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Abram Motopark Wednesday Evening Summer Series 
Round 1 25th May 2011

Final preparations are underway for Rnd 1 of Abram Motoparks Wednesday evening cross country series, With just under a week to go the track building crew are hard at work creating a new course, with a lap time of between 8 to 10 minutes it should be the perfect balance for both riders and spectators . With an action packed evening planned its the youths who start proceedings at 5pm with a 1hr XC event followed by the adults 2hr XC event at 6.30pm, when the norths best cross country riders along with a few surprise entries from other off road fields will battle for top honours in there respective classes. The event has received some last minute support from the generous guys at Race-FX, who have pledged oils from leading motorcycle oil company Ipone to all trophy winners. Entries are coming in daily now and with little under a week to go the 25th is approaching fast now and all riders wanting to take part are urged to book in as soon as possible, its easy just give the Entry line a call on 07973 374147 with your name class and preferred rider number.

Happy days at Westwood as Brewster wins!
Round 2 GNCC Westwood 20th March

The Ride XC crew unearthed a gem of a venue when they discovered Westwood near Barnsley. The venue has just got better over the last 18 months and Sunday's event surpassed all previous ones. The ground conditions were ideal and in the warm spring weather for once Wellingtons were not the order of the day! A challenging 10 minute loop had been laid out by the experienced Ride XC track building crew led by Justin Wilson including flowing woodland trails, stream crossings, logs, climbs and descents, parts of the motocross track, all combining to make an excellent course for the riders to enjoy. Once again the Ride XC team had carefully picked the choice venue for round 2 of the Grand Northern Cross Country Championship.

Events got under way at 8:30am with the Youth race. The senior B's led the group away with Archie Flack leading them around the mx course and into the woods. After a tense wait it was Harry Driver-Smith who was back to lap scoring first followed by Archie Flack and Dolton Shannon. Archie and Dolton passed Harry on lap 2 with Archie taking the lead. But this was short lived as Doltan Shannon pushed to the front into the lead which he would maintain for the rest of the race. Dolton Shannon won, followed by Archie Flack second and Harry Driver-Smith. Meanwhile in the juniors Sol Coburn dominated as he did in the 2010 series winning the juniors by 2 laps from Oliver Dougherty second and Toby Flack third. A big thanks to all the Senior B and Junior riders that took part judging by the smiles on there faces they all had a good time!

With a short interval while the Ride XC track building crew were putting in the necessary course changes for the adult route ready for the start. With a good line up of northern Experts including Graham Jarvis, Andy Cripps, Biff Smith, Lincoln Brewster and Dave Wilson just to name a few. Starter Wilson gave the safety brief to the riders and at 10:45am flagged the riders away. Graham Jarvis took the hole shot looking resplendent in the latest Klimb racing gear as he led the riders into the woodland for the first time. Once again the spectators' eyes were focused on time control and Jarvis emerged from the woodland with a commanding lead from his rivals. Jarvis continued to build an impressive lead through the first hour putting on a masterful display of controlled riding. During this time Biffstar, Brewster and Cripps were battling it out. At the 90mins mark Graham Jarvis dropped out, Brewster then took up the lead still looking good after a 3 month layoff. Brewster pressed on for victory with Biff Smith second and rapidly improving Declan Helliwell third all finishing on 19 laps.

In the clubman class Luke Copperstake was in the lead through the early stages closely followed by Anthony Tempest and Billy Robinson. This was a close race with riders switching positions all the time. On the Second lap Billy Robinson passed Luke Copperstake to lead with Luke Flack and Glen Broadhurst hot on the leaders heels. As the race continued with the top 5 positions switching it was going to be close. The end result showing there was only 2 mins between them. With Stuart Waterhouse taking a hard fought win over, Glen broadhurst in second with Lee Hattersley third.

The Over 40's which had a high calibre field, Kev Hipwell was back first to race control with John Bradford second and Ian Coburn third. While Bradford and Coburn tried to stay in touch with factory Kev, factory Kev on his Gas Gas just kept pulling away. This did not change throughout the race and Kev Hipwell won By 1 lap over John Bradford in second with Ian Coburn third

In the well supported Sportsman class, Gary Morley led early on with Spike gilby Second and Joe Webster third. But it wasn't long before Spike Gilby hit the front. The young man from Bedale dominated on his KTM 125 lapping everyone in the class to take a well deserved win with 17 laps, with Joe Webster finishing in second and Steve Furr in third.

As the solo riders waited for the presentation the Ride XC track crew were already putting in the changes for the third and final race of the day the Quads At 2pm starter Wilson for the final time set the last race of the day in motion. The quads were off and Expert Andy Warren got away first. After a brief change of places with Matt Alberti, Warren on board a Honda started to build a commanding lead. The small Honda nipped through the woodland with ease and Warren eased off in the final stages to take a comfortable win over Alberti. Paul Ranson won the Clubman class from Gary Hodgeson, while Dave Plant was the best Sportsman with Barrie Swaine second. The 4x4 class victory went to Andrew Kelly, Tim Clarke second and Katie Hodgeson third.
Ride XC once again provided a quality event with a well thought out course with a good lap time delivering exactly what they promised. The series now moves on to the 23/24 April. Details

Grand Northern Cross Country Championship

The Ride XC crew kicked off the Grand Northern Cross Country Championship with round 1 at the brand new venue of Langtoft near Driffield, East Yorkshire. Working hard over the last few months, the Ride XC team have put together a fantastic track for all abilities. Using a large dale and stubble fields they created a fast flowing track for the three race format, of the day ahead.

The day got under way after a night of light showers at 8.30am with the young eager riders lined up raring to go. After the Ride XC crew had inspected the track they decided to slightly adjust it for the youth race to make it more ride able and enjoyable in the slippery conditions. At 8.30am Justin Wilson set away the riders where Doltan Shannon was hot of the start line taking the holeshot closely followed by Ross John, Harry Driver-Smith and the only female solo rider of the day, Megan Wilson on her girlie pink bike. The juniors were showed how it was done and they shortly followed 60 seconds later chasing each other along the top of the dale for the top spot.

First rider to appear through time control was local motocross rider Tim Gardham with a lead of 66 seconds ahead of young Doltan Shannon. It was Tim Gardham who finished the race, a lap ahead with an outstanding performance taking the win from Doltan Shannon in 2nd and Archie Flack in 3rd. The young and upcoming riders of the juniors, some aged from as young as just 8 years old did extremely well considering the wet weather on their small bikes. New to the sport Oliver Doughty took a well-earned win after having problems with his chain towards the end of the race with Lee Western in 2nd both competing 6 laps and James Ryall in 3rd with 5 laps.

Following on from the youths it's was the turn of the adult solo with a 2.5 hour race. As the crowds gathered of riders, pit crew members and spectators, a briefing from Wilson took place and the roar for the 2min warm up began. At 10:40am the experts were given the 10 second signal and all eyes were on that front row. First off the start line and taking the holeshot was top rider Ryan Staveley who was neck-a-neck with Harry Hillas, continuously swapping places throughout the first lap.
Ryan was disappointed having to called it a day, after traveling back to the pits several time with bike problem. The 'Biffster' was not too happy neither as he was also forced to take early retirement after seizing his bike half way through the race. The Pressure was on for Steve Gardham after seeing his younger brother fly round the track in the earlier race. Overall in the experts Harry Hillas took 1st place from Steve Gardham in 2nd and Damien Butler in 3rd. Over 40 rider Ian Colburn ploughed his way up to the top taking 1st from John Bradford in 2nd and Glynn Bolton in 3rd.

