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Winner: Leo Cordingley for his 2009 Muntjac report

Sheep Skull Enduro Riders Muntjac Enduro 2009 British Enduro Championship.

Well what can I say, the Enduro team of the most famous Motorcycle Stunt Display team in the world storm to the top of the BEC club team Championship. It was looking a bit sad for the team at one point, 3 of our regular riders from last season Karl Greenall, Charlie Bregazzi and Mike Alty were not with us this year. Our Greek ISDE team rider Karl had been poached by D3 for their shop team, Charlie was suffering with a damaged hip than he broke back in 94 whilst practicing for the ISDE in USA that had come back to haunt him and Mike not being the most computer literate missed out on an entry.

Fortunately we still had 7 Sheep Skull riders entered in the first round Russell Millward, Ady Townson, Dave Maddrell, Ben Begbie, Leo Cordingley, Mike Turner and Rob Turner the last 3 were chosen to represent the team at this event. Expert E1 rider Ady had discounted himself before a wheel had turned by dislocating his shoulder for the 3rd time since the Welsh 2 day so failed to start but came to help out which was good. We try to operate a bit of a team rotation system with the lowest place team member being dropped in favour of another club member if they perform better. This helps give everyone a chance to be in the team and keeps riders fighting for their places! We don't want them to get complacent like £100,000 grand a week footballers! With Leo and Mike usually near the top of the Veteran class and Rob the current Isle of Man clubman champion the team were hoping for a good result.

Rob started well with reasonable test times but the going in Norfolk is much different than the Isle of Man. The forestry here is much drier, The Isle of Man is much more like your typical Welsh going, although Rob pointed out the trees were quite wide apart here as opposed to Ohio plantation, back home, where you have to steer at every tree just to get your bars through the gaps! All was going well until he noticed he had lost the pins in his rear brake calliper and the pads were starting to fall out. This caused him to loose a bit of time on the lat lap as he had to keep checking them. He was a bit disappointed and felt he had let us down a bit but Enduros are like that and being 18 it won't be to long before he is beating the Vets! He did find time to point out he had beaten his dad on the first test!

Leo and Mike both had very uneventful rides, They both set average test times which saw them hovering around the top 15, Both were again a bit disappointed but they also knew it was going to be won and lost on the going not on the test. Mike told Leo he had done the first lap in 48 minutes so they knew it was going to be tight to do the lap in 46 minutes for the elderly riders and being right at the back of the field the bumps are much bigger! With the first 2 slow laps out of the way the real race started, Mike held a good pace and easily stayed on time as did Leo who arrived 4 minutes to the good. There were some rather scary passing going on and Leo said he even scared himself overtaking someone on one the fast bumpy straights when the rider moved across a bit and Leo was nearly getting pulled off by the trees! The Husky performed flawlessly throughout and Leo said he is very happy with his new machine.

The final lap came and Leo knew Mike was a minute in front of so it was almost like a 46 minute MX race for the team mates. Leo managed to catch Mike just before the bumpy track next to the railway lines! After passing Mike, Leo had a bit of a rest only to be passed back! The race was on again! The pair kept together to the finish and both clocked in on 56 Leo lost 3 and Mike 4. Mike thanked Leo for the tow for the last few miles but Leo thanked Mike for pushing him on.

Of the other club riders in the event Russell Millward the ex ISDE British team rider rode well to finish in 10th place in the Vets in only his second BEC event since his 10 year break to go car rallying. Ben rode excellent in the expert class and was first home in the E3 division on the massive 4 stroke KTM. Dave Maddrell 27th Vet was flying just like his day job! (He is a pilot) Ha ha! But he ran out of energy on the last lap, you will need to bring a few in-flight meals out with you next time Dave! Its all well and good all these good results but it makes the team manager job of picking the team very hard!

We all knew it would be an excellent event as they always are down in East Anglia, Many thanks to Andy Walters and his team but we did not know we would be leaving the event 1st placed club team and 7th overall in the team competition. Just 4 more events to keep it up now boys.

Rob Turner 19th E2 Clubman Road & Track KTM 250 exc

Mike Turner 11th Vet Road & Track KTM 250 excf

Leo Cordingley 8th Vet Moto Supplies Highwire Husky 450

For Full Results click here. Diss MCC Muntjac 09

Sheep Skull enduro riders would like to thank all those who came to help, putting fuel in bikes whilst getting blamed for everything is not an easy job. We would also like to thank the following for their support with getting the team to the races. Race FX, Highwire safety engineering, G-it, MBX graphics, On track Racing Suspension, Motosupplies Husqvarna, & Road & Track motorcycles. Oh and anyone else who I forgot because I usually do, It's not cos we hate you its cos I forgot. So thank you all for everything.

The club SMCC would also like to congratulate their other member who won the event outright, Mr David Knight.