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Knighter wins his 6th Tough One.

David Knight made a winning return to International Extreme Enduro and the Wirral Off Road organised 'Tough One'. Although he's won both British Extreme races held in 2014, David has missed the Tough One event for the past 3 years due to other commitments. Knighter returned to a new look Tough one, held at the famous Hawkstone Park for the first time in the events ten year history. With all the worlds top Extreme Enduro riders competing, it was a chance for David to show that he's back and ready to fight at the worlds big extreme races!

Racing the Sherco 300 two-stroke for the first time, David got off to a decent start, rounding turn one in about 6th and quickly getting to 2nd after a few corners behind early leader Jonny Walker. Knighter followed Walker until lap 3, where he passed and found an opportunity to pull away. After creating a lead of about 30 seconds, it all went wrong for David as rope wrapped around his rear wheel and foot, somehow tying his foot to the foot peg and ripping his rear mudguard off. After managing to get his foot untied and free, a marshal arrived with a knife and set about cutting the rope from the bike. After more than 5 minutes David got his helmet back on and set off in about 6th position, quickly passing the guys in front he was soon second but still 4 minutes behind Walker. David was on a mission, closing up to a minute per lap. With an hour to go, David was right behind Walker and soon passed him for the lead. Both riders entered the pits together for their 2nd and final pit stop. David put the hammer down again during the next 2 laps letting him cruise the final lap and take a very popular and deserving win by over 2 minutes from his nearest rival.

David Knight:
I'm so happy with the way I dug deep today more than anything! I wasn't too confident before the start as I haven't ridden much since having surgery two weeks ago and it took longer to heal than I thought it would. To take the win after losing over 5 minutes is better than a start to finish win. I started ok and soon got behind Jonny and was happy to follow. I could see I was much faster in places so decided to go and try to build a gap. It worked, and I could see I was pulling away until suddenly the bike stopped, my ankle got bent backwards and my rear mudguard got ripped off. Rope had got tangled in the rear wheel and although I DIDN'T crash, I honestly thought my race was over as the rear wheel was jammed solid and my ankle was hurting like mad. Luckily for me, a couple of marshals were there and thanks to them, they got me back in the race. I then just rode around not doing anything special and just enjoyed it. Riding each lap as my own, trying to improve with each circuit and not make mistakes and I eventually caught the 5 minutes back and then pulled away to win by over 2 minutes. It was a surprise if I'm honest as it's a huge amount of time. To win is great and I know I can improve myself and the bike a lot more so hopefully I can be somewhere near the front all season at the races I've not done before. A big shout out to WOR Events for a very well organised event, the marshals and all my sponsors and especially MRS for the help and support at the race.

Knight on Winning Form on Sherco


David Knight was back on winning form at the weekend when he lifted his 16th British Championship title by winning the Fast Eddy British Extreme Enduro Championship at Back Cowm Quarry (Cowm Leisure) on Sunday. Knight fresh from finishing runner-up in the World Indoor SuperEnduro series was eager to secure another British title at the weekend.

The track was looking great on Saturday but the heavens opened overnight and the temperature plummeted on Sunday making the terrain and course extremely difficult for some of the most experienced riders. David was riding the Sherco 300 4T racing model and was locked in a battle all day with youngster Jonny Walker, with David eventually taking the win.

Despite this he did suffer a huge crash and winded himself pretty badly in the early stages of the day but he remounted and fought through the pain to become victorious. For two and a half hours David and Jonny swapped positions and each suffering their own problems, this made it extremely close and exciting for the crowd of spectators that had braved the elements to come and watch and support.

David Knight - "If I can ride like that with loads of silly things happening and sill win, it can't be too bad. I'm happy to have won at Cowm Leisure but even happier to have won my 16th British title. I suffered a lot all day with arm pump for some reason and after I had my big crash I was just trying to re-group and get myself sorted out. I must say a huge thank you to my mechanic Leo and once again all at MRS for their support and encouragement. I'm feeling a little second hand now but a bit of a rest will cure that."

