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Hells Gate Extreme Enduro 
Near Lucca , Italy

In the 9th running of Fabio Fasola's Hells Gate Extreme Enduro KTM rookie Jonny Walker made a serious attempt to win this prestigious event. 

The weather was more favorable than of recent and what could have been expected, but still the IL Ciocco resort mountain had enough snow and ice to challenge the worlds best extreme riders, race day would see mild temperatures with some sunshine.

Having made his debut one year earlier and gaining a top 10 finish Jonny was fortunate to have earned a seeded starting position, being number 4. The qualifying race started at 07.00 hours Saturday morning, still in the dark our Trailtech lights were needed on the first lap, 5 laps of just over 1 hour each would be the order with a special test on each lap except the opening lap. The circuit had no real challenges for Jonny and he rode without risk or using unnecessary energy, trying to save himself and the bike for the night race.

Jonny made light work of the special tests and rode well within his ability to make 4 safe results, his only issue was catching the slower riders in front, but at the end of the morning session he had a clear 40 second advantage over 2nd placed Jarvis. From the morning race the top 30 from 100 starters would qualify for the night stage, first place gave Jonny pole position for the Hells Gate Extreme Enduro. At the end of the morning Enduro we had just over 20 minutes to service the bike, fit new tyres and fit the special lights for the night .

The main race would start at 3.30 with a plan to make 6 laps, no checkpoints as the morning just simply first home is the winner !!, Jonny as expected took the holeshot and controlled the race at the front for most of the lap climbing up the mountain, on the decent he made a mistake and Jarvis passed and then when he dropped into one of the long steep river decents he found that his bike kept stalling because of the slow speeds, the tickover was just to low although had been fine for the faster morning race it was now a small but costly interference, after the first lap he was trailing Jarvis by 90 seconds.

Our strategy was to pit every 2 laps so Jonny had to make one more lap before he could make adjustments to the bikes tickover, midway through the 2nd lap he crashed off the track down a very steep banking and got the bike so stuck that he thought his race was over, eventually he managed to get back up to the course but it had cost him more than 3 minutes. Now trailing Jarvis by over 4 minutes he made a pitstop for fuel and to adjust the carb, on lap 3 he set off with more confidence and managed to gain back more than 2 minutes on Graham. 

Going into the 4th lap less than 2 minute separated the pair and at the end of the lap when he stopped for his second and final pitstop it looked possible that Jonny may catch graham if he continued his pace, but Jarvis also responded and upped his game. The course being as brutal as ever was also quite fast which meant the leading riders pulled out quite a large lead early on, Walker and Jarvis set a pace that no other riders could follow, this meant that many riders would time out at the checkpoint, because if you fall 30 minutes behind the leader it is thank you and Ciao !!, With only a handful of riders still in the race and darkness closing in the organisers decided that 5 laps would be enough, just 4 riders started the last lap !! So on the last lap with all his Trailtech lights blazing Jonny set off in pursuit of Graham but the gap was just too big , Jonny decided just to ride safe on the last lap and eventually finished at Hells Peak just 4 minutes down on Jarvis who won for the second year. 

Jonny Walker SHR KORR KTM 300 EXC “ I'm well chuffed and super stoked, of course I wanted to win and I believe a had the speed to match Graham, but I made a few mistakes and he rode very well, although the race is very tough I found it a lot easier than last year simply because my fitness has improved so much and I am riding better, I look forward to coming back next year and hopefully making it 3rd time lucky, thanks to KTM and all my sponsors and helpers ”. 

Julian Stevens Team Manager “ I am very satisfied with our result, the morning race went quite easy and without drama, Jonny could ride at a safe pace to comfortably win. The night race didn't quite go to plan but second is still a fantastic result and we know that we are on the pace to win should everything go in our favour. In the last year Jonny has reached the podium at every Extreme event he has entered so he is showing great consistency and constant improvement, its only a matter of time before we win an international extreme race” .

Overall morning race 1. Jonny Walker SHR KORR KTM 300 EXC 2. Graham Jarvis Husaberg 300 TE 3. Alesandro Botturi KTM 250 EXC 
Hells Gate Extreme Enduro 1. Graham Jarvis Husaberg 300 TE 2. Jonny Walker SHR KORR KTM 300 EXC 3. Xavier Galindo Husaberg 300 TE

KORR what a Season 
2011 review

KTM Off-Road Racing has enjoyed another successful Enduro racing season thanks to the efforts of its riders, starting in January with Winter extreme races we have placed riders on the podium at just about every event we entered.

We have covered a wide range of disciplines, competing in the Indoor World Enduro Championship, International Extreme races, the European Enduro Championship, ISDE Finland and of course the British Sprint and Enduro Championship plus several national races including Local MX and Multi Lap events , as a team we have already raced at more than 24 championship events this season.

Our major success's have been winning the overall British Enduro Championship with Greg Evans who also won the European Senior E2 class aboard the remarkable KTM 350 XCF. We have also guided Enduro rookie Jonny Walker KTM 300 EXC to International success in Extreme and Enduro, Jonny has had an amazing year and improved greatly since January, with excellent results in all disciplines. 

We must not forget our 2010 E1 champion Daryl Bolter who was having another good year and leading the E1 BEC class until appendicitis knocked him out of a round and effectively stopped his chance of taking a 3rd consecutive title.