Clubman class saw a fantastic ride from young Luke Flack completing 14 laps taking home 1st ahead of Mark Austin in 2nd and David Appleyard in 3rd . Motocross rider Chris Wells came for a one off Hare & Hounds race and proudly took home gold in sportsman from Michael Gilby in 2nd and Mark Fennick in 3rd.

To finish off a top day at Langtoft, there was a two hour race for the quads where the difficult parts of the track were re-added to give the guys a challenge. It was David Baldwin #1 who led home taking 1st from Andy Warren in 2nd and Peter Hemp in 3rd of the expert class. Clubman rider Lewis Ryan finished 1st with Matthew Ambler in 2nd. A Good race between the sportsman riders but it was Scott Woodhead who snatched the win from Keith Everitt in 2nd and David Plant in 3rd.

Katie Hodgson showed the men how it was done using her girl power, taking home 1st place in the 4x4 Class from Tim Clark in 2nd and Rider 52 in 3rd.

The Ride - XC Crew set the standards for 2011 with a quality event to kick off the championship and will look forward to seeing everyone at the next event at Lings Farm on the 19/20 February, a favourite track from a few years ago. Entries now available at www.ride-xc.co.uk 

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Round 8 Lazer XC Championship Helmsley
Staveley coasts to Helmsley win

The Ride XC team finished the Lazer XC Championship at Helmsley in North Yorkshire. The woodland course battered by gales and heavy rain during the preceding week stood up well to the wet conditions and proved a good choice by the Ride XC team. With good car parking and a course that has a good base to it, the 13 minute lap tested the riders with a mix of woodland trails and fire roads.
Sunday got off to an early start for the Ride XC crew with a 3 race format, starting with the youth competitors. Using a modified course suitable for the youth riders varied abilities; the senior b riders lead the field away at 8.30 streaming into the woodland from the adjacent start area. Dan Bewlay was quickly into the lead, a lead he would maintain till the finish, Doltan Shannon came home in second place with Ross Johns third. In the junior class Sol Colburn took the win and the junior championship with Liam Crowe second. Ride of the day was from Toby Flack on his auto 50 ktm, who manfully piloted his machine into third place and won his first ever trophy. On receiving his trophy at the awards presentation he ordered his dad to construct a cabinet for this and future awards!!! 

The Ride XC Crew were on the ball with the track changes and the adult race was away on time. First back to race control was expert Ryan Stavely. The young man from Barnoldswick looked smooth as he opened up a lead over the chasing pack. Ryan effortlessly extended his lead over Tim Pattinson and tony little, clocking up 11 laps, a lap ahead of second placed Tim Pattinson and third place was claimed by Tony Little. In the Clubman class Mark Austin and Billy Robinson swapped places at various times during the race, with Mark taking a narrow victory over Billy, Luke Flack on his new KTM xc 150 was third. David Selkeld lead from start to finish in the strong 040 class, from John Lofthouse second and Anthony Crowe third. Liam Radcliffe won the Sportsman class from Glynn Bolton with Danny Atkinson third all completing 8 laps.

The hard working Ride xc crew were back in action minutes after the adult solo race had finished. As the quad race got underway David Baldwin on his Anderson Suzuki took the hole shot, as he lead the expert and clubman line away. Andy Warren was on his tail as the quads disappeared into the woodland. Waiting at race control for the leaders to show had a surprise as John Kerwin from the second row had taken the lead, passing all the experts and clubman riders. For 3 full laps he kept the lead before an encounter with a back marker on lap 4 where he rolled his quad forcing his retirement. David Balwin took up the lead and maintained it till the finish despite a hard charge by Andy Warren second, with John Chew third. Sean Whelean won the clubman class while Keith Everitt won the Sportsmans class. Tim Clarke was the victor in the 4x4 class. That drew a close to the 2010 Lazer xc championship. A big thanks to all the riders, support crews, marshals, sponsors lazer and land owners who helped make these events possible.

This was the first year for Ride xc running a Championship and we have learnt a lot as we move into 2011 with a new championship. With lots of new venues we have carefully matched venues to the time of year. Don't worry XC fans we have several events through the winter months before the championship starts in February, starting with an event near Driffield on the 12 Dec.

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Ride XC round 7 lazer XC championship

Harry makes his day at Westwood!!!

Ride XC returned to the outstanding Westwood venue near Barnsley for round 7 of the Lazer XC Championship. T he skilled track building crew plotted a superb route around the woodland, taking in the meandering stream and other challenging features that the woodland has to offer. The result was over 10 minutes of exhilarating riding for the riders to enjoy. The weekend started on Saturday with a well attended Gas Gas enduro try out day organised by Roy Palmer at RAS Sport.

As dawn broke on Sunday with clear skies the Ride XC team were already in action with an 8.45am start for the youth riders. Starter Wilson had the riders briefed and away on time with the senior B riders leading the youth line up into the woods. Dan Bewlay was soon building a lead as he made short work of the youth course. Fighting his way through the field after starting last of the senior b group was Doltan Shannon. Dan bewlay took the win with Doltan Shannon second, and Tom Rial put in a great performance to claim third spot. Tommy Grimmer won the junior class from Lee Western. Sol Coburn normally the front runner in the juniors got lost and completed a full lap of the adult course!!!, before rejoining the youth course to battle back to third place.

Whilst the presentation was taking place for the youth race, starter Wilson was already briefing the adults with the do's and don'ts. Once again the slick Ride XC crew had made the course changes and were on schedule, with the Experts and Over 40's roaring away from the start line bang on 10:30 for the 2.5 hour race. All eyes were on race control to see who would be first back. It was the Biffstar on his new Sandiford Gas Gas 250. Ryan Staveley hit the front on lap 2 but by lap 3 the Biffstar was in front again. These two swapped the lead until Harry Hillas surged to the front on lap 7, a lead he would hold to the end. Ryan and the Biffstar exchanged places over the next few laps until the Biffstar upped the pace and broke clear. Harry Hillas took a well deserved win from the Biffstar and Ryan Staveley in third. In the 040's Anthony Crowe won by a narrow margin from John Bradford with John Lofthouse in third.

Barnoldswicks Billy Robinson showed grit and determination as he piloted his WR 125 Husqvarna to victory in the Clubman class from local lad Reece Emerson second and Lee Hatersley third. In the Sportsman class Kris Weston was the winner from Jon ward second. Mike 'the Spike' Gilby the youngest rider in the class and straight from the Senior b youth class, put in an amazing ride to finish in third place. Jade Gordon was the best lady rider finishing 14th overall the competitive sportsman class.

