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Melville MCC

Allyn Scotland wins Incident Packed Melville Hare and Hound

Incredibly it was another beautiful day at Lochhouses Farm for the third round of the SACU Metzeler Melville Hare and Hound Scottish Championship on Sunday. All five races at this incredible venue have been blessed with superb weather throughout the winter months. The ground was frozen when the riders arrived but by the time the race began at 11.00am the track was in perfect condition for the 130 riders and there was not a cloud in the sky.

Expert rider Allyn Scotland took the holeshot award sponsored by Stuart Tait's EcosseMX.com although he was passed by double Scottish Champion Ricky Mair on the second lap. There was a tight battle behind them between Stevie Currie Jnr, Drew Harvey and Dean Reid. At just passed the half way point Ricky Mair dropped out with suspension issues handing the lead to Allyn Scotland although he could not relax as Drew Harvey was closing in and almost caught him on the last lap. Allyn would not be denied and won overall a minute ahead of Drew Harvey in second place. Stevie Currie Jnr held onto third with Dean Reid fourth and Naill Patton fifth.

The Over 40 class was won by James Harvey in his usual laid back style, James never looks to be going particularly fast but as is often the case with riders like him he can keep a good pace for the whole race. The battle between Mark Ritchie and Stevie Currie senior continued with Mark coming out ahead in second place with Stevie third, Mark also won the holeshot prize from Ecosse MX.

Barry McKie won the holeshot award but Craig Jagla had not ridden for eighteen months and did not hold him back as he took the overall in the Clubman Class. Craig spent most of his spare time fettling his Honda CRF and it obviously did the business for him, Chris Gallagher finished second with Liston Bell third. In the Clubman B class Graham Mechan won ahead of road racer David Paton who is using the Melville winter series to keep fit for the coming season and Hugh O'Neill finished third.

The largest class as always was the Sportsman class and it was a competitive as ever, Michael Craig won the holeshot award but there were three riders who were desperate for the results at the finish and it was Allan Milligan who won ahead of Jamie Robertson in second with David Dick third.

The motocrossers rode a shortened loop for two hours after starting from the back three minutes behind the Enduro classes. Gordon Morrison took the holeshot and led the first lap with Colin McLuckie and Bob Jack battling behind them. Colin took the lead and never looked back taking the overall in the Motocross A class. Gordon Morrison held on to second place with Bob Jack revelling in the conditions finishing third. The Motocross B class was won by Michael McClarty with Gordon Clark second and Alex Haddow finished third.

There was one difference at this event unfortunately there were a few crashes and one very lucky rider. John Henderson was the first casualty breaking his collar bone on the first lap while Kevin Watt had a big crash when he hit a tree hard smashing his triple clamps and it looked really nasty but he escaped with a suspected broken knee cap. The Melville Club has been lucky at the last four events and it was almost inevitable that we were due a couple of incidents. There were a few other bumps and bruises and the Melville club would like to wish all the riders a speedy recovery and of course a big thank you to the paramedics and first aid crews.

This event would not be possible without the lap scorers in the tattie boxes and it was very cold despite the sunshine. The Melville Club is also very grateful to event secretary Graeme Chalmers who has done a sterling job. There is a full team of helpers headed by Stephen Gilhooley who were hard pushed on Sunday with the number of bumps and bruises and they can take the credit for making sure the race ran the full distance.


The Melville would also like to express it's gratitude to Robert Dale for allowing these events on his land, the ground was perfect again and it is incredible that we can run a race series in Scotland right through the winter.

The next Melville event is the Pathhead two day Scottish Championship Enduro on the 21st and 22nd April, regulations will be available from www.scottishenduros.co.uk  or www.melvillemc.co.uk 

One for Jake Boyes
Report Campbell Chatham

The Melville motocross just managed to avoid the bad weather allowing a full programme of races was able to run at Lochhouses farm near Dunbar East Lothian. The start was delayed for the 130 riders as the ground was frozen. By ten o'clock the track had thawed enough to get practicing under way and by the time the racing started the track was useable with a couple of slippery patches.

Jake Boyes won the A class and won the winter series overall, Jake's bike just made it across the line in the last race much to Jake's delight as it would probably not have managed another lap. Gavin Robertson returned for another day of winter racing finishing second overall with Jason Martin finishing a consistent third.

Robert Bertram won the B class that was run together within the A class races to save time and daylight, Iain Greig finished second with Dave Wheatley third. The adult C class was won by Chris Walker with Gavin Lowes second and Peter O' Neil finished third.

Kieran Marr won the first race in the Youth MX2 Class and fought his way up to second in the third race securing the overall win for the day. Robert Bell won the second race but had a difficult time in the third race charging up through the field to grab second overall ahead of Ewan Arthur in third.

Reece Wilson continued his domination at Lochhouses in the Big Wheel 85 class winning every race with Bradley Mann second throughout the day with Robert Smith taking the final step on the podium.

In the Small Wheel 85 Class Dylan Carnegie won ahead of Kai Thompson with Claire Winthrop mixing it with the boys finishing in third.

In the 65's Daniel Chisholm put on a dominant show that saw him win every race with a hard charging Ryan Thomson pushing all the way to second with Andrew Pohlen finishing third.

This was the final round of the Melville Motocross series that has seen three great events with amazing weather and no major injuries to any riders. The course has stood up well and we have never had less than 130 entries. None of this would be possible without all those who help on the day, especially the Jack family who put in a huge effort to make sure all the riders have a great day. Thanks must also go to Robert Dale, not only for the use of his land but also because he graded the track on the morning of the race when it was frozen over ensuring the race could go ahead.

Results 04/02/12 Melville Motocross winter series

Adult A 1 Jake Boyes 129 2 Gavin Robertson 127 3 Jason Martin 110 4 Jason Moore 109 5 John Adamson 108 6 Ross Fitzimmons 104
Adult B 1 Robin Bertram 132 2 Iain Greig 114 3 Dave Wheatley 111 4 Paul White 109 5 Craig Smith 107 6 Kyle McNicoll 103
Adult C 1 Chris Walker 125 2 Gain Lowes 120 3 Peter O'Neil 119 4 Sandy Queen 118 5 Ali Grant 111 6 Chris Ketchin 101
Youth MX2 1 Kieran Marr 125 2 Robert Bell 121 3 Ewan Arthur 116 4 Steven Lennie 115 5 Deejay Bruce 107 6 Ben Thomson 104
Big Wheel 85 1 Reece Wilson 135 2 Bradley Mann 126 3 Robert Smith 118 4 Lewis Smith 108 5 Reece Robertson 105 6 Alex Gray 102
Big Wheel 85 1 Dylan Carnegie 127 2 Kai Thompson 120 3 Claire Winthrop 114 4 Frazer Taylor 109 5 Aaron Stewart 87
6 Adam Burgoyne 45
65's 1 Daniel Chisholm 135 2 Ryan Thomson 118 3 Andrew Pohlen 118 4 Domonic Stevenson 114 5 James Haddow 111 6 Oliver Barr 104

The next event is the Metzeler Melville Scottish Championship Hare and Hound at Lochhouses Farm on the 19th February. There will be all the Enduro Classes in this three hour event plus a two hour Motocross class that does not go through the trees. You can enter at online at www.entrycentral.com 

First Melville Motor Club Trial for Over 25 Years

The Melville Motor Club is running a trial for the first time in over 25 years at Langton Lees Farm near Duns in the Scottish Borders on the 4th March. The Melville Motor Club was established by trials riders in 1933 and this was the mainstay of the club until the sixties. The Melville also organised hill climbs and scrambles in the early days but more recently, since the seventies, the Melville has concentrated on Road Racing at East Fortune, Enduros, Hare and Hounds and the winter Motocross Series.

Tam Weir is an experienced trials organiser and has joined the Melville to build on the contacts and support that exist within the club. Langton Lees farm is better known for the fantastic British Championship motocross circuit although the Melville trial will use the adjacent land for the sections covering a large area avoiding the motocross track.

To help re establish the trials discipline the Melville Club has agreed to offer a 2 One Event Club Membership to compliment the 10 One Event Licence available from the SACU plus the 12 entry resulting in a total of just 24 for adults and 22 for Youths. There will be classes for all, Adult A, B, C, Twin Shock, Pre 65 and Youth, for details contact Tam Weir on 07966 410116 or 01620 829405 and entry forms will be available from www.melvillemc.co.uk 

McLean Win for Ryan

How does the Melville do it? Another beautiful day at Lochhouses Farm near Dunbar for the second round of the Melville Motor Club winter motocross series. Just short of 180 riders arrived to a track that had more in common with Ice Racing in Alaska than a motocross in East Lothian but as the sun came up the sand thawed and racing could commence.

Three times Scottish Champion Ross Rutherford was riding at Lochhouses for the first time and nearly missed the first race and had to push through the pack finish second overall. It was Ryan McLean that was on fire all day, he came out swinging from the first race and won the first two races topping the points taking the overall. Jake Boyes was another rider who definitely had his Weetabix in the morning although a technical fault cost him dear in race two resulting in third overall for the day. Returning to Lochhouses for the first time in a while Neil Flockhart finished fourth and enjoyed his start to the New Year. Neil Chatham had a couple of races with Ross Rutherford as he raced through the pack but a damaged rear moose slowed him in race two. David Houston was another man in the mix of top riders all pushing very hard finally finishing sixth. Craig Trew damaged his knee in the first race and was not able to take part for the rest of the day, the Melville Club hopes that he has not done any damage in his preparation to compete in the Le Touquet Beach Race.

In the Adult B class there were three winners Ivan Williamson, Paul Chatham and Dean Reid although there can only be one winner and Dean took the honours as he won the last race that determined the overall tie for points with Ivan. Paul Chatham finished third just six points behind with Robin Bertram fourth, Steven Lambie fifth and David Wheatley sixth.

John Moody won the Adult C class with Dylan Annand second overall following a big crash on the last lap of the last race and was lucky to walk away and still take the win in that race. Gavin Lowes rode consistently all day taking third with Kevin Ritchie fourth, Chris Ketchin having the ride of his life finishing fifth and Chris Walker sixth.

The most dominant display of the day went to John Adamson in the Youth MX2 Class. John ran away with every race and you could hardly see the next rider as he was so far in front. Second overall Fraser Pohlen had a tough first race but charged on in the other two and was even starting to make in roads toward John Adamson in the final race. Kieran Marr led the best of the rest to third with Douglas Campbell fourth, Kyle Mc Nicoll fifth and Steven Lennie sixth.

Reece Wilson won the Big Wheel 85 Class although he did falter in the second race crashing and dropping down the order. Reece would not be denied and charged through the pack and was catching Lewis Campbell until a second fall saw him having to accept second in that particular race. Lewis had looked good all day and second overall was his reward. Robert Smith had also been mixing it with Lewis and Reece taking the final step on the podium as his reward. Lewis Smith finished fourth with Callum Carter fifth and Alex Grant sixth. The Small Wheel 85 class was won by Bradley Mann completing three straight wins followed by Dylan Carnegie in second with Scott Russell third. Reece Robertson finished fourth with Kai Thompson fifth and Jordan Gill sixth.

The cold start to the day saw Daniel Chisholm finish second in the first race but two wins in the next two races saw him take the overall for the day. Ryan Thomson won the first race and was looking very promising but he could not match his first race performance finishing second overall. Andrew Pohlen finished third with Domonic Stevenson fourth, James Haddow fifth and Lewis Mitchell sixth.

Adult A 1 Ryan McLean 130 2 Ross Rutherford 129 3 Jake Boyes 120 4 Neil Flockhart 111 5 Neil Chatham 107 6 David Houston 105
Adult B 1 Dean Reid 127 2 Ivan Williamson 127 3 Paul Chatham 121 4 Robin Bertram 110 5 Steven Lambie 105 6 David Wheatley 104
Adult C 1 John Moodie 125 2 Dylan Annand 123 3 Gavin Lowes 117 4 Kevin Ritchie 112 5 Chris Ketchin 110 6 Chris Walker 108
Youth MX2 1 John Adamson 135 2 Fraser Pohlen 122 3 Keirran Marr 112 4 Douglas Campbell 109 5 Kyle McNicoll 108 6 Steven Lennie 106
Big Wheel 85 1 Reece Wilson 132 2 Lewis Campbell 129 3 Robert Smith 113 4 Lewis Smith 110 5 Callum Carter 105 6 Alex Gray 102
Small Wheel 85 1 Bradley Mann 135 2 Dylan Carnegie122 3 Scott Russell 120 4 Reece Robertson 109 5 Kai Thompson 105 6 Jordan Gill 105 
65's 1 Daniel Chisholm 132 2 Ryan Thomson 129 3 Andrew Pohlen 116 4 Dominic Stevenson 116 5 James Haddow 110 6 Lewis Mitchell 104

It was great to see the enthusiasm for the Melville winter motocross series and such a large turnout. The weather rewarded us all once more and for the third time no major injuries. Diana McLuckie and Wenda Bryce braved the cold weather to lap score all day and the event would not be possible without the Jack family, thanks to everyone who helped on the day. The next Melville event is the motocross on the 5th February, you must be the member of an SACU club and ideally have and SACU licence although this event will allow one day licences for adult entries and are available from www.melvillemc.co.uk . There will also be a Scottish Championship Hare and Hound on the 19th February at Lochhouses including a motocross class but you must have a full SACU Licence to compete, no one day licences for this one, entries are available electronically online from www.entrycentral.com 

Finally a big thank you to Robert Dale of Lochhouses farm for allowing us to enjoy such a fantastic area.

Neil Wins at full Chat

The Mezteler Melville SACU Scottish Championship Hare and Hound returned to Lochhouses near Dunbar, East Lothian on Sunday and the 160 riders were welcomed by a beautiful day once more. Snow affected the roads around Scotland and clerk of the course Stephen Gilhooley, who only lives 20 minutes from the track, struggled to drive his van out of his driveway. The conditions at the track were perfect although it was very cold. Stephen had designed the three hour course to stand up for the day avoiding the worst wet patches. The 11 minute lap consisted of the sandy motocross track plus a 9 minute loop through the woods. The two hour motocross classes were diverted around the edge of the wood as they do not like to dodge the trees. There were some substantial puddles in the motocross track but in the woods it was ride able and flowing resulting in a very enjoyable experience for all.

The Experts started first with Frazer Norrie taking the holeshot although he clipped Drew Harvey who went down leaving Neil Chatham nowhere to go, crashing into Drew on the ground. Luckily there were no injuries and they set off in last place. Ricky Mair led the first lap with Frazer close in second with Neil chasing hard in third having passed all the remaining Experts in the woods. The second lap saw Ricky in the lead with Neil closing in second although Ricky decided to stop for new goggles handing the lead to Neil which he never relinquished. This was only Neil's second competitive outing on the Drysdale Motorcycles KTM 350 XC-F, "I wasn't feel especially confident coming into the event as I was unsure how I would do on the 350 in the trees, although once I made it to the front I was able to just ride smooth and comfortably. The bike felt great and did everything I asked of it. I really enjoyed the event, everything ran flawlessly and the organisers did a great job, thanks to everybody involved."

Stevie Currie

Derek Little

2011 Scottsih Enduro and Hare and Hound Champion Ricky was being reeled in by Jamie Law at the half way point but Ricky responded by upping his pace finishing a solid second with Jamie third. Stevie Currie Junior rode extremely well in his first outing in the Expert Class finishing a very credible 4th. Frazer Norrie was riding a 2005 Suzuki RM250 and it struggled to hold together for the duration of the race, it refused to start after the first refuel but eventually burst into life and Frazer was able to finish.

The Over 40 class saw the welcome return of Derek Little to Scottish Enduros after a year out. Derek looked as quick and tidy on the bike as ever and seemed to really enjoy himself taking the win ahead of 2010 Over 40 Enduro Champion Gavin Johnstone and 2011 Over 40 Enduro Champion James Harvey in third place.

There were new names at the top of the Clubman class as last years top performers moved up to the Expert class. Scott McKune rode strongly all day winning after leading Ross Hamilton following the re fuelling. Ross was hoping for the win but too many small mistakes cost him dearly with Liston Bell taking the final step on the podium in third.

Ivan Williamson won the Clubman B class with Melville stalwart Hugh O' Neill thriving in the conditions finishing second with Graham Mecham third.

More new names at the top of the very well supported Sportsman class, Stuart Jenkinson won with Josh Hurley second and Alan Milligan third. This event attracts many first time competitors and the Sportsman class is just as competitive whether they are racing for first or thirty first.

The Motocross riders started at the back and finished after two hours avoiding the woods with a shortened loop. The motocross track stood up to the multiple laps that these guys were riding, Craig Trew continued his motocross dominance at Lochhouses winning with 24 laps completed despite suffering a puncture. Craig uses Lochhouses as training for the Le Touquet Beach race in February and the club would like to wish him well when the time comes. David Houston finished second with Jake Boyes third having returned two weeks after racing at the Lochhouses motocross. There was a Motocross B class that was won by Bob Bertram with Craig Smith second and Alastair Wark third.

