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Danny McCanney, with Gas Gas, is the runner-up in the Spain Enduro championship
The British rider from the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team, Danny McCanney finished second in the final round of the National Enduro in which Arnau Solà, Diego Rojas and Esteban Lanz also shined.
Valls de Torroella, Barcelona
November 2nd and 3rd 2013

The Spanish Enduro Championship ended with the round held in the Barcelona town of Valls de Torroella, the last of the long season calendar, and where official team riders of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team have excelled in their different categories that have been a part of this grueling event, due to the conditions of the terrain. The extreme drought in this area has led to a heavy accumulation of dust in the atmosphere, making seeing difficult for the riders and thus hampering their riding.

The two-day race has put an end to an event that has clearly gone from low to high for the Gas Gas riders. After suffering a slump in the second and third rounds, the Britt Danny McCanney ended the year with a good performance on this unfamiliar ground. Finishing in second place overall in the category Enduro3 for these two days, making the second position only after the champion Joakim Ljunggren.

In this same class, Joan Jou missed the podium on the last day by only 5 seconds. A fall in the last lap has thwarted his efforts. Nevertheless, he finishes fourth in the championship. Another Gas Gas rider, Miquel Garcia finished fifth.

In Enduro1, good progress for Arnau Solà, who took the podium on Saturday, in addition to achieving a good result in the Scratch, with eighth time in the scratch. In the overall sphere of these days of competition, he has finished third, clearly rising from a low point by overcoming two injuries suffered in the first few rounds of the season.

Victories in Junior 
The championship ended with victory in the Junior category for one of the talented riders from the Gas Gas School of Champions: Chile's Diego Rojas. 'El Toro', who on Saturday was third in the class, and set the fastest time on Sunday, earning his second partial victory of the season. Rojas has competed in this event with a Gas Gas EC 250 F Racing and finished third in the Junior category. His teammate Esteban Lanz, riding a 125, scored on Saturday with good times, finishing in fourth place in Junior and being the best on a 125cc. On Sunday he was forced to withdraw after an electrical problem with his bike.

Danny McCanney: "I have finished the championship with two second places. I'm happy with it, because it has been over rough terrain and a lot of dust. I had not ridden in these conditions and it has been tough, but all the weekend we have worked very well. We have worked with the bike before and have improved traction, which has helped me a lot. The season has been difficult, with very different races to what I am used to in Great Britain. It's been a very good year, working with a good team with mechanics who are always attentive. I am very grateful".

Joan Jou: "This has been a difficult race. I was hoping for the third position, but in the last lap I've fallen and I lost all of my advantage. I feel badly for the team by finishing the season with this upset. I am very happy with the bike and the Gas Gas Pons Factory Team behind me. This makes a huge difference over the other riders, they have done a good job all season".

Arnau Solà: "At the end of the season the team has made great progress and we have seen the results. Particularly when I had the bad luck of getting hurt earlier in the season, but I think I've gone from less to more. Here in Valls de Torroella we set-out with great gusto and had good expectations. I started the day strong, competitive, and could beat Mario Roman. Today in the last two stages, the terrain was very complicated; not wanting to take risks, and in the end the game went well. But anyway, I'm happy with third place overall in the race and for being a part of Gas Gas Factory Pons Team".

Diego Rojas:
"The race was super-hard, very long and exhausting. I rode the Gas Gas EC 250 F, and I loved it. I would have liked to have ridden it in the whole championship. I am very happy with the team, they are always taking care of the bike. The whole year was very hard, ending in the World top ten has been a good season".

Esteban Lanz:
"Yesterday was a good day. I got first place in 125 and am very happy. I made mistakes and I was not going at a good pace. Today I started very motivated and was making good time and I had a problem. I want to thank the team for all they have done for me. It was good to do the whole Spanish championship, although some of it I lost through the injury. It was a great experience, it helped me to improve riding and also regarding the Chilean championship, I've taken a big step forward".

2 days Enduro Valls de Torroella
1. Joakim Ljunggren, 1:14’21.390 2. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas), a 1’09.600 3. Eloi Salsench, a 3’33.520 4. Joan Jou (Gas Gas), a 3’37.430 5. Miquel García (Gas Gas), a 6’58.330
Enduro1 1. Cristóbal Guerrero, 1:13’46.820 2. Lorenzo Santolino, a 1’16.970 3. Arnau Solà (Gas Gas), a 2’35.320 4. Mario Román, a 2’37.240 5. José Morillo, a 4’59.180
Enduro Júnior 1. Kirian Mirabet, 1:17’06.240 2. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas), a 7.360 3. Ramon Quer, a 35.300 4. Benet Gómez, a 36.030 5. Jordi Quer, a 1’41.660

