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British Youth Enduro

Hello Everyone,

I am very sad to say that "British Youth Enduro" is going to have to close down.
Due to the Economic Climate people just don't seem to have to money to take part in events such as British Youth Enduro and we are not getting enough riders to break even.
We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to ALL of you who have helped support the club and taken part in any of our events. We hope you have enjoyed them.
We have taken every possible step to avoid this situation but after trying everything we can and talking with as many people / members as possible it just does not stack up.
We need at least 55 Riders Per Event to Break Even but so far for Wymeswold which is only 5 Days away we only have 15.
Thank you once again, I wish it could have been different.
Kindest Regards
Darren Gwyther & Pete Carter

British Youth Enduro Rd.4 at Whaddon

The fourth round of the popular British Youth Enduro series landed at a new venue for the organisation, Whaddon in Buckinghamshire, over the Bank Holiday weekend. Whaddon is an excellent venue and provided many different challenges for the young riders, although the course was restricted for the Auto and 65cc class competing in the opening race of the day but was opened fully to accommodate the senior riders in the second race.

The weather was very kind and the sun shone throughout most of the event although heavy rain in the days preceding the competition made some sections a little difficult for the smaller riders but one or two changes soon rectified and potential problems.

Alfie Webb put in a tremendous performance in the Auto class and posted 13 laps of the shortened course to take the class win some two laps clear of Roman Skinner in second place. Curtis Grose was just a lap behind Skinner in third place, all three having ridden hard to post such an impressive number of laps.

William Stansbie in the 65cc class matched Webb lap for lap and won his class but only just as Kieran Ryan and Tyrone Brown, second and third places, were just a lap behind.

As the course was opened to its full extent the second race of the day got underway. A large pool of water held a few surprises and edging around it proved to be very difficult as the deep mud swallowed a couple of machines but a track change, moving the line to the right of the water soon had the race flowing freely.

Although last off the start line the 125cc riders soon set the pace and it was a three-way battle between Brad Freeman, Jack Staines and Katie Walker.

Freeman looked fully recovered from his recent arm injury and took to the front but Staines and Katie Walker, who was riding a little below par initially, didn't let Freeman get too far ahead as they pounded the course for seven laps apiece with Freeman taking the win. Admittedly he did seem to be cruising in the dying stages of the race but there was no doubt he could have increased his lead by quite a margin if he had needed to.

The Over13 85cc class saw Hannah Murray victorious as she out-rode the boys around the testing course. Robert Bowen tried hard to keep her in his sights but to no avail and settled for second spot, a lap ahead of James O'Brien in third.

The Under 13 85cc class wasn't quite so clear-cut as Dean Edwards and Ben Coleman battled it out for the win, matching each other on laps and swapping places throughout the duration of the race. Edwards was eventually victorious with Coleman taking second place and George Saunders third.

The venue proved to be quite a hit with the young riders and it looks as if they will be visiting again in the future, with so much scope for the course to run the BYE organisers will be spoiled for choice.

Auto 1 Alfie Webb 2 Roman Skinner 3 Curtis Grose
65cc 1 William Stansbie 2 Kieran Ryan 3 Tyrone Brown
Under 13 85cc 1 Dean Edwards 2 Ben Coleman 3 George Saunders
Over 13 85cc 1 Hannah Murray 2 Robert Bowen 3 James O'Brien
125cc 1 Brad freeman 2 Jack Staines  3 Katei Walker

British Youth Enduro
Round 3. Ashby Moto Park

Ashby Moto Park hosted the third round of the British Youth Enduro Championship on Saturday and this ever-growing series was rewarded with an excellent turnout and great weather.

Missing the heavy showers dotted around the country Ashby Moto Park coped well with the dusty conditions, the mulch covered Moto-x part of the course gave the young riders a chance to really test their MX skills around a relatively safe course while the woodland sections, although rutted in places provided a little relief in the dash for the line.

The large MX section was especially advantageous for the younger riders in the Auto and 65cc classes. All sections of the course were easily manageable and with plenty of marshals on hand the youngster really enjoyed the competitive atmosphere and safe course.

First race of the day saw the Auto and 65cc riders take to a slightly shortened course, that wove around the MX rack and through sparse woodland, all easily watched by encouraging parents and spectators alike.

Manx rider Curtis Grose had a fight on his hands as Oliver Sheldon and Alfie Webb matched him lap after lap in the Auto class but Grose kept his head to win the class with Sheldon second, Webb third, Charlie Palmer fourth and Bradley Measures fifth.

