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Brad Freeman wins the Italian Enduro Championship

One week after clinching the World Enduro Championship Brad Freeman won the Italian Championship at Gaggio Montano in the final round managed by the Motoclub Alta Valle Reno

After assigning the 125, 300, 450, Junior and Youth classes on Day 1 to Tommaso Montanari, Deny Philippaerts, Alex Salvini, Andrea Verona and Matteo Pavoni all the eyes were on the remaining titles,

In the 250 2t class Gianluca Martini(Beta) managed his race without making mistakes to win the second position behind Maurizio Micheluz (Husqvarna), his main opponent in the championship. The second place was enough for Martini to take home his first Italian Enuro title.

The battle for the 250 4t was also intense with Thomas Oldrati and Matteo Cavallo (Sherco) finishing the season separated by a single point, in favor of the Honda rider Redmoto Oldrati.

Once again the Overall Championship title returned to a British rider Brad Freeman (Beta Boano) After a quiet start to the season, Brad overcame a broken shoulder to pile up the points and take the win.