The most satisfying aspect of the races at the end of the year was the lack of injuries there were no stoppages or major injuries. Unfortunately William Taylor split his head open loading his bike into his truck after the first aid had gone. William was taken to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where he needed 22 staples to stitch his scalp back together, William has vowed to be back in February and the club would like to wish him a speedy recovery.

As always the Melville club would like to thank everybody who helped make this event possible, especially the ladies in the tattie boxes. Also Graeme Chalmers has done a great job as event secretary despite having his bike and all his motorcycle kit and spares stolen from his garage recently. A number of riders donated unused riding kit to encourage him to continue in the sport for which he is very grateful.

The next Melville event is the Motocross on the 15th January back at Lochhouses with the next Metzeler Melville Hare and Hound on the 19th February also back at Lochhouses, regulations are available from www.scottishenduros.co.uk  or www.melvillemc.co.uk 

Metzeler Melville SACU Scottish Hare and Hound Championship Round 1

The regulations are now available for the Metzeler Melville SACU Scottish Hare and Hound Championship at Lochhouses Farm near Dunbar on the 4th December. This is one of the highlights of the year on the off road calendar and it is always well supported with over 200 entries. The event generally goes ahead thanks to the sandy nature of the course although last year the event was cancelled due to the heavy snow. Hopefully there will not be a repeat this year as it can rain on the Saturday and the race will still run on Sunday.

The three hour course is laid out to make it enjoyable for riders of all abilities with all the Enduro Classes, Expert, Clubman, Clubman B, Over 40 and Sportsmen. The course including the motocross track plus an additional field and wood takes about 12 minutes a lap for the Experts. There is a separate Motocross class that runs for two hours within the main race but does not count towards the Championship as the riders are routed away from the woods.

You can enter at EntryCentral.com or you can download an entry from www.scottishenduros.co.uk or www.melvillemc.co.uk

Click here for direct link

Melville Motor Club Winter Series

Video Regs

The Melville Motor Club Winter Series kicks off on the 20th November at Lochhouses farm near Dunbar East Lothian. The event is designed to appeal to riders of all abilities from youth to adult with classes for all, adult A,B,C, Youth MX2, Big and Small wheel 85, 65 and Autos on a separate track. The track has no major jumps and the sandy going stands up to all but the very worst weather conditions, last year two events were cancelled due to the deep snow but generally the races go ahead even when it rains the day before.

Some of the top riders from Scotland and the north of England have taken part and find the traditional motocross track really enjoyable. Craig Trew has dominated for the past couple of years but the large entry, up to 200 riders, shows that everyone has the chance to enjoy themselves at the end of the year when it is difficult to find somewhere to ride.

The regulations will be available on the Melville website www.melvillemc.co.uk  but you must have a licence as there are no one day licences available in Scotland. There is a reduced Melville membership and a reduced cost for your SACU licence that takes you through to the 31st January enabling a rider to compete in the Hare and Hound on the 4th December and the motocross on the 15th January all at Lochhouses. All the adult classes are expected to fill really quickly so don't delay to avoid disappointment.

- 20th November - 15th January - 5th Febuary
Hare and Hounds - 4th December - 19th February

Ricky Mair Hat Trick
Report Campbell Chatham Photos Charlie McKenzies

The Metzeler Melville Scottish Enduro Championship was won by Ricky Mair completing a hat trick of Scottish Championships. Ricky won the 2010 Scottish Motocross MX2 Championship and earlier this year he won the Scottish Hare and Hound Championship and now the Scottish Enduro Championship, not forgetting to mention his silver medal at the six days in Finland. Ricky now has the recognition he deserves for his years riding at the top of the British and Scottish Championships.

The latest visit to Broadmeadows farm in Yarrowford near Selkirk saw 75 riders enjoy a tough but enjoyable enduro. It rained during the week leading up to the event and overnight but track builder Kenny Donaldson had designed the course to stand up regardless of the weather. There was plenty of mud but nothing to stop riders getting around. The special test took over 6 mintues to complete for the top riders and much longer for the mere mortals in the lower classes but again it had been designed to be a challenge but ride able.

Ricky Mair won the Expert class with Richard Hay finishing second after riding shotgun pressurising Ricky to the end. Ricky was not to be denied and Richard can also be proud of another outstanding season where he has shown his true determination. David McArthur finished third with Alistair Millar fourth. Gavin Johnston dropped out after knocking his head off a tree, not a good idea, but managed to get himself back to the parc ferme to retire.

Nicky Beavitt won the very competitive Over 40 class with Mark Ritchie following him round in second place with less than 9 seconds separating them in each test. Event organiser and track builder Kenny Donaldson finished third although he was left wondering what could have been after a very public crash in his last test. Most of the marshals including myself saw him fall with only a couple of corners to go before the end and very entertaining it was too! James Harvey finished fourth and with Steven Currie senior retiring the championship is going down to the wire at the last round next month.

Stevie Currie Junior won the Clubman class with a very mature ride followed by Erich Shonwaler who has improved at every event this year. Dean Reid found the steep climbs in the test difficult on his 125 but he will be happy with a podium after returning refreshed from his holidays on Saturday. Daniel Boddington followed up his win at Selkirk in July with a strong fourth place.

There are a couple of anomalies in the Clubman B and Sportsman results still to be resolved. The very provisional results show Graham Mechan won the clubman B class with Bill Bruce second and Hugh O'Neill third. In the Sportsman class Leslie Bertram won with Michael Tawse second and Niall Patton third.

The event would not have been possible without the support of Alex Telfer the farmer at Yarrowford and all the marshals, especially all the ladies who helped at the start and in the caravan at the special test. The Melville Motor club would like to thank everyone for their support in a difficult year when everyone is feeling the pinch financially. The next Melville event will be the Winter Motocross series at Lochhouses with the first round provisionally booked for Sunday the 20th November. All the details can be found at www.melvillemc.co.uk  

Melville Motor Club gives Scottish ISDE Team the perfect send off

The Melville Motor Club raised 1450 on Saturday night for the SACU ISDE team heading to Finland. Team Manager Sam Davidson and riders Ricky Mair, Neil Chatham and Frazer Norrie flew out from Manchester airport this morning. The team set off with a spring in their step after witnessing 1450 being raised at the Melville Motor Club two day Enduro at Yarrowford Selkirk. The village hall was taken over to provide the perfect location for a night of off road motorcycling entertainment. There was a raffle and auction, a quiz, a trials bike balancing contest and a tyre changing competition. Andy Gray won for the second year running with a time of 29 seconds, Murray Thomson could only watch with envy after injuring himself earlier this year giving Andy a clear run although Deeds Raymond over from Australia and Ian Paterson gave him a run for his money. The highlight of the evening was when Iain Bell had his head shaved having taken more money than Melville Vice Chairman Campbell Chatham. It was a great evening and there were a few sore heads in the morning although the second day of the Scottish Enduro Championship passed without any major incidents.

Campbell Chatham and Sam Davidson would like to thank everyone who donated a prize and a full list will be published on  www.ScottishEnduros.co.uk .

Mair wins for Ricky
Report & photos by Campbell Chatham

Over 100 riders took part in the Metzeler Melville Scottish Hare and Hound Championship near West Linton. There was a hill climb on Saturday although the rain reduced the entry to just ten riders with Andy Gray winning the waterlogged climb. There was much hilarity as several riders never made it to the top at all. Sunday's course was an interesting mixture of fast open moorland, a small wood and a sand quarry. The track was in perfect condition in the morning when the sun came out and a great day was had by all.

Ricky Mair is out to win the Scottish Hare and Hound Championship and the Scottish Enduro Championship as he prepares for the ISDE in Finland, leading from start to finish he has added another win on his way to achieving his goal including the holeshot prize. Pamela Thomson from Moose Racing Scotland provided the holeshot prizes for each class. Ricky rode super smooth all day, not like him at all, but Drew Harvey could do nothing to catch him finishing second with Liam Beatty moving up to the Expert class finishing third.

Alex Kirk won the Moose Racing Scotland holeshot but Gavin Johnston was the man on a mission leading all but two of his twelve laps taking the overall in the Over 40 class. James Harvey rode consistently to finish second with Mark Ritchie third.

Dean Reid was another man on a mission to show that his injured ankle is on the mend. Dean only needed one pit stop on his KTM 125 taking the overall in the clubman class. Stevie Currie junior pressed on as hard as he could and almost caught Dean when he stopped to refuel but he never managed to get ahead finishing second at the finish. Pawel Reuter won the holeshot prize and finished third after chasing Stevie for half of the three hour race.

The Clubman B class was won by William Beatty who is also top over 50 rider and he showed many of the younger riders how a three hour hare and hound should be ridden. Duncan Norrie finished second with Scott McKune third. Barry Mckie won the holeshot prize but unfortunately did not finish the race.

This event is great for first time riders and there was a large Sportsman entry, there were some tricky sections to catch the unwary but most riders managed to get round. Melville road racing star David Paton used his flying start skills to take the holeshot prize and ultimately finished fourth. The Sportsman class was won by David Dick who worked his way through the field following a difficult first lap with Graeme Armstrong finishing second and Stuart Walker taking the final step on the podium in third place.

There was a great atmosphere at this event and it would not have been possible without the girls at the signing on, they also sat in the tattie boxes lap scoring. The Melville Motor Club is very grateful to all of them and all the other volunteers who made this event possible. Results

The next Melville event is the Selkirk two day enduro at Yarrowford on the 30th and 31st July, Regs. It is the highlight of the year with the ISDE fund raising evening in the village hall on the Saturday night.

Metzeler Melville Scottish Championship Selkirk Two Day Enduro 30th 31st July

The Melville Motor Club returns to Yarrowford Selkirk for the 6th and 7th round of the Scottish Championship on the 30th and 31st July. This is one of the highlights of the year with a course that is enjoyable for riders of all abilities. Wide open moor land with natural jumps and a couple of tight forests to keep things interesting.

Ricky Mair is currently leading the Scottish Championship although he will be heading off to Finland with Neil Chatham and Frazer Norrie on the Monday following the event to take part in the ISDE. There will be a fund raising night for the ISDE on the Saturday in the village hall and everyone will be keen to give the team a great send off.

The Melville has invested in more electronic timing equipment and is looking to improve the efficiency of the results. There is a restriction of about 150 entries this year therefore riders are asked to get their entries in early to avoid disappointment and no late entries will be accepted. There has also been a complaint from local residents about the lack of environmental mats which are mandatory so please make sure you have one in the parc ferme.

This is an ideal Enduro for first time riders although you must have a competition licence, please get organised early to avoid disappointment. Regs

Trew Melville Master Class


Lochhouses saw another brilliant day of sunshine and close racing on a day when entries were down a little on last year. I am sure many riders who stayed at home will regret their decision when they hear the conditions were almost perfect for nearly 110 riders who made the trip to East Lothian. There were a couple of damp patches around the circuit as it has been covered in snow for nearly a month and it rained all week leading up to the race. The sandy conditions stood up well with the wind drying it out as the day progressed and there was a shortened circuit for the 65's and a separate track for the autos.

Craig Trew ran a master class, winning every race; Craig was using this event as practise for the Le Touquet Beach race in two weeks time. The Melville Motor Club would like to wish him luck although the Melville Vice Chairman, Campbell Chatham, stated that if he continues to win all the races at Lochhouses he will insist he rides with Supermoto tyres in the last round. Sean MacDonald finished runner up having challenged pretty hard in the early races although he was starting to be caught in the later races by third place finisher Mark Perfect.

Ian Wilson had a double celebration in the B's as his son also won the Big Wheel 85 class, this is the first time this has happened so they were both delighted. Paul Chiappa also had a great day finishing second on his trusty twin shock Maico 490, not bad at all, considering he has a five at the start of his age! Bob Jack finished in third place although it could have been so different. Bob challenged hard in the first race and he won the second, almost pulling off the overall, a big crash at the start of the third race saw him sit out the first lap. Bob was lucky to be able to continue to the finish of the race and pick up a well deserved third place overall, it will not be long until he gets to the top of the podium.

The C class saw some crazy antics, a proportion of them were carried out by the overall winner Sandy Pate who had 'new bike fever'. Sandy had run-in his new 450 Yamaha the day before, up and down a field and came out with all guns blazing, despite a couple of falls, he managed to charge back to take the chequered flag in each race. Liston Bell improved all day and was just piped to the post in the last race finishing runner up. Alex Haddow led a couple of times but as the races progressed he was waning allowing Sandy through for the win finishing third overall.

Kane Young won the Youth MX2 Class after taking the win in the first two races with second place Greg Queen winning the final race. Andrew McNicoll finished third following some close racing with Sean Williamson who finished fourth overall.

Reece Wilson was able to celebrate his win with his dad who also won the adult B class. Reece did not have it all his own way as John Adamson chased him hard all day including the race two win. It was all down to the last race and they put on the best show of the day. John led for a while but it was Reece's day after taking the win in the final race with Fraser Pohlen finishing third. Bradley Mann won the small wheel 85 Class with Lee Perfect second and Brett Bailie third.

The 65's were on a shortened track within the adult course and they seemed to enjoy the experience. Scott Russell took the overall win with Kristopher Crowhurst second and Andrew Pohlen third. The Auto's raced on a separate track with Lewis McLeary taking the win with Adam Scott second and James Haddow third.

The Melville Club was lucky with the weather once again and that makes it so much easier on the organisers. There were some new faces helping and the Melville club would like to thank them as it would not be possible without all the volunteers.

The next race at Lochhouses is the Metzeler Melville Hare and Hound, the second round of the SACU Scottish Hare and Hound Championship on the 13th February. Regulations can be downloaded at www.melvillemc.co.uk 

Melville Winter Motocross Series
Round 1

The Melville Motor Club Winter Motocross series kicked of at Lochhouses farm near Dunbar in East Lothian at the weekend. The Melville's record of never cancelling an event at Lochhouses stood up, but only just. There was heavy rain before, after and during race day creating some of the worst conditions the club has seen at this venue. The sandy course improved as the day progressed but with each shower the track became very slippery again and cut up quite badly.

A large entry saw four adult classes, Youth MX2 plus large and small wheeled 85's combined. The 65's shared with the Auto's on a separate enlarged track that proved a real blessing as the 65's would have struggled in the deep ruts on the adult course. The biggest problem was the lack of daylight although a full race schedule was achieved, again only just.

Neil Chatham was an early casualty when he crashed with Drew Harvey in the practice session flat out in fifth, ending Neil's day before it had even began.

Craig Trew maintained his dominate position winning the A class with three straight wins, only David Houston gave a serious challenge in race two as he led for the first couple of laps. Ross Fitzimmons finished second with Mark Perfect third.

Stewart Mowbray won the B's following his race three win with Allyn Scotland winning the second race taking second overall with Ivan Williamson third.

There had been banter for weeks over who would win the C Class, would it be Steven Currie Junior or Dean Reid. Dean led race one and looked like taking the win but a fall on the last lap cost him dear, despite Dean winning race two Steven had the confidence for the last race of the day winning it and taking the overall. Erich Shonwalder chased the leaders all day but never managed to get close enough to challenge finishing third.

The C1 class was added when the 65's were moved onto a separate track. These riders were a mixed bunch who were made up from the reserve list. Leslie Winthrope took the win over James Harvey with Anthony Reid third.

The Youth Mx2 class was dominated by Kane Young despite falling a couple of times while in the lead he won all three races. Andrew McNicoll finished second with Sean Williamson third.

The Big Wheel 85 class was won by Reece Wilson with John Adamson second and Jack Taylor third. In the small wheel class Bradley Mann won with Adam Burgoyne second and Lee Perfect third.

There was a great turn out of 65's after a slow start but the lager track proved very popular especially with the new riders. Colin Scott won with Jordan Gill second and Scott Russell third.

In the Autos the new bigger track proved fun and challenging with the races spread throughout the day allowing the Dad's who were racing themselves time to get back to watch the young ones do there thing Lewis Mcleary won with Adam Scott finishing second and James Haddow third.

The C1's managed a short race at the finish with the light fading, there ware a few enduro bikes with their head lights on as the day drew to a close. It was a tough day for everyone including the organising Melville team. I am sure we will all look back and say it was good when we have had time to recover. Results

Report by Campbell Chatham - Picture of Craig Trew Courtesy of Martin Lynn Carve Photography.co.uk and picture of David Houston number 82 courtesy of Tome Bone

The next Melville race is back to Lochhouses for the Scottish Hare and Hound Championship on the 12th December. See details below

Close Motor Finance Metzeler Melville Scottish Enduro Championship
Preview  Campbell Chatham 
Photo Tom Benes

Richard makes Hay - Results

Despite a slow start to the rider list 98 riders entered the Cose Motor Finance Metzeler Melville Scottish Enduro Championship at Broadmeadows farm near Selkirk on Sunday the 5th September. The riders were welcomed by a misty morning that cleared into perfect riding conditions. The course was shortened for the one day event with a new fast and flowing special test.