Enduro3 1. Joakim Ljunggren, 210 points 2. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas), 194 points 3. Fabien Planet, 131 points 4. Joan Jou (Gas Gas), 125 points 5. Miquel García (Gas Gas), 121 points
Enduro1 1. Lorenzo Santolino, 196 points 2. Mario Román, 174 points 3. Víctor Guerrero, 132 points 4. Cristóbal Guerrero, 125 points 5. Samuel Guerrero, 104 points 7. Arnau Solà (Gas Gas), 82 points
Enduro Júnior 1. Kirian Mirabet, 196 points 2. Ramon Quer, 186 points 3. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas), 140 points 4. Jordi Quer, 136 points 5. Oscar Geebelen, 129 points

The Gas Gas team is still learning in Portugal
May 18th and 19th, 2013
Torres Vedras, Portugal

The Portuguese Enduro Grand Prix has been assessed positively by the Factory Gas Gas Pons Team race team, with good feelings in the technical sections, While the results are not as desired, there is confidence that the riders are in a continuing progression which they hope to confirm in the next races.

In Torres Vedras, Portugal, the fourth Grand Prix of the season was disputed. These two races have tested the new Gas Gas EC Factory Replica and its riders. Of these results, one highlight is the inclusion of the Belgian rider, Jeff Goblet, who joined the team structure of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team as a rider in the E2 class. Goblet, who recently had knee surgery, had a discrete outcome in the first of the two days. On Sunday he felt more comfortable on the bike and the terrain, improving his finishing position and lessening time difference with the winner of the category.

In Junior, Danny McCanney is focused upon narrowing the gap with his rivals, a fact that has made him lose concentration on several occasions, resulting in falls like the one experienced in the SuperTest , losing precious time that he was unable to recover before the end of the race. Sunday’s result was better, but far from expected. The Chilean Diego Rojas continues his impressive performances in the category, in which he was left just outside the gates of the ‘top10’ and at future events this will be the goal of the young member of the Gas Gas School of Champions.

Esteban Lanz, the best of the Gas Gas riders in the Youth Cup was about to achieve the first objective: to consolidate in the top eight, but a hard fall in the extreme on Saturday, with a major blow to his back, affected him physically and resulted in him finishing toward the rear of the field of riders. For his part, the Israeli rider, Tomer Shapira was out of the points in the race despite showing good form.

The Gas Gas Factory Pons Team has almost one month before the next round of the World Championship in Romania on the 14th to 16th of June, where head coach of the team, Sergi Duran, plans a test session with the riders to harden them for the championship finals.

Danny McCanney:"My weekend started bad for me when I crashed in the SuperTest and lost ten, twelve seconds that put me off the leaders straight away. The first Enduro test, I just struggled a little bit with my time, I was just a bit too slow and lost another ten seconds and then all day I was fighting to try and get up the leader board. But it’s been a tough race for me. I’ve had some good tests, and some bad ones. I’ve had four weekends in a row racing and I’m quite tired now, I need a good rest".

Jeff Goblet: "I have to be graceful to the Gas Gas team for believing in me. I really like the bike and I’m doing very well. The race was very difficult for me. It was very much like MX and I’m not used to that. It’s my first World Cup race this year and I hope on the next test I’ll be getting better".

Diego 'Toro' Rojas: "The race was good. I ended up pretty tired with these two days of racing. Every time I feel more comfortable with the bike and am very happy with the team. Everything is perfect. The bike is flawless and I, well I keep training and try to win". 

Esteban Lanz: "Today was not a good day for me. The track was very rough and it prevented me from making good lap times. I made several mistakes and had several falls. I tried to recover but at the end finished 14th. I’ll be looking for a ‘top 10’ finish in Romania and Greece, and for this I will have to train hard".

Gas Gas riders have successfully released the new EC Factory Replica at the World Championship

The Enduro World Championship visits Spain after starting the season in South America. Thus, after the races at Talca and San Juan, it's time for the town of Puerto Lumbreras Murcia, where the Gas Gas riders have presented the new Factory Replica.

The first day of the GP of Spain event has tested riders and machines in a very technically demanding course, and despite this, the new Gas Gas EC Factory Replica has finished the race without mechanical problems.

The Gas Gas rider who has obtained the best results is again Britain's Danny McCanney, who could not reach the podium after a couple of crashes during the first round, resulting in a lot of wasted time compared to his rivals. In the second round he rode with greater ease, recovering several positions in the interim. In the Special test, dust has hindered his comeback attempts, having to settle for fourth position in the first day of the GP of Spain. Also in the Junior category, the Chilean rider Diego Rojas, another member of the Gas Gas School of Champions in which he progresses in each race, finished in 12th place. The other two Gas Gas riders from the program to support young hopefuls competing in the Youth Cup category have ended the day slightly lower positions: Esteban Lanz was 12th and Tomer Saphira, 14th.