Greg's Evans KTM 350 XCF :- 2011 is the year that Greg finally realised his potential, the defending European E2 champion manged to hold onto his title despite some injury’s and went onto win the overall BEC title. Greg had also been battling for the British Sprint Championship but had to settle for 2nd after missing 2 rounds with injury. Greg also won the Welsh Enduro championship and claimed a solid 3rd place at the Eddy Extreme Enduro in January. This has been Greg's best season to date and he showed some great speed mid season when he won easily both days at the Knighton BEC , Greg was selected again to represent the UK in the Trophy team for the ISDE in Finland, unfortunately a small crash on the first test broke his collarbone, but just two weeks later he returned to the podium at the Dyfi Enduro !!!. to keeps his BEC hopes alive.

Jonny Walker KTM 300 EXC :- In 2010 Jonny had become bored with trials and decided to try a few Enduro's and MX events, inconsistent results but moments of speed prompted the KORR team to recognize he had potential and he was duly signed up. In the early part of the season Jonny tried too hard to impress and regularly crashed which spoilt his results, but as the season progressed he has found confidence and learned how to master this sport of Enduro, now becoming a very consistent performer.

From the start Jonny showed raw speed and this was clear when he set top practice times at the Indoor World Enduro Championships in Italy and later lead races in Barcelona, at the 2nd round of the BEC he finished both days top 3 overall, after failing to score points at round 1. An invitation by KTM Austria to sample Erzbergs Red Bull Hare Scramble really put him on the map when he finished the prologue in a fine 4th overall just behind Taddy Blazusiak, then backed it up on Sunday with a fine 3rd in Red Bull's Ezberg Hare Scramble race, a really impressive performance for the 20 year old rookie amongst seasoned pro's .

After Erzberg Jonny's season has just been on the up, as part of the Junior Trophy team at this years ISDE he helped put the team in 3rd place, finished the E3 class in 4th and was the best overall British performer, since then he has had more podiums at the BEC, won a local MX championship and is leading the ACU's cross-country championship. Most recently taking 3 podiums at Red Bull's Sea to Sky race in Turkey with a Beach race win and 2nd in both the Forest and Mountain race despite a fractured bone in his shoulder.

Jonny despite working in the week is by far KORR's most active rider and still has several races this season, with Extreme races in the UK and Indoor races in America and Europe, we consider that Jonny will be one of the main favourites for this years World Indoor Enduro Championship. 

Daryl Bolter KTM 250 XCF :- This has not been one of Daryl's better years, the competition has been really tough with several new riders coming through the ranks or crossing over from MX, but Daryl’s shown that the little 250F can mix it with the bigger bikes and has had several fine results in both BEC and Sprints, he finished the British Sprint Enduo championship in 4th and best 250F rider and despite leading the British Enduro championship at the half way stage eventually had to settle for 2nd after an illness and a big crash which put him out of the Natterjack.

Team manager Julian Stevens :- “Well I believe the competition has been very tough this year, it seems there are more teams arriving into the UK Enduro scene and they are bringing some real talent and enthusiasm, UK Enduro is no longer a 2 horse race, of course when David Knight is about he normally wins, but no longer does he have it easy and must push hard for the win. Its also means we must work harder to reach the podium each week, so the level of our riders is improving, we have been fortunate to have 3 championship class riders that give 100%, KORR and KTM have enjoyed a lot of success and that comes down to everyone working very hard, for an amateur team with a very small budget i believe we have achieved a lot and hopefully given great value and satisfaction to our sponsors.

I am so pleased that Greg finally lifted a BEC Title and to take the overall against such good competition is a great feeling. I really enjoy to see my riders improve and i'm very proud of local boy Jonny who has paid back the faith shown in him several times over, he has listened and worked incredibly hard and the results are there for all to see, he has great potential, i'm confident he will continue to improve and work hard towards the goal of being a full time professional rider.

We again have enjoyed fantastic bikes from KTM, using a range of 2 and 4 strokes from 125 to 350cc , we choose KTM because simply they are the best tool for the job, having run a KTM Enduro team since 2004 and winning championships every year , says a lot for the brand and the preparation by KORR. Once again in 2012 we will be backed by KTM and we enjoy Factory assistance for Jonny Walker to compete in International Extreme and Indoor races.

Finally a massive thank you to all helpers, family and friends, especially Steve Dopson of Azego for helping with Finance/logistics, Leo Cordingley for spannering the guys bikes and not least all our valued sponsors who enable this to happen. This is also an opportunity to introduce and welcome a new team sponsor “SHR” - Silicone Holdings Racing, a manufacturer and World Wide distributor of Raw Silicon from Blackburn, SHR will be backing Jonny and a new young rider in 2012 ”.