Dominic Lancett had even more competition in the 65cc class. He won, and took the overall race win, but Ben Murray pushed him hard all the way as Joseph Davis took third, William Criq fourth and Aaron Patstone fifth with the top four riders all on the same lap.

Following the presentation ceremony the marshals worked quickly to extend the course to its limit with the addition of a second wooded section, which snaked back and forth through a fairly dense woodland with narrow paths criss-crossing the area.

The race was on between Brad Freeman on a 125 and Andrew Bull on a 250, as the classes left the start line. Both riders were pushing extremely hard but Freeman was in superb form and took control once the initial challenge from Andrew Bull had subsided. Bull crashed heavily in the initial stages of the race whilst trying to take Freeman on the outside using a powder berm which simply disintegrated.

Freeman steamed onwards to overall victory and the 125cc class win, pausing briefly for a splash and dash in the pits just a handful of metres from the finish line as time ran out. Dad Pete Freeman wondered if the bike could go the distance on just one tank of fuel and the first and final top-up proved to be unnecessary. Lewis Lloyd rode hard to take second in a very competitive class, matching Freeman's 11-lap tally and keeping just ahead of Jake Morgan in third spot. Sam Sault took fourth just ahead of Josh Aughterlony.

Andrew Bull may have been slightly disappointed with second place overall but he won the 250 class ahead of Luke Gorse to maintain his grip on the Championship lead as Sophie Thomas cruised to third in class. Bull recovered well from his early tumble and set a keen pace to get and hold the top 250 position but was unable to close on Freeman who was leading the race overall.

Jack Staines had a great ride on his way to winning the Over 13's 85cc class, matching the frontrunners on their bigger machine lap for lap at the same time keeping ahead of his closest rival Dominic Thomas in second place. Staines excelled on the MX based course and thoroughly deserved the win although Dom Thomas also gave everything in trying to track him down. Harry Aughterlony wasn't far behind Thomas in third position as Hannah Murray and James O'Brien completed the top five.

Antoine Criq was up amongst the leaders initially and powered his bike to victory in the Under 13 85cc class. This young rider has really improved significantly in recent months and will definitely be a rider to watch once he reaches the 125/250 classes. He kept a cool head and a slight lead ahead of second placed Ben Coleman and Joe Gwyther in third as Dean Edwards took fourth in class, just ahead of Brad Sullivan.

This round of the British Youth Enduro Championship provided a different challenge to the previous two rounds with a good mix of MX and woodland sections. The event ran well and the friendly atmosphere really encouraged riders to stick with this exciting Championship series.

Auto 1 Curtis Grose 2 Oliver Sheldon 3 Alfie Webb
65cc 1 Dominic Lancett 2 Ben Murray 3 Joseph Davis
85cc Under 13 1 Antoine Criq 2 Ben Coleman 3 Joe Gwyther
85cc Over 13 1 Jack Staines 2 Dominic Thomas 3 Harry Aughterlony
125cc 1 Brad Freeman 2 Lewis Lloyd 3 Jake Morgan
250cc 1 Andrew Bull 2 Luke Gorse 3 Sophie Harris

British Youth Enduro Championship
Round 2.

The second round of the British Youth Enduro Championship ran at Hope-under-Dinmore, near Hereford, last Saturday. The growing popularity of this series of events proved itself by the packed start line for both races at this awesome venue.

The good thing about this series is that the 65cc's and Autos get their own 75-minute race which is very reassuring for parents of younger riders as the 85's, 125's and 250's run separately for 90-minutes.

Considering that this is a youth series the course would have done any adult championship proud. The first race of the day saw a four and a half mile lap weave its way through a handful of woodland sections and across undulating fields, which, at first glance, gave the impression that this was a flat-out fast course but it was far from that.

With the first section of the course snaking across open terrain and through a water splash the riders were then faced with a moto-x section before heading into the trees. The course twisted and turned up and down wooded hillsides and ran along off-cambers that were quite technical and bought home to the youngsters just how tough this venue was.

The open going between woodland sections was fairly fast but the final stretch of woods saw riders twisting and turning for over half a mile before returning to the re-fuelling area near the start.

First off were the Seniors containing the 85's, 125's and 250's. Once again Brad Freeman immediately stretched out a considerable lead on his Fast Eddy Racing 85 KTM as 250 rider Andrew Bull and Lewis Lloyd charged headlong around the course trying to close him down. These three riders maintained an amazingly quick pace and were the only riders to complete seven laps of the huge course.