To round off the day it was the turn of the quad riders in a 2 hour race. This was won by the ever smiling David Baldwin on his Anderson ATV backed Suzuki, with Matt Alberti second. Glyn Jones took the Clubman win with Tom Claireaux 2nd. Tom managed to get tangled up in a tree on a steep downhill,l which cost him a lap in his struggle to free from it. In the Sportsman class Kieth Everitt won from Alec Ainsworth second with Ian Best third. The growing 4x4 class was won by Andrew Kelly with Tim Clark second both on their mighty Can am Renegades, and 3rd place went to Paul Taylor.

That drew a close to a great day of racing from the ride xc team. The feedback from the riders was excellent and with the numbers of riders steadily growing Ride XC looks set for a great 2011 As they put the finishing touches to a brand new XC Championship with new venues and some old favourites, dates and venues to be announced shortly. Ride XC is going to set new standards in the North of England. With big Sponsors and prizes, racing will never be so good!!! Thanks to all the marshals who helped make the event a success and Gary at pro clean for the product that every rider received .The final round of the current series takes place over the weekend of 13/14 November at Helmsley in north Yorkshire., 

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Ride XC round 6 lazer XC championship
Bendell and Healey in a last corner epic!!

Ride XCís mission to provide new venues for their riders continued as the club ventured to yet another new virgin venue for round 6 of the Lazer XC Championship. Pockthorpe near Driffield east Yorkshire, was the location with a massive stubble field and several blocks of woodland all linked together to form a fast flowing exhilarating track with excellent ground conditions.

Saturday saw a good turnout of riders for the practice day, which bedded the track in nicely for Sundays action pact race programme. With a 9am start the 30 strong youth riders set off around the course as it snaked around the enormous stubble field. In the senior B Dan strangeway was back to race control first, closely pursued by Dan Bewlay and Tom Gardham. By lap 3 Tom Gardham had pushed into the lead, he continued to extend his lead and by the finish he had a 2 minute winning margin over second placed Dan strangeway and Dan Bewlay third. In the junior class Sol Coburn was the winner after an early battle with Tommy Grimmer who had to settle for second place with Ross Harris in third. Kelly skillen won the ladies class in her second ever race from Emilie Heald with Debbie Heald third.

With the track cleared from the youth race and the adult sections added, the adult 2.5 hour XC race was under way. The 90 plus riders charging across the stubble was an awesome sight. Tom Healey took up an early lead, but it wasnít long before the man in green Ryan Voase on the 450 Kawasaki came past him. For nearly an hour Ryan entertained the crowds with enormous wheelies down the straights, but with his damaged right wrist still giving him severe problems it was time to pull over. In the mean time Tom Healey and Josh Bendell were putting on a real show of head to head racing. With a few laps to go it looked to have swung Tom Healeys way as Bendell had to stop for fuel. So it was going down to the last lap and as they emerged from the woods for the last time with one long straight and a corner to the finish, it was Josh Bendell who entered lap scoring first by a few meters to take a narrow win, with Tom Healey second, these two were a lap clear of Harry Hillas in third.

In the Clubman class Luke Flack had a great ride to take first place and was 3 minutes ahead of second placed Kirk Claus, both riders were a lap up of the third placed rider Billy Robinson. In the 0/40 class Anthony Crowe was the winner from Rod Heald with Ian Coburn third all completing 21 laps.

The largest class of the day was the Sportsmanís class and Steven Gardham took the win from Leonard second and Danny Allinson third.

With some swift track repairs the hard working Ride XC crew were ready for the quads race. At 1.30 the small band of quad riders were off. David Baldwin on his Anderson Suzuki was out in front with Andy Warren chasing behind. With the rest of the riders settling down for the 2 hour race an unfortunate accident happened in the woods , which resulted in a restart. The efficient Ride XC crew soon had the woods re-routed and a shortened race was underway. Once again David Baldwin pushed to the front with Andy Warren in behind, David eventually winning by 30 seconds from Andy Warren. Tom Claireaux won the Clubman class with Gary Hodgeson second. Andrew Kelly won the 4x4 class by 2 minutes from Tim Clarke with Paul Taylor third. Keith Everett was the Sportsmanís winner with Lewis Ryan second and Mathew Law third.

Once again the Ride XC crew had delivered a new venue and a great days racing, and with all the positive comments from the competitors we will certainly be going back to the Pockthorpe area with some more new venues during the winter months. The series moves on to the TRC WESTWOOD venue near Barnsley on the weekend of the 23/24 Oct. Ride XC would like to thank all the marshals that made the event possible and team Flack, especially Richard flack. Details

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Staveley rides to victory at Abram in round 5 of the Lazer XC Championship

Ride XC held the  5th round of the Lazer XC Championship at Abram Moto Parc near Wigan last Sunday , where once again the Ride XC team found themselves on the wrong side of the weather with heavy rain  in the lead up to the event and the early hours of Sunday morning, by 7am the heavy rain had passed and the ride xc team were in full swing preparing  for a 3 race programme starting with the youth and junior riders ,  with a 90 minute race  duration it was Dan Bewlay who was straight in to the lead , Mike Gilby was chasing but on this occasion he was not going to catch Dan, Dan was on a mission for the win and win he did from  Jack Fewings second and Cameron Mawdsle  in third , series front runner Mike Gilby suffered a break down on his kx 85 and retired .  Sol Coburn won the junior class from his arch rival Liam Crowe with Mason Hindle in third.

 At 10.30 It was the turn of the quads, the Abrams track is well suited to this form of xc racing with is wide course and flowing corners , after a quick brief from starter Wilson the quads were quickly into action and   it was expert Trevor Sykes that took up the lead ,  with Matt Alberti and Peter Heap hard on his heels,  top expert Andy Warren had a bad start  leaving the line last , but a hard charge through the early stages  saw him move into second , but try as he might he could not close the gap on the leader  Trevor Sykes    who went on to take a well deserved win  from Warren second and  Peter Heap third , Monty Jones won the clubman class from rival and status quads team mate Tom Claireaux , keith everitt won the sportsman class .from Mathew Ambler , well the quad boys as ever enjoyed there day at Abrams .

During a short break the hard working ride xc track crew were out checking and reinstating the course were needed. And  with the course ready for the adult solo riders, starter and ride xc chief Justin Wilson set the main race of the day in motion ,  in the experts the Biffstar got off to a great start as he lead early on  but  a crash and a broken front brake lever was to quickly put him out of the reckoning , Martin Sandiford on the new 2011 gasser 300    was soon out in the lead ,  through the early stage Martin extended his lead looking  stylish over the compulsory expert extreme section but as the race drew into its later stages Ryan Staveley on his yz 125 was staring to close the gap , eventually passing Martin to take a well deserved win , with Martin second, the Biffstar  in the mean time despite entertaining the crowds  around the extreme section  finished third ,Robert Johnson on his mps husky won the clubman class after a long battle with Liam Ward ,  Liam retired on the last lap after his engine lost power leaving Mark Austin to claim second with the doctor loo sponsored  Billy Robinson third , Mark Houson won the 040 class  from Anthony Crowe the pair swapped the lead  through most of the race before Mark stamped his authority on the proceedings and pushed on for the win , Anthony Crowe second  , with David Williams third ,

 Danny Atkinson won the sportsman class  from  Joe Webster , the ride xc crew had once again provided an excellent track that was well received by the riders , the ride xc team are in action on 28th /29th  August bank holiday weekend , with the stubble xc special weekend as they unveil yet another new venue at helmsley in north Yorkshire .  

ad ends June 20102 Hou's win
at TRC 

The ride xc crew set up camp at TRC Westwood near Barnsley for the 3rd round of the lazer xc championship, the flowing woodland venue winds its way down the hillside to the babbling brook at the bottom before climbing towards the moto x track on top of the hill giving the riders a good blend of challenging terrain, the ground conditions were fantastic with soft loamy soil ready to berm up.

