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Are you Gethin it?
Report: Keith Williams
Photos Doc Ward

February is not noted for 18 degrees heat and stunning blue summer skys but that is exactly what was delivered for WOR Events WULFSPORT winter series final rd, Double pointer special at the Clubs Open valley course in Picklescott, Shrops last weekend. The Fast-open mountain track is very MX based and with its enduro style terrain in the deep valley it offered a true mix of neat, hare scrambles challenges for the masses of riders and racers that visited the event over the weekend.

A very twisty and flowing 3.5 mile per lap course greeted the riders and they all seemed to love the tacky, grippy conditions and the chance to blow away the winter cobwebs with lots of open throttle action. The weekend was full of action with a Saturday Open Playday and then 3 separate races on the Sunday, Kids solos first thing, the adult Solo race at 10.45 followed by the Quad adult riders in a two-hour battle at 1.30pm.

Sam Hughes did his last event in the kids ranks and left the winner as he has done for so many of these Kids races. The likeable Oswestry based rider blasted to a clear lap advantage over his closest rivals, something he has almost managed to achieve every event in this series. Taking the win in the 13/14 Yr group from Runner Up, Ryan Maudsley with Billy Austin in 3rd spot.

The Winner in the 11/12 group and indeed finishing 3rd overall on 22 laps was Lewis Hurdsman as he again improves race after race with a neat and fast style to his credit. Hurdsman pushed Anthony Strong and Louie Young into second and 3rd place respectively with 17 laps each and only 27 seconds separating them after 1.5hrs of racing.

Jayden Jones! Remember the name because 100% this young man will be a champion of the sport. A style and speed that most adults would kill for, the winner in the 9/10 group was in fact 2nd overall and puts in such a performance each event that all of the parents end up discussing him and watching in admiration, As long as his feet stay on the ground and he continues to ride, the sport of off road motorcycling is his oyster. Jones HAD William Barnett and Laiton Brewster chasing him for the duration with Barnett fishing on 20 laps and Brewster on 18.

Luke Ireland was the winner in the 7/8s as he finally got that top podium place. Jack Brooks was flying to take 2nd spot and the other Terrible Twin, Sonny Ireland took the 3rd place on the podium making Race Boss, Steve very happy at his lads showing. The top 3 in class all completing 16 laps each.

After a lovely presentation for the kids it was onto the 10:45 am start for the two-hour Adult solo race.

GASGAS UK rider, Gethin Humphreys was out on the 300 2t and made the race his own from start to finish. On a track like this its very hard to put a gap on your rivals as all the riders had space to go fast and quick on the flowing circuit, therefore leaving very little scope to pull big leads, unlike tight woods or forest tracks where the more skill full riders pull away with their speed in the slower bits. Gethin did manage though to take a 1 minute and 2 second advantage over 2t MX ace, Sean Eckersley. Eckersley suffered with arm pump early on and had a right battle to catch Robby Francom but did so and indeed put 1 minute 50 seconds on the ever improving Francom and forced him into 3rd spot. The top 4 riders including Steve Hughes being the only Riders in class to complete 19 laps.

Lincoln Brewster was on fire and finished a mighty fine 3rd overall and first in the Expert Vets. Brewster did the all important 19 laps as he pushed Darren Skillin and Mark Tebay into 2nd and 3rd spot respectively with 18 and 17 laps to their scores.

David Blackburn won the Clubman A from Richard Wozencroft and Luke Jones with a comfortable margin of 1 minute and 24 seconds over Wozencroft. Jones was a lap adrift of the top two on 17 laps.

Grant Thomas in the Clubman B did enough by winning his group as to finish on the podium in the As as did Carl Thomas and Adam Bates in 2nd 3RD in the Bs ..Showing that there really is not much point in splitting the Clubman class with As and Bs and maybe more benefit in making the better/ promoted Clubman go to a New Expert B class instead. This is now in place for rd 1 of the WES at Baden Hall in 2 weeks. All the Clubman podium riders looking strong and fit for the season ahead.

Mark Mealham is an over 40s rider that can ride any conditions and he made the long trip up from Kent worthwhile as he blasted to the class win and a 1 minute 35 second advantage over Runner Up, Jason Clarke. Titus Blackwell was a solid 3rd place just over a minute down on Clarke. The top 5 in class all finishing on 17 laps each.

Chris Wagstaff is going to be the man to beat again this year in the Over 50 group as he blasted to 18 laps and a clear win in his group. Dave Cooper was going great guns in second place as any rider that holds off a challenge from Colin Griffiths in the Over 50s will be on the podium. Cooper managed to pull almost 3 minutes on Griffiths at the end of the two-hour race with both on 17 laps each.

Hayden Rainford is another young rider going from strength to strength and he destroyed the always competitive Sportsman class by a clear 2 minutes and completed 17 laps. Runner Up Tom Walker went well to match the 17 laps. Lee Anderton rode his socks off to complete 16 laps and take the bronze podium placing in class.

The Novice riders topped the first 3 places on the podium with 16 laps each and it was Adam Bromilow with a start to finish lead that ended up the winner by just 3 seconds. Matthew Blackburn was Runner Up with Neil Strong a solid 3rd place and securing vital championship points.

Annabelle Brewster completed 14 laps to win the ladies from Izzy Skillin and Alix Howarth

Brilliant racing all round on a brilliant track in brilliant weather, perfect for all involved.

Once the podium presentation for the adults had taken place, the hard working WOR team where straight at it to get the two-hour Quad race underway as the 4 wheel racers took to the course.

The nature of the terrain and the loamy berms suited the quads as they cooked up a storm on the Fast and flowing track with some riders putting in some very impressive lap times.

Alex Bethel was the man on top form winning the race and the 2wd Enduro class. He completed 24 laps and a 1 minute and 17 second advantage over Runner Up, John Robson. Neil Sweeny took 3rd spot on 21 laps.

Stuart Marley was uncatchable in the 4x4 Experts as he left Graham Guy in his wake and David Tokaz had to push a broken Quad over the line to get a valuable finish and his points for the series.

The top 3 4x4 Clubman where all evenly matched on 22 laps with Neil Martin the victor from Mark Williams and Shaun Wealleans in 2nd and 3rd spot respectively.

So to round off WOR Events catered for all riders of all abilities and formats on a weekend s in stunning sunshine and beautiful Shropshire countryside and left all of those riders happy and content that 2019 is well and truly underway on their off road machines at WOR Events.
WOR would like as always to thank the Sponsors, WULFSPORT for their help and the staff, caterers, landowners, medics for their support in this winter series but the biggest thanks must go to the riders for supporting the events throughout the gloomy months and keeping it rolling.


The main WOR championship.. The WES kicks off in a couple of weeks at WORs always popular Baden Hall This event is almost full already and riders are urged to get online at  and enter as soon as possible to avoid missing an entry.