Freeman topped the 85cc Over 13 class in addition to taking the overall win as Dom Thomas had to settle for second in class. Harry Aughterlony followed Thomas home for third. Freeman had mistakenly started in the 125cc class, he had asked to do so earlier in the day and thought it had been ok'd, so had a five minute lead over Thomas by the time the 85's got eventually got started following a slight delay. Lap times and overall results indicate that had the two started together it would have been very close indeed but the result would have been the same. As a result the organisers have decided to award joint first to the two riders.

Antoine Criq managed to fend off strong challenges from both Joe Gwyther and Brad Sullivan to take the 85cc Under 13 class as Gwyther took second and Sullivan third, all three riders posting six laps.

Lewis Lloyd dominated the 125cc class and took the win by a clear lap over second placed Katie Walker, who had another really good outing in a very competitive class. Josh Aughterlony took third place and rode hard to keep the following pack at bay for most of the race.

Andrew Bull and Harland White had another good race in their long-running series of battles and once again Bull came out ahead. He won the 250 class, a lap up on second placed White as Sophie Harris grabbed third ahead of some serious competition.

Following a few simple changes to the course the 65cc and Auto riders set off just after midday. The lap had been cut to approximately two and a half miles, which is still pretty large for such young riders but they all rose to the challenge.

With plenty of riding marshals on hand and a slightly simplified course the race ran without incident. The trickier woodland sections were removed and the Junior riders posted some very fast lap times even though they has the watersplash and moto-x sections to contend with.

Ryan Rowlands was untouchable in the 65cc class and was the only rider to post seven laps, taking the overall win with ease. Dom Lancett pushed throughout the race and was well rewarded with second place, just ahead of William Stansbie in third.

The Auto class was equally as competitive with Oli Sheldon riding well to gain a alp over Alfie Webb on his way to the Auto class win. Curtis Grose grabbed a valuable third place to keep himself in contention in the series standings.

With fantastic weather and a superb course the second round of the BYE Championship proved to be very successful and it is easy to see why this series is so popular with its great venues and friendly, family atmosphere. The races are well run and very well marshalled which reassures parents and riders alike.

Well done BYE.

85cc Under 13 1 Antoine Criq 2 Joe Gwyther 3 Brad Sullivan
85cc Over 13 1 Brad Freeman 2 Dom Thomas 3 Harry Aughterlony
125cc 1 Lewis Lloyd 2 Katie Walker 3 Josh Aughterlony
250cc 1 Andrew Bull 2 Harland White 3 Sophie Harris
Autos 1 Oli Sheldon 2 Alfie Webb 3 Curtis Grose
65cc 1 Ryan Rowlands 2 Dom Lancett 3 William Stansbie

The British Youth Enduro
Rd.1 at Red Marley, Bromsberrow, Gloucestershire.  Video 

The opening round of the 2011 British Youth Enduro Championship, sponsored by Golden Tyre, got of to a flying start last weekend at the sandy Red Marley course near Bromsberrow in Gloucestershire.

The venue turned out to be a very smart choice by organiser Darren Gwyther, overnight rain on Friday and into early Saturday morning had little or no effect on the sandy soil and the Junior riders had not trouble getting around the large course with its gently rolling contours. One steep climb caused a little trouble on the sighting lap for the Auto riders but was quickly resolved when the marshals simply moved the track markers across the slope making a longer but less steep climb.

Adding to the event, the weather was very kind. As the Junior riders set off for their sighting lap the sun came out and continued to bathe the venue intermittently throughout the day.

With seventy-eight riders on the start line the BYE series really felt as if it had established itself having come into creation only last season. The day was divided into two races, starting with the Juniors (Auto's and 65cc's) followed by the Seniors (85, 125 and 250cc).

Once racing began 65cc rider Ryan Rowlands stole the show and led from the front for 15 laps, a lap clear of his closest competitor William Stansbie. Young Williams perseverance really paid off as he placed second overall despite being pushed hard by following rider Dominic Lancett. Lancett held on to third position as James Hanscombe took fourth and James Bates fifth in the 65cc's.

All of the Auto class competitors did well around the large lap but it was Curtis Grose and Oliver Sheldon who were vying for the lead throughout the race. Grose just beat Sheldon to the finish line as both riders completed 13 laps. Alfie Webb sat in a comfortable third position ahead of Charlie Palmer and Callum Baldwin.