Danny McCanney:
"In the first round I have taken some precautions, without riding strong, but I have fallen twice in the Enduro Test, losing time and ending at a position far behind. The second round went better; I found more rhythm and have recovered. In the other, the ground was very degraded: the dust hid the sand whoops and stones, which was much more difficult to stay on the bike. Overall I'm happy, because I have done good things, but I could have been better".

Results, GP Spain. Day 1
Junior 1. Matthew Phillips 1:00'01.83 2. Mario Román a 27.65 3. Giacomo Redondi 30.50 4. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) a 1'06.50 12. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas) a 3'46.68
Youth Cup 1. Jamie McCanney 1:02'26.16 2. Albin Elowson a 1'08.58 3. Matteo Bresolin a 2'02.64 12. Esteban Lanz (Gas Gas) a 9'35.16 14. Tomer Saphira (Gas Gas) a 12'34.45

Danny McCanney scores valuable points in the Enduro of Antas
May 5th - Antas, Spain

The third round of the Spanish Enduro Championship held in the town of Antas, Almeria, has given satisfactoryresults for Gas Gas riders fighting for the top positions in the categories Enduro3 and Enduro Junior.

The 100 milles Motorcycle Club of Antas prepared a highly technical course, which tested the riders in this third round of the Spanish Enduro Championship. The arid terrain and high temperatures throughout the day accompanied the riders, causing them to be completely exhausted when they finished. Gas Gas riders, even without winning in the categories in which they participated, have achieved good results that keep them in the hunt for the championship.

Danny McCanney has finished the race while earning points in a more complicated test than he expected. He knew that the Almeria terrain was not very conducive for his riding specialties, specifically the stretch, where he suffered several falls, resulting in the Swede Joakim Ljunggren, being the winner of the category, and Frenchman Fabien Planet, ended up ahead in the Enduro3 category. Despite this, the young Briton, the mainstay of the Gas Gas School of Champions, holds the second position in the championship standings.

In Enduro1, after the injury in the initial round of the Championships, Arnau Solà entered competition again, although harassed by the lack of training and endurance, and despite racing against several World Cup riders, has garnered a positive sixth position in the end.
Meanwhile, the participation of Laia Sanz in her first National Enduro race in the category Enduro1 was over prematurely. The Gas Gas rider has suffered from tendinitis, which has caused several falls resulting from stiffness in the arms, deciding to retire in the middle of the race.

In the Junior Open category, the Chilean Diego Rojas has smoked his chances of winning the race after suffering an oversight by an erroneous marking of the route, which has led him to be late into a control, penalizing him a minute. 'El Toro' Rojas finished in sixth place,but kept his options open in the category, in which he is ranked third. His partner in the Gas Gas School of Champions Esteban Lanz, has come back strong after his wrist injury setting a good pace and pressing at the top until a fall lost him half a minute.

Tomer Saphira and Oscar Bethancourth maintained their optimal progression within the Gas Gas School of Champions team, being able to finish the race despite the high level of difficulty for riders and their mounts.

The next test for all official Gas Gas Team O. Pons riders will be next weekend, May 10th, 11th and 12th. This is the third round of the Enduro World Championship, taking place in the Spanish town of Puerto Lumbreras.

Classifications Enduro of Antas
E1 1. Cristóbal Guerrero 48’49.010 2. Lorenzo Santolino a 45.080 3. Víctor Guerrero a 48’.970 6. Arnau Solà (Gas Gas) a 3’14.240
E3 1. Joakim Ljunggren 48’50.130 2. Fabien Planet a 50.350 3. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) a 1’08.290 4. Juan Pérez de la Torre a 1’29.950 5. Joan Jou (Gas Gas) a 3’58.040 8. Miquel García (Gas Gas) a 7’21.440
EJ 1. Johan Edlund 52’12.860 2. Ramon Quer a 4.510 3. Kirian Mirabet a 15.180 6. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas) a 56.750 8. Esteban Lanz (Gas Gas) a 1’51.530 12. Tomer Shapira (Gas Gas) a 4’10.060 15. Oscar Bethancourth (Gas Gas) a 15’41.140

E1 1. Lorenzo Santolino 114 points 2. Víctor Guerrero 114 points 3. Mario Román 98 points 8. Arnau Solà (Gas Gas) 15 points
E3 1. Joakim Ljunggren 113 points 2. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 108 points 3. Fabien Planet 106 points 4. Alfredo Gómez 85 points  5. Miquel García (Gas Gas) 58 points 6. Joan Jou (Gas Gas) 62 points 
EJ 1. Ramon Quer 114 points 2. Kirian Mirabet 111 points 3. Diego Rojas (Gas Gas) 92 points 9. Esteban Lanz (Gas Gas) 44 points 14. Tomer Shapira (Gas Gas) 21 points 16. Oscar Bethancourth (Gas Gas) 13 points

McCanney adds another podium in the race at Valverde del Camino
April 7th 2013 - Valverde del Camino, Huelva

Danny McCanney takes a creditable result in a very complicated weekend for riders of the "School of Champions". The dakarian Jordi Viladoms participated in this second National round on a Gas Gas EC 300F.

