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Scum have stolen kit from RAW Enduro

After a fantastic opening weekend at Driffield, we were sickened to wake this morning to the news weíve been literally cleared out by what seems like an organised gang....

Can Am Quad, Gas Gas trials bike, CRF 50 mini bike, tools, generators, power tools, RAW Team Products, countdown timing clock system, spares Stock, Genuine Husqvarna Spare Parts, Two (one race old) Husqvarna TE Wheels with brand new tyres and mousses, Chain Saw, And thatís before we start looking what else has gone.
Van is smashed to bits with all Ramp, steering lock, door locks, dash board wiring simply ripped to pieces.

Someone knows something here.....
These bits ainít been taken by opportunists....


We are VERY security conscious, the way and method this stuff has been stolen itís simply quite hard to even comprehend. These thieves were very tooled up and were not going home empty handed.


See you all at Ripon for Round 2 on March 30/31st where we will NOT BE STOPPED TRADING BY WHOEVER WAS INVOLVED IN THIS.