This final round of the British Extreme Championship was also the start of a European series - the FIM Extreme Enduro Cup.

It was also good to see that in the top six riders - three were on a Sherco so well done also goes to Marcus and Gary for a great result.

Results - Eddy's Xtreme, Rnd2 1: David Knight (Sherco) 2: Jonny Walker (KTM) 3: Paul Bolton (KTM) 4: Ben Hemingway (Beta) 5: Marcus Kehr (Sherco) 6: Gary Daniels (Sherco)

Knighter ends Superenduro Championship as World No 2.

Sherco rider David Knight has finished the 2014 FIM Superenduro World Championship as runner up, behind 5 time Superenduro World Champion Taddy Blazusiak, at the final round held in Tours, France on Saturday. Ending the evening in a disappointing 5th overall, Knighter suffered from bad starts all evening making it very difficult to make the podium. Riding sensibly, David turned his attention to securing 2nd in the championship which he did in the second race.

The day started well for Knighter in practice and qualifying. The track was fast and not too technical, making it great fun to ride. Getting into Superpole, David put in a strong lap but ended a disappointing 4th, still happy though to get a good start position.

Race 1, and David got a bad start, fighting his way to 4th but having no answer for the top 3 guys ahead. Race 2 with it's reversed grid, again David got a bad start and then got knocked off the track by a crashing rider. Fighting his way through to sixth was enough to secure him 2nd in the 2014 World Championship.

Race 3, and David came through from another bad start to catch the 4th placed rider on the final lap but didn't get close enough to pass.

Second in the World Championship is a great result for Knighter and Sherco in their first Superenduro season together, taking the fight to the big factory teams and proving competitive.

David Knight I'm over the moon with 2nd in the championship, for Sherco, my sponsors and myself. I was disappointed that I couldn't get a better result at the final round in France. From the start I seemed to struggle with power from the bike but thought it was just the tacky dirt as last year it even made a 450 Honda feel tame. I seemed to struggle when I was racing other guys, I had to ride so hard and got out paced between obstacles by just about everyone. During my Superpole lap I felt really good but struggled to jump stuff that would normally be easy as the bike felt lazy, the time was only good for fourth. During the races my jumps outta the start gate were fine but I was out dragged by everyone each race. When you don't get away at the front it makes it almost impossible to catch up and it was very hard work all night, getting tangled up with people I should have been way in front off. Since Sunday we found a problem with my race bike engine and we were very lucky to finish all 3 races so with that I can't complain too much. We have learned a lot for next year and I'm made up for everyone involved, we gave Taddy a good run and next time I hope to be better prepared for Round 1 so I can fight for the title.

A big thanks to everyone involved and for the support of my sponsors and of course, all my fans. Cheers, David

Tough Night for Knighter in Barcelona

Factory Sherco rider David Knight endured a tough night at Round 5 of the FIM Superenduro World Championship, held at the Palau St Jordi stadium in Barcelona. Claiming a forth overall, only 1 point from third place, Knighter rode hard all evening only to have some bad luck that kept him off the podium.

Swapping from his usual 300 four-stroke to a 300 two-stroke bike for the day, Knighter started well topping the second practice session on the very slippery track and making the Superpole, where the six fastest riders do a one lap sprint to decide their start position. With the start being half way around the lap and each rider therefore having to complete a sighting lap, David misjudged the two and a half laps needed to complete 1 fast flying lap and cruised around, missing his hot lap and therefore posting a very slow time. This mistake gave David sixth place at the gate, and more importantly he missed out on some valuable championship points.

Very disappointed, David was ready to race and in a very hungry mood.

Race 1, and Knighter made a great start rounding lap 1 in second place only to make a mistake and drop back to third. Pushing hard David regained second with a great move in the sand pit only to lose out again in the rock section. This error gave David third position, 3 seconds behind the winner and championship rival Blazusiak.

