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Red Bull Sea to Sky will take place on October 6-8, 2016

Red Bull Turkey, the Kemer Enduro Club and XVENTURE are excited to announce that the 7th edition of Red Bull Sea to Sky will take place on October 6 - 8, 2016, in Kemer, Turkey. International top riders such as Jonny Walker, Graham Jarvis and Andreas “Letti” Lettenbichler will again fight for a total of €2O,OOO – the highest prize money paid in Extreme Enduro – at the “most enjoyable Extreme Enduro race”.

A top guns will go for gold at Red Bull Sea to Sky 2016

It’s a unique and winning concept: The outstanding combination of racing Extreme Enduro at the highest international standards, three days of racing action with three different racing styles and a track that takes the riders and their bikes literally from Sea to Sky will once again make the world's top pro riders as well as the ambitioned amateurs come out to Kemer at the picturesque Turkish Riviera.

The number of riders to race the “most enjoyable Extreme Enduro” race is most likely going to grow again: In 2016 more than 350 riders are expected to show up at the 7th edition in early October.

The registration on  will start on Friday, March 18, 2016 at 15:00 CET!

Red Bull Sea to Sky is widely recognized as the most enjoyable Extreme Enduro race also by the international top riders and they will all show up in Kemer: Red Bull Sea to Sky 2015 winner Graham Jarvis (UK, Husqvarna), Jonny Walker (UK, KTM), Andreas "Letti" Lettenbichler (GER, KTM) as well as his son Manuel Lettenbichler (GER, KTM), who dominates the ongoing SuperEnduro World championship, Alfredo Gomez (ESP, KTM), Paul Bolton (UK, KTM) and Wade Young (RSA, Sherco) to mention a few.
Red Bull Sea to Sky 2016 - Forest Race

7th edition with new tracks

Three days of pure Extreme Enduro racing action - the concept works very well: 3 races – 3 styles – 3 days

The Kemer Enduro Club team started working on the new 2016 tracks right after the 2015 edition was history and XVENTURE mastermind Martin Freinademetz will add his 13 years of experience in designing Extreme Enduro races – such as Red Bull Romaniacs and most recently Red Bull Minas Riders in Brazil – to provide literally breathtaking but ridable race tracks!

Beach Race
Race day #1 of Red Bull Sea to Sky will start with the Beach Race on Thursday, October 6nd. The spectators will enjoy mad speed, insane skills and amazing courage right at the beach of Kemer. A mass start will take the riders into a fenced round circuit similar to a motocross track with sandy soil, a top speed straight section going along the waterfront and some natural as well as manmade obstacles – designed by Andy Fazekas who is also responsible for the legendary Prologue at the Red Bull Romaniacs in Sibiu! The mode is "15 minutes plus one lap" and the results of the Beach Race will determine the starting order for the Forest Race.

Forest Race
On race day #2 (Oct. 7th) the riders will be taken on a time trial in the woods behind Kemer to ride some really cool single trails and gravel roads reaching into the foothills of the Tahtali Mountain. About 80% of the track is new and fresh following an ancient hiking path starting at the beach of Kemer! The Forest Race track will be approximately 50km – mostly with a great sea view – and the fastest riders are expected to reach the finish after just under 2 hours. Again, the results of the Forest Race will determine the starting order for the Olympos Mountain Race.

Olympos Mountain Race
Race day #3 and the main event of Red Bull Sea to Sky will start right at the beach in Camyuva, a town next to Kemer, and it will take the riders all the way from "Sea to Sky" on Oct. 8th, 2016.
After the start the riders will follow a riverbed and dive into spectacular trail rides in the lower Olympos mountain area before they reach the tree line – always facing stones in each possible variations. Again, about 70% of the track is all new so even if you’ve raced Red Bull Sea to Sky before you’ll will be surprised by even better tracks at Edition 7!

The Gold Medal will be reserved only for the riders who make it to the Red Bull finish arch on the peak of the Olympos Mountain at an altitude of 2,365m after about 65km. The organizers expect the fastest riders to reach the finish after little more than three hours and a total of abour 30-40 riders to finish the race within the 7 hours limit. There will be some rather technical surprises after the Silver finish that will separate the men from the boys.