You would never know what Richard Hay has been through over the past year or so when you a watch him ride, the only give away is that he tends to ride with his elbows down since his injury last year, although this has not stopped him leading the Scottish Championship since the end of the second round. Richard won ahead of Derek Little just six seconds behind over the five 18 mile laps with two stroke convert Allyn Scotland third just another four seconds behind on his Suzuki 250.

Controversy plagued the Over 40 class once more as Gavin Johnston the current Championship leader was excluded for outside assistance during a puncture repair on his third lap. Gavin was down in seventh position before the penalty as he has ridden the third test with a rear flat tyre. Mark Ritchie won the class with a storming performance with his final two special tests right up with the Expert class. Davie Hill finished second with a steady and consistent ride and a delighted Robbie head finished third. The Over forty class is extremely competitive and there is great rivalry between the riders although Gavin Johnston still leads the class by a considerable margin.

Fraser Flockhart marched ever closer to the Clubman Championship with another special test time quicker than any other rider on the day including the Experts. Steven Currie Jnr finished second with a strong performance and steady consistent test times, both Stevie and Hamish Patrick in third revelled in the excellent riding conditions. The Clubman B was won by Jorda Hayes with Stewart Gilchrist just four seconds behind in second spot with Chris Gallagher third.

Newcomer to the sport this year Eric Schonwaler won the Sportsman class for the first time with Barry Mckie second and Robert Farrell just three seconds behind in third place.

Harriet Forbes the Melville Club accountant had a trip of a lifetime when Colin Devenny appeared in his helicopter and give Harriet a birds eye view of the track, course cutters beware!

This is the last Melville Enduro of the year and it would not be possible without the support of Alex Telfer of Broadmeadows farm and all the helpers on the day. Kenny Donaldson and his team worked hard to ensure an enjoyable day for everyone.

The next Melville event is the first round of the Winter Motocross series at Lochhouses on the 21st November followed by the Hare and Hound on the 12th December again in Lochhouses. All the details are available at www.melvillemc.co.uk and www.scottishenduros.co.uk I look forward to seeing you there.

Close Motor Finance Metzeler Melville Scottish Enduro Championship
Report Campbell Chatham 
Photo Tom Benes

A fantastic weekend was had by all at the Close Motor Finance Metzeler Melville Scottish Enduro Championship at Yarrowford near Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. Richard Hay still recovering from a serious injury topped the results on Saturday. Richard has astounded his competitors and medical advisors with his incredible self belief not allowing his injury to hold him back winning for the second time this year. Derek Little and Frazer Norrie followed Richard home in second and third with weather that provided perfect riding conditions.

There was controversy in the Over 40 class. Despite finishing first, Davie Hill was excluded for missing out part of the course. Gavin Johnston was the winner and Steven Currie senior was the runner up..

Talented Scottish rider Fraser Flockhart won the E1 and Clubman class overall as he dominates the Clubmen in 2010 ultimately setting the fastest special test time overall for the day including the Experts. Jamie Reid finished second and won the E2 class with a strong consistent ride and Alister Millar finished third. Steven Currie was heading for a podium until his moose split and his tyre came off the rim forcing his retirement. Scott McVittie won the Clubman B by just over 5 seconds with Over 50 winner William Beaty in second and Homer Houston third. Alan Maclean won the Sportsman class from Lance Hurdsman in second with Robert Farrell third.

On Saturday night there was an ISDE fundraising Auction and Raffle, there was a tyre changing competition and a trials bike balancing contest. Andy Gray won the tyre changing with a time of just 28 seconds ahead of last years winner Murray Thompson on 33 seconds. The trails bike balancing was won by Gavin Johnston balancing for three minutes over Steven Currie Junior who was the only other rider to qualify for the final. Over 1500 was raised for the Scottish ISDE Team and the Melville Motor Club is extremely grateful to all the businesses that donated prizes for the Auction and Raffle, a full list will be published on www.scottishenduros.co.uk  Also many thanks is due to Sam Davidson and Tracy Thompson for their help running the evenings' programme.

Ricky Mair made an appearance on Sunday and won by just three seconds on day two over his northern rivals Frazer Norrie and Derek Little, at the time of going to press the clocks will have to be checked to separate Fraser and Derek for second and third place, with times within a second of each other there was nothing between them at the halfway point until Ricky set the fastest time on the final test. Richard Hay slipped down to fifth although he has done enough to stay ahead in the Championship. Allyn Scotland and Ryan Bruce ran out of luck and into mechanical problems on Sunday forcing their retirement.

Davie Hill won without the controversy on Sunday with Gavin Johnston second and Mark Ritchie third.

Fraser Flockhart won the Clubman class despite falling twice in his first timed test, to add to his displeasure it was in front of the Scottish Team Manager Sam Davidson. Jamie Reid continued with his success on Saturday finishing second and winning the E2 Class with Craig Jagla upping his game to finish third. John Austin won the Clubman B class with Jordan Hayes second and over 50 winner Bill Bruce third. In the Sportsman class Lance Hurdsman won with Alan Malean second and Graeme Little third. The Melville Motor Club would like to pass on our best wishes to Tracy Currie who broke her left wrist and right arm in a crash where she hit a tree, it is very unfortunate that our only lady competitor had the worst crash of the weekend and we would all like to wish her a speedy recovery.

Alex Telfer the farmer at Broadmeadows farm is always extremely accommodating and the Auction and Raffle could not take place without the use of the village hall and the support of the local community. The Melville Club would like to thank all the residents of Yarrowford and all the helpers over the weekend, without whom, the event would not be possible. Full results will be available on www.scottishenduros.co.uk  and the Melville returns to Yarrowford for another Enduro on the 5th September.

Close Motor Finance Metzeler Melville Scottish Enduro 24th 25th July

Yarrowford Selkirk Two Day - Regs Available

The Close Motor Finance Metzeler Melville Scottish Two Day Enduro regulations are available for the 24th and 25th July. This is the highlight of the Scottish Enduro Championship with a great course, free camping and an evening of fun in the village hall on the Saturday night.

The course is mainly open going with some serious up and down hill decents, the track is suitable for all types of riders from novice to Expert. There is a tight wood section to keep the course interesting and a great special test within walking distance of the start finish area for spectators.

Following last years successful ISDE fund raising Saturday night in the Yarrowford village hall the Melville club is planning to have another with a tyre changing competition plus a trials bike balancing challenge, there will also be a raffle and an auction with great prizes. The Saturday night is open to anyone who might want to have a trip down to Yarrowford, it is a great run on a road bike if the weather is good.

The Scottish Championship is wide open as usual with two different winners from each day of the first two rounds, Richard Hay is leading the Championship and he is hoping to be fit for this Enduro following his recent operation. Neil Flockhart is looking to repeat his win from the first round and he has learnt his lesson from the second day at Pathhead and he has been buoyed by his excellent result at Erzberg. There are some new names at the top of all of the other classes so there should be some great racing.

Flockhart and Hay win Melville 
Report by Campbell Chatham

The Close Motor Finance Metzeler Melville Scottish Championship Enduro venue is under threat with the reinstatement of the Borders rain link. Special dispensation was required to run the event last weekend at its current location. 148 riders on Saturday and a 100 on Sunday enjoyed two days of riding which proved the perfect balance between toughness and enjoyment. Saturday started with a covering of mist that cleared as the day went on with glorious sunshine leading to some fair skinned Scots suffering from dehydration at the end of the day. Before the event there was a short presentation as the trophies were presented for the Melville Cross Country Championship with D3's Murray Thomson taking the top award. Grant Smith also collected the Trevor Hay Outstanding Achievement Award for his efforts in the Portuguese ISDE and Steven Currie Junior collected the Rab Paton Memorial Trophy as best Sportsman newcomer 2009.

The two young Scottish hopefuls were missing with Neil Chatham in Italy preparing for the European Enduro Championship and Frazer Norrie flying the flag for Scotland at the British Enduro Sprint in Dorset. There were plenty of new young riders reaching the top of the result sheets in their absence.

The Experts completed five laps on Saturday and four laps plus an extra test on Sunday. Double Scottish motocross champion Neil Flockhart won overall on Saturday with stunning times in the Expert class. Neil was about 20 seconds faster in each test as he tries to establish a name for himself in the build up to the rescheduled British Enduro Championship near Elgin in two weeks. Richard Hay is back from injury and although not fully recovered finished runner up as he builds up his bike fitness, he is also taking part in the British Enduro. Derek Little was fighting fit although not quite quick enough finishing third with new recruit David McArthur looking good in his first Expert outing finishing fourth. Allyn Scotland became entangled in the ropes in his first timed test loosing 30 seconds setting some quick times in his subsequent tests as he could not believe his bad luck dropping him to fifth. Murray Thomson knows you cannot win the Championship in the first round and rode steadily for sixth overall. It is worth mentioning that Ryan Bruce and James Harvey both had there debut in the Expert class finishing seventh and eighth respectively. Kagen Mackenzie was also riding the Expert schedule and was looking good until a major engine problem forced his retirement in the closing stages of the day.

Gavin Johnston took a well deserved win in the over 40 class as he enjoyed the technical special test winning by nearly forty seconds over Davie Hill in second. Ian Patterson finished third after a break form the series with Stuart Livingstone fourth, Alex 'Ivan' Kirk fifth and Alan Davidson sixth.

Fraser Flockhart is expected to win the Clubman class championship this year and the anticipation brings a different kind of pressure to perform at each event. He need not have worried as he won convincingly with a relaxed and very quick riding style proving he will be the next big name to come out of Scotland. Liam Lamb finished second and top E1 in his first outing in the Clubman class, Liam has been training hard over the winter and this result is just reward for all the effort and preparation both physically and mechanically. Jamie Reid finished third despite stating that he was being cautious as he is riding in the Scottish Six Days Trial next weekend and wanted to stay injury free. Back from injury Craig Jagla finished fourth with Hamish Patrick fifth and Duncan McCormick sixth.

In a close finish the Clubman B class was won by just 9 seconds by Matt Betts with Gordon McGregor second, Scott McVittie third, Jorda Hayes fourth, David MacGillveray fifth and Bill Bruce sixth.

In the Sportsman Class Lee Philip won over Dean Barr with Graham Mechan third and Alan Maclean fourth split by just one second followed by Rab Farrell fifth and Robert Gadiner sixth.

Sunday was quite a different day, overcast and dull as the riders arrived followed by heavy rain as everybody feared the worst, a wet difficult event. Luckily the rain did not last and although the first lap was very slippery the track improved as the day progressed.

In the Expert Class Neil Flockhart set out to continue where he left off on Saturday although his challenge was to prove short lived as he smashed his water pump and clutch cover on a rock in the special test ending his day prematurely. This meant the day and the overall win was up for grabs with a number of riders capable of winning. Last year's winner Richard Hay topped the Expert leader board despite, as I mentioned earlier, not being fully fit. Richard put in a brave performance beating Derek Little into second place with Allyn Scotland third having avoided the ropes. Murray Thomson moved up to fourth with expert newcomers Ryan Bruce fifth and James Harvey sixth.

Gavin Johnston repeated his performance in the Over 40 class winning over hard working Davie Hill with Colin Bryan recovering from a bad day on Saturday finishing third. Mark Ritchie finished fourth with Stevie Currie Snr fifth and Alex 'Ivan' Kirk sixth.

Fraser Flockhart won the Clubman class again on Sunday with a special test time that was just one second off the quickest time overall for the day. This is a stunning performance and he does not look to be pushing too hard, there is more to come from Fraser and once again Scotland has produced another excellent young rider. Although not at Fraser's level but just as impressive, Liam Lamb rose up to the second step of the podium again with a mature and focused performance. Steven Currie Jnr must be disappointed he did not make the finish on Saturday when he now realises he finished third overall on Sunday, his electric start failed on Saturday and he lost time which caused him to retire, I wont give you his comments from the end of the day. Another young rider on the move, Hamish Patrick, pushed up to fourth on Sunday. Hamish gets the highest results with the least revs as he uses his trails skills in the technical special tests. Duncan McCormick finished fifth despite his burnt neck from a skirmish with a rope the day before followed home by Dean Reid in sixth place.

Bill Bruce won the Clubman B class comfortably with Jorda Hayes second and Gordon McGregor third. Andy McKay finished fourth with Dave Ramsay fifth followed by Keith Watt sixth.

Lee Philip won on Sunday by more than a minute with Graham Mechan moving up to second with Andrew Bisset third. Melville regular Rab Farrell had two good days at Pathhead finishing fourth with Alan Maclean fifth and John Pollock a solid sixth as he also is preparing for the British Sportsman class in Elgin in two weeks.

A huge amount of work went into the weekend, the course is under threat, learning about the new timing gear and unpredictable weather, snow three weeks before hand nearly knocked the event on the head. The team headed by Kenny Donaldson pulled it all together as always and most of the riders went home feeling they had a good work out on their machines and enjoyed excellent value from the Melville Club. There are a number of youngsters and newcomers coming through in the Scottish Enduro Championship that makes it all worthwhile.

Results in Excel or Results in html

The next Scottish Enduro is the British at Lossie forest near Elgin and I look forward to seeing you there.

Craig Trew wins Delayed Start Melville Motocross
Report by Campbell Chatham

The track at Lochhouses was frozen on Sunday morning which led to an hour and a half delay to the start while the farmer raked the whole track. Once the ground was broken up the sunshine melted the ice and softened the sand leading to perfect racing conditions for all classes. There were fewer riders than previously as there were events at Tain and Brampton although these events were cancelled and a number of additional competitors made a mad dash to East Lothian and of course the delayed start helped.

Craig Trew was out to complete his domination of this winter series and he was in no mood to concede a win to anyone since returning from the Le Touquet beach race last week winning all three races. Ryan McLean pushed as hard as he could to try and force an error from the sand master but to no avail, ultimately finishing second. Neil Chatham took the holeshot in the final race but he too could not hold off the hard charging Suzuki mounted Craig Trew. Colin McLuckie rode consistently all day now he is almost back to full fitness finishing third with George Walton fourth, Neil Chatham fifth and Drew Harvey sixth. Neil had driven all night to get to the race following a test session with the Mucci Racing team in Italy on Friday and Saturday, no sleep and riding a borrowed RMZ450 he was out to consolidate his position in the Melville Motocross series.

The B class ran amongst the A's with Paul Benham taking the overall win, Ivan Williamson Jnr finished second with Bob Jack third. Bob has been involved with his Dad at Lochhouses for many years and it is great to see him have three excellent rides to third at this final round. Ian Wilson finished fourth with Belgian student Max Godin fifth. Max is over from Belgium on work experience and he is racing in Scotland at the weekends. James Harvey matched his brother's sixth place as he prepares to ride in the British Enduro Championship next week.

The C class was almost full with a healthy number of riders out in this final round. David Williams won the first two races and finished third in the last race to take the overall. Barry Macpherson finished second with Ivan Williamson snr third. Crasher Chris Ketchin finished fourth despite trying to take out the clerk of the course and a fence at the start finish area, no major damage was done except maybe to his pride. Dale Hynd finished fifth with Lochhouses regular Hamish Patrick sixth.

Youth MX2 was dominated by Matt Fleming who had transferred from the cancelled Brampton meeting winning every race. Andrew McNicoll rode brilliantly all day finishing second on his 125 with Fraser Flockhart third after fearing the worst with gearbox noises in the second race. To great relief the problem was traced to a toothless front sprocket and business resumed as usual in the final race. Ryan MacDonald finished fourth with Harry Cooper fifth and Robin Bertram sixth.

Stuart Robertson won the first two Big Wheel 85 class races to take the overall although he had to concede the last race win to Reece Wilson who had been on a mission all day for that illusive win finishing second. Sean Williamson finished third with Jack Taylor fourth, Josh Hurley fifth and Robert Bell sixth. Michael Blair was taken to hospital with a suspected broken leg and the Melville Club would like to wish him a speedy recovery. Kyle Oliver also won the first two races and had to concede the final win to Bradley Mann. Elaine MacEachern was a model of consistency finishing second in each race and finishing second overall. Bradley Mann finished third after his third race win with Oscar Cochrane fourth, Ben Thomson fifth and Steven Lennie sixth.

With a pattern developing at Lochhouses Aaron Macdonald won all but the final race to take the overall with Aaron Stewart taking a well deserved final race win to second place overall. Brett Baillie finished third with Corey Dodds fourth and Kristopher Crowhurst fifth.