Race 2 with it's reverse grid, and Knighter got an ok start working his way up through the pack to third where he finally finished this consistency placed David second overall with one race left.

Race 3, and being a bit keen at the start, David boiled his clutch and spun up on the start line just before the gate dropped giving him a terrible start. He then had to fight his way through the pack on the now, very one-lined and slick track. Getting up to third, Knighter then made a small mistake in the rocks on the penultimate lap dropping him to fifth, to end the day forth overall, just 1 point from third.

David Knight: A tough night really, but it wasn't as bad as the result looks. Sure I'm disappointed to let Taddy pull a big points gap but I didn't lose many to Jonny who is third in the championship and quite a long way back so it's not all bad. I hadn't felt too good for a few days leading up to the race and decided to gamble a little and ride my two-stroke which might seem a bit odd to many, but the thing is I was 18 points back from Taddy, which wasn't impossible to get back but definitely wouldn't be easy.

I was 43 points ahead of Jonny in 3rd, so I thought I'd try something different, maybe it'll pay off, maybe it won't, but I've got room to take a risk. In all honesty, the Superpole thing wound me up and they confuse things a lot more than is needed, especially trying to understand them speaking in broken English, but I got it wrong and it cost me some points.

I think it gave me some fight in race one as I felt tired and low on energy but was a little disappointed with 3rd as I was close to winning but a few little mistakes mid race cost me. Again in race 2 a similar story, a small mistake with a backmarker cost me a shot at second but I was happy enough with the way I rode. Race 3 I burned the clutch on the start line and got a really bad start and with the track being so slippery, it was tough to get past people. I got to third at one point but unfortunately made another mistake and dropped to fifth, despite giving it all I had.

I really just ran out of energy and couldn't do much about it, which I know was caused by having the flu before the race, but these things happen and it's all part of it I guess. I'm really looking forward to France, I have new parts to test this week in the four-stroke which should be really good and I can finally ride my bike and train loads instead of travelling which I have been doing flat out over the past month. I aim to end the indoors on a high and the championship is still not finished and anything can happen...Cheers, Knighter

Knighter Wins in Mexico !

Factory Sherco rider David Knight has won Round 4 of the FIM Superenduro World Championship held in Guadalajara in Mexico on Saturday evening.

After topping both practice sessions, David made a mistake in the rock garden on an otherwise near perfect Superpole lap to grab 1 point and 3rd position behind Jonny Walker and Mathias Bellino.

Race 1 went well with Knighter finishing a close runner up to Blazusiak. David somehow managed to go from last to first in the reverse-grid of Race 2 and pushed hard, using his head to take the win ahead of Walker and Blazusiak. In Race 3, Blazusiak, Knight and Bellino had a fierce battle with Bellino finally passing the two championship leaders to take the win ahead of Blazusiak with Knighter following him home to take the overall win.

This second overall victory makes it two a piece for Knight and Blazusiak with the Polish rider just ahead on points. Anything can happen in Superenduro however and a bad race or DNF could change the whole face of the championship. It's back to Europe now to prepare for the next round in Barcelona on the 9th February.

David Knight: I'm well happy with today, it's been a very solid event for me from the first practice right through until the last race. The times came quite easily all day and we only made a gearing change as the track was at 2000 metres which effects the power a lot. I could have done with another tooth but I didn't have one so I had to make do.

My Superpole lap was really good except I made a mistake in the rock section but I still got third and a single championship point. The races were tough as the track was one lined and to stop the guy behind block passing, you had to go inside to protect your line which was slow and allowed the guy in front to get away.

I didn't get the best starts but used my head on the first turn to get through to the front. I pushed Taddy in race one but just didn't have enough as I had to protect my line as Jonny was pushing hard behind. In Race 2 I somehow got from just about last through to first on lap 1 and never looked back to take the win. The last race was a great battle between Bellino and myself on the first few laps but not wanting to take unnecessary risks I let him go and he then passed Taddy which allowed me to settle for 3rd and take the overall win, closing the championship a little to 18 points and extending the gap from myself to 3rd by 19 points to 43.

