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Brechfa 2011

This years Brechfa event has had a revamp, with many new changes from the traditional format of the past few seasons.

The new start area and covered Parc Ferme will be situated in the market town of Llanybydder, using the hard standing concrete yards of Evans Bros livestock market.

There is ample parking for motor homes and caravans within the mart grounds, all conveniently located within 200 yards of the local shops, Supermarkets and take away restaurants. There are also camping facilities available adjacent to the paddock.

As usual, the championship class will start proceedings on Saturday morning. They will ride just over half a mile of tarmac, to warm the bikes up prior to the start of the first cross country test of the day at llwyncrwn woodland ,which is a new location for DDBC.

From here, another short run of road work will take them on to the start of forestry last used in the ISCA of back in the day!

this route is approximately 14 miles of flowing track that will pass through forestry and over open moorland until they reach the 2nd test of the day right at the Main Brechfa forest entrance. This motocross test is easily accessible for both spectators and support crew.

A quick blast from here will take the rider into the Brechfa forest for fuel and the start of the forest checks, where all riders will do several laps , depending on class , of the 25 mile loop that has been used over the last couple of years. The end of each lap will incorporate the MX Test.

The day will finish off with the ride back over the mountain to the cross country test and the precheck at the Market.

Day 2 will follow the same route and format with one change being one lap less for all classes.

On Saturday evening, there will be catering facilities available, including a licensed bar and Hog roast for everyone to enjoy, in the friendly atmosphere that the club are trying hard to achieve.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the event, please feel free to contact...... Details - Regs

Tom Sagar wins a wet Brechfa  
Photo: Ian Ramsbottom

Dyfed Dirt Bike Club's Brechfa - sponsored by Melingoed Sawmills - is a classic Welsh forest timecard enduro that caters for the complete range of riding ability from Sportsman to World class. The entry was full with weeks in hand. British Champion & last year's winner - Tom Sagar - headed the list with strong contenders like Simon Wakely & Aston Bird from the MPS Husqvarna team as well as local riders with a wealth of experience in the Welsh forests like Ashley Wood Andrew Edwards & the Jones Boys. The weather would test them all.

Unfortunately the warm, sunny Spring had given way to a typical Welsh Summer of torrential rain, high winds & hale. There was no camping at the start for any hardy souls that fancied a challenge so most of the riders drove to the forest in the morning through a wall of water. The parking stretched for half a mile along the forestry road from the start which penalised the short of time & the short of legs. The rain stopped for scrutineering & by the 10am start the weather was good but overcast.The lap was 27 miles & Clerk of the Course Myles Rosser set a challenging schedule with 5 laps for the Championship, 4 laps for the Experts/Vets A, 3 laps for the Clubman/Vets B/Side Car Experts. 2 laps for Clubman Sidecars/Sportsman.

Dylan Jones & Jon Hinam led the riders of the line at 2 a minute. Mike Rees led off the Expert E1 class on his new knees. Marty Jones braced himself with the principle that prevention is better than cure. There was one out check. The first stage started with a 29 minute allowance tightening to 17 minutes for the fast lads on the last lap. The bikes were fitted with transponders for the special test but the tight times on the final lap would be crucial.110 was late starting & may incur a 60pt penalty for firing up in the parc ferme. Paul Morgan was the first rider back to the start with a blocked breather. 118 drove his sidecar with one hand. All the traveling chicanes found the going. Of the 7 sidecar clubmen only Richard Chandler finished. David Williams & Graham McPhee won the Expert SC class. Aled & Ieuan Evans were the runners up.

The test was a combination of steep woodland & a MX track that was well watered. As the riders completed the first lap, the rain returned. It was heavy but unfortunately Wayne Golding couldn't get enough & his engine boiled dry when the water pump gasket failed. The Brechfa is a popular venue - partly because of the good base that holds up well - but as the weather deteriorated the Clerk gf the Course took the difficult decision to cut a lap. High wind & forestry are not a good combination.