Daniel Chisholm won the Auto class on the separate track that also had to thaw out before any racing could take place. Ryan Thomson finished second with Kyle Crothers third, Lewis McLeary fourth, Kyle McNicol fifth and Ciara Robertson sixth.

The track will be cleared up for another year next weekend after another winter series with fantastic weather and great racing. The numbers were a little down at the turn of the year with riders feeling the pinch and the 'no one day licence' rule causing problems at the start of the year. The sandy track gives everyone a great work out and it is popular with riders of all abilities. The Melville Motor Club owes Robert Dale of Lochhouses farm a huge thank you for allowing us to race at this brilliant location. I am sure all the riders would also like to thank Bobby Jack, Steven and Ian Gilhooley for organising these excellent events with Diana McLuckie and Tracy Thomson lap scoring for all the classes with Gordon Paterson pulling the totals together for the final series. Results

Neil Chatham wins Metzeler Melville Scottish Championship Hare and Hound Report by Campbell Chatham

There was a battle royal at Lochhouses Farm on Sunday, one of the best ever. A cold cloudy wet day greeted all on Sunday morning although it did not actually rain. There was less of an atmosphere than in December although that was to change very quickly once the race started despite the relatively low entry of 125 dedicated competitors. Ecosse MX supplied a pair of goggles for the holeshot in each class.

D3 Racing's Murray Thomson took the Ecosse Mx holeshot prize in the Expert class with Fraser Norrie, Derek Little, Darren Carter and Drysdale Motorcycles Neil Chatham all in hot pursuit. Fraser charged through to the front and was never headed for the remainder of the first lap. Neil was within sight in second and for the next hour they swopped the lead more times than either of them could remember. There was never more than 13 seconds between them as they carved there way through the backmarkers.

There was an extreme section for the first time at a Melville but it did not seem to slow the two young terriers as they made it look easy. Fraser stopped for fuel allowing Neil to build up a gap but with a lightening fast pit stop he was soon on his tail again. Neil managed a quick stop and re entered the track right behind Fraser although he needed another stop with Neil having enough petrol in his big tank to make it to the finish. Unbeknown to everyone Neil's brakes had worn out with the earlier battle and he was struggling to stay ahead. It looked like Neil was going to be caught but Frasers energy was spent with the frantic pace of the early laps allowing Neil to maintain his lead after the Dennis Irvine Superbike ace refuelled. Neil could not believe it as he had considered stopping once his brakes had gone but he persevered and took his most satisfying win so far. Fraser Norrie looked exhausted but the two shook hands at the finish, they both knew they had put on a great show and they had both ridden brilliantly.

Murray Thomson finished third having looked like a circling shark waiting on his pray to fall and pick up the pieces, Derek little was fourth with a gaggle of experts making the finish, Allyn Scotland fifth and Drew Harvey sixth. The old guard have to give best to the young guns coming through the ranks in Scotland on this occasion.

In the Over 40 Class Mark Ritchie took the holeshot prize winning with 9 laps after a problem on the second lap he managed to haul himself back to first place with Alex 'Ivan' Kirk in second. Bill Bruce finished third with John Henderson fourth, Steven Currie Snr fifth and Andy Gray sixth.

Fraser Flockhart was overtaking Experts on his first lap despite starting on the third row at the start. Fraser is another young talent coming through for Scotland with another excellent performance, completing one more lap than all the other Clubmen. 2009 Scottish Clubman Enduro Champion David McArthur finished second with a welcome return to the podium for Hamish Patrick who has been busy at university missing the early rounds. Adam Brayton finished fourth with Richard Dakin Ecosse Mx holeshot winner in fifth and Steven Currie Jnr sixth. Belgian rider Max Godin is over in Scotland on work placement for four months having met Neil Chatham at the Everts race school, in his first hare and hound he rode consistently to fifteenth place in the clubman class.

Alistair Millar won the Clubman B class with Ecosse MX holeshot winner Andrew Brass second, Seamus Clyde third, Doug Thomson fourth, Brian Middleton fifth and Gordon McGregor sixth.

In the Sportsman class Lee Philip won with eight laps with Ross Hilton taking the holeshot prize in second, Jordan Hayes third, Scott Macbeth fourth, Robin Bertram Fifth and Stuart Jenkinson sixth. This class is certainly seeing some new names come through with some strong performances. Sean Henderson was riding for the first time and bravely rode the full course and it came as a shock how tough it was although he can be satisfied with finishing his first event.

The Motocross classes rode for two hours with just a short route around the edge of the woods. The motocrossers run at a frantic pace for the two hours with a mixture of techniques, some taking it at a steady pace with others running at full tilt. The highly experienced Colin McLuckie won the Motocross A class with a mature ride now fully recovered from his injuries sustained last year. David Houston took the holeshot prize and led early on but struggled to re start his bike at his fuel stop. The bike restarted but it had cost him dearly, Richard Houston followed him home in third. Bob Jack retired with terrible blisters and Jason Martin retired with a technical issue.

Another rider who has had a tough 2009, not bike related, Daniel Stewart back to full fitness with a very strong performance to take the win in the Motocross B class and he was up with the leaders in the A class. David Wheatley finished second with Ian Wilson third, Craig Pearson fourth Chris Ketching fifth and Jason Shill sixth.


There is one more a motocross at Lochhouses on the 21st February. Regulations are available form www.melvillemc.co.uk  I am sure all the riders would like to thank everyone who helped with this event especially the ladies who stood in the tattie boxes all day in the cold. It is amazing that the Melville can run events despite the rain on the days leading up to the race. Many thanks must go to Robert Dale for the use of this fantastic venue.

Mr Blue Sky Melville Winter Motocross Series Report by Campbell Chatham

Who would have thought, on Wednesday the Melville team were wondering whether to call it all off, on Saturday we thought we were mad, on Sunday blues skies and another fantastic day of racing. 150 riders reluctantly dragged themselves down to Lochhouses expecting a muddy mess but with Mike and his digger he cleared the worst muddy areas and every class enjoyed three races at the usual high standard that everyone has come to expect from this superb location. The sun was almost warm at one point, no sign of the snow that had covered the whole area as recently as last week.

The A class saw not only the usual high standards but the main man winning in his cool calculating style, Craig Trew was back and as dominant as ever winning every race and taking the overall. There were a few challengers each having their own difficulties worst of which was Tony Craig limping off with a damaged knee, the Melville Club hopes that it was not as serious as it looked at the time. Tommy Fenwick did not have a good day and disappeared before the end and Ryan MacLean had a problem in the first race. This was the first time out for many of the riders having spent the past few weeks cursing the weather and the lack of time on their bikes. Jake Boyes rose to the challenge pushing through the ranks on the day finishing second overall. Mark perfect moved in the opposite direction but still finished third overall with a similarly pleased Ryan MacLean who recovered to finish fourth overall despite his problems in the first race. Neil Chatham struggled to keep up with the 450 four strokes on his Suzuki RM125 and had a monumental battle with Colin McLuckie in the final A class race, it all ended in tears with the two colliding in a racing incident with a corner to go on the last lap, Colin got the pass and Neil bit the dirt but recovered to finish fifth overall. Jason Martin had a grand stand view to all the antics ahead and was 'chuffed' with sixth place at the end of the day.

Paul Benham won every race in the B class with Jim Baxter second, Ian Wilson third and Andrew MacFarlane fourth. Paul Chiappa is showing no signs of slowing down in his 50th year despite a few 'offs' finishing fifth with Craig Smith sixth.

Trophy hunter John Moody won the C class (although he never bothered to pick up his trophy at the finish) winning ahead of two young hopefuls Dean Reid second and Liam Lamb third. It was great to see Dean Reid managing to dominate the third race and prize a win away from the wise old dog John Moody. Bill Haddow finished fourth with Craig Pearson fifth and Chris Ketchin sixth.

Taylor Dodds won the first two races over local hero Fraser Flockhart without too much trouble, on the last race however Fraser pulled the pin and disappeared on the opening laps, unfortunately for him it was not to last and a fall handed Taylor the hat trick and the overall. Thomas Robertson finished third although he seemed to be heading a different race from the leaders. Andrew Mc Nicoll finished fourth with Jason Moore fifth and Robin Bertram sixth.

Continuing the day of dominate wins Kane Young rode in a very determined style all day taking the overall in the Big wheel 85 class. Stuart Robertson was trying everything to pull some time back on Kane but had to settle for second with Reece Wilson third. John Adamson was heading for a place on the podium until he blew his head gasket in the final race. Sean Williamson finished fourth with Greg Queen fifth and Greg Queen sixth. In the small wheel 85 class it was Jay Lamb who was the dominant rider taking the overall. Bradley Mann took the second spot on the podium with Ben Thomson third. Oscar Cochrane finished fourth in this frantic class with Steven Lennie fifth and Callum Carter sixth.

Apart form possibly Craig Trew, Aaron MacDonald had the most laps in the lead by the greatest margin. No one could catch him and in one race he fell, picked up his bike while still in the lead and got the bike started again and continued in the lead for the win. Scott Russell tried with all his mite to catch up but finished a steady second in every race. Brett Bailie finished third with Jordon Gill fourth, Cameron McVicker fifth and Aaron Stewart sixth.

Total domination was the name of the game right down to the Autos with Lyle Crothers winning every race. The separate track was very slippery and had to be graded by Mike in the trusty digger. Ryan Thomson finished second with Domonic Stevenson third having had a problem in the last race. Lewis McLeary finished fourth with Gregor Campbell fifth and James Haddow sixth.

The track is looking good for the Metzeler Melville Hare and Hound on the 7th February and could we really hope for another sunny day for the final Melville Winter Motocross on the 21st February. We have been incredibly lucky and to those who decided to stay at home, you missed a brilliant day out. Once again the event could only go ahead with the time and effort put in by the Melville team, especially Bobby Jack who was prepared to take entries up until Saturday to ensure a successful event. 

All who gave a helping hand are due a big thank you for standing out in the cold all day, at least it was sunny, it certainly could have been worse.


2009 Metzeler Melville Cross Country Championship - Results

The Metzeler Melville Cross Country Championship results are now available with D3 Racing's Murray Thomson emerging as the winner overall. Murray won two rounds on his way to the Championship overall in another very competitive series. The Championship went down to the wire at the last round in December with three riders in contention. Grant Smith was looking good but following a long season and his excellent result at the ISDE in Portugal he was overtaken by Murray. Neil Chatham had an outside chance but he had a DNF at Selkirk day two in July which was always going to make it difficult for him to mount a comeback ultimately finishing third.

In the Over 40 Class Alex 'Ivan' Kirk took the win despite missing the first round in January with Andy Gray second and Martin Pennycook third.

James Harvey won the Clubman class and he will move up to the Expert class for 2010. Liam Beaty competed in nearly all the Melville events finishing a credible second with Mark Ritchie third.

Paul Reuter matched his performance in the Scottish Enduro Championship taking the overall in the Clubman B Class winning every round he entered. Roger Summers finished a frustrating consistent second with William Beaty third and the only competitor admitting to be over 50.

Steven Currie Junior has had an excellent season winning the Sportsman Class to compliment the Scottish Enduro Sportsman class win. Steven is looking to train with some of the Experts to bring up his speed as he moves up to the Clubman class. Andy Gach pushed his KTM 250 that he much prefers over the 125 he rode last year and finished in second place with Ross Hilton coming home in third just two points down.

Metzeler will award all the outright class winners with a pair of tyres for their efforts and the Melville Club would like to thank Chris Blomfield for his support. This series started in January and ran through to December 2009 with events in Lochhouses, Pathhead, West Linton and Yarrowford near Selkirk. The events that are usually wet were dry and vice versa, all very competitive and well attended. There is a healthy number of young riders moving up a class which is very good for the future of the sport. The new season starts at Lochhouses on the 7th February and regulations are now available. Regs

Tom Sagar wins Metzeler Melville Scottish Championship Hare and Hound
Report by Campbell Chatham

Bag pipes and an aerobatic display preceded an eventful 2nd round of the Scottish Hare and Hound Championship at Lochhouses farm East Lothian on Sunday the 12th December. A record 228 entries lined up on another beautiful December day to take part in this extremely popular race. The sandy course was in ideal condition, despite the large entry the track stood up to the pounding with perfect berms and no sign of ice this year. There were riders of all abilities including complete novices and for the first time a couple of classic bikes taking advantage of a decent ride out before Christmas.

The Fast Eddy Team made the trip to Scotland for a Melville training day on Saturday with thirty lucky riders receiving tuition from Paul Edmondson, brother Lee, Tom Sagar and Murray Thompson. Paul opted not to ride on Sunday although Tom and Lee could not wait to try out their new Suzuki machines in a race environment.

D3 Racing's Murray Thompson took the holeshot in the Expert Class from Neil Chatham although Neil passed Murray on the second corner and led for half the first lap. Tom Sagar took command at the half way point and never looked back taking the overall. Tom revelled in the excellent conditions and said that it was as good an event as he had ridden anywhere in Britain. Neil and Lee battled it out for a lap with Mark Roberts and Neil Flockhart giving chase followed by a hard charging Frazer Norrie with Allyn Scotland and Murray Thompson in their own battle. Motocrosser and Melville regular Craig Trew had problems in the early laps dropping him down the order. Lee was riding superbly in a safe second place when he failed to appear with twenty minutes remaining. Word came back to the parc ferme that he had broken his foot and he would have to head to hospital. The latest news is that he will need an operation on Tuesday, the Melville Club deeply regrets that this has happened at one of our events and everybody would like to wish him a speedy recovery. Mark Roberts worked his way up to second and stated that it was the best hare and hound course he had ridden. Neil Chatham enjoyed leading the race early on but had missed Mark overtaking him while he made his one fuel stop and consolidated his third place with Lee's exit from the race. Frazer Norrie was looking really quick in fourth with his mentor Murray Thompson not far behind in fifth place. Neil Flockhart was as high as third at one point on his new Suzuki RM250 but after hitting several trees he decided to back off a little finishing sixth.

Gavin Johnston won the Over 40 class with last years winner and event sponsor Tommy Drysdale in second. Much to Tommy's embarrassment his bike developed an all too public misfire although to his credit second place was reasonable compensation. Robert Elliott finished third with local rivals Davy Hill and Alex 'Ivan' Kirk finishing in fourth and fifth places respectfully and Bill Bruce sixth.

A new era is coming to the Melville with Fraser Flockhart moving one place higher than his previous Hare and Hound result winning the Clubman Class with eleven laps. Fraser would have been up with the Experts and that is despite starting in the third row at the start. David MacArthur finished second with Ian Martin third having had one too many arguments with the trees in the wooded section. Scott Gordon finished fourth with Liam Beaty fifth and Pawel Reuter sixth.

There are new names appearing at the top of the Clubman B class which is exactly why this class exsists. Liston Bell won with nine laps followed home by Alistair Millar and Douglas Cunningham in second and third. William Beaty was best Over 50 in fourth place with Roddy Clark fifth and Jamie Humpage sixth.

There were also new names at the top of the Sportsman Class with Scott Macbeth winning with nine laps. David MacGilvary must have picked up a few tips from the Paul Edmondson Training day boosting him to second with Peter Woods third, Christopher Gallagher fourth, Jordan Hayes fifth and Lee Philip sixth.

There was a motocross class for those riders who did not want to dodge the trees and therefore the race was kept down to two hours. A large entry resulted in two rows at the start with this group starting at the back. The riders were directed along the edge of the forest rather than the ten minute loop for the Enduro Classes. As you would expect these guys pushed from the word go and did not back off all afternoon. In the A class Michael Hughes won with 21 laps followed closely all day by David Houston. Jason Martin took the final step on the podium with Robert Brown in fourth, Colin McLuckie back from injury in fifth and David Loudon sixth.

Paul Chiappa recently had his big 'Five O' birthday and celebrated with the B Class win. Paul also enjoys the value for money at these events and the sand really suits his hard charging style. Craig Smith finished second on 19 laps with Allan Shiels third, David Wheatley fourth, Andrew Macfarlane fifth and Craig Pearson sixth.

There are a couple of riders who deserve a special mention, in particular the classic bike rider John McCrink on the CZ, two hours around a motocross track on an old piece of iron should mean a medal for him. There were also two riders who ended up in the canal, Mark Ritchie and Alaster Watson, who both still made it to the finish.


The Melville club was really lucky with the weather once more, many riders had seen minus 3 degrees on their way to the event but low cloud and fog kept the frost away and the track was superb. This event would not be possible without the co operation of Robert Dale at Lochhouses farm for which we are all very grateful. The Scottish Hare and Hound Championship is well on its way now with Frazer Norrie at the top of the table with another six rounds to go. The next round is the Grampian M.C.C. at Woodside motocross track in Elgin on the 27th December. The track at Woodside will match the special test at the forth coming British Enduro Championship over the Easter weekend. Regulations are available for www.scottishenduros.co.uk  followed by another visit to Lochhouses on the 7th February.

