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HardEnduroSeries Germany

Top fight inspired in Vellahn - Scharl extends lead

The HardEnduroSeries Germany thrilled the spectators in northern Germany for the first time this weekend. For the 3rd race of the season the riders went to the MC Vellahn, a traditional club in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern which has a great tradition and experience in motocross as well as in enduro. Andre Eltermann and his team played out their experience to the full by creating a challenging track on the club's area.

In addition to the already fixed obstacles that have already been taken under the tires by the greats of enduro racing such as David Knight, further elements have been installed. In addition, there was a narrow forest section with many downhills, which was extremely difficult in the sandy ground until the final.

Series returnee and champion of last year Kevin Gallas was just as enthusiastic about the track as senior leader Dirk Peter.

X-Grip Prolog Award

The prologue already showed that it will be an exciting race day. A fast special test lap sorted the field into the two groups and brought the first decision on this warm summer day.

Robert Scharl was the leading Prolog Award winner, followed by Leon Hentschel and Kevin Gallas.

Although Hentschel made a mistake at the finish tree and lost time, he placed ahead of Scharl. Fastest in the morning was Kevin Gallas, which proves that he lost nothing of his speed. How fair the track was set can also be seen in the fact that Mirko Fabera as one of the last riders had the chance to move up to 3rd place.

Group races - Favorite victories

With Kevin Gallas and Robert Scharl 2 of the favourites of the day won the 90-minute group races. Gallas left the field early in group 1 and dictated the action. How demanding and exhausting the track was was more evident in the back field, where the obstacles became real executioners over the distance.

In the second group race it became a bit more exciting for the many fans. The duel between Scharl and Hentschel took place over large parts of the distance. Both duelled each other on the track and in the last third of the distance Hentschel took some speed out to save himself for the final.

Scharl won and was able to take up the final with Gallas at the top.

Finale - Scharl amazed

Vellahn's final was over 60 minutes long and 49 riders took on the challenge of more difficult sections.

After the results of the group races the riders started the race under the moderation of Horst Kaiser. The old master of the moderation got to see the most exciting race in the history of Hesg as well as the spectators.

At first Robert Scharl took the lead, but Kevin Gallas overtook him directly in lap 1. Gallas was not able to keep up his pace due to stomach problems, but it was enough to maintain the lead. To the race half followed then the attack of Scharl, fast he could settle down a few meters and put a gap between himself and his followers.

Leon Hentschel, who is also a member of MC Vellahn, came closer and closer to Gallas, he also placed a skilful attack and overtook last year's champion shortly before the end.

Gallas commented on the award ceremony: "Somehow I was eating wrong today and had stomach problems, but it's still great to be back in the series. The level has risen extremely last year, you could still win with a bad day. This year this is definitely not possible anymore."
Winner Robert Scharl, who thus also extended his lead of the standings, was fully satisfied with his day: "Yesterday I was still training at the MC Parchim to adjust the bike a bit to the sandy conditions. It was a great race which was organized super again".

Meanwhile there were 2 victories in the senior and junior classifications of riders who could not be there due to overlapping schedules. Both would have gone to the DEM in Burg, but this race was cancelled at short before due to the danger of a forest fire. Thus Dirk Peter could book a further victory, meanwhile his 7 victory in the special classification, so far nobody could defeat him in the Hesg history yet.

Paul-Erik Huster won his first junior race just before Lane Heims. Both fought a close duel until the end with a somewhat surprising victory for the Hettstedter.

The riders now have only a short regeneration phase because the next race in Neugattersleben follows on 24.08..