This weekend was the second round of the National Enduro Championship in the town of Valverde del Camino (Huelva), recognized by all enduro fans as "the Cathedral of enduro". True to its name "the Cathedral" has became one of the toughest tests in recent years, especially for the interests of the Gas Gas riders.

From the start, the course, the organization decided to cut in some spots, was characterized by great difficulty due to muddy ground that was badly damaged by the heavy rains experienced during the week. The first day was particularly difficult for riders of the Gas Gas Factory Pons Team, who encountered a course which was very slippery and required special techniques.

The adverse conditions affected the young Brit McCanney (Enduro 3), who had a hard fall in the first stage, suffering an impact with some branches that left him dazed and he lost over a minute and a half in the opening special stage. As usual, the rider from the Isle of Man made a good comeback and scored in the top five overall in special scratch. The tenacity of Danny at the handlebars of the Gas Gas EC 300 R allowed him to reach the top step of the podium by the end of the day. No doubt this was a test for the young members of the Gas Gas School of Champions program, especially for Tomer Shapira, who made his debut with the official team of the Girona brand, or the Guatemalan, Oscar Bethancourt, who could not complete the first day of competition at Junior Open, exceeding the regular time.

The second day was possibly more complicated, with the battered terrain that made the mythical grounds of “las tres encinas “ (the three oaks) the decisive test area. It was just the first stage of this particular extreme test when Danny McCanney fell again and lost his options for victory. Still, Danny has finished in a creditable fourth place, just ahead of Joan Jou, also riding a Gas Gas.

DANNY MCCANNEY " I managed to make good times but I paid dearly for my two mistakes as I wasted a lot of time. Following the strong performance we had in Santiago de Compostela, I'm not satisfied with the outcome of this weekend. But now I have to focus on my preparation for the upcoming national and international races."

Double podium for Danny McCanney and Thain injured in the Argentina GP
San Juan, Argentina - March 24th

The Gas Gas team has faced and conquered a grueling second round of the Enduro World Championship. In an arid and suffocating heat above 35 degrees Celsius (95°F), the Gas Gas riders have overcome several setbacks. On the first day, Danny McCanney, who had a small crash, managed another second place after a great fight with Mathew Phillips, while in the same Junior category, Diego Rojas entered the top 10 for the first time, which is a great progression for the rookie rider from the School of Champions program. On the second day, the juniors returned to demonstrate this great rivalry.

Danny McCanney's Sunday morning began by placing in the top 5 group, with an intense battle with his rivals having differences in lap times only by tenths of a second. Halfway through the race, McCanney was recorded in the third position. Both riders who led the race had distanced themselves from the group and Danny was determined to consolidate his third place, aware that it was the leader's favorite terrain and also that the provisional championship leader was behind him. The third step of the podium let him add a good amount of points in the championship in which he is currently ranked in third place, just six points behind Giacomo Redondi.

After some great one on one with the Gas Gas rider from Argentina, Diego Gutierrez, Rojas ended at the doorstep of the top ten in the eleventh position and is ranked 12th overall in the championship.

DANNY McCANNEY "I'm happy with South America, these races are very different terrain and weather than I'm used to, so to be on the podium and win points for the World Championship is very important to me. In the European rounds I hope to improve my results."

Danny McCanney and Gas Gas are proclaimed SuperEnduro Junior World Champions
March 8th 2012
Tours, France

Great success this weekend for Gas Gas with the young Briton Danny McCanney in Tours by winning the title of World Champion in Junior SuperEnduro.

The youngster from the Isle of Man, a shining example of the Gas Gas School of Champions, has achieved his first world title for 2013 after a third place overall at the Parc Expo of Tours, France, in the final round of the World Championship of SuperEnduro. Danny McCanney has taken his Gas Gas EC 300 R to the top of the podium after winning the championship, a second position in the initial race in Lodz (Poland), a major victory in Barcelona (Spain) and this third place, with the same points as the runner-up in the last round of the championship.

In this French city, McCanney finished in third place in the first final, while in the last race has finished second behind the winner of the night, the Italian rider Redondi.

This final race has not been without some emotion and errors for the Brit who was a bit nervous in this last race. The Briton, who finished third in the first race. He could not get off the podium because in the last race, if the Pole Szymkowski finished ahead, he would lose the title. This has occurred at a stage of the race and forced McCanney to fight back, finally crossing the finish line second, which gave him the Junior SuperEnduro title.

The knock-out punch in this JRWC happened in the Barcelona round as he was the winner in both races, and this is where he clinched the points lead in the provisional Junior championship, ahead of the second-placed Polish rider Szymkowski, with a comfortable 12-point difference overall.

The Junior SuperEnduro World title is the best result for this young Gas Gas rider so far, besides getting different titles in Britain, he has won the European Enduro title in 2010.

