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Local Lads take top three spots at Sudbury Extreme Enduro

Report & Photos Paula Day

Local Lads take top three spots at Sudbury Extreme EnduroIn a well fought race on a testing track with deep mud hampering great speed, the Initial leader Will Turtle pulled away in front on his 125cc and held the lead for the first few laps with twelve year old Eddie Belton in his first Sudbury youth race close on his rear wheel on the smaller nippier 85cc bike with a fierce tussle over the first three laps Will was resigned to not being able to take the corners as quickly as Eddie & settled for a solid second as Eddie with grim determination powered on taking every corner as fast as he could eating up the ground with fearless jumps off banks and carefree exuberance on corners and the deep going., clearly spurred on having seen older brother Will Belton finish 8th in the earlier Clubman class.

Will Turtle

Stanley Delaney

In Stanley’s first ever race on his Husqvarna 85 after a great summer practising he held his line and confidently proved he has an exciting season ahead of him competing with his neighbours as the top three live within 5 miles of each other in Hedingham and Halstead, the next few youth races will see them regularly taking on each other and seeing if the places will change in due course.


Kristina Brinkworth

It was lovely to see Kristina Brinkworth representing the girls and finished in an honourable 5th place after watching her father battle out the Expert Class for 2 hours and finish 4th with a couple of finishers medals in the bag for their long drive home to Andover Hampshire making the journey well worth it.

Henry Belton

Final Results
1st Eddie Belton 20 Laps
2nd William Turtle 18 Laps
3rd Stanly Delaney 14 Laps
4th Jake Tansley 12 Laps
5th Kristina Brinkworth 10 Laps
6th Henry Belton 7 Laps