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Holcombe Ready For Final Rounds Of 2019 EnduroGP World Championship

Beta Factory Racing’s Steve Holcombe is set to re-start the defence of his world crown when the FIM Enduro World
Championship returns from its summer break, heading first to this weekend’s penultimate round in the Czech Republic.

Sitting four points behind close rival Brad Freeman with two rounds (four days) of racing still remaining, the Beta Factory Racing rider has everything to play for. Now back to near full fitness following the illness that severely hampered his performances during the previous three rounds, Steve is hungry to return to competition with the goal of ending his season on the ultimate high, as world champion…

Steve, two rounds of the EnduroGP World Championship remaining, how are things now?

Steve Holcombe: “I’m feeling good heading into the final two EnduroGP races. It’s a massive change to not feel lethargic and down on energy when I ride or train, like I was feeling for so long. I’m feeling back to where I was when I won the opening three races of the year. I’ve got a smile back on my face and fire in my belly again. I want to get back racing hard.”

You’re sitting four points behind Brad Freeman in the EnduroGP title chase, is there a game plan?

“There’s a lot to play for as we head into the final two races of 2019. Sitting four points behind Brad (Freeman) means I’ve just got to come out swinging in the Czech Republic. There’s no other option! I’ll be giving it everything I’ve got to eliminate that deficit and then carry that momentum into the final round in France.”

Does coming into the final rounds a few points down concern you at all?

“Four points is not a lot. Last year I was 12 points behind when we returned from the summer break and I managed to win the title by over 20 points. In theory we’ve still got 80 points available, so there is everything to play for. Fortunately for me, Brad has ridden and trained with the gold plate on his bike all summer. It’s always been there for him and, from experience, I know how that adds pressure. When you’re leading the championship people expect you to perform - it can be a lot to deal with mentally. My plan is to focus on my riding, give everything, and see how things unfold.”

You’ve spent time testing the new 2020 Beta RR 300, how has that been?

“I jumped on the new 2020 Beta 300 when I got back to riding. I love it. Although I was a little behind initially due to taking time out to regroup my fitness, once we knuckled down to testing in Italy we covered everything that was needed in a relatively short amount of time, which was really confidence-inspiring and showed to everyone that the new bike is a real step forward. Once back at home in England we were able to improve things further on tracks I’m familiar with. The suspension is a big improvement over the previous model. I’m excited to get back to EnduroGP and see what we can do.Overall, we’re in a happy place.”

Finally, what would it mean for you to successfully defend your EnduroGP crown?

“It would mean everything. I want to end the year as the EnduroGP World Champion again. That’s the goal. We’ve got a busy couple of weeks ahead of us now, so the focus is on returning to the top. It’s been a really challenging season, if I can finish out the year as champion it will be a dream end to 2019.

The penultimate round of the 2019 FIM EnduroGP World Championship takes place in Uhlirske Janovice, Czech Republic on
September 13-15.