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It is a historic day for SHERCO. The French off-road motorcycle brand finishes 6th in the 2021 Dakar with Lorenzo Santolino!

It was a mechanical victory also, because SHERCO is the only manufacturer in this edition to have taken all its machines that were entered all the way to the finish (3/3). They were all able to finish despite particularly difficult conditions, in the sand, after 7,646 kilometers of racing and nearly 50 hours of specials.

The 3 SHERCO 450 SEF Rally bikes and riders arrived in Jeddah in 6th, 19th and 20th position, all in the top 20.

Results :

Lorenzo Santolino (ES) : 6th

Rui Goncalves (PT) : 19th

Harith Noah (IN): 20th


Stage 11 had the longest special of this 2021 Dakar, the 11th stage was both expected and feared. On the eve of the finish, our 3 riders did an excellent job today and they continued to move up in the overall standings.

Lorenzo Santolino finished 7th for the stage and has moved up to 6th overall, just 19 seconds behind Skyler Howes and 5th place. The Spaniard road alone today, he rode a clean race and rode at a good rhythm. Halfway through the special, he showed remarkable composure. After a navigation error, he was lost for a few minutes but remained calm and quickly found the waypoint without losing much time. He is now asserting his status as a rider to be contended with in this 2021 Dakar.

Lorenzo is physically and mentally ready to go for a top 5 tomorrow and the whole Sherco family will be behind him to carry him to Jeddah. Vamos Santo!

Rui Goncalves navigated well today and is regaining the pace he had at the start of Dakar. He had a good special and finished 14th for the stage. He is 20th overall. This first experience in Saudi Arabia has been fruitful in incidents and at the same time he has had the opportunity to learn a lot. Rui emerges grown up and what he has learned is already visible at the end of Dakar.

Harith Noah has been improving every day since the start of this second week and continues his streak of performances. He finished 18th in the stage, and is 22nd overall, he has also learned a lot in this Dakar and has already surpassed his first achievements. Today, he had a good rhythm with the group but decided to slow down through the dunes and follow his own navigation. This was a judicious and intelligent choice since he finished well and moved up a few places in the general standings. On the eve of the final, he is still in great shape and has shown that he has a good race strategy during these 2 weeks.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

Once again, I am very proud of everyone. Proud of my riders, who today had a great strategy for the race and proud of my team, because they have given their all, every day, without complaining.

The tension is felt by all of us on the eve of the finish. The 15 days of racing have weighed heavily on all the teams and the suspense remains with only 19 seconds between 5th and 6th place. Everyone is ready, I have confidence for tomorrow!

2021 DAKAR - Stage #10 Neom - Al-Ula

This 10th stage started the great descent to Jeddah. Our riders are always attentive and in good shape. Lorenzo's consistency and calm are paying off, he is in 7th place overall tonight, on the eve of a very big stage. Rui recovered from his big fall on Monday and regained his rhythm and his position, Harith continues to amaze and continues having good results.

Lorenzo Santolino raced a nice special and had good rhythm. It was a dangerous track with a lot of navigation and despite a small error at the start of the special, he finished well. He is ready for tomorrow which contains a long special which will surely be decisive for the outcome of this Dakar. He finished 9th in the stage, he is now 7th overall!

Rui Goncalves started a long way back this morning but fought his way clear. He has recovered from his crash and will be in the right position to be able to attack tomorrow. He finished the stage 19th and is 22nd overall.

Harith Noah continues to delight us. Every day is better than the last. He is in great shape and would even like for the Dakar to be extended by a week. A true leader on the track, he has learned how to navigate, and other riders line up behind him to move forward. This 2nd Dakar is a revelation for the rider who finished the day in 16th place and has moved up to 24th place overall. Well done Harith!

David CASTEU, Team Manager

Another great day that makes me proud of our riders and the whole team. This evening everything has been carefully scrutinized so as to leave nothing to chance before a particularly long and difficult special scheduled for tomorrow. The 450 SEF Rally bikes have held up without batting an eyelid after more than 6,600 kilometers under extreme conditions. I am also proud of the work carried out by the competition team, the R&D team and the Sherco factory, who work behind the scenes to allow us to get here and compete. From now on, the watchword for everyone is to stay the course, the end is approaching, and we plan to finish strong!


The conclusion of the marathon stage was an eventful day. Lorenzo had a good day overall, coming back into contact with the top 10. Rui fell heavily, but fortunately not serious. Harith continues his consistency, he is having some excellent days.

Lorenzo Santolino raced very well today. He rode cautiously to spare his tire and decided to make sure he finished well, he finished 12th and returned to 9th place overall.

Rui Goncalves was racing neck and neck with Ross Branch from kilometer 50, however he crashed at the 200-kilometer mark. A moment of inattention for our Portuguese rider and he crashed hard and caused heavy damage to his 450 SEF Rally. He twisted the handlebars and damaged the fuel tank. He was able to make the necessary repairs and managed to complete the special with only 50 mins lost, he finished in 40th position. He is now 25th in the general classification.

