake. Thanks to all the clubs that supported us this year".

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