The day started early for the ride xc crew and the youth riders with a 9 am start , with the growing youth group lined up, starter Wilson set the race in motion , Mike Glibly was the first into the woodland followed by Dan Bewlay and the rest of the chasing senior B riders , during the 60 minute race Mike Glibly was steadily increasing his lead over Dan Bewlay who in turn was pulling away from the rest of the senior B riders , at the end of the 60 minute race it was Mike Glibly 1st Dan Bewlay 2nd and Jack Stafford 3rd , Sol Colburn won the juniors despite starting last from Luke knight 2nd and Chloe Maloney 3 rd , as the youth series has now become more popular the race time is going to be increased to 90 minutes for the next round at the fantastic leisure lakes.

As soon as the youth riders finished it was the turn of the 4 wheel brigade,with a good turnout of quads on the start line and with no deviation from the time schedule they were under way, David Baldwin Anderson Suzuki blasted off from the start in to his accustom place at the head of the expert pack, with Andy Warren chasing , John Robson got a poor start but was soon on Warrens tail, these 2 were to have a titanic battle over the next 90 minutes with Warren pulling away a little through the woods and Robson closing him down on the mx track., David Baldwin took the win from Warren with Robson only seconds behind. In the clubman class the status quad team pair took the top 2 positions with Tom Claireuax taking the win from Monty Jones with Chris Coomer in 3rd. In the sportmans class keith Everitt had a slim 26 second win over Mathew Ambler with Alec Ainsworth in third , Andrew Kelly was the winner in the 4x4 class with Tim Clark 2nd and Katie Hodgson third .

With a short break the ride xc track team were in action making sure everything was in order for the solos , and once again keeping to the time schedule the ride xc crew got the solo race underway with a quality line up of experts riders including Alex Rockwell from mps racing , Andy Cripps, Gavin Houson Craigs motorcycles, Martin sandiford , Lee Sampson ,just to name a few , Lee Sampson took the RAS sport hole shot prize as he lead the riders into the wood s for the first time, Gav Houson Craigs ktm crashed just before the woods but quickly remounted although now towards rear of the experts along with Alex Rockwell mps racing who had fuel problems with his husky , by the end of the first lap Lee Sampson had a small lead over the chasing pack, but by the end of the second lap it was the Batley based Gav Houson who was in the lead and looking better than ever as he styled his way around the Westwood course, Lee Sampson in second lost his back brake with an hour to go forcing his retirement , Ryan Staveley moved into second but this was short lived as Alex Rockwell moved into second place after instructions from team manager Lisa Houson Gav then upped his pace keeping a safe margin between himself and the chasing Rockwell , Gav Houson Craigs KTM 1st Alex Rockwell mps racing 2nd , Ryan Staveley 3rd , in the 040 class the name Houson was once again a winner this time Mark Houson Gavs dad comfortably winning the 040 class from Anthony Crowe with Ian Coburn in 3rd , Robert Johnson won the clubman class from Steven Watson with Reece Emson in 3rd , Ryan Newbury won the sportsman class from Darren Maloney with Martin Lodge 3rd and Finally in the novice class Danny Atkinson was the winner .as the ride xc crew made the presentation of awards to the solo race it was clear from the feedback that the ridesr had enjoyed one of the best course's in the lazer xc championship so far, talking to Gav Houson at the end Gav said the Craig's motorcycles prepared ktm ran faultlessly through the event and was a joy to ride, the course was fantastic. with ride xc's meticulous lap scoring system run by Jeni Jones which provides instant indisputable results and the clockwork efficiency of the 3 race format ride xc are certainly becoming a major force to be reckoned with, we have a date change for the next round our long awaited trip to the leisure lakes will take place on the 13th June ride xc are certainly offering the riders something new and exciting . A big thank you to all the marshals who's dedication makes these sort of events possible.

Staveley peaks at Culpepper Hill

RIDE-XC Round 2 lazer xc championship Culpepper Hill

The Ride-XC team excelled themselves this weekend with the amazing new venue Culpepper hill, set high above Shaw in Lancashire the ride xc team constructed a wide and flowing track using the best features of this open hillside grassland venue and the result of this effort was corner to corner racing with no ruts or over used whoops that some venues offer.

The weekend started with a Saturday practice day were the riders got their first look at Culpepper hill and as expected the feedback was excellent this was music to the ride xc teams ears as they prepared for a busy Sunday with 3 races to get through , Sunday started early for the youth riders as they lined up for an 8.45 am start , bang on time the youth riders were off using 95 percent of the adult course, in the senior B class a close battle was being fought out between doltan Shannon and Dan Suddaby with Dan taking the win by a 48 seconds margin from Doltan with Ross Johns in third .

in the junior class Sol Coburn was the winner from Liam Crowe second and Chloe Maloney third , it was good to see the youth class starting to increase in number over previous events, the club is committed to developing a good youth series were young riders can develop their skills in a safe enviroment.

At 10.15 am it was the turn of the quads , and with Durham based David Baldwin on the line the riders had their target man , but as soon as the start signal was sounded it was Baldwin on his Anderson Suzuki who was straight into the lead, with John Robson Andy warren all chasing hard but although Robson and Warren going for it , they could not catch Baldwin who took the win by a 28 second margin over John Robson with Andy Warren a further 2 minutes adrift, in the clubman quads , Danny Loyde had a convincing win with a 1 lap margin over second placed Monty Jones and third place Tom Claireaux, the sportsman class was topped by Alec Ainsworth while Tim Clarke won the 4x4 with Katie Hodgeson second .

At 12,30 the solos were lined up and ready for the off starter Justin Wilson once again went through his comprehensive briefing to the riders , before giving the start signal, as the massed ranks of solos started to make their way around the Culpepper course it was Warren Hazlett on his D3 ktm who hit the front through the early stages with Ryan Staveley Ben Howard and Martin Sandiford chasing, after a few laps Martin Sandiford on his immaculate gas gas pushed to the front and started to build a lead over Hazlett Staveley and Howard, but on lap 8 he encountered problems which forced his retirement , this left the chasing 3 of howard , staveley and hazlett to provide the winner and emerging in style was young rider Ryan Staveley as he screamed the little yz 125 to expert victory , Ben Howard was second with Warren Hazlett in third , the clubman class was won by Lee Taylor, Neil Marshall second and making a return after some months off Marcus Firth , it's good to see young riders Jack Colley and Jordan Johns making good progress in the clubman class as they took 4 and 5th places in this competitive class.

