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2022 FIM International Six Days

British Teams

The GB:Team of Steve Holcombe, Nathan Watson, Jamie McCanney and Jed Etchells under Team Manager: Daryl Bolter won the 2022 International Six Days Trophy.

The Junior Team of Harry Edmondson,  Alex Walton and Aaron Gordon showed their maturity with a 4th place.

The Women’s Team  of Jane Daniels, Rosie Rowett and Nieve Holmes won an historic victory led by Jane Daniels who took the Best Women Award. 

There are 12 Club Teams representing Great Britain at this year’s International Six Days Enduro in Le Puy en Velay, France. Keep reading to find out about most of them and make sure you know who to support and look out for in the results.

499 Luke Parker GASGAS C2
599 Ben Clark SHERCO C3
699 William Hughes KTM C2

Team Manager: Mark Hughes

William Hughes has competed in the ISDE France 2017, Portugal 2019, Italy 2021. Luke Parker competed In the ISDE Italy 2021. Ben Clarke competed in the ISDE Italy 2021.

This year will be the team’s 2nd year. The team finished 13th Club team and top British Club Team in Italy and we hope to improve on that this year. 

Braintree & DMCC was formed in 1946 and although a small club has had some top International/ British Championship Enduro riders over the years, including riders in the ISDT/ISDE trophy teams.

728 Aaron Coupland KTM C2
828 Thomas Ellwood KTM C2
928 Haydon Maller KTM C2

Photo Gooner Snaps

Army MCA has been around and competing at the ISDE from 1950. And our aim for 2022 is to be the top British club team

Tom Ellwood (KX450): This will be my 6th ISDE. I’m really excited to be part of the Army Team again. The last ISDE held in France I rode for Team GB junior squad, so I have a lot of good memories from there. So far, I have 4 gold medals and I am hoping to add a 5th. I have a great team this year with Aaron and Hayden so I’m confident we can be up the sharp end in the club teams.

Aaron Coupland (KTM 450 excf): I am a vehicle mechanic in the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers (REME) and have been in the army for 8 years! This is my 4th ISDE and am very excited to get out there and represent the Army. I feel we have a strong team alongside Tom and Hayden and are looking to be competing toward the high end of the club teams.

Hayden Maller (KTM 350 excf): This will be my first time at a isde let alone racing at one!! I have decided to switch machines to a 350excf as opposed to the 150 xcw I have been racing this year, hopefully the switch helps with the long days and pays off. I’m looking forward to getting out there and competing against all the different nations. I’m hoping for a good result for myself and the team. I think with the team we have there’s great hopes for a top result.

485 Ben Thomson SHERCO C2
585 Euan Mcconnell TM C3
685 Jordan Scott TM C3

Take a walk through the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) paddock and there are hundreds of stories to be told. Be it new faces, seasoned professionals or returning old faces, there is plenty of character to be found.
Riding for Team Scotland in the Club Team Awards category is Euan McConnell (TM). A returning face to the FIM ISDE, he is a well-known and much-loved character involved in Enduro since 1999. Over the years he has represented Great Britain as a World Trophy rider ten times. This year in France will be his thirteenth time rolling off an FIM ISDE start ramp.
“I think if my maths are correct this is my thirteenth time racing the FIM ISDE,” tells McConnell sitting in the Team Scotland camp.
“My first time racing the FIM ISDE was in Portugal in 1999 with the Scottish club team, so it has gone full circle for me."
“That was my first ever time abroad back then,” he recalls. “I was only nineteen. Wet between the ears as they say!"
“We battered ourselves walking all the tests in the midday heat. But somehow I went on to have a great week and soon after got my first sponsored ride from KTM UK as a result.”
From 2000 until 2009 he returned to the FIM ISDE representing Great Britain on the World Trophy team. But when life and family commitments began to take over, bikes were parked up.
A last minute decision came in 2017 to race the FIM ISDE with Team Scotland and now he is back again for France with teammates Jordan Scott (TM) and Ben Thomson (Sherco).
“I don’t get to ride my bike that much these days,” says McConnell. “Time is of a premium with family, business and farming commitments taking hold."
“I just like the FIM ISDE format. The longer races suit me. I am not race sharp, so each day is a building block for me. My plan is to start out steady and hopefully get quicker as the week goes on.”
“But it is nice to be back in the FIM ISDE paddock. The three of us drove here together in the van from Scotland and it has been great craic so far. It is what riding bikes should be all about!”

440 Harry Houghton BETA C3
540 Harry Hillier Rees C3
640 Jack Cadwallader BETA C2

Team Manager: Andrew James

Harry Houghton (age 23) – just won the 2022 FIM World Enduro “Open Class” Championship. This will be Harry’s 1st ISDE. Harry will be riding a Beta RR300.

Harry Hillier-Rees- current leader of the Expert class in the Welsh Enduro Championship. He will be Sherco mounted for the event.

Jack Cadwallader (age 24) – regular British & Welsh Enduro championship rider. This will be Jacks 1st ISDE. Jack will be riding a Beta RR300.

Team Wales have been active for many, many years, my earliest recollection seeing the team was back in 1983 when the ISDE was in Wales, however Team Wales was going long before then. Hopefully all 3 riders can finish event, enjoy the event & make some great memories. Its Harry’s & Jacks 1st ISDE so it will be a great experience for them both.

469 Charlie Chater YAMAHA C1
569 Samuel Davies GASGAS C1
Henry Harman

Team Manager: Ian Tyler

This team has been purpose built for this years attempt of the 2022 French ISDE. All 3 of our riders are competing at the highest level in domestic events including the BECs. Each rider has many years’ experience in enduro. Sam Davies has been completing in the whole of the 2022 world enduro championship and Charlie has participated in quite a few of the world rounds missing just 2 countries out I believe.

