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Matt Ridgway

2009 ISDE Portugal

Matt's Natterjack

We arrived at the Natterjack where the championship could have been won by 3 people. Unfortunately i was carrying a Knee injury from the WEC in France. After walking the special tests and looking at the wall in the extreme test I decided not even to attempt the because of the possibility of aggravating my knee problem. There was a great atmosphere in the paddock, and all was set for a great showdown for the following day between Rhienallt Davies who was leading the overall Mark Roberts 2nd and myself.

Saturday morning arrived and the sun was shining as we set off. Went to the first special test and felt completely out of touch with the sand due to not being able to practice because of my knee, and set a slow time. I arrived at the extreme test to see Rhienallt clean the wall with ease. As the day continued i was in great pain with my knee but dug deep and finished the day in 4th, and had set some faster times in test. My 4th position meant Rhienallt Davies was the overall Expert Champion for 2009. Congratulations to Rhienallt, he really upped his game in the last half of the season.

Sunday morning arrived, and I awoke to the sun shining again. My Knee felt rather stiff, and with the overall championship gone there was still the E2 title up for grabs. All i Had to do was finish 2nd to Mark to take the Championship. I arrived at the extreme test and had a fall, and came in in 8th position, and Mark set the fastest time. So i set off to the MX test and caught a tree stump with my front disk, causing me a severe off. I picked myself up about 30ft from the bike. Got Back to the bike feeling a bit battered and bruised. I couldn't ride the bike due to the disk being so severely bent. I removed the caliper from the bike and rode to the next check arriving on my minute. I did the MX test then with no front brake, and crashed therefore not setting a good time again. I was aching all over my bike was in pieces and i made the decision to carry on. I then removed the front brake completely rode to the refuelling area, where i fitted a new disc. I had no time to refit the caliper so i went to the next check with no front brake still. I refitted it then at the next fuel stop. I continued the day the best i could under the circumstances only to end up finishing in 3rd spot in E2, and Mark won. Therefore we tied on points but Mark was the E2 champion due to count back on the number of 2nd places. Congratulation to Mark. Both Mark and Rhienallt have really improved towards the end of the season, and i really enjoyed competing against Mark in Enduros and Hare and Hounds because we both give it our all, but off the track we are good friends. I Look forward to racing against everyone again next year. Well done to all those who competed in this years BEC, and for everyone who organised and ran the events. And Thanks for all the advice and comments and tips from everyone who has helped me this year. Special thanks go to Martin Harding, and all of my sponsors.

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Kingswood hare and hounds - 9th August

I looked forward to this event with great anticipation. As my older brother Mark who inspired me to race when I was younger had his first ride since 2003. Plus 4 other members of my family were here competing.

The sun was shining, the kingswood club had laid out a different course to previous years, and made some good improvements. I was 3rd away from the start and took the lead of the first lap. Then I settled into a nice rhythm after 4 lap, I could see my brother in the distance, and could see he still had his old style and technique from when he was younger. As I passed we exchanged words. As I did with James Tucker my brother and Sam Baker, Mike Ridgway, and Jack Baber who are all my cousins. It was a great days racing to ride with all my family it would be nice to see my Dad and my little brother Jordan competing in the same race some day.

Thanks go to Kingswood club for organising a great event. And thanks to all my sponsors




GBXC Round 6
Baden Hall - 9th August

I arrive at Baden hall, the sun was shining and it was a good atmosphere all round. I walked the track. They've made some changes since I was there last. I was feeling really good. As we lined up ready to go.

My bike didn't fire first time so I was last away. I then set off playing catch up working my way through the field and settling into a nice rhythm. Then on the second lap I lost the front end coming down a dusty straight and faceplanted the ground. Feeling a bit second hand and wondering where I was, I picked myself up restarted. I continued for another lap feeling dizzy with blurred vision, so decided to call it a day. Then I went to watch the other guys in the woods to see if I could pick up some tips.