Anthony Crowe was on blistering form in the 040 class as he won by a lap from Ian Coburn with Mike Alty third ,only 52 seconds separated the top 3 in the sportsman class Lee Hargreaves was the winner from Tom Leonard in second and Glynn Bolton 3rd ,
The feedback from the riders was excellent and the event had put a smile on most of the tired rider's faces as they filtered back to the car park. This was all made possible with the slick organization of the ride xc team as they got through the 3 race format and presentation of the magnificent trophies with ease. The Lazer xc series now moves to TRC Westwood near Barnsley Yorkshire on the weekend 15/16 may this venue has a completely new course for the 3rd round of this growing championship. And for riders that are keen to save money if you book online the event will cost £40 www.ride-xc.co.uk with classes for youth and adults solo, adult quads

Pictures from culpepper at http://www.dirtbike-traxs.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3808&st=0&#entry33338 

Its all Hart at Skipton as Ride XC come up with another new venue

The ride xc crew found themselves with a spare weekend in their busy calendar so rather than sit at home taking it easy they staged a fun event at one of their many new venues , Skipton was the choice for the event , and what a great choice it was , bathed in sunshine the open going was just what the local Lancashire Yorkshire and Cumbrian lads and lasses wanted and the organizers were stunned with the larger than expected entry .

The racing got underway with a youth race, Mike Gilby lead the senior B class for most of the race but encountered gear box problems to his Kawasaki in the final stages of the race leaving Ross Johns to claim his first victory in senior b with Jamie Dilworth second and Megan Wilson third in the juniors Sol Coburn took home first place with Liam Crowe having a great ride into second place . big thanks to all the youth riders that supported the race and the 1st may will see the youth riders back in action at Culpepper hill near Shaw

The adult race got underway at 11.30 with the entry full and ready to go , starter Justin Wilson gave a comprehensive briefing on safety to the assembled riders before setting the race in motion , the riders blasted off around the open moorland course before climbing over the top of the of the rocky hills these would provide a challenge to the riders during the day ! the expert class was a close run thing with Oliver Hart taking victory from David Myers with Harry Hillas third , new to the expert class was the presidential figure of Dom Garnham who is settling in well in the class and finished in a good 6th place. 

The Clubman class was a family affair with the Calvert brothers taking 1 and 2nd john 1st Stephen 2nd with Ash Jones third , Anthony Crowe lapped the over 40 field to win from Clitheroe's Phil Smithson , John Bradford was third . Mark Barrow was the best sportsman with Robert Farrell second and Gary Court 3rd , the feedback from the rides was excellent and offering new venues to provide a fresh challenge was greatly appreciated, so continuing in the new venue theme ride xc will visit Culpepper hill near Shaw Lancashire for the first time on the 1st /2st may for round 2 of the lazer xc championship the wide open grass venue is going to be one of the best in the north easily rivalling and surpassing the best venues in the North. Check out the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOHXz8k00nge 

There's snow stopping TRC Westwood - Grimbo wins the day - Biffstar wins the series

The ride XC crew set up camp at Westwood near Barnsley for the final round of the TRC truck rental challenge and for the second time in a month found themselves on the wrong side of the weather. But the crew worked hard to alter the course over the previous event and provide the riders with a ride able route of mainly woodland going. with a top quality line up of expert riders including gncc star Jason Thomas. extreme enduro specialist Graham Jarvis on the factory backed sherco 250i, Lincoln Brewster on a gas gas and the Biffstar to name a few, Thomas was left high and dry when his promised ktm failed to arrive, it was doubtful that the gncc star could even start as riders tried to locate a spare machine. But after some epic spannering by the ride-xc boss Justin Wilson he was presented with the elderly ride-xc Honda crf 250 x which normally only sees light marshalling duties.

With the riders assembled on the start line , and as soon as the clock struck 10 am the start signal was given and the first wave of riders set of into the woods, the Biffstar took the RAS sport hole shot and lead the expert group through the early stages of the first lap , before the halfway point on the first lap Thomas showing his class on an unfamiliar machine had gained a 20 second lead over the now second placed Biffstar, with mark Houson in third , Graham Jarvis sherco was in 4th place and on mark Houson's tail passing Houson in the quarry , by the end of the second lap Thomas had increased his lead over Biffstar to nearly 40 seconds but Jarvis was closing down the Biffstar and passed early on the third lap ,, Jarvis was now making inroads in to Thomas's lead , but it was all in vain as the race came to an unexpected end when a generator failed at race control. The clerk of the course made the decision to restart and within ten minutes the race was restarted and underway, the Biffstar took the early lead, by the end of the lap the flying Thomas was in the lead, but the old Honda was starting to struggle and smoke with Grimbo pressing. the strain on the old bike was too much and Thomas limped back, Grimbo by now had a commanding lead over lee Sampson with the Biffstar in third Thomas Healey was going well in 4th place on his new xc 250 ktm, Grimbo took a well deserved win with lee Sampson in second, the Biffstar held on to third which was enough him the overall series of the win, lee Sampson was second overall and Dave Wilson third overall.

The clubman class was a close run race 59 second separated the top 3 with Declan Heliwell taking a narrow win from lee Hattersley 2nd and Jon Buchannan 3rd after a year of virtually no riding Mick Hammond returned and claim 4th in the clubman class, the O40 class was won by the ever smiling John Bradford with Chris Ball second and Colin Blunt third, Stuart Waterhouse took the sportsman win from James Reeve second and lee Stansfield third.

ride-xc two recent trips to Westwood have proved interesting, both occasions marred by adverse weather conditions, but the riders have seen the potential of the venue and when the creative and dynamic ride-xc team return to the venue in spring when riders can expect something special, a big thanks must go to the enthuastic land owner Tim Reynolds and his company TRC truck rentals who provided the cash prizes

The next XC event for the ride-xc team is on the 3rd Jan at Whitworth near Rochdale Lancashire where a quarry base venue is at the disposal of the ride -XC track construction squad who will create another ride able course with the emphasis on fun, entries are available on line at www.ride-xc.co.uk 

Ride-XC TRC Westwood XC Challenge
The Biffster takes first blood in the TRC Westwood XC Challenge

The Ride xc team came up with a gem of a venue for the 1st round of the TRC truck rental challenge with the Barnsley based TRC Westwood , despite heavy rain over the preceding weeks the venue stood up well and provided a firm base as the course meandered around the woodland , slippery in places but thoroughly ride able, with its bomb holes ,quarry, woodland and mx track the course had something for everyone. The event was full with a week to go, which is a rare thing these days. So on a cold and wet late November Sunday morning the riders lined up for the 10 am start , starter Justin Wilson briefed the riders on the do's and don'ts and then at 10 am sharp set the race in motion , with the heavy rain the race had been reduced to 2 hours ,the expert and 040 were away first and it was 040 rider Ian Shannon that took the TRC truck rental hole shot prize , Craig Reynolds Manchester extreme Yamaha took up lead during the early stages before the Biffstar pushed to the front on the Sandiford husquvarna , hot on his heels was David Wilson ktm and a host of other experts including the flamboyant Andy Cripps , meanwhile in the clubman class Phillip the farmer Smith won the clubman TRC hole shot award then dropped back as Declan Helliwell Jim Buchanan and David Dudley s battled it out for the lead , at the hour mark which was the half point in the race the rain became very heavy and the skies darkened it was almost dark such was the light conditions !! Riders were struggling on some of the climbs as the ground became very slippery but with a bit of determination riders were circulating around the course .