Tom Sagar won all 3 test & took the win with a clean card on a dirt day. Ash Wood was the runner up. David Lloyd Jones was the best Expert E1 ahead of Rob Reese. Mike Rees was 3rd. Alun Jones dropped a minute but still won the E2 & Martin Lewis was the runner up. Anthony Griffiths set the fastest E3 test times but lost 3 minutes on the going so Gary Jenkins won the class. Wyn Hughes won the Expert Vets & Calvin Williams was the runner up. Darren Jones was the best Vet B. Charlie Evans was the fastest Clubman. Ioan Jones won the E1 class and Wyn Evans was the best E3. Despite the tough conditions 100 of the 120 starters were classified as finishers


Photos available from Ian Ramsbottom 

Brechfa 08 

At the end of a dismal summer, the Dyfed Dirt Bike Club's lit up the Brechfa with the smiles of happy riders. Despite the overnight rain, the day dawned with sunshine & the occasional shower. The organisers combined a course that remained rideable with times that tested every class. Tom Sagar - on route to the ISDE in Greece - was the only Expert to finish with a clean card. He didn't hold back & set 3 amazing test time - 20% up on the second placed rider Chris Hooper. Wyn Hughes in the Veteran A class proved he has lost none of his fire by beating Tom's fastest time on his second test. David Price was runner up. Tom's dad Paul kept his son company from the relative comfort of the vets & finished 5th. Paul Green was out tyre testing & winning the Veteran B class. The team of Jones & Brown won the Expert sidecars with a clean card ahead of Williams & Mcphee. Davies & Williams won the Clubman sidecars. This event deserved a lot more entries & with a retirement rate of around 10% it should get them. Results

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The Dyfed Dirt Bike Club held their Brechfa Enduro on Sunday 13th May. It was the first round of the ACU British Sidecar & the Welsh 4T Championships. A week of rain had softened the forest & heavy rain on the day would soften the riders resolve.

The course consisted of a 32 mile lap with 2 out checks. The 2nd stage was the tight check & the short 3rd check was XC Special Test.

The event was an ISDE team qualification & team manager Dusty Martin was an interested spectator. With David Knight competing in America & Paul Edmondson & last year's winner Tom Sagar at WOR Events GBHS Rd1, the event was wide open. Par Homes sponsored Ashley Wood drove from the Scottish Six Days & arrived at 2.30am. Alan Davies passed scrutineering but discovered a crack in his pipe. 

The combined Championship & Expert class started at 10.01 & went off in groups of 4 followed by the Sidecars, Veterans, Clubmen & Sportsmen. The schedule was 4 laps for the solo Champ/Experts, 3 laps for the Champ S/C, Veterans & Clubmen, 2 laps for the Clubman S/C & Sportsman. The Championship Sidecar times were very tight on the first lap & only the Barnetts stayed clean. Bill Bradford in the Sidecar class lost his right hand peg on the first lap. The test was temporarily stopped while 164 David Thomas was recovered with a popped kneecap. Tom Knill retired with a burnt out clutch. Goggles were discarded & Chris Roberts from Llangollen was one of several riders who retired with badly scratched eyes. Andy Morgan was on target for a good result when the cold got into the teeth of his front sprocket & they chattered themselves to pieces on a shail climb. Riders 146/7/8 rode together & retired together but they enjoyed what they did. They penultimate Championship stage was timed to perfection with only one rider - Edward Jones - arriving on time. Their final test was a lottery with a sidecar on the course. Peter Jacob was a long way from Morriston to lose his bumbag containing his car keys & mobile. Finishers received awards which doubled as calculators. A useful item to judge by the number of timecards with blank ETA columns.