Danny McCanney: "I came to this last race knowing I could win the championship, but also lose it if I made mistakes, however small they were. And the nerves came. The workouts were good, but in the race I made some mistakes, enough. I started very nervous and had several falls, especially in the final, coming from behind. I needed a second, but I took a fall to ninth position. Fortunately, I gave everything to come back and finished second. I am very happy with the bike, with the team ... This is my first world title and everything is going perfect. It was a great workout for the World Cup starting next week. And we've worked hard for it. It will be a long championship and I hope to be in front."

Laia Sanz Demonstration
Moreover, in Tours, motor racing fans have been enjoying a new demonstration of the qualities of Laia Sanz (below). The Gas Gas rider, World Champion of the Women's Enduro, has been victorious on the easier course open to the girls of Enduro, winning comfortably in the two heats complementing the World SuperEnduro which involved A total of eight women. Laia has lapped all riders..

Thain, focused on the opening round of the World Enduro Championship in Chile
The Gas Gas rider participation was completed with the Frenchman, Rodrig Thain signing with the brand for this season. The signing of the Frenchman for the World SuperEnduro was anecdotal, since not having played the riden the whole series, the chances of achieving good rankings were not very high. In addition, the course of this last round, with a point of danger and a week away from starting the Enduro World Championship in Chile, helped ??the Arras rider to make the decide not to risk injury and withdrew from the race.

1. Giacomo Redondi, 37 puntos;
2. Pawel Szymkowski, 31;
3. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas), 31;
4. Johan Edlund, 25;
5. Magnus Thor, 19.

Final Championship EJWC:
1. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas), 101 puntos;
2. Pawel Szymkowski, 89;
3. Giacomo Redondi, 88;
4. Johan Edlund, 25;
5. Magnus Thor, 19.

1. Laia Sanz (Gas Gas);
2. Jane Daniels;
3. Samantha Tichet;
 4. Geraldine Fournel;
5. Valerie Roche (Gas Gas). 

Double victory for Danny McCanney in the opening round of the Spanish Enduro Championship
March 3rd 2013
Santiago de Compostela, Spain

The Spanish Enduro Championship has started really well for the interests of Gas Gas with two victories for Danny McCanney in Enduro 3, which makes him the leader. The young rider from the Isle of Man and spearhead of the 'School of Champions' has been the great revelation in Santiago de Compostela on a date opening two days of scheduled competition.

The handlebars of the Gas Gas EC 300 R, saw McCanney win against riders like Perez de la Torre, Correia and Ljunggren. In the same category Rodrig Thain was sixth on the first day, fully adapted to his new bike. Today the Frenchman has been closer to McCanney and finished second, and the double win for Gas Gas in E3. McCanney and Thain were second and third respectively in the scratch classification and have set sail for France to compete in the final round of the Indoor SuperEnduro, where the British rider could proclaim Junior World Champion.

The ‘School of Champions’ begins to bear fruit

The riders of the Gas Gas School of Champions have begun to reap results in Junior Open. If yesterday the Chilean Diego "Toro" Rojas rose to the podium, today he has won his first victory ahead of experienced riders in this championship such as Kirian Mirabet and Ramon Quer. In this category, it is worth mentioning the success of Stephen Lanz with fourth and sixth place with the brand new EC 125 R, and the competition debut of Oscar Bethancourt.

The misfortune of the weekend went to Arnau Solà and Jose Luis Martinez, whose participation was ended ahead of schedule by two physical setbacks. In Enduro 1 Solà had a fall that affected his recently recovered shoulder injury. And Jose Luis Martinez Enduro 2 was afflicted by a blow to the foot from a stone that prevented him from continuing.

Great representation for Gas Gas in Galicia

The great success of the Gas Gas Enduro Challenge with competition assistance and service has benefited many Gas Gas riders who have participated in the inaugural event of the championship. To emphasize the participation of Paco Izquierdo, with first place in the Masters category and Constantino Perez on the podium in the senior category B 2T, among others.

DANNY MCCANNEY "It was an easy race after coming this weekend before the first English championship, I'm very happy with my riding on the Gas Gas 300 and my results and I want to thank the team for their hard work. Now I am thinking about the next race of super enduro in France"

RODRIG THAIN "It was a good weekend for me, with this race we were doing the last tests on the bike before heading to Chile and Argentina. I'm very pleased with how the bike is working and I want to thank my mechanic Stephan and all the work being done by the Team"

2013 British Extreme Enduro Championship, Round 2

Gas Gas UK’s Danny McCanney finished a safe sixth at the second round of the British Extreme Enduro Championship at Cowm Quarry, near Rochdale in Yorkshire at the weekend. Together with his third place finish at the previous round, McCanney placed fourth in the championship’s final standings.

