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After three beautiful years of collaboration, we are pleased to announce that SHERCO and WADE have reached an agreement and will continue their common adventure!

Wade will be in "SHERCO BLUE" for the next 3 seasons!

To celebrate, Wade won the last race of the season this past weekend which was the Roof Of Africa.

Wade was the winner last year, he was therefore a favorite and he did not disappoint. He dominated the race and was head and shoulders above the rest of the field! Ending this incredible 2018 season with another prestigious victory!

Recall that this season Wade won the Machete, Romaniacs, Megawatt111, SeaToSky, Wildwood Rock Extreme and the opening of the French extreme series at Licq Atherey.

Now he has a short rest because the Ales'Trem is not far off!

Jordan Curvalle, Team Manager:

"I'm obviously very happy about Wade's contract extension ..... the first time I saw him was in 2015 at the Bassella race in Spain and he impressed me with his speed! Before that I knew him only by name and by results in Xtreme ....The start of Xtreme racing in 2016 presented us with huge challenge, we have been learning for the past 3 seasons. The team has progressed well, and we are now having some very good results!I am very happy that we will continue our adventure together and the goal is to win even more races!"

Credits: ZCMC / Futur7Media / Julian Suau