Edward Jones (above) was the winner & Andrew Edwards was the runner up. The Special test deteriorated throughout the day but Ollie Moyce in 3rd was one of the few Experts to improve on his earlier times. A few of the others may have fallen victim to a stranded outfit. Steve & Ian Barnett won the Championship Sidecar class ahead of Graham Jones & Simon Brown. The Rowlands team (pictured above) were going well but had a disastrous 2nd test. Only 2 out of 11 outfits in the programme  finished. Nigel & Richard Smith won the Clubman class ahead of Chris Mallaber & G McPhee. The Sparkes outfit were 3rd. Paul Davies was the Best Veteran & Steve Davies was the runner up. Katrina Price was 3rd. Gareth Hopkins won the Clubman class ahead of Ricky Penhaligon. Keith Fletcher was the Best Sportsman ahead of Colin Newman.

The 2007 Brechfa was a classic Welsh enduro that called for grit & determination. Mostly the determination to ignore the grit. Congratulation to Dyfed DBC for organising a great event & congratulations to the riders who rode it. 

Timing by Cambrian-timing. Photos available from Keith Bowen 

Brechfa 2006

The Dyfed Dirt Bike Club Brechfa Enduro 15th May. The steep, rocky climbs & descents of the Brechfa suited Tom Sagar (left) & he won the premier. Greg Evans is returning to fitness after a serious wrist injury in the Six Days & he did well to take the runner up. Rob Faulkner continues to dominate the Veterans. He posted faster times than the Best Clubman. After a lay off Gerald Poole also did well to take 2nd place in the Over 40s. The Best Clubman was John Carwyn. In the sidecar class Simon Rogers won the Premier & the Barnetts were the runners up.

Although newly formed DDBC have found the secret to putting on courses that riders like to ride. Out of the 135 starters there only 5 retirements.

Report by Huw Watkins

Results Photos available Keith Bowen & Gary Jones

Knight wins round two of the British Enduro Championship

D3-Racing KTM rider David Knight extended his lead in the ’05 British Enduro Championship series with victory at the second round of the championship on April 17, the Dyfed Dirt Bike Club organised Brechfa Enduro. The first one-day event of the ’05 championship, the Brechfa Enduro proved to be one of the most challenging British championship races for several years as heavy rain coupled with a challenging course resulted in an extremely demanding event for all competitors.

Faced initially with five laps of the course, which would have seen the Championship class riders competing for close to eight hours, the organisers were forced to cancel the final lap of the event due to the worsening conditions. With one cross-country special test deciding the results in the Championship class, the wooded test proved to be every bit as challenging as the course and consisted of a mixture of fast, flowing tracks and tight and twisty, and extremely slippery, corners.

For David the event proved to be an extremely successful and enjoyable one. Topping the days opening special test by only hundredths of a second, David then went on to top the remaining three timed special test in the Championship class. In winning all four tests David finished over 16 seconds ahead of his nearest rival in the overall standings and comfortably topped the Enduro 3 class.

Knowing that the event was going to be a long and challenging one, David decided to ride cautiously during the morning to save his rear tyre for the latter stages of the event. With the course becoming extremely rough and rutted, David caught half a dozen slower riders on the third test of the day but still managed to post the fastest time.

David Knight: “I really enjoyed the event, it was spot on, but it got pretty difficult towards the end of the day because I got so cold I couldn’t feel my hands. The last check of each lap was great fun to ride and really challenging.

“My first lap went well. Everything went well on the first test but it was difficult because there were no ruts to follow and the ground was extremely slippery. I just tried to stay as smooth as I could and keep away from the roots that started to come through. I didn’t have any problems on the rest of the lap and the course wasn’t too difficult early on. I was just trying to save my tyre because we were supposed to ride for five laps so I knew that I’d need a good edge for the last couple of laps.

“My second test was good. I just tried to keep the four-stroke in the ruts because it was still really slippery in the trees. Although the check times tightened up a little the rest of the lap wasn’t too bad although the track was already starting to cut up pretty badly.

“I got the first part of the test on the third lap really good but then I caught a Championship class rider and three Clubman. I clipped a tree as I tried to pass one of the Clubman and had to follow him for a while before I could get passed. When I’d passed those I came across two more lying on the ground – I think I must have passed about six riders in total in that test, which would have cost me some time.

