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2018 was a Gas for Danny

Despite an early wrist injury at Eddy's Extreme in Tong, Danny McCanney recovered and - aboard a GasGas - had a another very successful season winning 2 British Championships and a World Enduro Championship podium finish.

At the end of the year Danny said "This has been my 7th season in the World Enduro Championships. I would like to thank the Factory GasGas team for all their help and support in the 2018 WEC series where we shared great success finishing in 3rd place in the E3 Category.

Also a huge thank you to John Shirt of GasGas Motos UK for all his hard work and determination , which brought us both the 2018 British Enduro Championship title and the 2018 British Sprint Enduro Championship title. I wish John and the GASGAS Motos UK team all the best for there next season and look forward to following their success. An extended thank you to all sponsors , friends and family who have supported me.

My contract with GasGas has finished and I have some exciting news to follow about the 2019 seaon which I will release soon!"

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