McCanney, riding his 2013 Gas Gas EC 300 Racing, rode a steady two-hour race over the highly technical and mostly rocky terrain. He started well, riding with eventual winner David Knight, but on two occasions came to a halt in the rock sections, costing him valuable places. In conditions that favoured those with a good trials background, McCanney, while dissatisfied with his result, saw value in a safe finish.

Danny McCanney: “That was a hard ride and I didn’t do myself any favours getting stuck a couple of times. However, the experience is invaluable, British extreme is as tough as it gets. Definitely, it’s helped with my speed and technique in the (indoor) Super Enduro World Championship – and I ride that with much more confidence because of this. I think its a major factor in my leading the Junior world championship.

“The season is really getting underway now. I have the first round of the Spanish Enduro Championship this weekend – and I’ll be doing all the Spanish rounds this year. Then the final of the Super Enduro the following weekend followed by the long haul to South America for the start of the Enduro World Championship the weekend after that. I’m feeling strong after my winter preparations. I’m looking forward to it.”

Eddy’s Xtreme Enduro, Cowm Quarry - Rd 2, British Extreme Enduro Championship 2013
1. David Knight 16 laps; 2. Graham Jarvis 16 laps +01:57 3. Jonny Walker 15 laps; 6. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 15 laps; 10. Alex Wigg (Gas Gas) 13 laps;
Also last weekend:
Santon Enduro Rd 1, Eastern Centre Championship 2013
15. Jack Lee (Gas Gas)

Team Gas Gas UK welcome Arai, Dragon and Scott Physio as new sponsors for the 2013 season

Two wins for McCanney places him in the lead in the Superenduro championship
A good debut for Rodrig Thain with Team Gas Gas

The British rider Danny McCanney swept the SuperEnduro Junior class on his Gas Gas EC 300 2T, capturing the lead in the championship with a total of 40 points. Starting comfortably and winning the first round, and in the second, only four laps were enough to achieve the lead. These two victories have established him as the leader heading into the final round of the championship, held in France on March 9th. In this junior category, new to this official competition were Chileans Esteban Lanz and Diego "Toro" Rojas, who got a well deserved 9th and 10th place, respectively.

Rodrig Thain, the latest rider to join the Gas Gas competition structure, following the agreement reached with his former team, finished the 2013 Enduro World Championship in tenth position and with a good feeling in his first official competition with the GasGas brand. Thain, riding in the premier class even led for a few laps in one of the three finals. The Frenchman showed glimpses of brilliance at the controls of the EC 300 R, despite being in the process of adapting to the new mount, and remained in the top 10 throughout the competition.

More than ten thousand people attended this 14th edition of the World SuperEnduro where Blazusiak won the championship, followed by Knight and Spanish rider Gomez on a track designed by Carlos Mas, multi-champion of Spanish Enduro, and Jordi Castells, sports director of RPM Racing.

Finally, note the special category for amateur riders, the SOLOMOTO Offroad Challenge, where Xavi Subirana surprised all attendees by leading the qualifying races. However, a fall in the final relegated him to third place, despite being in the lead for much of the race.

DANNY MCCANNEY "I found my rhythm after starting in the last position due to the reverse order in the second round and got to wearing down the race leader. Nothing prevented me from making my race without difficulty. I am very happy to win in BCN with Team Gas Gas”

RODRIG THAIN “In the first round, I didn’t want to risk anything, my objective was to get aquatinted with the bike and that is definitely what I got”

2013 British Extreme Enduro Championship, Round 1

Gas Gas UK’s Danny McCanney has claimed another excellent third place finish in an extreme enduro, this time at the first round of the British Extreme Enduro Championship at Tong, near Bradford in Yorkshire.

McCanney, riding his 2013 Gas Gas EC 300 Racing, was able to beat many of the UK’s top extreme riders, despite this again being a training exercise for his Enduro World Championship season. The conditions in the grounds of Tong Hall were suitably extreme, with the rapid thaw after recent snow putting all the streams in full spate, while the clay and root banks that typify the grounds proved treacherous. McCanney nonetheless found he could deal with the challenges well, finishing the two-hour race feeling fresh and fit.

Gas Gas UK team-mate and trials ace Alexz Wigg at last had a good run in an extreme event, fully demonstrating his potential in placing 4th, eight minutes behind McCanney. Jack Lee, who’s getting back to fitness after recent injuries, finished 12th. Juan Knight, former British Enduro Champion long since retired from regular competition, made a one-off outing to claim 13th place – this despite riding with a knee injury after a collision on the first lap.

Danny McCanney: “I don’t even feel tired after that, I didn’t struggle one bit physically. It was still a tough race as I lost the back brake not long after the start. I was going down the hills with the front brake only, which was fine until the last half hour by which time I’d worn the front brake pads out. So then I rode with no brakes at all! I could have gone a lot better I think, but I couldn’t push, things like the double-jump near the start I couldn’t do because I wouldn’t get stopped after.