Melville Winter Motocross Series Rd1 Lochhouses 
15th November

Craig Trew Nearly Perfect at Melville Motocross 
Photo: Chris Maddox

The Melville Motocross series lived up to its reputation once more for 200 riders at Lochhouses farm near Dunbar in East Lothian on Sunday. All the adult classes were full long before the closing date and 50 more were too late to make the grid as there is limited daylight at this time of year to fit everybody in. The weather was as forecast with the sun shining down virtually all day resulting in perfect riding conditions. Despite the rain on Friday the sandy track could not have been any better and stood up extremely well to the days racing. There were several first timers who enjoyed the stubble field track with some of the top riders also commenting that they enjoyed a day without the huge jumps.

In the A's Mark Perfect led the way in the first race with Craig Trew chasing him down eventually overtaking with two laps remaining. In the second race Craig led from the start and won by a clear margin. In the final race Craig looked to be disappearing again until a crash dropped him down the order. Tommy Fenwick took charge and never looked back with an impressive win followed home by Ryan MacLean in second with Mark dropping down to third costing him the overall for the day. Craig Trew charged through the pack finishing fifth, just enough to deny Mark Perfect the overall. Tommy Fenwick finished third overall with Neil Chatham fourth, riding on the limit all day on his 125 two stroke up against the 450 four strokes, David Houston finished fifth with Ryan Blair sixth. Sean MacDonald was the unluckiest rider on the day ending with a trip to the hospital to check out a suspected broken collar bone.

Jim Baxter won the first race in the Adult B class but he had to work hard for the remainder of the day to take the overall. Justin Edgar did not have such a good start and despite two wins could not manage onto the top spot finishing second. John Skelton finished third with Gary Turner fourth and Craig Smith fifth. Iain Martin finished sixth despite riding with no damping in his rear shock for two races. Rab Farrell took pity on him and loaned him his bike for the final race but he crashed twice and finished lower than when he had no damping, go figure!

Nail Patton reflected the spirit of the Melville Motocross series, this was his first motocross, previously only having ridden in Enduros having decided to have an outing. Nail worked his way through the field and won his first race, he did not realise he had won until he returned to the pits. With his confidence up he went out and won the second race from start to finish although a crash in the final race cost him the overall win, John Moody picked up the final win taking the overall on the day. Liam Lamb continues to improve with a consistent day finishing third with David Fergus back after four months out finishing fourth, Craig Pearson fifth and Ian Hedley sixth.

Taylor Dodds took a full house of wins in the Youth Mx2 never really being challenged all day, the battle was behind him between Fraser Flockhart, William Lambie and Ryan Johnson swopping positions in the early laps of each race. Fraser Flockhart fought through to second every time securing the second step on the podium. William Lambie finished third with Ryan fourth, Andrew McNicoll fifth and Jason Moore sixth.

Stewart Robertson looked as if he had the day licked with two clear wins in the big wheel 85's. John Adamson had different ideas and led the way in the third race with Stewart chasing him all the way. A back marker on the final corner nearly spoilt it for John taking the win by half a wheel, definitely the best race of the day. Reece Wilson finished third with Sean Williamson fourth, Greg Queen fifth and Fraser Pohlen sixth. One for the girls in the Small Wheel 85's with Elaine MacEachern taking the overall with Connor Curran second, Adam Harvey third, Bradley Mann fourth, Oscar Cochrane fifth and Kyle Oliver sixth.

Aaron MacDonald won every race convincingly in the 65's with Adam Burgoyne second every time with Aaron Stewart third, Corey Dodds fourth, Brett Baillie fifth and Jordon Gill sixth.

The Autos were run on a much improved track, some of the parents had helped with the setting up and it was very successful. Daniel Chisholm and Lyle Crothers could not be separated by points with Daniel winning due to his third race performance. Lyle had to settle for second with Scott Russell third, Robbie Saville fourth, Lewis McLearly fifth and Andrew Pohlen sixth.

Another successful day at Lochhouses, a full entry and great weather for the Melville winter series. The next race is the second round of the new Scottish Hare and Hound Championship on the 13th December with Paul Edmondson in attendance. The next motocross is on the 17th January. If this event is anything to go by riders must send their entries early or risk disappointment. The regulations are available on the download page at www.melvillemc.co.uk

The Melville Club is very much in debt to Robert Dale of Lochhouses farm for his continued support.

Melville Motor Club Winter Motocross Series Winners

The Melville Motor Club Motocross Winter Series final points standing have been released. The three round series was run from November 2008 through to the 1st March 2009 at Lochhouses farm near Dunbar in East Lothian. Bobby Jack stepped forward as there was doubt that the races would go ahead without a new secretary, he has done a great job with up to 185 entries at each event.

The Melville Motor Club was determined to ensure the series included all classes from autos to adults and quads. The first round in November was the busiest at Lochhouses with 185 entries as it was the only track to run due to the wet weather leading up to the weekend. Incredibly there were no injuries despite the large numbers and the weather was superb. It was a different story for the second round in January with many of the riders over enthusiasm due to new machinery or new race gear from Santa causing crashes galore. One of the jumps developed a kick which sent several riders over the handlebars; ultimately the track was changed to avoid it. Photographer Mike Biagi caught one rider in a series of shots as he spectacularly went over the handlebars giving the event the best coverage ever in Trials and Motocross news.

The A class was won by Peter Kelly who rode consistently throughout the series, despite some big name turning up including Stuart Flockhart, Criag Trew and Tony Craig. Peter supported the club by riding at every meeting and deservedly won the overall. Sean MacDonald finished second although he was looking good for the title until he ran into problems at the final round with bike trouble causing him to borrow a bike for the final race. Drew Harvey is another rider who has always supported this series and again with strong consistent results saw him finish third overall.

Neil Chatham missed the winter series last year due to glandular fever and he was determined to leave his mark this year. Neil won every race and the B class overall and he will move up to the A's next year. Ex Scottish 125 Champion and last years winner David Lawson finished second. David is having a great time having come back to the sport following a long break due to family commitments and Paul Benham finished third.

The C class was the closest in the series with the winner only decided in the last race with Steven Currie Snr taking the title by just one point over Danny Stewart second. There were many different race winners and you never knew what was going to happen. Simon Cockburn improved his results over the events ultimately finishing third.

Jake Boyes won every race at the final round clinching the Youth MX2 class over some strong competition. Russell Valentine raced to second in the series with Stewart Treloar third, Mark Perfect was in the running for the title until he decided to move up to the Adult Class at the final round.

The large wheel 85 class was a master class by Matthew Fleming winning every race throughout the series. Andrew McNicoll finished second which is a great result in this company with Ryan MacDonald third. The small wheel 85 class is run within the large wheel class which made it difficult to spot the battle royal unfolding. Greg Queen came out on top having raced with John Adamson all season; three points separated these two at the finish with Sean Williamson taking the final step on the podium.

Kyle Peebles won the 65 Class having mastered the sand and riding with a maturity belying his age. Scott Maclean was never far behind and he took the overall at the second round finishing second overall in the series with Lee Perfect third.

The Autos had the luxury of their own track running at agreed intervals throughout the day. Lyle Crothers took the overall having supported the series over the winter. Daniel Chisholm rode consistently to finish second and Jordan Gill finished third.

The Quads were given a 'use it or loose it' ultimatum as riders were entering at the last minute and a few were not turning up causing problems for the club secretary. The adult B class could run separately if the quads were dropped although the club would like to offer the opportunity for all types of bikes to have the chance to race. The entries were much better at the final round therefore the class will probably remain a part of the series. Ex Road Racer John Crawford won the series although he did not have it all his own way in the end. Gavin Dodds won the last two rounds and he will be wishing he had made it to the first round in November. Richard Telford finished second and Ian Neill finished third.

The weather has been amazing at Lochhouses which has made life much easier for the organisers. I am sure everyone would like to thank Robert Dale for the use of the ground over the winter. There was just one issue that could have caused a major problem, someone broke into a boat that was in used as a shop and set off a fire extinguisher. Michelle Dale was very understanding and we are lucky it was not worse. The Club will take decisive action if anyone is caught in the chalet area during an event, it is mindless activity like this that can jeopardise everything the club has worked so hard to establish. The full results can be downloaded from www.melvillemc.co.uk 

Melville 1st March Motocross

Lochhouses farm in East Lothian hosted the final round of the Melville Motor Club Winter Motocross series. The weather held up again with some glorious sunshine delighting the organisers and the 148 riders.

Stuart Flockhart held a training day on the Saturday which proved very enjoyable and informative for the promising young riders who attended. The day was split into a morning and afternoon session with different areas on the track providing tips from Stuart the ex British and World championship competitor.

The track was graded after the training meaning the early races on Sunday were very fast leading to some great racing. In the first A Class race Colin McLuckie (left) led his tutor Stuart Flockhart for the first two laps until a mistake by Colin handed Stuart 'Disco' Flockhart the win. A mechanical problem saw Stuart drop out of the second race and Tony Craig won again ahead of Colin McLuckie. Peter Kelly was mister consistent with third place in every race taking the overall win in this very competitive class as it was Tony's turn to drop down the order with problems in the third race. The final standings at the end of the day, Peter Kelly first Colin McLuckie second and Tony Craig third and despite two race wins at Lochhouses Stuart Flockhart finished ninth.

In the B's Neil Chatham continued his winning ways and he is looking forward to moving up to the A's for next years series. Neil was unable to compete last year as he had glandular fever and more than made up for missing out winning every heat. There was a separate race for the B's as there was enough daylight to run a full programme of races with Stewart Rae finishing second and Gary Turner third.

The C class was full long before the closing date and provided great entertainment for the spectators and they never knew who would end up on top. In the first race Danny Stewart won with Sandy Pate second. To the delight of proud Dad Dave Pate the second race was won by Sandy Pate taking the overall win at the end of the day with Danny Stewart second overall. The final race was won by Simon Cockburn with Steven Currie snr and Iain Martin battling it out all day banging handle bars with Steven grabbing the final step on the podium in the overall results.

There was some fast action in the Youth MX2 class with Jake Boyes and Fraser Flockhart (no relation to Stuart) chasing each other way out in front of the pack. In the first race Jake was well in front with Fraser in pursuit, in the second race Fraser took the holeshot and defended his position really well in the early laps until a huge crash saw him take a trip to hospital with a suspected broken wrist. Jake went on to win all the races with Stewart Treloar second and Russell Valentine third. Frasers EX ray later showed no broken bones.

The big wheels 85's saw a master class by Matthew Fleming once again winning all the races. Peter Graham finished second with Andrew McNicoll third. The small wheel 85's were in the same race with Greg Queen winning all the way and John Adamson battling all day to take second over Sean Williamson third.

In the 65 Class Kyle Peebles (left) hit the top spot in every race looking very confident in the sand with Bradley Mann (right) challenging for the lead whenever the opportunity allowed and Scott McLean came home in third.

Autos As always the Autos had their own track and the weather was a real bonus for these young riders. Jordan Gill won the Auto class with two wins and a third, Lyle Crothers won the final race of the day finishing second overall and Andrew Williamson finished third.

The Quad Class was dominated by Gavin Dodds who won every race, the retired road racer club was also out in strength with John Crawford finishing second with Richard Telford third. The quad class had a good turnout following a warning of 'use it or loose it' ultimatum from the Melville club, hopefully the Quads will continue to be welcomed to winter series as long as they enter early and don't cancel at the last minute.

Adult A 1 Peter Kelly 2 Colin McLuckie 3 Tony Craig 4 Simon Graham 5 David Houston 6 Drew Harvey
Adult B 1 Neil Chatham 2 Stewart Rae 3 Gary Turner 4 Paul Benham 5 Bobby Jack 6 David Lawson
Adult C 1 Sandy Pate 2 Danny Stewart 3 Steven Currie Snr 4 Iain Martin 5 Simon Cockburn 6 Dave Williams
Youth MX2 1 Jake Boyes 2 Stewart Treloar 3 Russell Valentine 4 Ryan Johnson 5 Thomas Robertson 6 David Scott
Big Wheel 85 1 Matthew Fleming 2 Peter Graham 3 Andrew McNicoll 4 Paul Baillie 5 Ryan MacDonald 6 Kyle McNicoll
Small Wheel 85 1 Greg Queen 2 John Adamson 3 Sean Williamson 4 Reese Wilson 5 Jack Taylor 6 Robert Bell
65's 1 Kyle Peebles 2 Bradley Mann 3 Scott McLean 4 Lee Perfect 5 Frankie McDonald 6 Brett Bailie
Quads 1 Gavin Dodds 2 John Crawford 3 Richard Telford 4 Ian Neill 5 Davey Nixon 6 John Paterson
Autos 1 Jordan Gill 2 Lyle Crothers 3 Andrew Williamson 4 Daniel Chisholm 5 Scott Russell 6 Dominic Stevenson

The Melville motor club will now concentrate on running five rounds of the Scottish Enduro Championship with possibly two Hare and Hounds at Dolphinton near Penicuik in the summer. All information is available at www.melvillemc.co.uk 

First Round to Murray Thomson at Metzeler Melville Hare and Hound
Report: Campbell Chatham Photo: Gordon McIntyre

D3 Racings' Murray Thomson won a very icy Metzeler Melville Hare and Hound on Sunday. Lochhouses farm saw145 riders brave the conditions, although the forecast was for worse, the ground was hard on the motocross track and much better through the trees. Following a 500 mile round trip for parts from Paul Edmondson on Friday Neil Chatham below) was eager to impress on his first outing on his new Drysdale Motorcycles Suzuki RM 125XC. Neil led early on although he could not hold off a hard charging Murray Thomson (left), it was close racing after Murrays second pit stop and Neil decided to opt for a safe second after a fall. Drew Harvey finished third despite a twisted ankle, there were a few injuries with the solid ground tacking its toll.

David Hill picked up a trophy for the 2008 Over 40 Melville Cross Country Championship and went on to prove his skills taking the class win. Event sponsor Tommy Drysdale finished second putting in a steady ride on his KTM with Rob Elliot third.

Disaster struck Hamish Patrick on the first corner in the Clubman Class, he went down and broke his collar bone and unfortunately this will rule him out of the first round of the British Enduro Championship next week. Liam Beaty had no such problems and won the class with ten laps completed, just one short of the top Experts, Oliver Hart finished second with James Harvey third. In the Clubman B class Pawel Reuter was keen to start the year with a win as he has his eye on the Championship this year. Roger Summers finished second with Ivan Williamson third.

iam Lamb hit the top spot for the first time in the Sportsman Class following a great performance leading all the way, Stuart Jenkins finished second and Tim Irwin third.

There was a two hour Motocross Class held within the event for riders who did not want to ride through the forest. The motocross A class was won by Chris Galloway followed by Michael Graham in second place with Sandy Pate on his Kawasaki third. Andy Macfarlane won the motocross B's with Mickey Oates Motorcycles' David Fergus second. Bob Jack was flying in the first few laps, leading for a while before a fall on an icy hill dropped him down to third.


The last event for this winter at Lochhouses will be the third round of the 2008/9 Melville Motocross winter series on the 1st March. Regulations are available on the downloads page at www.melvillemc.co.uk 

Melville Winter Motocross Series Grid Extended

The Melville Motocross on the 1st March will have the grid extended. Lochhouses Farm owner Robert Dale has agreed that the final round should have enough light to run a full A and B class grid providing an extra 40 places. This is great news as the Adult solo classes at the previous events have been full the weekend before the closing date. This race concludes the 2008/9 Melville Motocross Winter Series, the earlier rounds are restricted by the short daylight hours in November and January. The weather has been very kind to the events and hopefully we will have another good day although the sandy track has so far never seen a cancellation due to the weather.

The Quad class is the only one under threat as many times riders have entered at the last minute and then not turned up. The message to the Quads is 'use it or loose it', the adult solo classes would welcome a full grid for each class and if there continues to be a poor turnout by the Quads the class will be dropped next year in favour of full A and B adult classes. The secretary has had to turn down several entries for the solos and that was disappointing, the Melville Club is keen to keep the diversity of bikes giving everyone the chance to race. Regs

Two to Trew to take overall at Melville Motocross

With snow all around Scotland it was amazing to have a sunny start to the day without snow or ice at Lochhouses Farm East Lothian on Sunday 18th January. Due to the reputation of this event 180 riders entered with competitors from as far away as Ireland. All the Adult solo classes were full before the closing date once again, the weather and the sandy ground was very good despite rain leading up to the event allowing a full programme of racing.

Stuart 'Disco' Flockhart came out of retirement having watched as a spectator at this event recently, the ex British and World motocross competitor won the first race ahead of Craig Trew. In the second race Craig Trew took the lead and Stuart had an almighty crash that more or less finished his day. Craig Trew won the remaining two races and the overall with a cool and calculating style that has seen him win several races at Lochhouses. Sean Macdonald rode smoothly and consistently to finish second with Peter Kelly third.