The next round will be in Barcelona on February 9th so I will get one weekend's rest at home before heading off again. I would like to say a big thanks to the Mexican fans and to the Sherco Mexico guys who treated us like royalty and took care of everything to make the job a little easier. Cheers guys! Knighter

Knighter second at FIM Superenduro Round 3 in Brazil.

Factory Sherco mounted David Knight finished a strong second in the latest round of the FIM Superenduro World Championship held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on Saturday.

After winning the last time out in Poland, David was eager to continue his winning form. Second fastest in the super pole, was David's strongest qualifying result of the season so far and he was looking forward to the races.

Race 1, and David started third, steadily making his way to the front and holding on for the majority of the race. Blazusiak, David's main rival, rode a very strong race after a terrible start to come through and pass with a couple of laps to go. Second place, however, was a great start to the evening.

Race 2, and another good start from the second row by Knighter. David pushed through to second at the end of lap one and soon took the lead before opening a healthy gap. With the race in the bag, Knighter then got held up a lot in the final 2 laps when lapping slower riders. Going for the clear line in the final corner, Alfredo Gomez made a crazy move, jumping straight into Knighter knocking him down and falling himself. They both remounted and crossed the line with Gomez grabbing the win from a very angry Knight!

Race 3, and David made the holeshot and again led the pack, but Blazusiak was in a determined mood, riding on the very edge. Blazusiak eventually took the lead with Knighter following closely to finish seconds behind. By taking 3 second places, David was beaten to the overall win by Blazusiak by just 3 points. All in all a good solid night.

David Knight: The race here in Brazil has been incredible with the amount of support I've had from the Brazilian fans, they are so passionate and it's been a pleasure to race here. My night was good and I'm happy enough. I was very worried after I'd eaten lunch and I didn't feel too well. During Race 1 I felt really sick and had no energy.

Race 2 was almost the perfect race until I lost a lot of time on the final lap getting through lapped riders and then Gomez made a very dirty move, wiping me out costing me the win. Luckily I still got second so still a good result.

Race 3 and I let Taddy past as I thought it better to pressure him from behind as I he was riding fast and ragged. He got away a little but then during the last 2 laps I closed him right in again but passing would be a different story. Again second but importantly I didn't lose many points and that's a good thing the way I was feeling. Hopefully I'll feel better and can push harder in Mexico next Saturday. Cheers, Knighter

Knighter Wins Round 1 of the Fast Eddy ACU British Extreme Enduro Championship.

Factory Sherco mounted David Knight won the very tough opening round of the 2014 British Extreme Enduro Championship held at Tong near Bradford.

After qualifying fastest in the morning session over a shorter, easier track, David was on pole position for the two and a half hour race over a gruelling ten minute lap. Taking the hole-shot, Knighter got his head down from the off, only to get himself stuck in a boggy gulley a few minutes in. With the other riders opting to take the easier but slightly longer route, Knighter, now unstuck, rejoined in fifth. It only took a few more minutes however for David to catch and pass every rider in front of him to re-take the lead. Pulling twenty to thirty seconds a lap over second placed, Graham Jarvis, Knighter held a lead of over two and a half minutes at the half way point.

The scheduled fuel stop didn't quite go to plan, the quick-filler malfunctioned and covered both David and his bike in fuel. After finally getting away, the bike fully fuelled, Knight had lost over a minute to Jarvis who had opted to risk doing the whole race on one tank. Determined to make up time David put the hammer down, riding hard yet smooth and increasing his lead again over Jarvis.

Spectators play a big part in extreme races, often helping struggling riders up hills and over obstacles. Unfortunately one such spectator unknowingly crossed the track right in front of a flying Knighter. David braked hard but left the track, hitting a tree and banged his head and shoulder. Carrying on, but not able to keep the pace from earlier, Knighter crashed again on a steep, rocky climb. Jarvis, a winner at some of the World's hardest extreme races, was now alongside!