He suffers from pain in his ankle and elbow and will go to the doctor this evening, but he will be on the starting line tomorrow morning.

Harith Noah is still having a good race. He finished 29th today, he is very consistent. He is also organized and rigorous in his preparation for each stage, he brought a very clean motorcycle back to the bivouac after these 2 days without assistance. He is currently 32nd overall.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

Once again, a long night awaits our mechanics. We are lucky to have the 3 motorcycles at the bivouac tonight, Lorenzo’s and Harith's are in perfect condition. The team will be working all night so that Rui's is ready the race tomorrow.

We are now entering the last, most important days of the race. The 450 SEF Rally are doing very well, the riders are in good shape, and more motivated than ever!


After the rest day Lorenzo Santolino started the day at a strong pace. His brakes were not working properly at the end of the special, so he rode the rest of the race at a careful pace in order to avoid falling and damaging the bike on this marathon stage. He arrived at Sakaka this evening in 13th and remains 11th in the general classification.

Rui Goncalves rode on his home ground today. When attacking in the sand, he was concerned that he might run out of fuel, but he managed to arrive at the refueling station without any problem. Our rookie is continuing his training, and he proved to be a model teammate tonight at the bivouac of this unassisted marathon stage, where he gave his rear brake to Lorenzo. A very nice gesture Rui!
He was 22nd today, and 26th overall.

Harith Noah had an excellent stage. Despite his injuries last week, he is still in great shape and has one of his best performances on the Dakar with a 25th place. He is in 33rd position overall.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

For the very first time, we are here at the marathon stage camp. The restrictions related to the health conditions oblige us to be present here at the camp where the riders will sleep. In a marathon stage they do not have any support from the mechanics, they are on their own.

In general, everything is going very well, the riders have picked up their pace after the rest day, and I am proud to see the mutual support and cohesion that reigns within our team.


The first week of this 2021 Dakar has seen the SHERCO FACTORY riders at the forefront! Lorenzo Santolino took 5th place in the first stage, then a 4th place in the 6th while Rui Goncalves in his first participation in the Dakar inaugurated a top 10 with a 9th place in the 3rd stage.

Lorenzo Santolino started very strong this morning. He finished the first week in 8th place overall after fighting at the forefront all week. He has proven to be one of the best and we are very proud of his performance!

It was a day for Rui Goncalves. Comfortable in the dunes with his own motocross style, he impressed many of his competitors on the first part of the special. He was the victim of a broken fuel connection; it broke down a few kilometers from the refueling station. He lost some time, but he got it repaired and was able to rally and finish in 35th place. He is 28th in the general classification at the end of this first week.

Harith Noah has regained confidence after his series of falls. 27th today he finished this week with a 35th place overall.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

Happy to arrive at the end of the first week of racing, we have a day off and it will be a full overhaul of men and machines. After an intense first week, the riders are still in good shape and the results are very positive.

This year the regulations only allow 6 tires per rider for the duration of the race and we are relieved to be able to count on Michelin, they provide us with exceptional products with the Desert Race tire and prototype foams. Michelin has been following us for years on the Dakar, they are with us in the bivouac and come to check the riders' tires every day.

DAKAR 2021 - Stage #5

Riyadh - Al Qaisumah

The promotors announced that today would be difficult with 456 km of special and 205 km of liaison. It was back to normal for Lorenzo Santolino, who, freed from his stomach pains, had a wonderful day up front. It was a very good day for our Spanish rider who finished 4th today and moved up to 6th in the overall.

Rui Goncalves was riding in the dust of the competition which blinded him. He was in a hurry to catch up and hit a rock which caused him to fall heavily at the 200-kilometer mark. He slightly injured his shoulder but he was able to finish the special in 34th place and remained in 28th position overall. Our rookie is learning every day!

Harith Noah fell again today, fortunately it was not serious for him or for the bike. He encountered some difficulty restarting because of a damaged connector in the electrical system. He managed to make the repair and finished 41st for a 39th place in the general classification.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

Apprehension and then relief following from a distance and then seeing the riders arrive, especially with the excellent performance by Lorenzo today.

The 3 bikes are still in the race, and our riders are currently fulfilling the contract perfectly. The days are difficult, and tomorrow has been announced as a complicated day. The whole team is in full swing and will continue giving their best until the rest day on Saturday.

2021 DAKAR - Stage #4

Wadi Ad-Dawasir > Riyadh

Some days ar better than others, it is the Dakar! Between navigation problems for Rui Goncalves and a fall at high speed for Harith Noah, Lorenzo Santolino continued at a good pace, he finished the day in 12th place, which keeps him in 12th place overall.

Lorenzo Santolino maintained his position. Despite the difficulties encountered and a few stomach aches, our rider was in charge. 12th today. He remains 12th in the general classification 12 minutes behind the leader after more than 15 hours of specials.