In the B's Neil Chatham continued his winning ways taking all three class wins with John Skelton second and Alan Kirtley third.

In the Adult C's there were several crashes on a jump that ultimately had to be cut out as it developed a big kick for the inexperienced riders. One rider who will remain nameless could have won a gold medal for diving at the Olympics with the triple forward roll he managed on his KTM. Photographer Mike Biagi captured another crash which is attached in sequence and the rider walked away unharmed. Danny Stewart won the C Class for the first time having avoided the carnage and a last race, last lap, last corner crash by Alister Watson. John Moody won the second race finishing second overall with Brendon McDonagh third.

The MX 2 Class was won by Jake Boyes who won two of the three races, Mark Perfect finished second and Fraser Flockhart moving up a class on his new KTM 150 taking third.

The quads were dominated by Gavin Dodds with a full house of wins. Andy Britton finished second in each race with ex road racer John Crawford taking all the third places. Ex World Endurance Road Race Champion and multiple Le Mans winner Brian Morrison had an outing on his Suzuki Quad ultimately finishing 9th.

Matty Fleming used Lochhouses as a training session once again dominating every race on his Honda in the big wheel 85's. Andrew McNicoll finished second which is almost as good as a win against Matty, Jason James finished third after battling all day.

Greg Queen also continued his winning ways and took the top spot with two wins in the small wheel 85 class. John Adamson finished second and Fraser Pohlen finished third with just two points in hand.

Scott McLean was not happy that he did not get the decision after a very close call to race one. Scott need not have worried as he won the remaining two races to take the overall in the 65 Class. Kyle Peebles finished second and Lee Perfect stepped onto the final podium position in third. The autos were out in force on a separate track with Lewis Dow taking the overall with two wins and a second on the twisty track. Lyle Crothers finished second with some hectic racing with Daniel Chisholm third.

I would encourage all competitors to get their entry to the secretary early for the final round of the Championship on the 1st March as the event is proving so popular. There is also a three hour Hare and Hound on the 8th February at Lochhouses. Regulations can be downloaded at www.melvillemc.co.uk 

Adult A 1. Craig Trew 2. Sean MacDonald 3. Peter Kelly 4. Drew Harvey 5. Robert Brown 6. Jason Brown
Adult B 1. Neil Chatham 2. John Skelton 3. Alan Kirtley 4. David Lawson 5. James Harvey 6. Rob Wilson
Adult C 1. Danny Stewart 2. John Moody 3. Brendon McDonagh 4. Steven Currie Snr 5. David Watson 6. Douglas Page
MX2 1. Jake Boyes 2. Mark Perfect 3. Fraser Flockhart 4. Russell Valentine 5. Stewart Treloar 6. Thomas Robertson
Big Wheel 85 1. Matthew Fleming 2. Andrew McNicoll 3. Jason James 4. Ryan MacDonald 5. Paul Baillie 6. Kyle McNicoll
Small Wheel 85 1. Greg Queen 2. John Adamson 3. Fraser Pohlen 4. Sean Williamson 5. Reece Wilson 6. Jack Taylor
65 1. Scott McLean 2. Kyle Peebles 3. Lee Perfect 4. Aaron MacDonald 5. Morgan Legge 6. Adam Burgoyne
Quads 1. Gavin Dodds 2. Andy Britton 3. John Crawford 4. Richard Telford 5. Ian Neill 6. Davey Dixon
Autos 1. Lewis Dow 2. Lyle Crothers 3. Daniel Chisholm 4. Ethan McVicker 5. Domonic Stevenson 6. Andrew Pohlen

North East Area Championship 2009

This prestigious 2009 championship will now be run over 8 rounds, 2 each hosted by Highland, Grampian, Aberdeen and Buchan clubs.

There will be championship races for all classes from auto's to adult A's. the championship season will kick of on the 15th of Feb 2009 at highland's whiteness circuit which will be undergoing some serious upgrades over the festive season (weather permitting). 

We are at present looking for a series sponsor who would like to be associated with this high profile championship. so if you know of anyone or any company who would like to support these events, please pass on their details to Dode Fraser.

Metzeler Melville Motor Club Cross Country Championship 
2008 Hare and Hounds Scrambles Championship 
Final Round - Lochhouses
Report and pictures: Graham Milne

A record 200 riders entered the final round of the 2008 Metzeler Melville Motor Club Cross Country Championship. Local pilot Gavin Hunter surprised the riders and spectators with an aerobatic display before the start and Findlay Smith played the bagpipes to set the atmosphere for what turned into a great day for all.

'FAST Eddy' Edmondson (above) is aptly named as he made the trip north to Lochhouses, near Edinburgh, recently, for the final Hare and Hound event that included all the Melville enduros and hare and hounds. Total domination was the order of the day in the Expert class for the former multi-world enduro champion from the start, bang on 12pm to 12 laps later when he crossed the finish line seven minutes ahead of second placed man, the newly crowned Scottish motocross champion Neil Flockhart and third placed Richard Hay, looking trim and fit, but both just one lap down on Edmondson.

The Melville club organisers had set out a four mile loop over stubble fields and through dark forest trails with Paul Eddy taking 15 minutes dead on to complete the first of his 12 laps before slowing as he came up to the back markers in the other classes for the rest of his time.

"A fantastic circuit, laid out well with interesting sections and definitely hard work in places," said Eddy after his race, "the club have worked hard at giving us a good track and am sure everyone enjoyed the Melville experience." Young Englishman Matt Moffat had taken to the Lochhouses circuit for some endurance training and looked to have Eddy in his sights on the opening lap, however, whilst in second gear he lost his Honda's gear lever and took six minutes to replace it in the pits at the end of lap one.

But, fate is cruel sometimes and he lost that shifter too later whilst in third gear, but Matt still circulated as one of the quickest riders, eventually finishing in sixth place. Hugh O'Neil swept into the lead from the start in the Over 40s class before succumbing to eventual winner Tommy Drysdale, who also had to survive with his bike stuck in third gear after whacking a tree sump in the forest, but he completed 10 laps. Jim Lauder finished in second spot a lap down just ahead of third placed David Hill.

Sportsman James Watson led his and the Clubman classes out next for their two-hour race before Stuart Ross took a hard earned win in the Sportsman class as the hard charging Stuart Mowbray looked done in after winning the Clubman class, it turned out he had broken a finger and needed medical attention, Richard Bryce eased to the Clubman B class honours.

The Motocross A class saw a hard close battle on their shortened course between early leader Dale McAuley on a buzzing two-stroke KTM and eventual winner Steven Smyth as in the Motocross B class, former Scottish motocross championship contender David Lawson brushed aside a groin strain to take the top spot.

The next Melville event is the Motocross on the 18th January and the 2009 Cross Country Championship begins on the 8th February. A list of the 2008 points will be published next week once the standings has been finalised.


  • Experts: 1 Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 12 laps, 2 Neil Flockhart (Honda), 3 Richard Hay (KTM), 4 Neil Chatham (Honda), 5 Derek Little (KTM), 6 Matt Moffat (Honda) (all 11 laps unless stated).
  • Over 40s: 1 Tommy Drysdale (KTM) 10, 2 Jim Lauder (Suzuki), 3 David Hill (KTM), 4 Douglas Page (Suzuki), 5 Alex Kirk (KTM), 6 Hugh O'Neil (??) (all 9 laps unless stated). 
  • Clubman: 1 Stuart Mowbray (Honda), 2 Liam Beaty (Yamaha), 3 James Harvey (Honda), 4 Oliver Hart (KTM), 5 Ben Metcalfe (Suzuki), 6 Iain Martin (Honda) (all 10 laps).
  • Clubman B: 1 Richard Bryce (Yamaha) 9, 2 Paul Benham (Honda) 9, 3 Craig Scotland (KTM) 9, 4 Dale Wilson (KTM) 8, 5 Roger Summer (KTM) 8, 6 William Beaty (Yamaha) 8.
  • Sportsman: 1 Stuart Ross (KTM), 2 Liam Lamb (KTM), 3 Alister Watson (KTM), 4 Stuart Jenkinson (Suzuki), 5 Grant Gillender (KTM), 6 James Watson (KTM) (all 9 laps).
  • Motocross A: 1 Steven Smyth (Honda) 22, 2 Dale McAuley (KTM) 22, 3 Jason Martin (TM) 21, 4 Colin McLuckie (Honda) 21, 5 Sean Doherty (Yamaha) 20, 6 Michael Graham (Honda) 20.
  • Motocross B: 1 David Lawson (Honda) 19, 2 David Watson (Suzuki) 19, 3 Craig Pearson (KTM) 19, 4 Brendan McDonagh (Yamaha) 19, 5 David Fergus (Kawasaki) 18, 6 Alistair Wark (Yamaha) 18.

Melville MC Winter MX Series Round 1 - Lochhouses, Dunbar Report and pictures: Graham Milne

THE sun always shines on the righteous, so goes the old saying, and there must have been at least 180 righteous motocrossers at the opening round of the Melville MC's Winter Motocross Series at the fabulously prepared stubble-field at Lochhouses, near Dunbar, just south of Edinburgh, last weekend.

The sun was out all day to warm the many spectators' cockles as we were offered some hot-blooded racing by the adults, Youths and Quads, desperate to get in some competition before they, hopefully, get new machinery and kit from Santa. Sean MacDonald got into some Adult A class 'Strictly Come Crashing' positions during his first race when he 'grabbed too much front brake and headed south finishing in sixth place. However, the KTM man gave himself top marks in the following motos by taking the subsequent race wins and the overall honours. Jamie Duncan took the opening win but didn't feature again all day.

Peter Kelly and Colin McLuckie scored well to snatch runner-up and third places respectively. One to watch in future enduros, Neil Chatham topped the Adult B class after three races wins kept him ahead of Cumbrian Karting supremo Justin Edgar and man on a come-back after 20-odd years away, former Scottish MX championship contender David Lawson in runner-up and third places respectively. Another man with maximum points was Steven Currie (Snr) in the Adult C class as runner-up John Moody stayed consistent ahead of third placed man Danny Stewart. Seventeen Quads took to the start. Smooth riding by overall winner John Crawford kept him ahead of runner-up Ian Neill and Richard Telford in third place. However, the final race was won by Andy Britton. The Youths played their part on the day as Steven Craig's first and third race wins were split by a second race second spot for the overall honours on the day. Second race winner Mark Perfect had to settle for runner-up spot once Craig was back on the boil. Jake Boyes was nearly one of the boys in third spot. The Big and Small-wheeled 85cc classes were run together and this filled the start gate up perfectly. Young man on a National Big-wheel championship mission next season Mattie Fleming had no competition at the front and basically had a hard training day against his dad's stopwatch as he swept to the overall Big-wheel maximum honours. The fight was on for the two other podium slots and they were filled by Kane Young and Andrew McNicoll battling all day with young Young taking the runner-up spot ahead of his rival McNicoll.

The dynamic display of the day came from John Adamson as he swept to the Small-wheel class wins but, showed the Big-wheel class riders a thing or two by riding in second spot behind Fleming for much of the three races before being overhauled by only a very few of the bigger bikes. Kyle Peebles snatched the Junior 65cc class honours ahead of lady pilot Tara McLeod and Scott McLean. The 12 Auto class riders took to their own wee circuit nearby and Lewis Dow took the top honours ahead of runner-up Jordan Gill and third placed Lyle Crothers.

The next Melville Motor Club event is the final round of the Metzeler Melville Cross Country Championship on the 7th December at Lochhouses, regulations can be downloaded from; www.melvillemc.co.uk  www.scottishenduros.co.uk  www.enduronews.com  www.scottishmotocross.co.uk 

RESULTS Adult A: 1 Sean McDonald, 2 Peter Kelly, 3 Colin McLuckie, 4 Robert Brown, 5 Jason Edgar, 6 David Houston. Adult B: 1 Neil Chatham, 2 Justin Edgar, 3 David Lawson, 4 John Skelton, 5 Gary Turner, 6 Paul Benham. Adult C: 1 Steven Currie (Snr), 2 John Moody, 3 Danny Stewart, 4 Iain Martin, 5 David Watson, 6 Stuart Campbell. Quads: 1 John Crawford, 2 Ian Neill, 3 Richard Telford, 4 Robert Graham, 5 Mark Wilson, 6 Jamie Clunie. Youth MX2: 1 Steven Craig, 2 Mark Perfect, 3 Jake Boyes, 4 Daniel Monks, 5 Russell Valentine, 6 Ryan Johnson. Big-wheel 85cc: 1 Mathew Fleming, 2 Kane Young, 3 Andrew McNicoll, 4 Jason James, 5 Harry Cooper, 6 Aaron Munro. Small-wheel 85cc: 1 John Adamson, 2 Greg Queen, 3 Dean McLeod, 4 Jack Taylor, 5 Sean Williamson, 6 Fraser Pohlen. Junior 65cc: 1 Kyle 'Rusty' Peebles, 2 Tara McLeod, 3 Scott McLean, 4 Aaron MacDonald, 5 Lee Perfect, 6 Morgan Legge. Autos: 1 Lewis Dow, 2 Jordan Gill, 3 Lyle Crothers, 4 Dominic Stevenson, 5 Daniel Chisholm, 6 Gregor Campbell.

Melville Motor Club Winter dates announced

The extremely popular Melville Motor Club winter series dates at Lochhouses Farm East Lothian have been confirmed.

There will be three motocross events that make up the winter series and two Hare and Hound events that will conclude the 08 Cross Country Championship and start the 09 Championship.

The motocross is always well attended as the track does not have any large jumps, the course suits riders of all abilities and runs generally regardless of the weather, the sandy course berms up beautifully. The classes for the motocross are Autos, 65, 85 large and small wheel, Youth Mx2, Adult ABC and Adult quad.

The 3 hour Hare and Hounds consists of the 3 minute motocross track plus a 10 minute loop through a forest. There will be a motocross class for those who do not want to ride through the trees, possibly a shorter 2 hour race. The normal Enduro classes apply.

The dates are as follows

Motocross 16th November 18th January 1st March

Hare and Hounds 7th December 8th February

For details and regs downloads visit www.melvillemc.co.uk  www.scottishenduros.co.uk  www.scottishmotocross.co.uk 

For any information e-mail campbell@chathams.co.uk 

Metzeler Melville Scottish Enduro Championship Yarrowford Selkirk Report: Campbell Chatham Photos: Mike Biagi.

130 riders enjoyed glorious weather at the penultimate round of the Scottish Enduro Championship at Broadmeadows farm in Yarrowford near Selkirk. Clear sky and sunshine made this one of the most enjoyable events at this location. Kenny Donaldson and his team had avoided the worst wet patches to ensure the majority of riders would complete the 25 mile course. There were natural jumps and steep climbs that stood up well despite the rain leading up to the weekend.

Before the event and following the riders meeting Motorrad Central BMW unveiled the new G450X enduro bike as part of the world launch, this genuine Enduro machine is a welcomed addition to the sport. A couple of riders were given the opportunity to ride this fascinating machine at the end of the day.

Championship leader Derek Little was competing with Murray Thomson and Richard Hay in the British Enduro Championship leaving the event wide open. Grant Smith is chasing Derek in the Championship and nothing less than a win would do to keep his championship hopes alive. Grant achieved his goal with a strong performance and after 5 twenty five mile laps won by 27 seconds over Scott Maxwell who also rode extremely well resulting in his best ever finish in the Expert class. Allyn Scotland finished third just 11 seconds behind, Allyn is another rider who is improving at each event.

Sean Wooley continued to dominate the Over 40 class with a convincing win, Alex Kirk finished second with David Hill third despite a puncture on the last lap.

Fraser Norrie won the Clubman class as he has done on many other occasions this year, Fraser is looking forward to riding in the Expert Class next year and he will be travelling down to the British Championship were I am sure he will perform very well. Tim Sleigh finished second with another strong ride, Mark Richie followed in third place and best in the E2 class, Ian Headley won the E3 class.

Event organiser Kenny Donaldson won the Clubman B class and picks up the over 50 cup. Calum Hayes finished second and William Beaty finished third, the clubman B has brought riders up from the sportsman class, the riders were pleased to get a couple of laps more than the sportsmen on such a good day.

There was a slippery hill in the special test that caught out some of the riders in the first timed test that resulted in some up and down special test times, a couple of the regular top finishers slipped down the results including championship leader Alister Watson. Stuart Ross stayed on course to take the overall win with Paul Reuter riding very well again second and Colin Devenny third.

The weather made this one of the most enjoyable events of the year with almost 90% finishing the course. The event would not be possible without the volenteers who manned the check and the special test. The farmer Alex Telfer was delighted we had such an enjoyable event and he is looking forward to welcoming everybody back next year.


