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Rock Oil Round 4 Lee Dell Rochdale
July 30/31st

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Rock Oil Round 4 heads for the Lancashire Hills and Lee Dell awaits after a yearlong rest.

The hidden valley will again house lots of the course, with the far side across from the old Chimney seeing some new routes carved in for the event weekend.

Postcode OL11 5UN

Once again we will run the steep (optional) Hill climb up from the Fishing Lodge which "if" ridden successfully can save around 45 seconds per lap. This was a firm favourite last year as riders gambled on the shorter route to save time. Those wanting an easier day can use the more scenic longer route around the hillside to the top of the climb.

The 2021 event was awesome with hard easy routes, long trails and grass hill climbs.

2022 will see a return to the BIG LONG LAP at lee dell, and just one Adult Race starting at 11am on the Sunday. Youth Riders will be on track at 9am Sunday for their own 1.5 hour race.

Saturday will see another very popular Pay and Play Enduro track starting at 10am running for a full 5 hours unlimited track access.

Camping available for riders

Get on the RAW Enduro APP to book in, or for pay on day entries simply text rider name, class. IOPD licence number to Donna on 07970 228613.