2011 KORR Team Success's:-

Greg Evans - Overall Metzeler ACU British Enduro Champion - 2011 European E2 Senior Champion - Welsh Enduro Champion - 3rd Place Eddy Extreme Enduro - 2nd Place overall British Enduro Sprint Championship

Jonny Walker - 4th Overall E3 Class ISDE Finland - 3rd Junior Trophy team at ISDE - 2nd E3 BEC Championship and 4th Overall in BEC - 2nd overall under 21 Enduro Championship - 2nd European E3/E2 Junior Enduro Championship - Bassenthwaite and District Adult Expert Motocross Champion - 3rd Overall Under 23 British Enduro Sprint Championship - Top 10 World Indoor Enduro Championship - 4th Place Prologue Erzberg  - 3rd Overall Red Bull Erzberg Hare Scramble - ACU British Cross-country Champion - Red Bull Sea to Sky, Turkey , 2nd overall Mountain Race and Beach Race winner

Daryl Bolter - 4th Place overall British Enduro Sprint Championship and 1st 250F 2nd Place E1 Class British Enduro Championship

ISDE Finland, Kotka

The 98th Edition of the International Six Days Enduro started from Kotka in Finland, just 130km's east of Helsinki and close to the Russian border. KORR fielded 3 riders in the event, Greg Evans Trophy team, Jonny Walker junior team and James Giddings club team, we also gave technical assistance to all Trophy and Junior riders. The 6 days event would cover more than 1500 km's, over 30 special tests and one final MX race, the nature of the terrain is very tough at the best of times, grinding sand, large round boulders and many tree routes all served up with many rain showers to make riding off road in Finland very demanding on man and machine, even the road sections had their challenges with over enthusiastic Police officers handing out speeding fines and traffic violations as quickly as they could, it almost seemed like they where having their own private competition to collect the most penalty's !!. Many riders where excluded on the road sections for speeding although none of the British Trophy and Juniors team members where caught.

Greg Evans KTM 300 EXC – Greg’s 6 days ended very early and didn't even have time to get the bike dirty, just 1 minute into the first test and he crashed and broke his collarbone. So straight away the Trophy team was down to 5 riders. Greg had his shoulder plated in Finland and should be back on a bike in time for the next BEC in 2 weeks.

Jame Giddings KTM 125 EXC – This was his first attempt at a 6 days and with the exception of terrible hand blisters he finished the week without any drama's. James placed 20th overall in the E1 club class and earned a Silver medal.

Jonny Walker KTM 300 EXC – Riding a new 2012 model Jonny improved each day as he became familiar with the new bike and gained confidence amongst the World's best Enduro riders. By the end of the week he was setting top 15 overall test times and finished as Best British rider and 4th overall in the E3 class, an impressive result in his first season of full time Enduro and his first ever visit to a 6 days. In the final MX he gated inside the top 3 and matched the pace of the leading riders for several laps before fatiguing and dropping to 5th. Jonny along with Alex Rockwell, Danny McCanny and Jack Rowlands formed the ACU's junior team and came home in an impressive 3rd overall in the Junior Trophy competition. 

Jonny Walker “ Its been a great week for me, the first time I rode the new 2012 bike was at this event so it took me a few days to get used to it and get going at the pace I was comfortable with, but from Wednesday on my times steadily improved, rain each day made the conditions tough on the bikes and many people had problems, luckily all I had to do was fit tyres, air filters and a couple of front sprockets, my KTM never missed a beat, I’ve learned a lot at this race and think my riding has improved too, I’m really looking forward to the next BEC” 

Julian Stevens KORR Team manager – “ I was at the last 6 days in Finland so I remembered how demanding this country can be on bikes and rider , Leo and myself worked hard the week before the race with a lot of preventative measures and it paid off, our KTM's ran trouble free. Personally I consider the 6 days now a bit of a holiday race and not too difficult but this one proved me wrong and was definitely an old school tough event, all those who finished can be very proud of their efforts and achievements. The Junior team riders all rode superbly, despite some misfortune they came home with a solid third place and showed great potential for the future. Jonny has again performed better than expected and his final MX race showed what sort of potential he has, a big thanks to all the check British crews and anyone who helped and supported the British Team, also a special congratulations to Paul Edmondson who collected his 17th Trophy Gold medal on his KTM 250 EXCF, ”

Erzberg Red Bull Hare Scramble 2011

The mountain they call the Iron Giant in Austria over looking the small town of Eisenerz is a very special place and the host of the biggest Extreme race in the calendar each year, with over 1800 riders competing it has to be one of the biggest Motorcycle races in the World. I have helped David Knight, Taddy Blazusiak and many other KTM riders reach the podium in the last 7 years and this year we returned with a new Erzberg KTM Rookie, hoping to once again conquer the challenges that Karl Katoch and his crew dream up.

This year it would be the turn of KORR's Jonny Walker to make his debut on the mountain with his specially prepared 300 EXC, as usual only 500 riders would qualify for the main race via two prologue sprints up the Iron Mountain on Friday and Saturday, this part of the event favours large capacity 4 Stroke MX Bikes, 10 time's World MX Champion Stefan Everts also competed at Erzberg for the first time on a new 500 EXC. Jonny was not fazed by the level of competition and surprised many at his first attempt by qualifying in 4th overall just behind last years winner Taddy Blazusiak also mounted on a smaller 2 stroke KTM.

Every year this race seems to become more difficult, each year you think that it will be impossible, but somehow the riders and the teams find a way to reach the finish. This year I believe was the hardest yet with a few sections requiring assistance to pull the bikes via ropes to the top of muddy climbs in the forests. Only the most experienced and best prepared can think about finishing this race, but also a lot of good fortune is required as its so easy to break the bike.

The race started at 12.00 in the quarry basin, Jonny made a solid start in around 3rd position and quickly disposed of other riders as his 300 EXC simply powered past them up the several climbs, soon he was at the front leading Taddy Blazusiak to the first check point. Once he entered the wooded sections the experience of Blazusiak came to play as he found a line that would cut inside Jonny, who then simply followed the champion in his wheel tracks. Taddy would make a mistake and became stuck which stopped Jonny in a difficult section on tree roots and he could not get going quickly again, this allowed the Polish rider to make a small gap.