The Melville Motor Club will concentrate on the winter series at Lochhouses with the last round of the Cross Country Championship Hare and Hound on the 7th December.

Metzeler Support for Melville Motor Club Cross Country Series

Metzeler tyres have agreed to support the Melville Motor Club Cross Country Series with a pair of tyres for each overall Class winner of the series. The series includes two Hare and Hound events and five Scottish Championship Enduro rounds.

Chris Blomfield of Metzeler tyres said 'I am delighted to support the Melville Motor Club, especially in their 75th anniversary year. The Melville Club has a tremendous record for organising off road events including a large proportion of the Scottish Enduro Championship.'

'I am really pleased to become involved with Metzeler tyres, I would not ride with any other tyres in the 80's when I won the Scottish Enduro Championship' said Campbell Chatham, vice chairman of the Melville Motor Club. 'It is great to be recognised by a major brand, the Melville Motor Club is going from strength to strength and this is another step in the right direction. We regularly have 160 riders at each event and I hope we can help increase the awareness of Metzeler tyres in central Scotland. The Scottish Enduro Championship kicks off this weekend on the 26th and 27th April at Pathhead.

Details of all the Melville Motor Club events are available on the website www.melvillemc.co.uk  and you can print the regulations from the download pages. Metzeler Tyres are available from Ecosse Motocross Penicuik, Mickey Oates Motorcycles Glasgow, Jim Allan Motorcycles Bathgate and Drysdales Motorcycles in Perth. Details of Metzeler tyres and products can be found at www.metzelermoto.co.uk 

Melville Cross Country Championship has a Bright Start to 08

The sunshine welcomed 160 riders for the first round of the Melville Motor Club Cross Country Championship. There was a short trophy presentation to the Melville Members who had won their respective classes in last years series.

This year, at this first round there were two races running, a three hour hare and hound for the Enduro classes which included a large forest and a two hour motocross around a shorter loop for the riders who did not want to charge through the trees.

At eleven o'clock the Experts set off with a wave of the saltire flag. Ecosse Motocross of Penicuik had generously offered a pair of goggles for each class as a holeshot award. The first pair of goggles went to Grant Smith as he charged over the line on his KTM 200. During the first lap Grant Smith, Stuart Mowbray and Neil Chatham set the pace although all three of them succumbed to the tight going in the woods, Grant damaged his knee, Stuart Mowbray fell and Neil Chatham crashed and broke his shoulder which resulted in retirement for all three within the first few slippery laps. With their departure the lead was constantly changing between Scottish Champion Murray Thomson on his D3 Racing KTM 250 and Derek Little on his KTM 125. Derek had the upper hand all day, although Murray had his share of the lead as the two stopped for fuel. At the final refuel Derek held off Murray for the win although they literally finished nose to tail at the end of three hours racing. Behind them, as the race drew to a close Paul Chatham and Allyn Scotland were fighting for the last step on the podium. Paul had taken the upper hand on his Chatham Racing Honda CR250 with a one stop fuel strategy early on but super fit Allyn Scotland was closing in on his Jim Allan Suzuki RMZ250. Allyn took third place and Paul stopped for a splash and dash refuel to ensure a strong finish, Scott Girvan nearly claimed fourth from Paul with a fight to the finish line. Altogether all these battles gave the spectators a great show on a beautiful day.

In the Over Forty Class Ian Paterson claimed the holeshot goggles with the pack in hot pursuit. Ex British over 40 Champion Graeme Naismith won completing 13 laps with Graham Charlton second and Ian Paterson finishing third. Graeme used this event as a warm up for the Metzeler British Championship staring next week at the Muntjac Enduro.

Ben Metcalf won the goggles and the race on his Suzuki, Ben looked in a determined mood from the start and he did not back off for the 3 hours. Melville regular Craig Jagla finished second with Adam Brayton third. Hamish Patrick finished 11th following his presentation for best enduro newcomer in 2007.

Alastair Wark won the holeshot goggles and then unfortunately retired after 4 laps. Chris Wilson went on to win the sportsman class on 11 laps with Stuart Jenkinson second. Ryan Gilhooley was just back from a skiing holiday that must have helped his fitness as he achieved his best result so far in third place.

Jason Martin won the holeshot goggles from Ecosse Motocross despite two riders jumping the start. Jason soon caught them and went on to a convincing win with 26 laps of the shorter lap for the two hour motocross A class. Sean Docherty finished second having followed Jason for much of the race with Michael Graham third.

David Fergus won the motocross B class with 25 laps followed by Craig Smith in second and Colin Forrest third. Local rider Chris Clark finished fifth despite carburettor problems which cost him two extra refuel stops.

This event would not have been possible without the assistance of all the girls who stood at the gates counting the riders through. The weather was sunny and bright although it was very cold so all the riders are due them a big 'thank you'.


The next Melville event is the 1st and second round of the Scottish Enduro Championship at Pathhead, regulations will be available to download shortly fro www.melvillemc.co.uk 

Lochhouses has proved a fantastic location again this winter, providing motorcycle racing when most other tracks have had to close. The Melville Motor Club would like to thank Robert Dale for the use of the ground over the winter and everybody is looking forward to returning in November.

The Melville Motor Club 75th Anniversary

The Melville Motor Club was established in 1933 by a group of motorcyclists who assembled at the Melville gates situated at the east end of the Meadows in Edinburgh. The group would ride down the coast and into the Lammermuir Hills south of Edinburgh were they would find a trail and ride off road. Little did they know the club they established would develop into the largest motorcycle racing club in Scotland and produce some of the best riders in the world.

The Melville Motor Club is unique because it covers most disciplines including a permanent road racing track. The off road group run five of the 10 Enduro Championship rounds and has a very popular motocross winter series. There are usually around seventeen to twenty days of racing a year organised by the Club.

The longevity of the Melville Motor Club could only be achieved thanks to all the volunteers who have given up their own time to support the organisation. Over the years there have been all kinds of people from all aspects of life devoting their time to promote motorcycle racing. There have been many helpers at all levels who have kept the club running efficiently over the years too many to mention and it would probably be unfair to single any one out.

The list of accomplished riders is long including Jock Taylor (World Champion), Brian Morrison (World Champion), Naill Mackenzie, Donnie Macleod, Howard Selby, Alan Duffus, Ian Duffus, Ian Simpson and Steve Hislop. Current road racing Melville members include Keith Amor and David Paton.

Off road greats include Willie Simpson, Tommy Milton senior and junior, Ernie Page, Stan Young, Trevor Hay, Richard Hay, Chris Hay, Dougie Kerr, Murray Thomson and Stuart Flockhart to name just a few. Current British Champions Euan McConnell and Billy Mackenzie have taken part in many Melville events over the years.

The reason the Melville Motor Club has proved so successful is the events are designed for the grass route competitors. There have been some of the top riders in the UK developed their craft at Melville events and the pot holes and bumps on the road racing circuit were legendry. Following major investment from sponsorship and fund raising by the road racing teams the pot holes have gone. The enduro events caters for a large sportsman entry and the Motocross series encourages novice rides to take up the sport.

The founders of the Melville Motor Club were off-road riders who went on to organise trials, scrambles and hill climbs. There was even an Ice Racing Series in the seventies that ran at Murrayfield Ice rink, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Aviemore.

The Melville Motor Club moved up a gear when East Fortune air field was cleared to create a racing circuit with an average lap speed of just under 100mph. The two sides of the Club run side by side with a monthly committee meeting and separate teams who set up the events. All the events are designed to make life easier for the club racer and with a website recently created to allow the regulations for all disciplines to be downloaded online.

The organisers are confident that if you travel from anywhere around the country you will find a set up that is as good as anywhere in the U.K.

In the future the Melville club will be running a road race at Knockhill and the off road team are looking to establish a club team for the I.S.D.E. There are openings within the club for people who would like to set up trials and supermoto events.

The long term future is to continue to promote and organise motorcycle racing and anyone who can offer time to help would be very welcome.

Final round of the Melville Winter Series

The weather tried its best all week to challenge the Melville Club to cancel the final round of the Melville Motocross winter series. Following the heavy rain all week Steven Gilhooley and the crew spend Saturday redirecting the track around the most waterlogged areas. The farmer graded the track and built some new jumps. On Sunday, much to everyone's amazement, the track looked really good and ready for a 150 riders to have a real blast. The sandy track has stood up very well at every round and given all the competitors excellent racing over the winter. The final round caused a problem at the SACU office with a last minute stampede for 2008 licences. The availability of regs on the website has proved a great success with full grids in most classes. The venue has been superb and every event has run despite the weather. The sandy track has given all the riders an opportunity to ride and race when many tracks have had to cancel.

Ross Rutherford (above) won the A class overall for the second event in a row and was regretting missing the first round in December. Craig Trew was not present as he was competing in the Le Touquet beach race in France leaving the series up for grabs. Colin Mcluckie is a person who is never slow at taking advantage and won the Motocross winter series with a trio of strong and consistent results. Sean Macdonald finished second on the day and Steven Craig finished third.

Ex 125 Scottish Champion David Lawson (left) had not ridden off road for many years due to large family commitments. One of his friends offered to loan him his Yamaha 250 which proved too good to resist. David won the final round of the Motocross series and won the B Class overall Championship, once again it proves you never forget how to go fast. Jim Allen finished equal on points, David's final race win dropping Jim to second with Paul Benham taking the final step on the podium in third place.

John Moody won the C class with three very good performances and he has won the series Championship. Second on the day was Mathew Edwards with Douglas page enjoying a good warm up before the start of the enduro season.

Dale McCauley won the opening race of the day but unfortunately he ran into mechanical problems. Dale borrowed a CRF 250 for the second race but this did not bring the necessary results to win on the day but it was enough to win the Championship. Ryan McLean won the class on the day with Jake Boyes second and Alex Jaffray third.

Mathew Fleming (left) has won every round including this one clinching the series championship, Mathew will be hoping this will be the start to another very successful season. Fraser Flockhart finished a strong second on his KTM with Daniel Monks battling to third place.

Greg Queen and Ryan Livingston renewed their rivalry at this round in the small wheel 85 Class. Greg won the race and the series with Ryan finishing second and John Adamson third.

The 65's once again proved very entertaining and these riders had the greatest challenge with the conditions. Robbie Fifer won on the day with very skilled performances in each race which gave him the series win. Matthew Deazeley pushed Robbie at every opportunity finishing second and Oscar Cochrane rode consistently to pick up third place.

Aaron McDonald won the Auto Class on a separate track and this clinched the series Championship for him. Lewis Foster finished second and Conner Roy stepped onto the final spot on the podium in third place.

John Crawford had a distinguished career on super bikes and he is proving a determined competitor on a Quad. With Leon Beda out with mechanical problems John picked up the second on the day and clinched the Melville Quad winter series Championship. John Watson won on the day although this was not enough to win the series. John Paterson ploughed through the mud to finish third.

Results Series Standings

Photographs are available at www.vtrend-photography.co.uk  courtesy of Vojta Musil.

There is a Hare and Hound event at this track on the 17th February with regs available to download at www.melvillemc.co.uk . The race is two hours for motocross riders on a shorter lap and a three hour race on the fully extended track for the enduro classes.

Once again the Melville Motor Club would like to thank Robert Dale for the use of the track and the event would not take place without the dedication of the team that set up and run these races and a special thank you to lap scorers Tracy Thomson and Diana McLuckie.

Melville Motocross 20th January

Ross Rutherford won the A class overall at Lochhouses on Sunday 20th January. 170 riders entered this second round of the Melville Motor Club Winter Motocross Series. The track had dried out reasonably over the couple of days before the event. The sandy track drains very quickly to allow good racing conditions in the middle of winter despite heavy rain during the week leading up to the event. The quads scrubbed the track with only the 65's finding the wet patches difficult in places.

Craig Trew was expected to clean up again as he has done in the past at Lochhouses, a hole in his cases cost him the win in his second race and his spare bike had not been set up for the final race. Ross Rutherford topped the podium and if Craig Trew had not had his problems it would have been a great spectacle to see them challenge each other. The pair had been very close in the first race and the pace was very quick with both riders finishing nearly half a lap ahead of the field. Sean Macdonald continues to improve in the adult class claiming the final spot on the podium in third place.

Neil Chatham won the first race in the B class although he started to have cooling problems with clogged radiators on his 125. Brain Alexander won the following races taking the top spot overall with Paul Benham finishing third.

John Moody looked the class of the field in the Adult C class taking the overall with two wins. Ian Hedley finished second and Richard Reed finished 3rd.

Dale McAuley has been riding at Lochhouses for many years now and won the Youth 125 class overall despite finishing second to Steven Craig in the second race. Steven and Dale battled it out in race two but Dale could not quite catch him at the finish. David Houston followed them home in third place.

Mathew Fleming is in a class of his own in the big wheel 85 class, it was a lesson in total domination and the Melville Club is hoping his success continues through 2008. Second to Mathew Fleming was as good as a win for Daniel Monks as no one can get close to Mathew. Daniel did not have it all his own way as he had several battles with Taylor Dodds throughout the three races with Taylor finishing third overall.

Greg Queen is another rider who is continuing his dominance despite moving up a class. Greg was always competitive on a 65 and he is relishing the experience in the 85 small wheel class winning every race. Stuart Robertson finished runner up in each race with Jason James third.

Robbie Fifer won the 65 class with two wins, Kyle Peebles had been leading the first race until a fall dropped him down the field and second fall ruined any chances of an overall result for the very determined young man. When Kyle won the second race you would have thought he won the championship with his celebrations after passing the chequered flag. Elliot Heap finished third overall and Lewis Gilhooley son of Melville committee member Ian, completed every race in his first event ultimately finishing 12th overall.

Pictures are available from www.ecossepix.co.uk 

The auto class was run on a separate track with Aaron MacDonald winning every race, Andrew Williams finished second and Lyle Crothers finished third. John Crawford won the Quad class overall, Leon Beda had won the first two races and was looking to take the overall win until a mechanical failure saw him drop out of the final race. John Watson finished second and Robert Graham finished third. Results

There is another Motocross that concludes the Melville Winter Motocross series in just two weeks time again at Lochhouses on the 3rd February. The regulations can be downloaded from www.melvillemc.co.uk  and another large entry is expected. I would like to confirm that the quad race is an all in one race format, youth riders are unfortunately unable to participate. There is also a Hare and Hound event on the 17th February regulations are also available to download at the Melville website (see below).

The Melville Motor Club would like to thank Robert Dale of Lochhouses farm for his continued support of our winter series.

Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound 17th February

The regs are now available for the Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound at Lochhouses farm near Whitekirk East Lothian.

The course is spread over two fields and a large wood which the quick guys can complete in 12 minutes. There will be a shorter motocross loop for riders who do not want to race through the trees which will be a two hour race, the Enduro riders will ride for three hours.

The regs can be found on the download page at www.melvillemc.co.uk 

Jason Thomas and Craig Trew Top Melville Ice Race

The Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound on Sunday the 16th December turned into an ice race as the ground was frozen solid. The farmer ploughed the field before the start and probably made the going worse as the ground broke into large lumps of ice.

There were two races running together with the Enduro riders starting first with a longer lap planning to run for three hours. The Motocrosser's were held on the line for a full minute until the Enduro riders had cleared the Motocross track and disappeared into the woods. There was a shorter loop for the Motocross bikes missing out the forest and they raced for just two hours finishing at 1.00pm.

Paul Edmondson had run a training day on Saturday and he had intended to ride on Sunday, he had been expecting a new bike to arrive during the week leading up to the event which did not materialise. The borrowed 125 was good enough to ride for training but unfortunately it had not been set up for a frozen three hour race, therefore Paul was relegated to team manager for Jason Thomas.

The Enduro riders were first away with Jason Thomas starting as he intended to go on, in first place. Ricky Mair followed in second although he was struggling to match Jason's pace. Derek Little was running in third place and he was looking steady and confident. Matthew Moffat was the unluckiest rider, crashing and hurting his wrist at the first corner. The over forty class set off 30 seconds after the experts with David Salkeld taking the lead with Graham Charlton chasing hard. Stuart Mowbray continued his dominance and led the way from the first lap. Ben Metcalf had his work cut out trying to keep up with Stuart. Adam Braydon was first round the course in the sportsman class with Lyall Colvin second with Stephen Palmer riding a Honda CRF230 into third place, he managed to embarace many riders on more powerful machines. In the Motocross A class Ewan McLaren led the opening laps with Craig Trew in hot pursuit. Scott Martin charged ahead in the motocross B class.

The sun briefly shone on everyone although the temperature never rose above freezing. As the competitors spread out it became easier to negotiate around the frozen puddles and a number of competitors really enjoyed riding the slalom through the trees. Jason Thomas pulled away as Ricky Mair realised he had a puncture and stopped to repair it. Ricky had been hoping to give Jason Thomas a run for his money later in the race, this puncture and the early finish scuppered his plans. Derek Little moved up to second and never looked back. Craig Trew had sat behind Ewan McLaren in the lead of the motocross race for a number of laps waiting for him to make a mistake as he pushed really hard to stay in front. Craig's experience saw him pull through for the win and he won comfortably at the end of the two hours.