A large entry of Senior riders roared off the line just after midday. A seriously challenging woodland section, with lots of slippery off-cambers, was added to the lap but few of the young riders seemed phased by it at all.

In the 250cc class Bruce Eadle was constantly challenged by Scott Jenkins and Sophie Thomas. Thomas had recently returned to racing after a lengthy rest. All three riders matched each other lap for lap but Eadle kept calm and kept his slight lead right to the finish with Jenkins taking second position and Thomas third. The top three were joined on the podium by Henry Carroll and Jack Liddiard.

The real hard-chargers of this race came from the Over 13 85cc class. Brad Freeman took control right from the start and put in 15 super fast laps to win his class and the race overall. With Freeman totally in control, Dom Thomas and Jack Edmondson battled hard throughout the duration for second and third spots. A slight mistake from Jacko allowed Dom to cruise to second position and he had to settle for third. Both riders were on 14 laps, one down on Brad Freeman.

Joe Gwyther had a testing time in the Under 13 85cc class. From the moment the start flag dropped he held the lead and was pushing hard. He pulled quite a lead on the opening lap but managed to get his gear change bent under the engine casing and rode the last part of the lap using only first gear until he could pit stop and fix the problem. This handed the lead to Ben Coleman but Gwyther soon recovered and took the victory with Coleman second and Antoine Criq third. Brad Edwards, fourth, nearly closed the gap on Criq but fell just short of the mark as Dean Edwards slipped into fifth position.

The 125cc class was also fiercely contested. Katie walker took the holeshot and began to pull away from the pack with only Lewis Lloyd in close competition. Both rider managed 14 laps but the victory went to Lloyd who eventually caught and passed Walker but it was a hard-fought win. Jordan Pyne was a hot contender to take the class win but was somewhat shocked by the pace of the leading pair. He rode hard and eventually took third place a lap down on the leading pair. Josh Aughterlony wasn't far behind Pyne and finished in a creditable fourth place ahead of Henry Kingsley in fifth.

The support from riders was very encouraging at the start of a new race series in its first full year. The course was excellent and perfectly suited to the riders abilities and the organisation was excellent. Despite having to use the tradition 'holepunch and card' system to lap score while a new computer program is written, the results were out within minutes and were spot on.

This series looks set to take Youth Enduro by storm as word spreads and more riders are attracted to it. The friendly, family atmosphere and laid-back approach of the organisers convinced many parents that this was the series to stick with.

Auto 1 Curtis Grose 2 Oliver Sheldon 3 Alfie Webb 4 Charlie Palmer 5 Callum Baldwin
65cc 1 Ryan Rowlands 2 William Stansbie 3 Dominic Lancett 4 James Hanscomb 5 James Bates
85cc Over 13 1 Brad Freeman 2 Dominic Thomas 3 Jack Edmondson 4 Daniel Wheeler 5 Harry Aughterlony
85cc Under 13 1 Joe Gwyther 2 Ben Coleman 3 Antoine Criq 4 Brad Edwards 5 Dean Edwards
125cc 1 Lewis Lloyd 2 Katie Walker 3 Jordan Pyne 4 Josh Aughterlony 5 Henry Kingsley
250cc 1 Bruce Eadle 2 Scott Jenkins 3 Sophie Thomas 4 Henry Carroll 5 Jack Liddiard

BYE & Golden Tyres

Golden Tyres will be supporting the2011 British Youth Enduro Championship. They will at every British Youth Enduro Championship Round & Cotswold Enduro Club Round in 2011. The Golden Tyres truck will be on site with over 200 tyres and they will be offering a free fitting service with every tyre purchased. They will also carry Inner Tubes , Mooses & Valves. So if you get to our event & your tyres are looking worn, or you pick up a puncture it’s not a problem as these can now be sorted very quickly.

Also as a British Youth Enduro Member you will be entitled to Discounted Prices from Golden Tyre, the price list will be added to the BYE site in the next few days.

Finally Golden Tyre have also generously offered a number of Prizes for the riders in Every Class and at Every Event.

1st Place – New Rear Tyre
2nd Place – 25% Extra Discount Voucher off RRP Tyre
3rd Place - 20% Extra Discount Voucher off RRP Tyre
4th Place – Rear inner Tube
5th Place – Golden Tyre Beanie or Cap

There will also be spot prizes for Hole shot & Fastest Lap - Even more reasons to ride with “British Youth Enduro” in 2011.