These two KTM riders in the fastest part of the course started to pull out a good lead over the field, but their progress would soon be halted in the steep forest sections. Taddy arrived first and the KTM team pulled him to the top by rope, Jonny had to wait his turn, unfortunately this cost him time and Jarvis and Lampkin caught him, nothing Jonny could do as he watched Jarvis being pulled up by his team while he waited his turn.

Now relegated to 3rd position he crossed over the mountain top and stopped at the fuel check just before “Machine Hill” , still in good spirits and everything working well before he would enter the second half of the race, all was looking very good until he bent the front brake disc beyond repair in the no help zone now not only did he have an almost impossible course to navigate but the handicap of no front brake !!! and many steep sections. This considerably slowed his pace, he could not ride down some steep decents and also on uphill climbs was struggling to hold the bike, Dougie Lampkin took advantage and passed him just before “Karl's Diner” but once in this long arduous rock section Jonny could actually make up so time again and made easy work of the thousands of boulders.

For this year the riders where rewarded with two portions of “Karl's Diner” !!! as once they reached the end they would drop down one level and return in even bigger rocks to test them too the limit, Blazusiak became trapped here and Jarvis would pass him and both Lampkin and Walker where still within sight. At the end of this section the riders climbed into another steep forest section which took several attempts , Jarvis missed the stamp check here and Taddy would take the lead again. Jonny now in 3rd was almost out of energy as tried to push his bike up-to the stamp check on the loose stones, each time he made progress the bike would slide back as he had no front brake to hold the machine and no way could he sit on the bike to use the rear, now in a no help zone he simply had to dig deep to reach the most difficult check point.

Once past this point there was just “Roof of Africa” to negotiate and the famous “Dynamite Hill” which had also been creatively modified this year to give spectators a little more action and the riders more trouble. Fortunately Jonny had a few old trials friends on this section who guided him rock by rock to the top, zig zagging his way up a section that would not be out of place in an expert Trial. Finally Exhausted Jonny crossed the line in a time of 2 hrs and 39 minutes.

Jonny Walker “ Before the race I had no idea what to expect from this race, I just hoped to finish and make a good result, actually everything went quite good and I was feeling ok until the front brake stopped working, I have never been so scared going down hills before, I took many risks. I lost a lot of time and energy because of the brake, but too still be on the podium at my first time here is amazing, I want to thank KTM for support and also Julian and Leo”

Julian Stevens “ I have been many times to Erzberg before and I have never seen such a difficult track here, Jonny choose the hardest year to makes his debut and made a fantsatic job, not only did he show great speed in the prologue he also showed he had the skills and Endurance for the main race, I have to be honest that I did not expect him to make the podium in his first year, we came for experience and to prepare for the future so I am really happy that he exceeded our expectations of him, now with Jonny we go up another level and he has shown his ability and potential to everybody, you do not make a good result here by accident or alone, he has been working very hard all season and now he knows exactly what more he must do, many thanks to Leo for helping, all our sponsors and KTM Austria “ 

Results 1. Taddy Blazusiak KTM Factory Racing 300 EXC 2. Dougie Lampkin Gas Gas Factory 3. Jonny Walker Azego KORR KTM 300 EXC

ad ends December 2010
Round 1 - Harwood Dale, North Yorkshire

Great weather and a true cross-country course at Low North Camp made for a great day out for all who traveled near to Scarborough for Round 1 of the ACU British cross-country championship. Harwood Dale is an ex military camp with a woodland circuit of around 10km combined with a MX track which is probably one of the best venues in the UK for multi lap events.

Defending champion of the series Daryl Bolter could not make the trip due to other commitments so it was up to KORR's rookie rider Jonny Walker to represent KTM and the team. Jonny has ridden many times before at Harwood Dale but only in Trials, this weekend he returned to make his first Cross-Country race on his KORR Azego KTM 300 EXC. 

This being Jonny's first true cross country race the strategy was just to make the best start possibly and follow the more experienced riders. He made a good start and within a few turns was quickly up to second and then just followed KTM's Ashley Woods, the 2 riders quickly pulled a big gap on the rest of the field and Jonny shadowed Ashley following him in his wheel tracks for a few laps.

On lap 3 Jonny moved to the front and started to make a safe gap of around 1 minute on Ashley, we only used a stock EXC tank so it would be touch and go if we could make just one fuel stop, fortunately with the clear tank we could see the level and kept him out until the last moment on reserve and just managed to pass the halfway point which would mean we only needed to stop once for fuel.

The second half of the race Jonny just managed his lead and rode effortlessly to finish 1st overall, meanwhile veteran Ady Smith on his 250XCF and 4 stroke debut after riding 2 strokes for almost 30 years had worked his way up to third to make a KTM 1-2-3 on the podium.