David getting himself back together, started opening a gap again, increasing it to a minute on the very dark final lap. David crossed the line tired and bruised but happy to take a well earned victory, getting his 2014 season off to a great start.

David Knight: What can I say, I definitely didn't make it easy on myself, getting stuck in a bog in the first mile wasn't a good start but I soon found a good rhythm and started pulling a good lead over Graham. Up until the half way point I rode a perfect race but then my refuelling filler jammed and I lost over a minute more than I needed to which you can't afford to do especially as Graham didn't stop once for the whole race. I didn't let it get to me but then someone on crutches decided to cross the track in a very fast part, I braked, lost the front and clipped a tree with my head. I thought that was it, finished, as I was dizzy and finding it hard to balance.

I carried on as best I could but not at the pace I was before. Then I started to panic and made a big mistake on a hill crashing and damaging my throttle and brake. Jarvis was right on my back wheel when I got going, so I took my goggles off as the light was bad and put the hammer down again and started pulling a good gap. I got it to a minute in the next couple of laps, only to get cross rutted on the final lap near the finish as it was very dark and couldn't see the rut and had a big crash. Luckily I had a good gap and only a minute to go to the finish line so no harm done but I definitely had an interesting second half of the race.

I was happy with how it went, Graham rode a very strong race and him not pitting for fuel made it tougher for me, but when he caught me when I crashed, being able to pull away again when I needed to was nice really good. The race was tough as the track got so rutted and it got very dark but it was satisfying and very enjoyable. A big thanks to the organisers, the spectators for supporting the event and everyone that supported me. Also a big thanks to Sherco, my sponsors and MRS for the support.

I am off to South America now for the next two rounds of the Superenduro World Championship Cheers Knighter"

Knighter wins Superenduro World Championship 
Round 2 in Poland.

Sherco mounted David Knight won round two of the FIM Superenduro held at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland on Sunday. Finishing runner up to Poland's reigning world champion, Taddy Blazusiak, at Round One in Liverpool four weeks ago, David was determined to go one better at Taddy's home race.

Setting the fastest time in qualifying, David was riding well, not making many mistakes. In the Superpole, the top six riders do one timed lap of the course to decide their gate pick for the three finals. David made a couple of small mistakes but still finished third fastest, giving him one championship point and a good choice of gate.

Race 1: David didn't get the best start, but soon fought through to the lead, pulling away from the field to grab his first win of the indoor season.

Race 2: The controversial reverse start. David got boxed in on the second row, then caught up in a crash on the second corner. Coming from 16th and last, he kept calm and pushed hard to the very end, getting an excellent sixth place and almost catching the three riders in front at the chequered flag.

Race 3: A decent start for David, rounding the first turn in third position. With his main rival finishing behind him in the first two finals, David was in the perfect position to take the overall win. Using his head he rode sensibly and moved into second where he stayed out of danger and rode well to take the runners up spot and more importantly, win the Grand Prix overall. This result closes the gap to World Championship leader, Blazusiak on the points table and gives Knighter a huge boost in confidence over the Christmas break.

David Knight: What can I say, I didn't expect to win, especially at Taddy's home race but in this sport anything can happen. It was so important to get a good start and I struggled a little with that today but I rode well and it paid off. Winning Race 1 was a great start and gave me confidence, it was a faultless race and went perfectly. The second race was a lottery with the silly reverse grid. It's a recipe for disaster and Ivan Cervantes was very lucky to be ok when he crashed and I ran over him! I was dead last and got to 6th and caught the 5th, 4th 3rd placed riders at the flag. It was the best I could do as I pushed as hard as possible every lap.

Race 3 was a very nervous one for me, I wanted to win so so bad and my start was ok and I was up to third on lap 1. I knew it was good enough and just rode smart. I moved to second on lap three and stayed there. Mentally it was tough but to win overall was unreal, I'm so happy! To gain some points back is great, Taddy is still going to be very hard to beat for the championship, but I will do my best as always we will see what happens. As ever, I'd like to thank my team and all my supporters, the messages I received after the event really mean a lot.