“With all this experience riding extreme I now feel very confident on the new EC 300, it feels so good – all the hard work is helping. If there’s a wet EWC all this experience is going to help a lot.”

Eddy’s Xtreme Enduro, Tong Hall
Rd 1, British Extreme Enduro Championship 2013

1. David Knight 10 laps;
2. Jonny Walker 10 laps, +07:20.7;
3. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 9 laps;
4. Alex Wigg (Gas Gas) 9 laps;
12. Jack Lee (Gas Gas) 8 laps;
13. Juan Knight (Gas Gas) 8 laps.


Gas Gas UK's Danny McCanney has finished an excellent third place at the 2013 Tough One extreme enduro, held at the Nantmawr Quarry near Oswestry in Wales. McCanney finished just 12 minutes behind extreme legend Graham Jarvis and three minutes behind Jonny Walker.

McCanney went to this the first international extreme enduro of the season, held in freezing conditions, as a training exercise for the Enduro World Championship season to come, with expectations no higher than a top-10 finish. Yet after a cautious start McCanney rode better and better, pulling through the field, leaving it to the final -12th - lap to overhaul Paul Bolton for the final podium position.

McCanney's Gas Gas UK team-mates also found a way to enjoy this grueling three-hour test of skill and stamina. Alex Wigg had aced the traditional running race up the hill to the start grid and so held the initial lead, but an early crash in the boulder section saw him have to pit to replace a broken gear lever, falling to 22nd place. Alex fought on, though, to claim a well-earned 11th place finish. Third member of the team, Jack Lee claimed 18th position.

Danny McCanney: "I wanted to come back to give this another go. I had a first attempt at it last year and was lying second before I had problems, so I wanted to see what I could do if I had a clear run.

"I was relieved that it wasn't as cold as I thought it was going to be but the course was still eased because of the conditions and I think this suited me. It was still tough going and you could never relax, even the fields were super-slippery. I felt fit and the three hours wasn't a problem - I was able to push really hard for the last lap, pulling back a lot of time on Paul Bolton and making third place. Extreme enduro isn't really my kind of an event, but it's something to do during the winter and today it was all worth the effort!"

The Tough One 2013

1. Graham Jarvis (Husaberg) 12 laps, 03:05:02;
2. Jonny Walker (KTM) 12 laps, 03:13:56;
3. Danny McCanney (Gas Gas) 12 laps, 3.17:10;
11. Alex Wigg (Gas Gas) 11 laps
18. Jack Lee (Gas Gas) 9 laps



Danny McCanney finished his 2012 Enduro World Championship season with a podium finish at the French GP in Provence at the weekend. McCanney placed an excellent second on Saturday but unfortunately crashed during Sunday's competition, sustaining an injury to his right arm forcing him to abandon. McCanney had been challenging for the runner-up position in the Enduro Junior world standings, but the crash meant a still-excellent third place in his debut season.

McCanney was spectacular on the Saturday; knowing he had to twice beat rival Jonathan Manzi for a chance of the vice-champion position, McCanney not only beat the Italian but finished within 26-seconds of the world champion, Matthias Bellino. On the Sunday McCanney was unlucky to clip a tree in the enduro test, sending him crashing onto rocks. McCanney finished the test and rode to the next time check but knew with numbness in his throttle hand he would have to retire.

Danny McCanney: "I am a little gutted to have DNF'd the very last day of my official season. I'd maintained a 100% finish rate right up to that last day, but I can't be too disappointed, we've had a brilliant season with so many wins and podiums.

"It's been a great first year as an official factory Gas Gas rider and with the EC300 Racing being so competitive and so reliable it's meant I've learnt the most from the year. I've been able to come to terms with the world championship courses and fight for podiums at every round.

"I'm really looking forward to next season as I'l have a realistic chance for the world title. So I'll be busy this winter testing and developing the bikes with Gas Gas. I'll probably stay with the EC300 Racing, but I'm keen to try the new four-strokes as well, so we'll see what I'll ride in 2013!"

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "Danny was at his best on Saturday, setting some fastest times along the way. The crash on Sunday was unfortunate, but no lasting damage.

"We've been so happy with the bike again this weekend. These were the toughest of rocky conditions, a real test of a bike's power delivery and suspension set-up but Danny had maximum confidence in his bike so he could really attack the course. I'm very happy to say his EC300 Racing has remained 100% reliable all season. A thank you too, to the Gas Gas factory team for such excellent support this year. We're really looking forward to 2013!"


Danny McCanney finished top British rider at the 87th International Six Day Enduro that concluded on Saturday in Saxony, Germany. Placing a brilliant 20th outright, McCanney's performance helped lift Team GB to 2nd in the World Junior competition - the second podium in consecutive years for the British team.

McCanney, riding a Gas Gas EC300 Racing hit possibly the best form of his year, leading the newly crowned junior world champion Matthias Bellino all week - until the final motocross. Then McCanney made probably his only mistake of the whole week, crashing on a high speed tarmac section of the course. McCanney recovered well and finished the E3 final motocross an impressive 6th, but the time lost from the crash surrendered the title of the week's top junior to Bellino.