Jonny “ I really enjoyed that, I know this place well from trials and my 300 KTM is just mega in on these types of tracks, I just made one small crash on the opening lap and then I just rode steady the whole race trying to conserve fuel so I only needed to make one stop, thanks to the organising club and to my team”

Team Manager Julian Stevens “ Jonny rode very smart today, just pacing himself and doing enough to get the job done, events like this are perfect for him to gain confidence and get valuable racing time, also good rides from Ash Woods who normally rides a 125 and Ady Smith who made is debut on the 4 Stroke XCF” 

Overall Results
1. Azego KTM UK 300 EXC Jonny Walker 2. ET James KTM 250 XC Ashley Woods 3. KTM UK Off Road Schools Ady Smith

BSEC Rd 3 &4 Monmouth

In complete contrast to the first rounds of the British Sprint Enduro Championship teams where welcomed with Sunshine and very dry conditions to Monmouth, South Wales. The special test at this event combined some woodland with very fast open fields and an old MX track. After the riders walked the track on Friday they nearly all opted for taller gearing, without any doubt this was not the place for a 125 and best suited to the bigger bikes.

Greg Evans KTM 350 XCF Elite class – Greg finished 2nd overall in the event on both days and had several test where he was very close to Knighters times. The test was taking around 13 minutes and there was 7 stages on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Of course Greg was pushing extremely hard to get close to David and if it had not been for several crashes it is possible that he could have been very close to beating David on a few tests, with his best test time being within 4 seconds of David. 

Greg “Its been a great event for me, 2nd each day to David and not along way off his times for such a long stage, I just need to improve on my consistency, the bike was working mega but maybe I was just trying a little too hard to beat David and crashed too many times, it felt like every test on Sunday I made a mistakes but most importantly I have moved up to 2nd in the championship”. 

Daryl Bolter KTM 250XCF Elite Class – Daryl finished 4th both days without any drama's, the course certainly favoured the bigger bikes and Daryl experimented with gearing and other things to try a get more top speed from his small 4 stroke. Daryl “I'm very pleased with the way I rode, after a disappointing ride at the Muntjac I just needed to get back on the pace, on the long fast fields the bigger bikes just simply pulled away and I was loosing time to them, we tried a few things but there's only so much you can do with a 250F enduro bike, but we made some very good chassis and suspension adjustments here and the bike is now working very well for me”. 

Jonny Walker KTM 300 EXC Under 23 Class – This was Jonny's first ever sprint race and the former trials rider cannot be considered a high speed expert just yet but he showed tremendous potential running 2nd in class most of Saturday and eventually finishing 3rd with a consistent ride on Sunday for 4th in class. Jonny finished inside the top 10 overall each day beating many established Elite runners and showing despite very limited time in Enduro that he is a fast learner. Jonny “I have never been to a Sprint before so I did not know what to expect, I just have to follow what I am told, simple things like turn on the petrol !! and gas it !! (Team Joke) . I have learned so much from this race and actually surprised how well I have gone, we made only two adjustments to the bike all weekend and it ran fantastic.

James Giddings KTM 125 EXC Under 23 – James did not have the best of weekends, a big crash on Saturday knocked his confidence and several mistakes meant he did not show his true potential.

Team Manager Julian Stevens “Of course we are really pleased with the results this weekend, to have 3 riders overall in the top 10 is a great result when there are so many good teams in the paddock now. Everything went very well without any drama's and thanks to all the helpers and mechanics Leo and Rob”.

Team Hat Trick,

Sunday 13th March Sunday was a great weekend for KORR riders, with the 3rd & 4th rounds of the British Enduro Sprint Championship coming next weekend each KORR rider raced at local events to prepare themselves.

Greg Evans 350 XCF completed Rd1 of the Welsh Enduro Championship the “Wentwood” in South Wales. A short 12 mile course and a very tight forest test full of roots and stumps was even tougher than planned due to heavy overnight rain. The test was timed only twice and Greg took an advantage of about 10 seconds over his friend Ashley Woods KTM 125EXC. However the event would be decided on the going, 8 very quick laps with the last two impossible to clean, Greg lost 6 minutes in total and 4 less than his rival Ashley to take the win.

Greg Evans “ It was a great Enduro, very well organised and a real work out, i'm glad it stopped raining and the sun came out for the day, I am pleased with the way I rode and the bike was perfect in these conditions and each week I get more confident with the 350 and really looking forward to the Sprint in Monmouth”.

Daryl Bolter 250 XCF choose to compete at Matterly Estate , Track and Trail 3 Hour race and took the win. 

Daryl Bolter “The race went well for me, it was a fast flowing track that seemed like it was going to suit the bigger bikes but the XCF 250 stood up to the job very well. I changed a few settings prior to the race and I definitely have a better feeling on the bike now. The first hour was close between me and Matt Ridgeway as when it was fast it was flat out and when we went in the woods it was a struggle to pass and and therefore it was difficult to pull time. After fuel something clicked and i felt much better, so with the riders thinned out i pushed hard in the final half of the race and pulled about a 3 minute lead in as many laps, I kept pushing until the end off the race to really try and improve my riding fitness. I felt good at the end and pleased with the changes so hopefully can carry it onto the sprint”.

James Giddings 125 EXC “ about 100 riders turned up for South Reading MCC's first hare and hound of the year at Ashdown Farm. The club had done an awesome job of setting out a course consisting of tight, twisty woodland combined with flat out straights. The race started at 11.00 in perfect sunny conditions and I took the lead from the first lap, followed by Jack Turner. I made few mistakes and dropped back to second for the mid part of the race, but a strong push towards the end and my 125 EXC took the victory. I really enjoyed today, the track and the conditions were spot on, and once again the 125 and the KORR setup have proven to be perfect.'

Jonny Walker KTM 300 EXC raced a local MX at Brampton and finished 3rd overall.

