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enduroPANORAMA - 2/4th May 2014 - Ghelari, Hunedoara, Romania

It is well known that enduroPANORAMA is an hard enduro competition. We hope that "Tinutul Padurenilor - Forestmen country" and Ghelari - Romania are also well known places for now. We have the place, we have the race. It looks simple. But if you look deeper, beyond the timers, beyond the standings, beyond the organized group of riders moving to the start and beyond of the black van with the "finish" sign on it, you will realize that enduroPANORAMA is not about the racing.

It never was, it never will be. EnduroPANORAMA is about riding that track in your own way, is about joy of riding free, even you are fast or just cruising. EnduroPANORAMA is about friendship even you are crossing the difficult sections by your own or you need a helping hand spinning your front wheel. EnduroPANORAMA is about bringing great people toghether, about a great escape in that wild scenery. Considering this, I will ask you again " why not make 2014 the year you take off items from yours "to do list", rather than adding to it?"
Be part of it - join enduroPANORAMA 2014 edition.