There had been a rider missing and following two search parties, concerns were setting in for this young man who had disappeared. The motocross riders were approaching their 2-hour mark and were due to finish; it was decided to stop the motocross race on schedule and immediately stop the enduro riders to organise a full search of the course. Ten minutes after the red flag was shown, to every body's relief the young lad turned up. The lad, who will remain nameless, had ridden the enduro loop by mistake, fouled a plug and got lost. It could have been very different, the club has learned a valuable lesson and riders should listen at the riders briefing and stick to the course. The forest was starting to freeze and becoming ever more tricky, and to re-start the riders in order would have been impossible. The decision was taken to finish the race and pack up early. The Enduro Hare and Hound was won by Jason Thomas, on his first visit to a Melville event and the Motocross race was won by Craig Trew. It was disappointing to stop early as the event had been going so well, to have found the missing rider without injury was a relief and we will be running another Hare and Hound on the 17th February. Photographs are available from this event at www.ecossepix.co.uk

There will be another opportunity to ride at Lochhouses on the 20th January when the Melville will be running a full motocross for Adults, Autos and Quads. The regs will be available from www.melvillemc.co.uk and once again only postal entries will be acceptable. I would like to thank Bobby Mitchell and Robert Dale of Lochhouses farm for their support, Stephen and Ian Gilhooley for setting out the course. It would not have been possible to run the event without the girls at the gates taking the numbers in the freezing cold, I sure all the riders would join me in a very big thank you to them. Please find the results attached, I am sorry for the delay as Harriet and I had an important meeting during the week. On Behalf of the Melville Motor Club I would like to thank everyone for their support throughout 2007 and to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Expert 1 Jason Thomas 2 Derek Little 3 Scott Girvan

Over 40 1 Dave Salkeld 2 Graham Charlton 3 Bill Bruce

Clubman 1 Stuart Mowbray 2 Ben Metcalf 3 James Harvey

Sportsman 1 Adam Brayton 2 Lyall Colvin 3 Stephen Palmer

Motocross A 1 Craig Trew 2 Ewan McLaren 3 Michael Graham

Motocross B 1 Scott Martin 2 Justin Harvey 3 Stephen Pollock

Full Results

Melville Update

Hi All

I have been out of contact for the last week or so due to a new computer system at work. If you have sent me any e-mails they will have been bounced back, please send them again as I am trying to catch up.

Tomorrow is the last day for entries for the first Motocross of the winter series on Sunday the 18th November. There have been more than two hundred downloads and entries are filling fast.

The track is looking good, and lets hope the weather holds out.

I will not be there this weekend as I am away on a business trip with Skoda.

There were several riders who just turned up on Sunday to help and unfortunately there were too many people at the track. It is great that so many people want to help the club but we need to cap the number as the farmer was not happy at the number of vans coming and going through the farm.

Please contact Gordon Paterson by e-mail or phone Stephen Gilhooley if your are intending to come down to help. Their details are on the website www.melvillemc.co.uk. In the future we will have to turn people away if they have not phoned or e-mailed in advance. If we spread out the helpers over a couple of weeks there is plenty of work for everyone.

The next Melville event is the hare and hound at Lochhouses on the 16th December. There are two more events on the calander with the Bon Accord Club running a hare and hound on the 9th December and Johnny Little of the Grampian Motor Cycle Club is organising another at Woodside Motocross track on 29th December. Johnny has told me that it will be good practise for anyone who is riding in the British round of the Enduro Championship at Easter. The track will be very similar to the special test for the Enduro.

Tickets are available for the Melville Dance at the Maitlandfield Hotel in Haddington on the 9th February, 1/3 have gone already so if you want to attend I would suggest you phone Karen Brown 0131 665 1886. The way the tickets are selling there will none by Christmas.

I look forward to catching up with you at one of the events.

Yours in sport

Campbell Chatham

Melville Winter MX Series

The regs are now available for the first round of the Melville Motor Club at Lochhouses farm on the 18th November. As always these races are designed for fun and they do not have any big jumps, so you should be fit for work the next day. The track is sandy so the event usually runs whatever the weather. There are classes from autos through to youth, adult A,B and C. There is also a quad class. The winter series is no longer closed to club but you will have to provide evidence of a club membership and a competition licence on the day. Regs  To contact Gordon Paterson E-MAIL moto-x@melville.co.uk  Telephone entries will not be accepted.

Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound 11th February 2007

The weather for the Melville Hare and Hound event at Lochhouses took a turn for the worse this weekend. The rain had been heavy on Saturday and it continued on Sunday, this made the going very slippery for the 140 competitors riding in the first round of the Melville Motor Club Cross Country Championship. This series includes all Melville Hare and Hound events plus all the Melville Enduros.

2006 Scottish Enduro Champion and Melville Motor Club reining Cross Country Champion Murray Thomson took the hole-shot, winning a pair of goggles supplied by Ecosse Motorcycles in Penicuik. Murray battled it out initially with Richard Hay and Derek Little until Richard took off and was never to be headed again. The conditions were terrible with standing water after the start finish area, although the worse it became the more Richard enjoyed himself. Richard was the only rider to complete 13 laps. Murray finished second as he always revels in the mud. Winner of the last Hare and Hound, Derek Little lost a bolt for his seat and had to slow until he could stop and replace it costing himself some time, ultimately finishing third. Paul Chatham flattened his exhaust on a tree stump and was forced to retire, Grant Smith and Ally Lauder charged on through the mud with Grant winning fourth place.

Andy Flockhart became entangled in fence wire, while looking down to see what the trouble was he hit a tree, damaging his radiator. Amazingly this did not stop him winning the Over 40 class with 11 laps completed. David Salkeld finished second on ten laps and Martin Pennycook finished and excellent third.

In the Clubman class Stuart Mowbray was on a mission and won ahead of Neil Chatham in second place. Neil was kicking himself for a poor start and a difficult first lap coming through the field, both riders finished with 11 laps. James Harvey was preparing himself for the full Fast Eddy Championship that starts next week and finished a gritty third.

65 Sportsmen started this event and nearly 15 of them finished in a dash to the chequered flag from the pits. It was too difficult to complete another lap so several riders waited for the last few minutes in the refuelling area allowing the time to tick away, thus ensuring them a place in the results. Michael Wilson won with Anthony Robson second and Leam Beaty third.

The ladies lap scoring had as difficult a day as the riders, standing in the rain being blasted with mud as the riders passed by. As always, and especially as the weather was so bad, the Melville Motor Club would like to thank everybody who helped in any way at this event. 


The Melville Club will now move on to run the 2nd and third round of the Scottish Enduro Championship at Pathhead on the 28th and 29th April. Photographs can be bought from www.ecossepix.co.uk  and the regulations for the Melville Enduro can be downloaded soon from www.melvillemc.co.uk  or www.scottishenduros.co.uk 

Colin McLuckie First at Last

The sun shone once again at the Melville Motor Club Motocross at Lochhouses Farm in East Lothian on Sunday the 28th of January. 160 competitors lined up for the last round of the Melville Motocross winter series. Despite bad weather through the week the sandy track dried out as the day progressed.

Colin McLuckie won the last race of the event and clinched the Melville Motocross Winter series overall. Craig Trew had been in front all day but became entangled in the start gate elastic in the last race, loosing one lap while sorting out his back wheel. Craig finished second and Allan Reid finished third. In the B's Jackie Munro won, with David Wheatley second and Ivan Williamson third.

The largest class once again was the C Class, David Watson won although John Moody was kicking himself for not finishing the first race as he won the last two races finishing 9th at the end of the day. John Lothian finished second overall with Keith Birse third.

Ross Nicolson won the Youth 125 class and took the Class win for the Melville Motocross Winter series at this last round. Colin Lapinskie finished second with a subdued ride as he was suffering from the flu. Dale McCauley had a day to forget after winning the first race and blowing up his engine in the process. Dale was leading the winter series going into this event so the pressure was on him. He managed to borrow a bike and set out to clinch the championship on the unfamiliar machine. It was not to be as he finished third in the second race and fell in the third dropping him down the order to finish third overall and second in the Championship.

David Clarkson won the Big Wheel 85 class plus the series overall with Jamie Blair second and Marc Watson third, with Marc taking the runner up spot in the Championship. In the Small Wheel 85 class Mathew Fleming won every race including the big wheel bikes denying Jason James a win on the day. Jason was not denied the Championship though, his second place securing the Series. Kane Young finished third overall on the day.

Greg Queen won the 65 Class with three wins, in the first race he had to fight up to the last lap with Reece Wilson who finished second. Sean Williamson finished third and this is the order for all three in the Series Championship with Jack Taylor fourth in this exciting and entertaining class.

Matthew Deazeley continued his winning ways in the Autos taking the event overall and the Winter Series with a perfect score sheet. Lewis Rollo finished runner up on the race day and in the Championship series with Cameron McVicker third on the day and Ewan Campbell third in the series.

Leon Beda missed the first round of the Championship and he did not finish the last race after crashing out. Leon won everything else but missed out in the winter series due to these mishaps. Kevin Millar won on Sunday and George Hodge finished second which was enough to win the Melville series. John Lindsay finished third following a tough day of racing.

The weather has been very kind to the Melville this winter and there has been some great riding at all levels. The Melville Motor Club is grateful to everyone who has helped and supported these races. These events would not be possible without Robert Dale of Lochouses Farm and Gordon Paterson who has worked hard as the Motocross Secretary.

The next event will be the 3 hour Hare and Hound at the same location including a 10 minute run through the forest connected to the 2 minute motocross track. This event is designed for riders of all abilities and gives everyone the chance to finish. The regulations are available from Ian Gilhooley.

Please find attached the full results for the Motocross on the 28th January and the final standings in the Melville Motocross Winter series. Photographs are available from www.ecossepix.co.uk Results Standings

Beautiful Day for a Melville Motocross

A glorious day welcomed over 100 competitors at Lochhouses farm in East Lothian on Sunday 17th December. This was the final event for the Melville Motor Club in 2006, it has been a very successful year and there has been a full programme of events including Enduros, Hare and Hounds and Motocross.

Craig Trew took the overall win in the A class with a stunning performance winning every race. Close friend and competitor Neil Flockhart chased Craig all the way although he never managed to lead the hard charging Honda rider. Colin McLuckie is building his confidence on a Honda 450 and finished a fine 3rd behind the more experienced riders. Ian Greg won the B Class with David Wheatley second and Ivan Williamson third.

The C Class was the largest with over 30 competitors entertaining the spectators with their antics on the track. There were many riders with smiles on their faces at the end of the day as the conditions stood up well for a good day on the bikes. Anthony Reid won with two wins and he nearly won the final race on the finish line. John Moody squeezed a win in the final race holding off Anthony Reid at the flag. David Watson improved his technique through the day and was looking good by the final race taking third overall.

Sean Macdonald won every race in the Youth 125 Class. Sean had to fight past Neil Chatham in the second and third race as Neil took the holeshot although once he was in the lead there was no looking back. Neil and Dale McCaulely tied on points with Neil finishing ahead in second place due to his final race position, Dale taking third.

Ryan McLean won the Big Wheel 85 Class with a superb display winning every race. Fraser Flockhart finished a lonely second as Ryan headed the field. David Clarkson finished a determined gritty third. Jason James also won every race with Astin Mowbray second and Daniel Rigg third in the small wheel 85 Class.

The 65 class was dominated by Greg Queen despite a crash in his second race leaving him second last at the start. Greg recovered to take the win with Reece Wilson second. Sean Williamson took advantage of the second race crash and finished second ahead of hard charging Reece Wilson with Sean ultimately finishing third overall.

On a separate track there was a dominant rider in the autos with Matthew Deazeley following the pattern of the day winning every race. Scott Thomson finished a very credible second in his first competition, even taking the holeshot in one of the races, Brandon Hosey finished third.

Leon Beda was in a class of his own in the quads; everybody was in awe of his abilities on the Yamaha, winning every race. George Hodge finished second with Barry Ewing third.

Photographs will be available from www.ecossepix.co.uk  from Wednesday 20th December.

I would like to thank everybody who helped organise this event and wish competitors, club members, helpers and hangers-on a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The next event is on Tuesday 2nd January at Lochhouses again, download your entry from our website www.melvillemc.co.uk  or e-mail Gordon Paterson g.paterson995@btinternet.com  all other contact numbers are on the Melville website. Please enter in advance as we have limited time on the day due to the short day and limited daylight.

All the best for 2007 Campbell Chatham Vice Chairman Melville Motor Club.

Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound at Lochhouses Sunday 19th November

The Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound on Sunday 19th November was the final round of the Melville Cross Country Championship. The weather was favourable despite the heavy rain leading up to the event. It was a beautiful day for the 130 riders, although it was very cold towards the end of the three hour event.

The riders started in their respective classes with the Experts away first. The Motocross riders dominated the first hour with Tom Grant and Darren Scott (left #5) battling it out at high speed. Darren Scott pulled away after the first refuel into a strong lead. Derek Little (left #2) was pushing hard and had closed the gap during the first stop but Dad John turned him around at his second refuel in record time. Darren was now feeling the effects of riding at a furious pace for so long that he needed a longer second refuel stop. This allowed Derek to take the lead and he never looked back with Darren finishing second. Murray Thomson 2006 Scottish Expert Enduro Champion also pulled up in the running during the last hour, overtaking Tom Grant for third place. Tracy Thomson even managed a quick splash and dash refuel for Murray with one lap to go, guaranteeing the third place finish.

Andy Flockhart won the Over Forty Class in only his second outing this year. Andy was struggling after three laps as his arms were feeling the effects of the rough track. Once he regained a rhythm through the trees he charged on for the win. Sean Woolley finished second at his first visit to Lochhouses and he enjoyed the event. David Salkeld finished third with Dougal Walker fourth.

Neil Chatham won the Clubman Class with his first attempt at a three hour hare and hound. Despite starting a minute behind the experts he managed to mix it with them after one lap. Neil was as high as third overall at the half way point but Murray Thomson overtook Neil during his second refuel stop. Stuart Mowbray finished second with a consistent steady ride and Craig Jagla finished third.

The Sportsman Class was by far the largest with seventy riders entered. Anthony Robson won completing 12 laps with Liam Beaty second and Alan Bishop third.

The Melville Motor Club would like to thank all the people who helped at this event especially the ladies who stood in the cold, lap scoring, for the three hours. It would not have been possible without them. Results

Pictures are available from www.ecossepix.co.uk  and the next event is the Melville Motocross at Lochhouses again on Sunday 18th December. Download regulations at www.melvillemc.co.uk 

Melville Motor Club Cross Country Championship

Paul Chatham won the final round of the MelviIIe Motor Club Off Road Championship with Murray Thomson in second place taking the Championship after 9 rounds. It has been a long season including all Melville Enduros and Hare and Hound events. Murray is a worthy winner having just missed out on the Scottish Enduro Championship.

The final Hare and Hound took place around a Lime Quarry near Middleton, Lothian. The weather was against the organisers as the heavens opened. The Sportsmen started at 10.00am and took the worst of the weather with torrential rain for most of the 2 1/2 hours. There were plenty of Marshall's to keep the riders on the right track. There were hill climbs, steam crossings and a run up the Quarry road, quite technical in places.

Stewart Mawbury won the sportsman class easily, he would have been placed in the top 5 had he ridden the later A and B event. Phillip Dalton and Graham Watson finished second and third a lap down.

The 'A' race started at 1.00pm with the B's 20 seconds behind, the Experts got away cleanly with Murray Thomson, Craig Stevenson and Paul Chatham leading the way. Craig disappeared into the lead but the demanding course plus a tangle with the ropes dropped him to 4th. Murray took command until the refuel stops and Paul took the lead after 1 1/2 hours and never looked back until the finish. Paul was over 3 minutes ahead of Murray at the finish, Murray would have liked to push Paul harder to the finish but he had hit a tree and was lucky to get away unhurt then a tangle with some rope slowed his progress. Ian Sheddon rode strongly to finish a lap down in 3rd.

The 'B' race started 20 seconds behind the A's with a crash, three riders including Duncan McCormick and Campbell Chatham had a big off on the second corner. Duncan and Campbell remounted after a few moments but the shock put an end to their day after just one lap each. The race was won by Ian Paterson who revels in these conditions and was seen smiling during most of the event through a mud covered face. Alan Lauder finished second, although he looked like he was running second on the course, but he was a lap down from earlier in the race. Third place went to another mud master Dougal Walker who rode consistently to place himself inside the overall top 5 in the Off Road Championship. Results


2005 Melville 2 Day