The Dirt Bike Cup

The Dirt Bike Show had an added attraction this year as youth riders had the chance to compete in the inaugural Dirt Bike Cup, run over the weekend of the show at Stoneleighs 4x4 venue.

Darren Gwyther and his crew from the British Youth Enduro organisation planned and executed the event, which provided an excellent addition to the show. Riders who entered the event also received free entry to the show as a bonus and the entry was quite impressive for a first event.

Although restricted to solo riders there were plenty of bikes on the line on Saturday morning following heavy overnight rain and the youngster set off in earnest, undeterred by the slippery conditions.

Initially the course had been planned to run for approximately two and a half miles but the heavy rain meant certain sections would have been very difficult to negotiate on smaller bikes so the course was altered to provide a manageable one and a half mile loop.

The format was also changed, instead of the planned two 45-minute races for each class this was cut to a single one hour race for each on Saturday, extended to one and a half hours each on Sunday as the course conditions improved.

The course started in a large open field and riders twisted and turned around it before reaching the seriously off-road section which is normally used by 4x4 vehicles. Plenty of work had been undertaken by the organisers to ensure the route was passable and although there were a few large pools of standing water, which proved to be easily negotiated.

Further into the course several small climbs proved more difficult initially as many riders struggled to gain traction but within a couple of laps a line developed and everything ran smoothly with the help of numerous marshals dotted around the lap.

First off on Saturday in bright and sunny conditions were the 65 and 85cc small wheelers, closely followed by the 85cc big wheelers. Brad Sullivan won the Small Wheel class with Ben Coleman just under two minutes behind him in second place, both on 14 laps. Josh Wilson was just ahead of a gaggle of riders contesting third place and he hung on to take the final podium spot with Matt Leedham in fourth and Brad Lilburn fifth.

Dominic Thomas was on his usual top form and took the overall win with ease on his Kawasaki and the Big Wheel 85cc win, the only rider to post 17 laps. Dylan Baynton and Jack Staines fought it out for second place with Baynton getting the upper hand by just three seconds. Oli Benton and Luke Rudd were both a further lap adrift in fourth and fifth places.

As the first race cleared the course the 125 and 250cc class were raring to go. Ryan Staveley took the 125cc win and the overall win ahead of ferocious competition from the 250cc riders. Luke Gorse was a lap behind in second place but just over a minute ahead of Jack Scurfield in third spot. Charlie Nichols and Harrison Bell completed the top five.

MPS Racing's Rob Johnson lead the 250 class on his Huqvarna for much of the opening part of the race until a slight mistake allowed Tommy Alba to take the lead and the class win as Johnson was unable to close the gap, finally finishing in second place. Bruce Eadle was a couple of laps down in third place, just ahead of Jack May and Andrew Robinson.

The highlight of the day for the young trophy winners was the presentation where they received their prizes from EWC E3 World Champion David Knight on the main stage of the Dirt Bike Show.

Sunday was another dry day, which certainly helped the course to dry even more as the small and big wheelers lined up for their 90-minute session.

Antoine Criq and Ben Coleman really made a race of it, matching each other lap for lap in the Small Wheel class but Criq eventually pulled a three minute lead to take the win with Coleman in second and Brad Sullivan in third. Ieuan Morgan climbed to fourth in class ahead of Hannah Murray.

Jack Staines took his revenge in the Big Wheel class by taking the win over Dylan Baynton and Katie Walker. Walker had lead the race following a great start for more than six laps until a backmarker slowed her charge and allowed Staines to take and hold the lead. Dan Bewlay and Harry Aughterlony completed the top five.

Ryan Staveley completed a superb double by winning once again both in the 125cc class and by taking overall victory. Luke Gorse took second place as Harrison Bell rode hard to get into the top three. Ryan Ireland was just behind Bell, followed by Luke Parry in fifth place.

In the 250cc class Andrew Bull narrowly took the win by 90 seconds ahead of Joshua Blunt with Oliver Bishop quite a way behind in third place.

This was a great opening event for the Dirt Bike Cup, which looks set to become a permanent fixture over coming years at the Dirt Bike Show. Darren Gwyther and his team put on a very professional competition and adapted well despite adverse weather conditions in the run up to the event.