“The last check of lap three was starting to get a bit of a mess but I still had some time at the end of it, despite having to pass a few riders.

“Lap four was great because I knew it was the last lap and I could start to have some fun and abuse my tyres. With the test being so slippery I wanted to keep my tyres in as good condition as possible for as long as possible, but on the last lap I really started to ride the bike hard on the forest roads. The test was rough and cut up, and the rain made it really slippery, but I didn’t make any mistakes and it felt ok. I just pushed where I could and slipped and slid my way around the rest of it.

“There were a load of riders stuck on the last hill but I just pushed my way through and had about three minutes to spare at the check. The event was great fun to ride but it’s a shame that it rained as much as it did. Considering how bad the weather was, and that it was the first time the Dyfed Dirt Bike Club has run a BEC event, it’s hard to fault the event. The club put on a really enjoyable course, and a lot of work into the test. I hope that they decide to run the event as a British championship again in the future, just with slightly better weather.”

Honda Racing Fast Eddy Par Homes

After racing in last weeks WEC the team where greeted with quite different conditions for the Brecfa enduro and the 2nd round of the BEC. It proved to be a very good event well worthy of BEC status and especially for the championship class riders. Rain during the event turned the course into a proper enduro and although maybe tough for the clubman all team riders left the event with a positive opinion. Although official results have not yet been released team owner and rider Paul Edmondson came away with a win in E2 class and second overall to David Knight. Paul said "to beat David at the moment is very hard not only for me but even the best in the world so to finish second isn't so bad. Also changing back to the 250 two stroke has been easier than I expected". Other team members had a rough time however; young Simon Wakely had a high speed crash in the third test and hurt his shoulder quite bad. Euan McConnel also crashed in his first test but was not injured. The next event for the team is the 3rd round of the WEC in Italy in three weekend's time.


Yesterday was the 2nd round of the 2005 British Enduro Championship organised by the Dyfed Dirt Bike Club deep in the Brechfa forest in South Wales. The event was just what was needed after the first round at the Breckland which favoured the MX riders. This event was an 'old-school', proper Enduro that you would expect in Wales with a demanding course, superb cross country test and crap weather! The only thing that spoiled the day was an unfortunate eye injury to Championship veteran Richard Hay on the very last check where a flying rock decided to stop Richard in his tracks. Let me tell you this, for something to stop the 'Terminator' of the sport, Richard must have been hurt pretty damn bad. Get well soon! Anyway, where the incident happened was a very tough single track climb which was then blocked by Richard and his stricken YAMAHA so many of the concerned Championship riders were forced to lose time with a blocked course. The Clerk of the Course, unfortunately had no choice but to cancel the final check time. The event certainly sorted the men out from the boys and most of the championship riders had only praise for the event.

As expected 'WORLD LEADER' David Knight (KTM) won the event with PAUL EDMONDSON (HONDA) yet again in second place.

GAS GAS No.1 rider PAUL WHIBLEY finished 4th in the E2 class and 6th overall. A little off the pace and maybe riding a little too safely in the tests nevertheless produced a good solid result if not spectacular. Whibz is adjusting positively to his new machine and looks forward to another s**thole event at the 3rd round, again in Wales in August.

GAS GAS No.2 rider TOM SAGAR had a superb result with 6th in the E2 class and 9th overall. As expected Tom, loved the forestry going and attacked the test with his natural riding style. Well done!

Both riders had no problems all day with their EC250s.

The GG duos next UK event is now 2nd round of the FAST EDDY RACE SERIES @ Ellesmere on 19th June. Whibz is off Italy in 3 weeks time for the 3rd round of the World Enduro Championship and Toms' next event is the Scottish Six Days Trial in 2 weeks time.

Runner-up finishes for Bolter and Birch at Brechfa Enduro

Husky Sport Husqvarna riders Daryl Bolter and Chris Birch both finished within the top ten of the overall Championship class results, and in second place in their respective Enduro 1 and Enduro 2 classes, at the recent Dyfed Dirt Bike Club organised Brechfa Enduro, round two of the ’05 British Enduro Championship.