Next Event: Rd3 & 4 British Enduro Sprint Championship, Monmouth

Jonny Walker's 2011 Hells Gate

12th February and while team KORR was attending the first round of the British Sprint Enduro Championship in Wales Jonny Walker had arrived in Italy for the notorious Hells Gate Extreme Enduro, after his top 10 ride the week before in the Barcelona Indoor Enduro.

Jonny who traveled with his friend “Sheepy” was under strict instructions to ride within his limits, keeping himself and the bike safe and just gain experience on his first visit to Ciocco Mountain. Without full support of the team it was vital in such a long arduous event that he did not damage the bike as without technical support it would be difficult to repair his bike, as every good enduro rider knows first you must finish and Hells Gate has so many dangers to break the bike and rider.

The race starts at 7.00am Saturday in the dark with several laps of a tough Enduro circuit around the IL Ciocco Mountain and 4 special tests to decide which riders go through to the final stage. Jonny made 4 consistent special tests to qualify in 8th position and went through to the main event without any drama, keeping to the game plan of just doing enough to get through. The morning race is followed by 1 hours work time to prepare the bike for afternoon and evening race, Jonny fitted new tyres and his Trailtech lights, he had qualified in the morning without a single fall so his 300 EXC remained perfect with only basic maintenance required.

Normally a fast starter Jonny failed to make a clean get away and was quickly down the order and being held up on single tracks behind slower riders, towards the end of the lap he could not find the route marking and became lost, but he still managed to stay in the race despite being 25 minutes behind the leader, after 30 minutes late riders are excluded so he had to pick up his pace, the next few laps he just concentrated on staying in the race and out of trouble, he lost a little more time when he crashed heavily on an icy section, but again he was fortunate not to damage himself or the bike. On lap 4 he reached the final control point but unfortunately he was timed out, with 1 lap to go and in 6th position !!. The course was so severe that the organisers cut short the race from 6 to 5 laps and only 2 riders finished with the winner Graham Jarvis being almost half an hour ahead of his rival Dougie Lampkin.

Jonny Walker “That is the most amazing thing I have ever done, I just can't wait to return, I loved every minute and the spectators are just so enthusiastic and crazy here. The bike ran brilliantly and a big thanks to Roy Kerr of Trailtech for helping me with my lights, I think I was faster in the dark !!. My friend Sheepy worked real hard to keep me and the bike fueled up and on schedule , being my first time here I did not know what to expect and started the evening race to slow and careful, next time I know what to do and when to pace myself and when to go for it”

More info Photo Bob Mullins Eddy's Xtreme 

Top 10 for Jonny Walker at the Barcelona Indoor Enduro

Round 2 of Indoor Enduro World Championship held at Palau Sant Jordi Stadium, Barcelona, Spain.

Having failed to qualify at round 1 despite posting times amongst the top 6 riders and being fastest in first practice Jonny Walker was determined to make the finals in Barcelona.

However the original Indoor Enduro attracts the largest entry and the very best riders, an amazing line up with several World Champions would make Jonny's ambitions a real challenge. After practice it was apparent again that he was again up with the leading riders and had the speed to run near the front. The track layout was especially demanding, relentless rows of logs and boulder obstacles had all the riders struggling and riding more in survival mode than out and out racing, in fact the organisers shortened the final races from 8 to 7 laps after they realised how tough their circuit was.

Jonny was selected for qualifying group 3 along with Taddy Blazusiak, he made no mistakes off the start with a holeshot before Taddy passed him on the first lap and he just settled into a steady pace to take 2nd and easily go through to the finals. Out of over 40 entree’s only 14 make it to the finals, many favourites did not however, most notably home favourite Ivan Cervantes and WEC regulars Juha Salminen and Thomas Oldratti who had to go to the last chance race.

First heat of the finals and Jonny made a perfect holeshot again and led with the factory KTM duo of Blazusiak and Knighter close behind, they passed and Jonny followed for several laps in 3rd, but he tired near the end and dropped down to finish a creditable 5th . Race 2 and the starting order was reversed meaning that Jonny , Knighter and Taddy would start from the 2nd row !! however the fast starter somehow got through to 3rd on the first lap, but Knighter caught and collided with him and Jonny crashed to the ground in a difficult log section, once he had remounted he was last and no possibilty for a good result !!! Race 3 and he did not make such a good start and after a few mistakes and feeling very drained could do no better than 9th position which would give him 9th overall for the evening. 

Jonny Walker “ I am so pleased at my second attempt to qualify for the indoor race, after having bad luck in Italy I was just so careful to not make mistakes. The track here is just so tiring and I just don't have enough experience of this type of racing yet, but each time I learn a lot, I have now switched from a 250 to 300 EXC and this is working great for me and makes the starts much easier. Now i'm looking forward to Hells Gate in Italy”

Team manager Julian Stevens “ Its been a good night for us, Jonny has improved again and we know what we must do to improve our results, its a shame that in race 2 when he was running in 3rd that he and Knighter collided as I am sure he could have made another top 5 position. I believe he has the speed to run in the top 3 soon, he just needs more races and strength, its all about learning now for a serious attempt in 2012”

Results 1 Taddy Blazusiak KTM 250 EXC 2 David Knight KTM 350 EXC-F 3 Joakim Ljungren Husaberg 300 TE 9 Jonny Walker KORR Azego KTM UK 300 EXC

Good result for KORR - KTM Off Road Racing

For the first time an ACU British Championship Extreme Enduro event was organised in the UK, this weekend at Tong Hall near Leeds.