Now it's time to relax a bit, enjoy Christmas with my family and maybe have a few drinks and mince pies... Sherco have a new 450 so if I put on some weight I'll have to ride that in the new year ;)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone. Knighter

Knighter wins the Scorpion Masters

Manxman David Knight has won the Scorpion Masters event held at the International Paul Ricard Circuit in France. The event, which attracted over 10,000 spectators, challenges 30 of the worlds best riders from trials, enduro, supermoto and road racing to compete together in every discipline gaining points from each event to find out who is the best all-round rider. With reigning and former world champions everywhere, the races were going to be tough!

The event began with the trial, the sport in which David started as a child. Knighter got off to a great start placing 3rd behind the two trials champions, this was his aim for the event.

It was quickly onto the Enduro, David's chosen sport, and with five top enduro riders taking part it was important to get a good time. Catching a slower rider in a narrow, twisty part of the track cost David a few seconds but another 3rd place was good enough, finishing just 1 second behind 2nd placed Ivan Cervantes .

Having not raced any supermoto since 2005, it was going to be a difficult event against reigning and former World Champion supermoto riders. Some of the top road racers use the discipline to train throughout the season, so a good result here was vital. With an under-geared bike, David qualified a creditable 8th position. He then borrowed a sprocket from a fellow rider which he fitted just in time for the race. Getting a average start, he fought his way through to 6th position only to get baulked on the final lap and passed, ending the race 7th which was still a great result. At the halfway point, David was now leading the event overall.

With a one hour break for dinner, the riders headed for some well earned food only for the heavens to open and the rain to start. David quickly got to the garage to fit wet tyres to his Honda 1000 ready for qualifying. Going out on to the super-fast Paul Ricard circuit for the first time in the wet wouldn't be much fun but he set a very fast time in 9th position against many top riders. With two tough races ahead, David needed solid points to keep his lead in what is undoubtedly his weakest discipline.

Race 1, and David made a great start rounding turn 1 in 4th position. Getting into a good rhythm, David settled down and was setting a good pace, with many riders crashing out, he stayed upright, placing a very satisfying 9th position to extend his overall lead. With one more race to go and conditions getting worse, the final race was going to be all about staying upright and getting a finish. A DNF now could cost David the win. Another good start made things a little easier and after settling down to a good fast pace, running seventh, his visor started misting up. With the overall win within reach, Knighter eased the pace on the last couple of laps to finish 10th in road race no2 and win the 2013 Scorpion Masters title.

David Knight: I've had a brilliant day here in France and winning it has made it even better, especially after finishing runner up by 1 point the last time the event was held in 2011. With so many great riders taking part I really didn't expect to win this year as I have not ridden any other bike except my enduro bike for months as I've been flat out concentrating on enduro and lately preparing for the Superenduro Championship. The trial went great, I even surprised myself. The enduro ironically was probably my most disappointing. I caught a slower rider just when I didn't need to and got held up. I then hit a rock passing him and messed the next few turns up but anyway I was glad to still get 3rd, only a second behind Cervantes in 2nd. The supermoto was an unknown as I haven't done it for so long and I built a bike in a rush which I got finished an hour before the van left for France. It was probably the most fun event for me and I was really happy with my result. The road racing I normally enjoy the most but the rain made it tough, the track was slick and I've never ridden one in the wet in my life. I was feeling good and staying with some fast guys but when a couple of them had big moments or crashed in front of me I backed down a little, I don't know the limit and the only way to find out is to push until you crash, so I took it safe and got 2 good results which gave me the overall win. It's great winning, but for me it's the most fun and friendly race of the year and I can't wait to go back next year. Thanks to the organisers and sponsors for a brilliant weekend.