With six weeks having passed since the opening round of the series, the championship’s first one-day event proved to be an extremely challenging one for all entered due to heavy rain falling during the event. With the weather getting so bad that one complete lap had to be cancelled, the Championship class riders completed four laps of the 36 mile course as well as four timed runs through the event’s cross-country special test.

With his last competitive outing being the dry and dusty second round of the World Enduro Championship, Daryl Bolter claimed a well deserved runner-up finish in the Enduro 1 class behind Welshman Edward Jones. Having struggled in ‘really difficult’ events in past seasons, Daryl rode steadily through the four timed special tests to finish the day as one of only two E1 class riders to finish in the overall top 10 of the Championship class. Despite taking water into the engine of his WR125, Bolter finished the day pleased with the way he’d ridden and happy to have finished an extremely tough event.

Claiming his highest ever finish in a British Enduro Championship event, New Zealander Chris Birch placed his WR250 Husqvarna in a fine fourth place overall after posting consistent tests times during the event. Liking the tricky and slippery going, Chris, like all Husky Sport team riders, thoroughly enjoyed the event.

For 250cc four-stroke mounted Husky Sport rider Chris Hockey the day started badly when a stick lodged itself into the front wheel of his bike mid-way through the opening special test. With the rest of day going well, Chris placed in an eventual sixth place in the Enduro 1 class.

In the Expert class Husqvarna riders also recorded strong results with GH Motorcycles supported rider Oliver Moyce claiming Enduro 2 and overall class victory while Jon Hinam placed fifth in the Enduro 1 class.

Daryl Bolter: “It was a really good event, it was certainly different. I have struggled in the hard events in the past so I’m really pleased to complete the race. It’s the first time that I’ve finished a really hard enduro. I lost some time, but so have a lot of riders, so I’m pleased with the way I rode.

“I rode steadily on the tests and didn’t make any mistakes and just enjoyed the going. I got stuck behind one rider on a difficult root covered climb on the last check of the day, which is where I lost my time. My bike took a bit of water in on the last lap so it wouldn’t rev out on the forest roads, which made it hard to ride as fast as I needed to try and stay on time.”

Chris Birch: “I had a great day and really enjoyed the event. It was like being back home in New Zealand on the first test because we always time tests right from the start of tan event. I just tried to ride as smooth as I could and not make any mistakes. It was the type of test that you couldn’t make any mistakes on or ride too aggressive, you really had to be careful.

My second and third runs through the tests were pretty good but I felt pretty slow on the fourth test. It was pretty rough by the end of the day, so I guess most riders would have felt the same way. The only drama that I had was taking a bit of water through my bike. Apart from that it all went really well and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Chris Hockey: “My day started well because I was having a good opening test but then I got a branch caught in between my front disk and the spokes in my front wheel, which must have lost me about 20 seconds because I had to get off and pull the stick out. My other tests went ok, not great but not too bad, and I didn’t lose any time until the last check. There were a load of 125cc riders stranded in a huge rut and there wasn’t really any way around so I just had to wait. I eventually tried to get around some of the riders but I used so much strength that I was exhausted for the rest of the check. It was great to have a really tough, tight check. You don’t get checks like that in enduros any more, which is a shame because it really makes for an exciting finish to the day.”

Honda Racing Team Sandiford

A toe in the water for the Dyfed Dirt Bike Club with a 1 day event was more than warmly received as an additional round was needed once the original 2005 calendar was suggested.

Congratulations to the club on an excellent first event, a true, traditional Enduro with a Cross Country Test timed on 4 laps. Due to extreme weather conditions (it rained all day) the event was eventually cut by a lap for all classes. Posting some excellent times on all 4 tests Wayne was well up the field. The final check was always going to be tight and as each crew waited, one Two stroke machine could be heard in the distance. Ed Jones arrived with a minute to spare having scaled the final hill as rider number 1. Next to arrive (and heard for a fair distance with the Honda 450 going as fast as it possibly could) was rider number 13 Wayne Braybrook, having passed several of the 125 Championship riders stuck on the said hill. The only other 2 riders to clean the check were David Knight and Paul Edmondson. Fair play to those 4. Unfortunately Richard Hay suffered an accident with a stone in his eye on the hill and next rider along Jason Fraser stopped to assist the stricken Scot. Others then also stopped and as such the club made the difficult decision to exclude the final check from the results.