Tong proved to be a perfect natural venue for extreme enduro, mostly steep woodland with many streams and gulleys, a favourite place of 4 x 4 enthusiasts who love to winch them themselves through all the obstacles, no such luxury for the off-road bikers though, if you make a mistake its simply get off and push and even the best where doing that at times on Sunday.

With several days of rain and frost prior to the event and mild weather finally arriving for the race day the ground was extremely slippy itself and once all that wet mud was dragged onto the rock sections they became almost impossible for all but the elite. A cleverly designed course had several “Chicken runs” next to the difficult sections to allow riders the option of a slower but easier passage or risk the hazard for possibly a quick direct route.

About 100 riders entered the race and the day kicked off at 9.30am with an hour of free practice , also in this session each rider had to put in a quick lap to organise the starting order, there was no surprise that Factory KTM rider David Knight set the standard time, KORR rider Jonny Walker on his KTM 300 qualified in 4th amongst a group with far more experience, this was Jonny's first extreme enduro and first time either KORR rider had been to this venue!!!, Greg also mixed it with the Trials and Extreme specialists and qualified with a very creditable 6th on his 250 EXC. The first 1 hour race started at 11.30am and riders departed in rows of 5 in 5 second intervals, Knighter took the hole-shot and simply left the field behind with young Jonny trying to follow in 2nd, but a few mistakes on the first lap dropped him down to 4th, he jumped out of a river and did not see a low branch which took his helmet peak straight off and damaged his goggles making things even tougher for him. However he started to find his rhythm and settled down into a good pace and held 3rd for much of the race, being easily the quickest of the rookie extreme riders. Greg however was further down the pack but slowly through consistent riding picked off riders to move up the order and eventually passed Jonny in the final laps. 

After the first race there was only 1 hour work time to prepare for the final session with the time spent mostly repairing damage, the course had been tough on our bikes and many plastic parts had been broken, Jonny modified his seat with rope to get better grip, although it was suggested we tie him to the bike !!. The final race would once again see Knighter up front with Husabergs Graham Jarvis in close company, both Jonny and Greg came around in 4th and 5th respectively and held these positions to the end without much drama until the very end when Greg again closed in on Jonny and almost passed him on the final hill. At the end it was a tie break between Greg and Jonny for 3rd overall and the final result was calculated on aggregate race times, Greg had beaten Jonny by just 5 seconds over the 2 hours of racing !!

1. David Knight KTM 250 
2. Dougie Lampkin Gas Gas 300 
3. Greg Evans Azego KORR KTM UK 250 EXC 
4. Jonny Walker Azego KORR KTM UK 300 EXC

Team Manager Julian Stevens; “ It has been a very good team result for us, the event has attracted an excellent quality line up that any extreme race in the world would be proud of, with the exception of Taddy Blazusiak the Worlds best extreme riders where there, so for us to get two top 5 positions is very positive, all the team worked very hard to help so thanks to them and a big well done to Greg and Jonny”.

Greg Evans 3rd overall; “Well i'm quite surprised with my result, I do not come from a trials background so this type of race is quite difficult for me, I have had more than my fair share of crashes today !!! and sorry to Smooth for wrecking his brand new 250 EXC , i've really enjoyed today and it has been a good test to prove my fitness and set me up for the season, can't wait for the BEC now”.

Jonny Walker 4th overall; “This was my first extreme Enduro and qualifying on the front row with the likes of Knighter and Lampkin was awesome, I had a great time, it was much slippier than I expected and like Greg I made many mistakes, but I learn't a lot from this race, now I know what I must do to improve and really look forward to my next extreme which will be Hells Gate in a few weeks” Next Event: Barcelona Indoor World Cup, February 6th

Ready To Race !!!

KTM Off Road Racing is ready to race in 2011 and in just one weeks time will arrive at the first race of the season the Eddy Extreme Enduro with Greg Evans and Jonny Walker. There hasn't really been an off season for KORR, everyday since the last BEC we have been preparing for the up coming season, finely tuning the new 2011 KTM models to compliment each rider.

KORR takes very seriously challenges from all other teams in the paddock and we are never one to sit still, we have new bikes, additional sponsors and we introduce and develop new talent. So firstly we will debut KTM's new XCF range, 250 and 350Fs with all new chassis and fuel injection for Daryl Bolter and Greg Evans, but we don't forget our 2 strokes, how can we ? Julian is an absolute master at tuning 2 stroke motors and takes his nickname of Smooth from making engines with just those characteristics, maximum power with maximum control.

Young guns Jonny Walker and James Giddings will pilot the 300 and 125EXC KTM 2 strokes, Greg Evans will also have his moments on a 250EXC at certain extreme events. We continue with many of our sponsors again, preferring to stay with what we know works best, but after a very successful 2010 season we have been fortunate to gain attention of a few more. So for 2011 we welcome Motorex from Switzerland the officially approved oil of KTM, Tough Plant Hire run by Enduro enthusiast Dave Coles joins us as a sponsor and team supported Veteran rider, another off-road enthusiast brings his company Symprove to the camp which will be helping us with additives to improve our diet.