As the race entered its final stages the Biffstar was pushing hard and was steadily increasing his lead over David Wilson, Lee Sampson was now into 3rd place just after the 2 hour mark the Biffstar crossed the finishing line to take a well deserved win with a seven minute margin over David Wilson with Lee Sampson taking 3rd all the top 3 completed 9 laps .

The clubman class was a close run race with only 2 minutes separating the top 3 rider Jim Buchanan took the clubman win from David Dudley second, with local lad Declan Helliwell in third all completed 7 laps.

James Reeve won the sportsman class with Stuart Waterhouse 2nd and Nick Owen 3rd all completed 7 laps and all would have finished inside the clubman top 10 which would suggest that for 2010 a trip in to the clubman class is on the cards for these lads .Lee Stansfield won the TRC sportsman line hole shot award , the novice class win was taken by Jason Parkin with Jason McGarry 2nd and Nathan Dixon 3rd ,Jason Parkin also won the TRC hole shot for the novice line . well the rain or was it a monsoon made the day harder than planned but the riders enjoyed the conditions never the less the rider certainly saw the potential that this woodland has in drier conditions , and that's been reflected in the number of entries already received for the second instalment on the 20th December when the second and final round of the TRC truck rental xc challenge takes place. A big thanks to the riders for sticking to the course and to the land owner Tim Reynolds, the club would like wish regular ride Mathew Bott a speedy recovery after breaking his leg , all trophies and awards will be presented after the final round on the 20th December Photo Luke Lusher

Riding forward to 2010


After a year taking stock and viewing the current XC hare scramble scene the time is right for ride XC to move forward. having added new members to the ride xc team the time is right to launch a new series of events starting with the TRC truck rental challenge 2 rounds of xc competition with a prize fund sponsored by Tim Reynolds the boss of TRC truck rental Sheffield , the events uses the TRC woodland , Tim's personal playground and the dates for this exciting challenge are 29th November and the final on the 20th December were the awards and prizes will be presented .Then starting early in the new year a new northern based championship will kick off with new venues and a new ethos of putting the rider first . Having looked at the best aspects of many clubs and promoters we feel we can put the best points we have seen into practice, the events will be open to youth riders from 8 years old, to adults with a ladies class.

Starting early in 2010 a new 8 round championship kicks off offering some exciting new venues the ride xc crew are still in negotiations with prospective sponsors of this high quality northern based series, as this article goes to press we will be launching our new website with on line payment system which will enable us to reward the riders who commits to the event early with a smaller entry fee than the pay on the day entry fee, visit our new website www.ride-xc.co.uk 

Wood wins Doug Hacking Memorial

Ride-XC's second annual running of the annual Doug Hacking Memorial Hare and Hounds Enduro took place at Abram on Sunday the 23rd of August 2009. During the lead up to the event we were blessed with excellent weather which left the course in an awesome condition. The changes which were made by the ride-XC team of hard workers ensured an excellent days riding for all those not wanting to miss out on the fast and furious action.

The planned format for the day was a single 2.5 hour competition which unfortunately had to be abandoned after an injury to a rider. The incident necessitated the attendance of the air ambulance and the race had to be stopped to enable the helicopter to land on the track. The rider was soon transported to a local hospital for treatment. Fortunately he quickly recovered. The event organiser Justin Wilson was determined to ensure that everyone got what they came for and split the race into two halves ensuring that all riders got their track time in. The day would be decided on each riders combined score.

First away at 11am were the expert class with Andrew Cripps (right) leading from the off. It was obvious that the Hacking Kawasaki rider would be a hard man to beat. However Cumbrian rider Yamaha mounted David Wood pressurised Cripps throughout the first session before stealing the win in the second session ensuring overall victory. Cripps was relegated to the runner up spot. The final podium spot went to Husqvarna mounted Joe Deakin who managed to get his new little Husky on the podium first time out with two good rides.

The forever competitive over 40 class saw the return of an old face with Burnley based Manny Smith giving his new KTM a run out and taking the overall win on the day. Cumbrian rider Anthony Crowe claimed the runners up spot and could not get quite enough out of his 125 KTM on the open going and fast track. Third sopt went to MPS Husky veteran Mark Houson who just managed to edge out another Batley based rider Simon Bastow.

The clubman class was dominated by a regular rider from over the border in Yorkshire Honda mounted Dom Garnham who completed an excellent 17 laps of the circuit ahead of Kawasaki mounted Jake Ingham in the runners up spot. Probably the man who had travelled furthest to the event KTM mouted James Jenkins from Port Talbot finished the day in third place after an excellent ride.

As usual the sportsmans class was very competitive with all the riders setting a fierce pace. Lee Stansfield from Sowerby Bridge riding his KTM was the winner at the end of the divided race followed by Mr John Kerwin riding his Husqvarna to a very creditable second place. Third place went to Craig Thorpe riding his KTM.

Following the event trophies were presented to award winners by Grant Hacking the son of the late Doug Hacking. As well as the trophies Grant presented the winners with quality products for their valient efforts on the day. Justin of Ride-XC would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who attended this successful event and those who assisted in running the event. The event was certainly made even better by the good weather.

In conclusion Justin would like to thank the crew of the Air Ambulance who attended from Sheffield to deal with the rider who needed their assistance. The rider has now been released from hospital and is back at home.


EXPERT. 1. David Wood Yamaha 2. Andrew Cripps Kawasaki 3. Joe Deakin Husqvarna 4. James Wood Honda 5. Grant Hacking Kawasaki

OVER 40. 1. Manny Smith KTM 2. Anthony Crowe KTM 3. Mark Houson Husqvarna 4. Simon Bastow Yamaha 5. Chris Ball KTM

CLUBMAN. 1. Dom Garnham Honda 2. Jake Ingham Kawasaki 3. James Jenkins KTM 4. Mark Lakeland Honda 5. Paul Park KTM

SPORTSMAN. 1. Lee Stansfield KTM 2. John Kerwin Husqvarna 3. Craig Thorpe KTM 4. Paul Jackson Honda 5. Mick Bottomley KTM.

Ride-XC gets a fright !

Monster energy Fred Andrews Yamaha rider Jason Thomas will be returning to the UK as the GNCC series heads into the summer break, and ride-xc are pleased to announce he will be riding at there evening event at Abram motopark Wigan on Wednesday 8th July. Jason is currently in excellent form after winning the XC2 prolites class by a considerable margin at the last round and currently holds third in class in the worlds most competitive XC series. Also making his cross country debut in his hometown will be popular world supermoto and current British Supermoto number one Matt Winstanley, whilst Husqvarna rider Matt has a wealth of offroad experience including GP motocross it will be the first time he has undertook the 2hr cross country format and he assured event organiser Justin Wilson he looks forward to the challenge. Thomas and Winstanley will have some excellent competition as WEC Husqvarna rider Gav Houson, Eurotek KTM extreme specialist Paul Bolton and local KB Racing team leader Lincoln Brewster also head the line up and will all be giving 100%.

