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Saturday play day and fun session followed by Sunday MOTUL MOTO DUROS.
SEPTEMBER 17/18TH 2011

With this brand new WOR venue situated right alongside the M6 nr Junction 15, we are pleased to bring A MOTUL MOTO DURO back into the calendar...(.mini series with a rd in October and November coming)

The course is a flowing open field (Read Very BIG field) with natural crests and jumps, some nice hill sections and a neat woodland section that will certainly keep riders enjoying the race....There is a lovely little woodland section that runs parallel to the motorway and the parking area is nice and flat with good access.

The format of the day is simple....Each rider gets 2 x 1 hour races...the races are split into 2 groups...The A race and the B race...riding the course at separate times.

The A race caters for EXPERT / CLUBMAN / EXP VETS / MOTO X 1 and the race times are 11.15am till 12.15pm and then 1.45pm till 2.45pm
The B race caters for SPORTSMAN / VETERAN / MOTO X 2 / YOUTH / LADIES / HOBBY and the race times for the B group are 10am till 11am and then 12.30pm till 1.30pm.

WOR are encouraging Moto X riders to come and have a go and with the 1 hr duration it should suit too....The MX classes are simple ....MOTO X 1 is in the A race for expert and senior level MX'ers...with MOTO X 2 in the B race for the juniors and less experienced MX riders.
This event has come very late and unexpected into the calendar and the venue has to be used before the end of September hence being thrown into the WOR Events schedule so quickly...

With a practice and play day on the Saturday before it will be a great weekends fun on your dirt bikes....All riders are welcome including non members and newcomers.

The fee to take part is a flat 40 all in, for all riders...for the races and 30 for the Saturday playday.
Get booked in and we will see you there....

www.worevents.com   or call 07528 008 658