Rui Goncalves had his first major navigation error today. He got lost and conceded 43 minutes. He finished the stage in 44th position, for a 28th place in the general classification.

Harith Noah fell really hard today. Our rider did not sustain any serious injuries and will be at the start tomorrow. A long night awaits the team mechanics to refurbish the 450 SEF Rally. He reached the finish line in 66th position, for a 37th place in the general classification.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

The big fall of Harith will have had the benefit of underlining a great mutual support within the team. All our mechanics will be working late tonight to repair and allow our rider to start tomorrow morning with a bike in perfect condition.

I would like to thank Furygan, who equips our jackets with his Airbag System. This additional protection was decisive in preserving our rider as much as possible during his fall. Made mandatory this year, this innovation saw the brand's return to the Panther, always committed to strengthening the safety of riders, which is their daily mission outside of this race.

2021 DAKAR - Stage #3

Wadi Ad-Dawasir > Wadi Ad-Dawasir

The loop of this 3rd stage had the riders traversing on some rocky terrain that was like riding trials type sections at the start of the stage and then finishing in some soft sand. There were a lot of starts, stops and direction changes causing them to have to pay close attention to their navigation. It was in these conditions that our rookie Rui Goncalves made a remarkable breakthrough.

Lorenzo Santolino rode alone today, this kept him from having to submit to the yoyo effect and having to ride with extreme caution. He finished 13th but closed the gap overall. On the evening of this 3rd stage, he is 11th overall at just 10 minutes off the leader.

Rui Goncalves stayed on the wheels of the top riders this morning and learned a lot. He had great rhythm throughout the special, he was in 4th position after passing through several CPs, an amazing feat for our rookie. He finished in a very good 9th place; he thrilled the team all day!

Harith Noah has fully entered his race, he gained a few places today and finished 27th in this stage. Harith is very comfortable on his 450 SEF Rally, on which he smashed the motorcycle speed record today: 172km/h.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

The riders are listening and the strategies that we put in place are paying off. The team is moving forward calmly, despite the problems we have encountered, such as the water we had in the gasoline.

Today I want to focus on Motul, our main partner and who has been with us since our beginnings at the Dakar. After these first days of racing, we note that the 300V, the oil in our engines, comes back very clean every day which confirms that it is an exceptional quality of lubrication. The analysis of samples taken every day from the race and the assistance of the Motul technicians present on site allows us to gain engine reliability every year. It is a huge asset in this type of race, and we are very grateful for it.

2021 DAKAR - Stage #2

Bisha - Wadi Ad-Dawasir

Today’s stage was long with 457 kilometers of special and the first appearance of the dunes in this 2021 Dakar!

Lorenzo Santolino rode in front today, his navigation was excellent, and he had the same rhythm as the best riders, he actually opened up the track for several kilometers. He lost a few minutes at the end of this long 457km special and finished 13th, but he retained a strategic 10th place overall.

Rui Goncalves has gained a lot of confidence in his navigation skills. He also handled the riders in his group well. He is very attentive to instructions; he is progressing very quickly and could surprise us even before the end of this Dakar. He finished 21st in this stage, for a 25th place overall.

Harith Noah finished 32nd for the day. He arrived at Wadi Ad-Dawasir fresh and confirmed his great form. He finished in the 30s today, which is one of his best performances on a Dakar and seems to have found the tempo that will allow him to push when the time comes.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

The years of experience of the Sherco Factory team and the preparation for this 2021 Dakar are paying off, the 450 SEF RALLY are perfectly reliable and are running very well. The riders feel confident and no one crashed in this tricky and trying stage.

Despite everything, the mechanics have some checking and maintenance work, the soft sand and the 457km have left some marks!

2021 DAKAR - Stage #1

Jeddah > Bisha

Stage 1 is in the books and it was a good start for the Sherco Factory team!

A day with our riders full of confidence with an excellent 5th place finish for Lorenzo Santolino after having ridden a very masterful special.

Lorenzo Santolino is our man of the day. There is no doubt that he has definitely entered the world of the top riders for this 2021 Dakar. After a special that he rode prudently without taking any risks, he finished 5th, for a 5th position overall. Bravo Santo!

Rui Goncalves is validating his transition to the world of Rally-Raid with an excellent start to the special. His chain guide broke which took him off his pace. He lost some time getting his chain back in position as it had lodged in the gearbox output pinion. He is continuing to learn, today he had a successful mechanics lesson. He is in 27th place.

Harith Noah finished 31st. He is concentrating and riding well, he is eager to do battle with the more physical stages, where his condition will make a difference.

David CASTEU, Team Manager

This team is fabulous, they have blue blood running through their veins! It is also great for us that we have passionate and efficient mechanics within the factory competition team.

I would like to thank BOS, our suspension partner, who are present with us and are traveling with us. They are listening, and making adjustments that the riders want made, the riders feel safe and they are very grateful.