The Silver Medal will be handed to riders who are making it all the way to the Silver Finish within the 7 hours of race time.

Those who make it through the riverbed and the first third of the overall track will earn a Bronze Medal. So there will be a great reward and souvenir for the majority of the starters who come prepared and have the skills you need in Extreme Enduro!

World's highest Prize Money

Red Bull Turkey, the Kemer Enduro Club and XVENTURE are proud to once again announce the world's highest prize money paid out in Extreme Enduro:

At both, the Beach Race and Forest Race, the following money will be paid out:
At the main event, the Olympos Mountain Race a total of €15,500 will be paid out to the top 10 riders as follows:
That makes for a total prize money of €20,000 which will be paid out to the riders at Red Bull Sea to Sky 2016!

Edition 7: Bigger and better than ever!

What can we do better than the year before? That’s the question the organizers are constantly thinking about to take the race, the event and the overall experience to perfection. Just to mention a few improvements for Red Bull Sea to Sky Edition 7:

1. Improved Schedule
One of the challenges for the majority of amateur riders is that the main events in Extreme Enduro very often take place on a Sunday which requires the departure date to be a Monday — which means you have to take one more precious day of unpaid leave. And who would want to miss out on the legendary after race party and leave early just to make the plane back home? Therefore, the organizers made the decision to let the race start with the „Beach Race“ on Thursday, Oct. 6 and end with the main event, the Red Bull Sea to Sky „Mountain Race“, on Saturday Oct. 8, 2016 - with the „Forest Race“ in between on Friday, Oct. 7. This way the riders and their families can fight the Mountain Race battle and party extensively on the Saturday and fly back home on the Sunday to be at work on Monday.

2. Race Village
The riders usually spend most of their time either on the bike or preparing and servicing their bike. Therefore, the paddock is the center of a race and the organizers decided to create a race village Including food takeaways, a get-together- and let the riders briefing happen in the paddock area to keep the distances close.

3. Different Hotels to fit each budget
We’ve made arrangements with three hotels in Kemer, each of them close to the paddock, to let the riders pick a place that suits their needs as well as their budget. It’s become a tradition by now that Red Bull Sea to Sky is THE race where you can bring your family because the Turkish Riviera still has a very pleasant climate at the beginning of October where it’s getting uncomfortable in the Northern hemisphere. The hotels are either at the beach or close to the beach and all of them have great pool areas. We’ve listed the hotels and their details on our website.

Pre-Race “Train with the Pros”
Some of the best Extreme Enduro Pro like Graham Jarvis, Wade Young, Paul Bolton and Manuel Lettenbichler will take the registered riders for a ride and teach useful tips and tricks for the races in the following days! The session will start with a trail ride and the chosen Pro rider to a great training area. After improving the Extreme Enduro skills and learning some new techniques and tricks the Pro rider will lead the way back to the paddock area.

In addition to the “Train with the Pros” there will be a number of guided tours prior to the race – especially the Olympos Peak Ride on October 4, 2016 will be spectacular. All this makes up for a week of Extreme Enduro adventure and excitement.

Bike Transportation

Nothing beats the feeling to race your own bike and the riders have been working hard to make their bike the perfect bike. To make participating in the most enjoyable Extreme Enduro Race even more convenient the Red Bull Sea to Sky organizers offer a reliable, professional, safe as well as affordable bike transport from Central Europe to Turkey – and certainly back!

The organizers are working with an international freight forwarder and the bikes are insured against theft and damage during the transport! The route will go from the UK to Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Romania and Turkey! The truck is on it’s way and will get the bikes to Kemer early enough for the riders to participate in the “Olympos Peak Ride” pre-race event!

Bike Rental

If you want to race Red Bull Sea to Sky, can’t bring your own bike and need a competitive bike to rent, there are reliable partners who rent out competitive Enduro bikes in Kemer. Details on

Event Schedule
All times EEST - Eastern European Summer Time

Bronze and Silver Tour
Monday, October 3, 2016
Olympos Peak Ride
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Train with the Pros
Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Beach Race
Thursday, October 6, 2016 – Start 9:00
Forest Race
Friday, October 7, 2016 – Start 9:00
Olympos Mountain Race
Saturday, October 8, 2016 – Start 9:00

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