65/85cc Small Wheels 1 Brad Sullivan 2 Ben Coleman 3 Josh Wilson 4 Matt Leedham 5 Brad Lilburn
85cc Big Wheels 1 Dominic Thomas 2 Dylan Baynton 3 Jack Staines 4 Oli Benton  5 Luke Rudd
125cc 1 Ryan Staveley 2 Luke Gorse 3 Jack Scurfield 4 Charlie Nichols 5 Harrison Bell
250cc 1 Tommy Alba 2 Rob Johnson 3 Bruce Eadle 4 Jack May 5 Andrew Robinson
65/85cc Small Wheels 1 Antoine Criq 2 Ben Coleman 3 Brad Sullivan 4 Ieuan Morgan 5 Hannah Murray
85cc Big Wheels 1 Jack Staines 2 Dylan Baynton 3 Katie Walker  4 Dan Bewlay 5 Harry Aughterlony
125cc 1 Ryan Staveley 2 Luke Gorse 3 Harrison Bell 4 Ryan Ireland 5 Luke Parry
250cc 1 Andrew Bull 2 Joshua Blunt 3 Oliver Bishop

Video Day 1 Day 2 Photos by Steve Buck

Race Report
Round 2 “British Youth Enduro” 

Ashby 17th July 2010

The 4 Mile all weather course had taken an entire week to build and was in fantastic condition for Round 2 of the “British Youth Enduro” events calendar. The course had everything that you could wish for on an Enduro Event with : Jumps, Burms, Uphill climbs, Drop offs, Woodland, Ruts, Roots & the odd straight to clear your tyres.The Number were up slightly on our 1st event at Long Compton with the 85cc Class getting the best turnout, followed closely by the 65cc & the Auto Class.

With everything in place Mr Pete Carter sent the Auto’s and 65cc Class off for a sighting lap to judge if both the riders and the course worked well together. 10 Minutes later they all returned with a Big Thumbs up and lined up ready to race.

The 65cc Class were the 1st away with the Hole shot going to Number 90 Alex Lancett, followed closely by the eventual winner Tom Grimshaw ( 161) & Daniel Van Der Hoeven ( 17) a very close 3rd. This was a very competitive class with Riders only

Yards Apart for the Entire 1.25 Hours. As the time ended the 1st home was Tom Grimshaw (161) who rode a fantastic race & a well deserved win, 2nd in was Alex Lancett (90) who was just 2 minutes behind but never gave up the challenge for the lead. In 3rd place was Daniel Van Der Hoeven (17) who was only 5 Seconds behind Alex, another great racer who I am sure we will see on the podium many time in the future. Ben Murray (199) rode at his very best to gain and get the 4th place slot ahead of Allen Scott (18) in 5th with William Criq (147) 6th and finally Mathilde Criq (73) 7th.

The 50cc Auto Class were set off next with the other brother Dom Lancett (61) getting the Holeshot with Oliver Sheldon ( 28) in 2nd & James Hanscombe (94) in 3rd . As the rest of the field chased down the leading three the battle was on & these little Enduro Warriors rode like demons for 1.25 hours. This was again a closely fought race and there was no room for error or rest as it was all to play for & with Trophies down to 5th place in each group, they all had their eyes fixed firmly on the prize. There was a Family upset as Young Dom Lancett caught & passed older brother Alex Lancett on the last lap taking a fantastic 2nd overall. When the time expired the Winner of the Auto 50cc Class was Dom Lancett (61), just over a minute behind in 2nd was Oliver Sheldon ( 28) and only a few minutes behind was James Hanscombe (94) who came home a solid 3rd.

With the Older Groups of 85cc & 125cc Riders warmed up their engines the track was altered to add on an additional 1.5miles of tight, twisty, slippy & energy zapping woodland.
The 125cc Class were the 1st away with Joseph Giulianotti (126) taking up the lead from Ben Gwyther (491) and a close race developed between brothers Henry (96) & Ben Carroll (201) as they headed to the woods that soon became the killing fields. The Over 13’s 85cc Class were next to set off with Katie (the Worm) Walker (252) taking the early lead from Sam Sault (34) and Hayden Meller (135) and the remainder of the class fighting for places behind.

Finally the Under 13’s 85cc Riders got way with Bradley Sullivan (99) taking up the challenge with Antoine Criq (262) and Piers Jones (191) on his tail. Again this highly competitive group swapped places for 1.5 hours and I don’t think I can count how many time we picked them up from the woodland section.