Current feedback from the over 40 sportsman and Clubman classes suggest these classes also look set to be hotly contested as riders are keen to take advantage of the current British Summertime and this one off event. With regret this event will have a limited entry of 100 riders, and with entries now coming in thick and fast anyone who wishes to ride should be thinking about giving Justin a call on 07973 374147 to confirm there entry . Gates will open at 4pm and action will start at 6.45 pm with a trophy presentation at 9pm. With Ride-XC still awaiting confirmation on a few riders it promises to be a great evening !

Ride XC's woodhouse winner

Ride XC's decision to use the spectacular Woodhouse Farm venue at Great Ayton NR Stokesley proved to be an excellent one, after visiting the venue a week prior to the event for a course inspection it was clear this was going to be a round of the series not to miss and the potential to be there best to date so far. The fantastic course situated high above Captain Cook's birthplace on the magnificent Yorkshire hillside features mature woodland with numerous tracks and trails flowing through it along with the added bonus of a motocross track. With conditions near perfect and many riders taking advantage of the camping facilities it was clear to the team from the off that an excellent weekends action was in store, with a training day on Saturday and race action right through Sunday, the Ride XC team had plotted a course which would see competitors enjoy lap times around the 10 minute mark around the flowing yet technical course.

The Youths got action underway on Sunday morning with Scott Altass putting in a very impressive performance over all his rivals leading from the word go to take the win, the young True Grit KTM rider proving he will be one to watch in the future. Whilst brothers Josef and Will Westgarth battled for second, Josef taking second and edging out his younger sibling who suffered from mechanical problems. The juniors again saw great performances none better than Dalton Shannon who revelled in the technical going, putting in lap after lap on the little KTM 65 even choosing at times to make the course a little longer and challenging. Eventual runner up Ross Johns put in a spirited performance with the little Suzuki rider battling away for 90 minutes on the technical course with another great ride.

After the Ride XC work party implemented track changes the full XC loop was ready and in place for 2.5 hours of race action, with the sun beating down and riders briefed on the importance of hydration, Event organiser Justin Wilson signalled the start of the adult race. Cumbrian Sandiford Husqvarna teamster Adam Smith made his intentions clear with an excellent start pushing from the very first lap to the last with a faultless display of riding keeping the well prepped husky singing for the entire 2.5 hours to take the overall win over Kawasaki mounted Andrew Cripps. Crippsy busy making final preparations for this years Scottish six day trial decided the usual all action Cripps style had to be tamed, with order of the day being a finish all be it a second placed one. Third place looked wide open until Ian Shannon managed to steer his little 200 KTM on to the last step of the podium with a cracking ride for third, edging out popular B+B Gas Gas rider Jason Crossland who made a welcome return to action after busy work commitments for round 2 .

The Clubman class possibly saw the best action of the day with some really close racing in the early stages it was Dominic Garnham who proved to strong for his rivals eventually pulling away to a classy win on the little fourstroke KTM completing 18 laps and being 3 minutes ahead of his nearest rival and eventual second place finisher Neil Marshall who in turn was being kept busy with Paul Johnson hot on his heels, the KTM rider losing out by just 22 seconds at the flag both completing 18 laps. Dean Johnson really deserved his win in the sportsman class, the Lancastrian KTM rider and Ride-XC regular finished on 16 laps beating nearest rival Karl Chadwick the only other sportsman rider to complete 16 laps by 2 minutes at the flag. But it was James Allan who in only his second XC event in exhausting conditions banked himself a podium finish and a fantastic trophy for his efforts coming home third on his trusty Yamaha, with an excellent ride. As the weekend drew to an end, a fantastic venue along with excellent weather made round 2 of Ride XC's Champs the best so far, the new championship is really taking shape with well structured classes ensuring great racing and worthy winners. Ride XC's Justin Wilson would like to thank all his marshals and everyone who attended and looks forward to seeing you all at round 3 which will be back in Lancashire . Wilson now heads to Back Cowm quarry were the team are busy preparing for Rnd 1 of the Endurocross Series on 3rd May, with a few surprises in store for the series and limited places available anyone wishing to ride or register for the entire series should give him a call on 07973 374 147 or visit www.ride-xc.co.uk 

EXPERTS 1 - Adam Smith Husqvarna 20 Laps 2 - Andrew Cripps Kawasaki 20 Laps 3 - Ian Shannon KTM 19 Laps 4 - Jason Crossland Gas Gas 19 Laps 5 - Grant Hacking Kawasaki 18 Laps

CLUBMAN 1 - Dominic Garnham KTM 18 Laps 2 - Neil Marshall KTM 18 Laps 3 - Paul Johnson KTM 18 Laps 4 - Robert Pierce Honda 17 Laps 5 - Colin Blunt Husqvarna 17 Laps

SPORTSMAN 1 - Dean Johnson KTM 16 Laps 2 - Karl Chadwick Yamaha 16 Laps 3 - James Allan Yamaha 15 Laps 4 - Luke Gorse KTM 15 Laps 5 - Danny Sillatoe KTM 15 Laps

Youths Senior B's 1 - Scott Altass KTM 20 Laps 2 - Josef Westgarth KTM 16 Laps 3 - Will Westgarth KTM 6 Laps

JUNIORS 1 - Dalton Shannon KTM 14 Laps 2 - Ross Johns Suzuki 12 Laps 3 - Sam Gardener KTM 8 Laps

NB The next Ride XC Practice Day will be at Abram Motopark Wigan April 26th

Biff's Dirty Weekend Sunday 22nd march 

Ride- XC's 2009 cross country series got underway at Abram motopark Wigan, with fantastic weather conditions leading up to the event the team had been busy undertaking some extensive track repairs to the popular northwest venue. This hard work paid off as Sunday morning dawned to provide a great opener to Ride-XC's up and coming championship.

The days event was underway at 11am prompt with the experts and over 40's being first off the line , it was Biff Smith who managed to get the Ipone oils Holeshot award with the KB Racing KTM trio hot in pursuit .GBXC rider and Man on form Lincoln Brewster would take the lead but was coming under pressure from a hard charging team mate Roland Morris, who at half distance looked a sure bet for the win until his pace proved maybe a little to quick with a big get off at the 2 hour mark leaving top honours open for Brewster and Smith, with the ever improving Smith edging out Brewster on the penultimate lap to claim the win leaving Brewster second and KB Racings youth division Lewis Bellfield third. Wigan teenager Gary Daniels fourth and Husqvarna mounted Martin Sandiford fifth .

The Over 40's class always throws up a mixed bag of riders, many of which would be at home in the experts hence the decision to start the class with the experts. Yorkshire rider Ian Shannon battled for the win all day over D3 KTM rider Karl Greenall both eventually finishing on 18 laps with Husqvarna Timecard man Leo Cordingley third. Rob Butler fourth and Ian Coburn fifth .