Alfie Webb who was our first reserve rider was drafted into the squad to replace Aaron Gordon after he was seconded by Junior Team Manager Daryl Bolter. Due to unforeseen circumstances Alfie has had to drop out of the squad which makes way for our youngest and least experienced rider - Hull-based Henry Harman.

Henry will be a great ambassador for the Clubman riders here in the UK when he competes against the best in the world in France. Henry has shown his strong presence in all British competitions which will put him in a great place for the task ahead. Some people have questioned my reason for putting Henry in the team but Henry applied to come in to the team when Team GB manager Daryl Bolter asked for riders to apply to ride in the Club Team. His appointment strengthens the ethos of The Club Team (Team Midshires), as one of its main purposes is to introduce young riders into the world of the Six Days and give them such valuable experiences that only competing in this competition can give. Henry himself is very enthusiastic and he is buzzing to get going.

423 Adam James SHERCO C3
523 Shaun Buchan GASGAS C2
623 Jack Probert SHERCO C1

Team Manager: Andrew James

Adam James (age 25) – this will be Adams 3rd ISDE (2016 Spain, 2017 France), picking up 2 x Gold medals. Recently took the overall Expert class win in the Welsh 2 Day Enduro.

Shaun Buchan (age 31) – this will be Shaun’s 2nd ISDE (2013 Sardinia).

Jack Probert (age 18) – regular British & Welsh Enduro championship rider in the Clubman class. This will be Jacks 1st ISDE.

Rhayader MC had an ISDE team back at the 1983 ISDE in Wales. We also took a team back in 2017 in France. Hopefully all 3 riders can finish event, enjoy the event and make some great memories. Its Jacks 1st ISDE so it will be a great experience for the youngster.

709 Alun Jones BETA C3
809 Gareth Jones BETA C1
909 Rhys Evans KTM C1

This year will see Brothers Gareth & Alun Representing DDBC in their 3rd ISDE having competed in Chile in 2018 and Portugal 2019, Rhys competing for the first time.

Rhys has come through the DDBC Youth Enduro Academy ranks which shows that DDBC have a rider pathway right up to the pinnacle of the sport.

DDBC have had representation at the ISDE in NZ 2006, Spain 2016, France 2017, Chile 2018 and Portugal 2019.

Hopes for this year: With a good mix of experience and youth riders, a strong finish with all riders coming home safe.

720 Simon Beken KTM C2
820 Guy Chandler GASGAS C2
920 Joshua Kirby KTM C2

453 James Jackman YAMAHA C1
553 Rudy Austin GASGAS C1
653 Alfie Coles HUSQVARNA C1

Team Manager: Debra Harvey

We, have been Team St George since 2009, and were formerly Team England which first sent a team to the ISDE in 2001.

This will be James’ 10th ISDE, and 9th for Team St George and is competing on a Yamaha 250. This is Rudy’s 4th ISDE and is riding a Gas Gas 350. Alfie is our youngest rider, and this will be his 2nd ISDE and is riding a Husquarna 250. They are all on 4 strokes.

Our aim is to get all the riders to the finish with a top result, but mostly to enjoy the whole experience, with plenty of banter along the way.

A special thank you must go to all our sponsors. It is a real team effort, the team wouldn’t work without all the people contributing towards it, including mechanics, support crew and family.

477 Michael Burgess KTM C2
577 Shane Mckane HUSQVARNA C2
677 Elliot Davies HUSQVARNA C3

Team Manager: Jon Casey

Elliot Davies - RIding Husqvarna 501, ISDE silver medal, SEEC H&H champion 2018, Rogerhills WInter series champion 2021. Riding 18 years, Senior rider and a major contributor to NMCC Club and events.

Mike Burges - Competes in SEEC H&H and Timecard Championship and BEC. Was unable to start the 2019 ISDE but supported the riders at the event. Senior rider and major contributor to NMCC Club and events.

Shane McKane - Riding Husqvarna 450 FE, riding 7 years, quickly graduated from leading the SEEC H&H and Timecard championship to BEC. Competed in 2019 ISDE Portugal. Senior rider and a major contributor to NMCC Club and events.

NMCC took a team to the ISDE in Portugal in 2019, we had two riders finish and one DNF due to bike failure. We aim and hope to get all riders to a finish this year.

The NMCC club supports the team financially and we ran major fund raising this year with a full weekend practice for novice/first time riders on the Saturday then full practice on the Sunday. We managed to get some industry and local sponsorship as well.

The Normandy Motorcycle Club was formed by locally based Dispatch Riders of E.Coy: Home Guard in 1944. Several months before the Home Guard was stood down, the riders of E.Coy DR's decided to form a motorcycle club, and with that object in mind, they all subscribed a portion of their mileage money that they were paid each month to start off the club.

712 Andrew Elliott HUSQVARNA C1
812 Matthew Yates HUSQVARNA C2
912 Simon Thomas HUSQVARNA C1

461 Steve Malone KTM C2
561 Steve Hague HUSQVARNA C2
661 Robert Mcleod YAMAHA C1

Team Manager:

The Manchester 17 team this year is a veterans team made up of three riders, unfortunately our younger faster riders were unavailable to commit to the event due to the late confirmations coming out of France this year.

That’s a combined age of 179 years! Our aim is to get to the end of this years ISDE in one of the hardest enduro countries in searing heat and hopefully enjoy being part of this iconic event!

Report Andy Waters and Tilde Tighe