This forced Wayne to 5th, as Chris Birch had posted slightly faster test times. Sporting a nicely purple black eye, from a deviant branch Wayne still knew he had given it his all. At the time of writing complete results were not available.

Said Wayne : “ I was disappointed, if not angry, at the finish when I heard that time would be scrubbed. Of course I was worried about Richard, but I know he was enjoying the “toughness” of the event just as I was and would not have wanted it that way. That for me was the type of event I started riding Enduro’s for. One where you have to grind all day, right to the end and NEVER give up. One that is not just won by a couple of MX tests but where you have to dig deep, man and machine against the terrain. I was very pleased to stay clean. I wish Richard all the best, I hope he is OK.”

Sandiford’s Expert Rider Simon Evans, suffered a couple of crashes in the test and lost some time on the final check. He was also unhappy that the time was scrubbed as the fact that he had pushed to the end would have helped his overall result. A traditional Enduro enthusiast, he prefers these same events were multi aspects contribute to the overall result. However also knowing Richard he understood the club’s decision forced also by many Expert Riders “Houring out” through the severity of the final climb.

Paul Chatham increased his lead in the E1 Motul British Clubman Class at the weekend in South Wales. The weather conditions were so bad that the event was cut short by one lap and the results were down to one special test for the Clubmen. Paul finished 5th overall and 3rd in the E1Class(125 two stroke and 250 four stroke). The special test was littered with tree stumps and slippery tree roots so the balance between a fast time or a fall was crucial to achieve a good finish. Paul's two main rivals for the Championship failed to finish so he now has a 22 point cushion heading into the next round in Wales in August. Paul has lost the overall lead in the Clubman Class but he remains just 4 points behind in second place to Graeme Naismith, last years British Over 40 Champion. This was Paul's first Welch Enduro and it lived up to it's reputation of being a tough event with many of the 165 Clubmen retiring before the finish.

Crawford Carrick Anderson succumbed to the slippery roots in the special test and was disappointed to finish 8th in the Expert Class. Crawford completed one more lap than Paul in the Expert Class of this demanding event. Crawford is still in a good position in the E2(250 two stroke 450 four stroke) Expert Class but he is still to reach his full potential in the British Championship. Crawford is looking forward to the events later in the year that revert back to sandy going. At least this time he had no bike problems and this is encouraging for the remainder of the season.

Chris Hay riding in the premier Championship Class had mixed emotions after the event. Chris had set the sixth fastest time against the best riders in the country in the first special test but he unfortunately failed to finish. The event became littered with stricken riders as the day wore on and Chris was on his third of four laps, he was riding along a ridge and following a collision with another rider was knocked down a ravine. It took him an hour to retrieve his bike and ran out of time in the process. Although disappointed not to finish he was encouraged with his special test times, this is his first year on a 250cc machine and he his also looking forward to the later events in the sand.Chris had better fortunes than his cousin Richard Hay from Aberdeen who had a stone thrown into his eye by a rider in front of him. The subsequent injury lead to his cornea requiring several stitches to repair the damage. Fortunately there was no permanent damage and he is expected to make a full recovery.

A sporting gesture from Chris Hockey  Euan McConnell's report

Results Feedback. Photos available from Jon Tucker & Photos4ru.com Video: Frank Morgan, Malvern Lodge, Howey, LLANDRINDOD WELLS, Powys, LD1 5RE. Tel: 01597 822642 

Postscipt: Richard Hay's damaged cornea was operated upon & he should suffer no permanent loss of sight. The organisers have confirmed that their decision to cancel the check.