The Overall / Premier Winner was Katie Walker (252) who again gave a Master Class in Enduro Riding and showed everyone the way to go. The 2nd Place Slot went to another 85cc rider Hayden Maller (135) who was only 2 minutes and 6 Seconds behind Katie. 3rd went to Joseph Giulianotti (126) in the 125cc Class.

A massive thank you & respect to all of the riders who made the event possible, the course was not easy and we know you had to dig deep to carry on, great job.

Please keep an eye on the Web site for details of the remaining rounds this year on http://www.britishyouthenduro.com/index.html

Photos 85 & 125 - Autos & 65cc

Round 1 Long Compton 
13th June 2010
Photo by Peter Cobbe 

The 1st Round of the British Youth Enduro was held at Long Compton on Sunday 13th June & both the Weather & Track were fantastic. There were six class all lined up and ready to race. We had the 250cc 4stroke, 125cc, Over 13 & Under 13 85cc + 65cc & Auto 50cc all fighting for Trophies. Although the Number of Riders was lower than expected the atmosphere was alive and the distance peopled had travelled was amazing.

At 10.30 Mr Pete Carter Dropped the Flag and the 250cc 4*stroke, 125cc, Over 13 & Under 13 85cc were all cleanly away. Charlie Sclater led the 125cc Class from start to finish with a faultless Ride and took a well deserved victory. Ben Gwyther & Brett Moore spent the whole race swapping places in the 250 4* Stroke Class with Ben the eventual winner but he was made to work hard.

Katie Walker again impressed with another fantastic start in the Over 13's 85cc Class and a healthy lead as she crossed the line in 1st Place. Katie also battled her way around the 250 & 125 class to tale 2nd overall. This young lady is a future Ladies British Champion & certainly one to Watch. In the Under 13's 85cc Class Luke Arnall shot off the line to get the 1st place which he held the entire race, Bradley Sullivan had a tumble and lost a lot of time but rode like a demon to claim an Excellent 2nd Place.

In the 65cc Class young Harry Vaughan grabbed the lead and never looked back and finished in 1st Place just two minutes ahead of his nearest rival young Ben Murray who put in an impressive performance. The Auto 50cc was a complete Master Class from Dom Lancett who lead from start to Finish & managed to pass all of the 65cc Class and finished just 45 seconds behind Harry Vaughan to claim a fantastic 2nd overall.

The feedback we have received from the Riders & Parents has been overwhelming & we are very grateful for there support. Our Next Round is at Ashby De La Zouch , LE65 1SD on 17th July, we look forward to welcoming you all again.


Charlie Sclater - 1st 125cc

Katie Walker - 1st Over 13s 85cc

Dom Lancett - 1st 50cc

Ben Gwyther - 1st 250cc

Luke Arnall - 1st Under 13s 85cc

Harry Vaughan 1st 60cc

British Youth Enduro affiliates to the BSMA

Pete Carter & myself have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we have the very best partners in both Insurance and a Governing Body. After many meetings we have decided to affiliate with the B.S.M.A. As many of you will know the B.S.M.A have always been heavily into Moto X but now they want to widen their options and we are to be their 1st Youth Enduro Club.

We are in the process of finalising the Rules & Standards but these should be up on the site in a few days. We know that many of you also take part in Moto X and will already have a B.S.M.A Licence but don’t worry if you do not have on as you can either get one on the Day at a fee of only £5.00 ( this is a special rate for British Youth Enduro) OR you can join for the year for only £25.00 ( and you can then use this licence to try your hand at Moto X)

Both B.S.M.A & Doodson’s are very excited about this new venture , we are planning to hold 5 – 6 events at venues in 2010 and then we will run the B.S.M.A British Youth Enduro Championship in 2011. We will be running Ages from 6 Years up to 17 Years. There will be a two race format, where the Auto 50cc Riders and the 65cc Riders will race in the 1st Event The difference being that as we have two hand held scanners the Auto’s and 65’s will get scanned in two different rows. This means that at the end of the Hours Racing the Auto 50cc Riders will peel off and finish and the 65cc Riders will continue For a further 30 minutes. ( Two Races in one)
The Second Race will be Under 13 Years 85cc / 150 cc 4 stroke Riders, Over 13 Years 85cc / 150 cc 4 stroke Riders, 14 Years – 17 Years 125cc Riders. This race duration will be 1.5 Hours We will rotate which group goes 1st as this seems only fair, please let us know what you think

Yours in Sport
Darren Gwyther