Davidís next event is Round 2 of the Superenduro World Championship in Poland on December 15th


Knighter and Sherco 2nd at Superenduro 
Round 1, Liverpool UK

Factory Sherco rider, David Knight produced a great ride in the opening round of the 2014 FIM Superenduro World Championship. The current World number two ended the evening in second position behind World number one, Taddy Blazusiak.

Held over 3 finals, David finished a solid second in race 1 after battling for the lead early in the race.

In race 2, the fastest riders controversially start on the second row of the grid. The rider in front made a terrible start causing David to exit turn 1 in 18th and last position. Pushing hard and taking risks in the early laps paid off as Knighter fought back to fifth position, just missing fourth by the narrowest of margins.

Race 3 and David made a great start, pushing Taddy hard for the first half of the race. Knighter kept him in sight for the entire race to get another well deserved second place to finish the evening as runner up.

David's next race will the AMA Endurocross in Las Vegas on Saturday 23rd November

David Knight: What a night! I'm very happy overall, I rode a good first race and stayed calm to get my night off to a good start with a second. I'd have liked to have been closer but bent my front brake disc in the rocks on lap 1. 

Race 2 was a disaster for me as the guy in front messed the start up completely and I was dead last. I probably rode my best race of the night however, to get from 18th to 5th as the races are short and with another lap I could have maybe got a podium but it could have been a lot worse.

I was really fired up for race 3 and made another great start like in race 1. I ran with Taddy for half the race, and was in sight of him at the finish. To beat him at the minute is a tall order but I'm working hard and I'll get there. The Sherco 300i was great all night and we can definitely keep improving with each race.

I'd like to say a big thank you to the organisers and to all the people that came to support the race, it was really a brilliant day and hope everyone enjoyed it. I'm of to Vegas now for the Endurocross and it will be great to get another race under my belt. Cheers, Knighter!

Knighter wins in Germany !

Factory Sherco rider David Knight dominated proceedings at the Vellahn Endurocross event in Germany on Saturday evening.

Riding a 300 four stroke in front of 3000 fans, David took the holeshot in his heat race and rode a solid 5 laps to take a commanding win, also setting the fastest time of all four semi finals.

For the 7 lap final, Knight was lined up against 14 other riders including Germany's Andreas Lettenbichler, Hungary's Kornel Nemeth, and England's Paul Bolton. David again took the holeshot followed closely by Lettenbichler. Pulling a big lead on lap 1 of the technical track, David continued to pull away from his competitors each lap to take the win by 42 seconds. Lettenbichler took second with Nemeth grabbing the last podium spot from a charging Paul Bolton who came back from a terrible start.

David Knight: I had an amazing time in Germany, the race was great fun on quite a demanding track, especially as it was difficult to see as the flood lights weren't the best. I felt pretty good all day, and made the job easier by getting the holeshot in both races. My lap times were about 5 seconds a lap faster than the other guys so I'll keep going on like this. I can still improve a lot so I must keep working hard.

A big thanks to Holger for inviting me and also to Heiko, the local Sherco dealer in Hamburg, who gave me the bike and took care of us all weekend.

Cheers all, Knighter

Winning Sherco Debut for Knighter!

David Knight made a winning debut on the new Sherco in Holland at the weekend racing an EnduroX type course at the annual Dutch event.

Winning both motos with ease, David focused on getting some valuable bike and race time on the blue machine and really enjoyed the day.

David Knight: It was a good fun event with loads of spectators and it was a great debut for me on the Sherco. I rode the 300 4-stroke as I'm pretty sure it's what I'll ride in the Superenduro events this year.

Ok, the competition wasn't like that at a World Superenduro but I felt I raced two very strong races and felt confident and at home on the bike.

I made two good starts which is encouraging as I'm on a smaller engined bike and I'm not the lightest rider out there, but the Sherco engine pulled well. I will continue to work hard and be ready for Liverpool when the Superenduro series kicks off in mid November.

I would like to confirm I am not racing Weston beach race, I believe I've been advertised as competing but haven't agreed to. I'm focusing on being in good shape for the Superenduro World Championship series.

Cheers all, Knighter