The Clubman class saw Paddy Langham put in faultless performance managing to put a lap on all his rivals, claiming a well deserved win after a long lay off through leg injuries. Second place went to Billy Robinson who put in an excellent ride to finish on 16 laps with Ride- XC newcomer Yorkshire based Gas Gas rider Chris Berrill in third. Fourth place went to Husqvarna rider Paul Horridge relegating Robert Maxwell to fifth.

Last away but by no means least where the sportsman who seem to enjoy some of the closest riding ,but stand out class winner on the day was Mark Fletcher finishing a good six minutes ahead of second placed Ride-XC regular Chris Hey who was locked in a race long battle with third place finisher Mike Leadbetter. After 16 laps of competition 25 seconds separated the pair at the finish. Next home was Jake Ingram on 15 laps who was just 13 seconds up on fifth placed Dean Johnson.

With all trophy winners receiving there quality awards after an excellent days sport blessed with great weather ,round one was hailed a major success. Results

With hard working Event Organiser Justin Wilson the Ride-XC team are now heading to Woodhouse Farm Great Ayton for Round 2 of the Series, Which will be run over the weekend 18th/19th of April the venue is perfect offering the perfect mixture of woods with an mx track looping through it. This event will also have the added feature of a youth and ladies race with excellent camping facilities and fantastic course in store riders are urged to book in early . For event info visit www.ride-xc.co.uk or call Justin on 07973 374147.


Ride-XC got underway again this weekend after a short layoff with the running of their 'Back from the Ashes Enduro'. After a late venue change because of recent bad weather an entirely new course was plotted by the Ride-XC team at their Abram Motopark venue.

With the week running up to the event blessed with sunshine it seemed to be too good to be true, when the Ride-XC team woke on Sunday morning to be greeted by even more sunshine. With an excellent entry seeing all the local faces and friends in the Enduro world taking part in Ride-XC's first event, the stage had been set for some cracking racing.

At 11am the race was underway with the expert and over 40 classes heading the field away first. After lap 1 it was no surprise to see KB Racing's Lincoln Brewster appear at lap scoring first closely followed by the pack of pursuing experts. As the race developed Brewster again put in another classy performance pulling away to take his little 200 KTM to yet another win. Second place went to a rather sore Andrew Cripps, who was nursing a leg injury after an uncharacteristic big mid week crash, which as it turned out after a trip to casualty needed to be placed in a pot! Third and fourth positions were finally settled after what seemed like a race long battle between Sandiford teamster Adam Smith and Grant Hacking, with Adam finally claiming third and relegating Kawasaki supremo Grant to fourth. By far the most dramatic ending to the day was between local rider Lewis Belfield and Cumbrian D3 KTM rider Andrew Hackett whose race long battle ended in a big heap at the last corner. Both riders showed great sportsmanship and crossed the line with nothing between them to finish fifth and sixth.

With the excellent track conditions it wasn't just the experts who were enjoying all the close racing as the over 40's joined in on the action, it looked like it was going to be a three way scrap for top honours. Unfortunately regular top over 40's rider John Lofthouse was put out of action early on due to a mechanical failure, which turned it into a two way race long battle between Anthony Crowe and Ian Shannon. Both riders rode an excellent race but unfortunately for Shannon a small mistake in one of the extreme sections saw him lose time relegating him to second whilst Crowe took top honours. Third place went to Husqvarna mounted Simon Bastow (pictured) whose trip over the Pennines proved a worthwhile decision. Coming home in fourth place was local 'big man' Ian Edge who put in an excellent performance riding his trusty Gas Gas.

The clubman class were the second line away from the start, but like the experts this class again was dominated by another KTM rider in the form of Levi Johnson. His race win and performance would suggest a trip to the expert class is looming for the big Lancastrian but nonetheless a great ride. Second place was also another classy performance by Chris Ball on his little Honda 250X. who was obviously enjoying the great course laid out. Dominic Garnham had also made the trip over the Pennines, like many others, to take third place and his first piece of Ride-XC silverware home. Unfortunately Lee Ioannou ran into trouble late in the race costing the Husqvarna rider out of a certain trophy, position allowing Rob McCloud through to fourth and Neil Marshall into fifth.

The sportsman class who were last to leave the line saw David Dudley claim the win over the ever improving and very impressive Jane Daniels, who claimed second and looks like a young lady who will be creating a stir in the clubman class anytime soon. Local KTM rider Craig Hey secured the last podium spot with another great performance. Taking part in his first Enduro was local trials ace Paul Heys, who managed to take fourth place without sitting down for the entire race suggesting we may see a new trend in removing the seat to save weight. In fifth place and claiming the last trophy was Clitheroe based Sherman Lofthouse.

Whilst all the Ride-XC trophy winners rode excellent races great performances were seen right through the field from riders of all abilities. However it was the Sportsman class which really stood out at this event. This class for Ride-XC is the lifeline for riders coming into the sport and couldn't have been better demonstrated by female KTM rider Michelle Thiele who put in a cracking ride to complete her first event and sum up what Ride-XC is all about, a great days sport for everyone!!


EXPERT. 1. Lincoln Brewster KTM 2. Andrew Cripps Kawasaki 3. Adam Smith Honda 4. Grant Hacking Kawasaki 5. Lewis Belfield KTM
OVER 40. 1. Anthony Crowe Husqvarna 2. Ian Shannon KTM 3. Simon Bastow Huisqvarna 4. Ian Edge Gas Gas 5. Simon Nutter Husqvarna
CLUBMAN. 1. Levi Johnson KTM 2. Chris Ball Honda 3. Dominic Garnham KTM 4. Rob McCloud Yamaha 5. Neil Marshall Yamaha
SPORTSMAN. 1. David Dudley KTM 2. Jane Daniels KTM 3. Craig Hey KTM 4. Paul Heys Gas Gas 5. Sherman Lofthouse KTM

Enduro Practice Days
Abram Motorpark Wigan

After competing in the recent WEC round in Llanidloes, Wales the Ride - XC team are now back at Abram Motopark Wigan for their ever popular practice days. Riders are now invited to come and brush up on their off-road skills from this Thursday.

Thursdays begin at 12 noon sharp and go right through to 7.30pm. Whilst Saturdays will rum from 10am to 5 pm. This should give riders plenty of time in a relaxed friendly and safe environment.

Justin Wilson of Ride-XC would like to stress that everyone is welcome from the total beginner to the expert. With tips and friendly advice to anyone who may need it being all part of the Ride-XC day, there really is something for everyone.

The feedback on these days is proving very rewarding for the Ride-XC team with the facility welcoming new faces and friends each week. The team are now seeing riders growing in confidence on a weekly basis with the relaxed atmosphere giving riders the time and space needed to improve his or her skills to conquer those difficult situations which races throw up.

At present after the recent bad weather the track is due to be graded with some changes to keep things a bit different for the regulars. With practicing becoming an increasing problem the venue will be open through August, so check out www.ride-xc.co.uk  for up and coming dates and details or alternatively call Justin on 07973 374147.

July dates still to come are Thursday the 24th Sat the 26th and Thursday the 31st at Abram Motorpark, Park Lane, Abram. Wigan. WN2 5XP