The whole team will be looking very smart as Acerbis becomes our main clothing and plastic sponsor with Scott Goggles keeping things clear, Kriega will take care of drink systems and bum bags, Rekluse will help with high quality clutch components and S3 Racing supply special cylinder heads for our 2 strokes. Its going to be a very interesting season, the team will compete in all major UK races as well as the European championship and certain international extreme races for Jonny Walker. You can follow our progress on our website or just search Facebook for the latest info from KTM Off-Road Racing.

Team Sponsors: KTM UK, Azego, Motorex Oils, Tough Plant Hire, Symprove Supplements, Renthal Bars and Sprockets, Acerbis Clothing and Plastic, Metzeler Tyres and Mousse, Regina Chain, Carbon Lorraine Brake Pads, Rekluse Clutches, Vertex Pistons, Con Rods and Cylinder Kits, Vawtex, Fat Cat Motoparc, HGS Exhaust systems, Talon wheels, S3 Cylinder Heads, Kriega Drink Systems and Bum Bags, WP Forks and Shock, Raptor Titanium footrests, Scott Goggles and Roll Off systems.

2011 KTM UK and KORR
KORR Team building on solid foundations for next season

2010 has been a great season for KTM Off-Road Racing, achieving many goals ,winning titles in Championship and Expert BEC E1 class's and the European E2 class and picking up some extra results along the way. The riders showed great speed behind Factory KTM rider David Knight at the Sprint Enduro Series along with many local race wins and championships, they enjoyed a very successful season with KTM.

Julian Stevens and his KORR team have again agreed terms with Shaun Sisterson of KTM UK at the Dirt Bike Show as the official UK KTM enduro team and continue into the 8th straight season with the Austrian marque, to defend the titles with the objective of adding more. During this partnership they won championships every season including many International success's in the past with David Knight, the team hankers the return to International competition soon.

Julian Stevens - “This year has been very positive and I would first like to thank the riders and all our sponsors for their considerable efforts, especially KTM. I have been involved in racing at the sharp end now for more than 21 years, i started in 1989 as a Mechanic in 500cc GP Motocross and since then I have enjoyed many successful years with some amazing riders but this season has been one of the most enjoyable and satisfying. I know that you need a good team with everybody working together to get results, I feel we have that now. We are working towards a return to the World scene, its not easy because of budgets but each year we improve and our goal gets closer.”

So what about 2011 ?, well why change what is already working, so we happily continue with KTM, with what we know to be the best bikes and our rider's will stay in the same class's. The team will compete in the British Enduro and Sprint championships, the Welsh 2 Day, European rounds and selected Extreme events. A small change will be that Greg Evan's will swop his KORR built EXCF 305 special to the new 350EFi production bike, initially using the XC bike transferring to the EXC 350F when it becomes available, Daryl will race the new 250 XCF model and James Giddings will stick with his favourite 125 EXC.

While many things remain the same we are not sitting still, the team will be bigger and stronger in 2011 with the addition of a 4th rider, we welcome former Pinhard Trophy winner 19 year old Johnny "Wobbler" Walker, he formally competed in the Junior World Trials championship but has been working hard this season training in MX and Enduro with his ambitions to take on the Worlds best in Endurcross and Extreme. Johnny will race a 2 stroke KTM 300 EXC in the Championship class and will be the teams ambassador in Extreme events. He makes his team debut in at the first round of the World Enduro Cup Endurocross on November 27th in Genoa, Italy. With the ambition to go onto such events as Hells Gate and Erzberg.

Daryl Bolter KTM 250 EXCF - “I am really looking forward to next season and must thank all the team and sponsors for this year, which was tough and challenging at times but i have had one of my most consistent years ever. I put this down to having a bike expertly prepared and receiving great support at the races from the team, friends and family, my results showed we did a good job but it was never easy. I'm confident I can improve my pace over the winter and I aim to show it next season. We will have a much better platform in 2011 with the experience's gained this year. The highlight for me apart from winning the BEC title again, was pushing factory riders David Knight and Taddy Blazusiak at some of the Sprint Enduro's, it shows that I still have the pace to ride at the highest level".

James Giddings KTM 125EXC - “I have had an amazing year, reaching both of my main goals, winning Dawn To Dusk 24 hour race overall and my class at the British Enduro Championship. I’ve learnt so much with regards to riding technique and bike setup thanks to the KORR team, and look forward to improving on them next year. When I look back to where I was at the end of last year, to where I am now, it is clear to see how much I have improved. Next year I will be working hard to keep bettering myself and go for the overallexpert win".

Greg Evans KTM 305 EXCF - “2010 has been a mixed year. Bitter disappointment in losing out on both the Welsh Championship and The British Enduro Championship at the Dyfi , when I injured my knee in the first test. I was confident of a good result there especially as I was leading both championships. But then becoming European Champion in Portugal in September was amazing. Beating David Knight in several tests at both the Sprint and British Championship was also a highpoint for me. Very encouraging, kept me believing in myself.

Julian’s support has again this year been outstanding. Always “Smooth” and professional, calm and encouraging. I am most grateful for all his help, advice and shared knowledge. A big thanks to Steve Dopson who keeps the spirits up on race days, and I know works hard for the whole team behind the scenes as well. Also Many many thanks to Sean and his team at KTM UK for their continued support. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the KORR team this year, and think the Team as a whole have been a great success. All involved have been very supportive and I have enjoyed making many new friends. Daryl and James have been superb Team Mates.

All I can say now is a Great Big Thank You to All, Special Greg”