Danny McCanney: "It's been a brilliant event, the German organisers put on a perfect Six Days, I enjoyed everything about it. The going suited me, it was Welsh like - forest and bogs - but they also put in EWC-standard cross and enduro tests, every day was an exciting challenge. I was gutted to crash in the final motocross and crashing in motocross gear meant I got fair bit of gravel rash and burns, but that's all part of racing.

"I am so very proud of our team's achievement this week. It was good to lead from the front and I was very motivated by personal goals, but to pull together the way we did to pressure the winning French team from start to finish - we were leading after two days - shows the high standard of enduro we have in this country. I must say a big thank you to the extended support crew, the Six Days is a huge logistical proposition and unlike the EWC it wouldn't work with just me and Steve (Plain - Gas Gas UK team manager), so to all the volunteer helpers, families and friends - thanks.

"Thanks also to Gas Gas. We started with a fresh EC300 Racing, straight out of the crate, and through day one we dialled in the settings to work on the German terrain. After that it was just tyres and filters, we didn't have one bike issue. You need a fast and trustworthy bike for an extreme endurance event like this - my Gas Gas was perfect for the job."

Result: World Junior Team - 2nd. E3 - 7th. Overall - 20th. Gold medal.

Danny McCanney's next race is the final round of the 2012 British Enduro Championship in Surrey, October 13-14.

Photo FIM Future 7


Danny McCanney realised his full potential this weekend, taking a sensational win and a runner-up at the Finnish GP, the seventh round of the 2012 Enduro World Championship. As well as recording his first world championship victory McCanney also dramatically closed the gap on rival Jonathan Manzi for the Enduro Junior vice world champion position. McCanney now trails the Italian by just nine points with one round remaining.

McCanney's win came on day two after overnight rain transformed the technical forest course into a treacherous one - conditions the Manxman revelled in. The win is Gas Gas's first since Ivan Cervantes's E2 success at the Argentinian GP earlier this year.

Danny McCanney: "That was just perfect. It helped that we'd come to Finland last year for the ISDE as that gave me the experience in Finnish forest riding - which is nothing like we ride in the UK. With the overnight rain day two was slippery everywhere - slippery in the fields for the cross test, and slippery over the rocks and stones in the forest for the enduro test. We were fighting the whole day to find grip, fighting just to stay upright. My Gas Gas EC300 Racing is always brilliant in those conditions, so I was able take full advantage and really push on, so the win came, not exactly easy, but to plan. I'm chuffed!"

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "You can't do any better than a win, this is fantastic. Danny grows in confidence and capability with every ride, today he rode to a plan and it worked; with a steady start then a string of fast times right through the second half of the day he really made that win happen. In fact Danny was fastest in six individual tests over the two days - brilliant.

"He couldn't have come on strong at a better time as Manzi struggled to master the conditions, so we've the prospect of a real showdown at the final round in France in October. Nine points is quite a gap but if Danny can come up with results similar to this weekend then second in the championship is just within reach."

McCanney's next major event is the 2012 International Six Day Enduro in Germany (September 24-29) where he rides for Great Britain in the Junior team.

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Danny McCanney put in two very strong performances at the Swedish round of the Enduro World Championship in Sweden at the weekend, placing fourth on day one and second on day two - his second runner-up and fifth podium finish of the season. McCanney maintains his third place standing in the Junior world championship.

In fact McCanney was only one crash away from placing second on both days, but a crash in the enduro test on lap two of day one cost the Manxman nearly a minute and this pushed him down from the runner-up position to number four.

Danny McCanney: "I've enjoyed this weekend, only that one mistake cost me dear. I'm very happy though as I was able to set fastest times on the cross test and sometimes was only two or three seconds off the leader in the enduro test. I could still be a bit more competitive in the extreme tests but I'm getting there. Again, my Gas Gas EC300 Racing was fault-free all weekend, it does everything I ask of it and it makes the job that much easier."

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "An excellent performance again from Danny this weekend, he's had a long time off the bike over the summer as the British championship rounds got cancelled, so he was race-rusty coming here. But he clicked-in straight away and but for the crash we'd have had a double podium.

"Despite setting fastest times on the cross tests I'd say Danny's most impressive performances this weekend were on the enduro test. This one was very very long, 13-minutes or so - which is a lot of miles to remember and cover at speed - and he came out of these so very close to the Bellino, the championship leader. Danny's also outpaced his other rival, Manzi, this weekend and his speed is getting closer to Bellino. He's still improving - and that's a great positive for the future."

McCanney's next race is round seven of the 2012 Enduro World Championship in Finland on September 1-2.

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Danny McCanney enjoyed something of a busmanʼs holiday last week competing in the 2012 Welsh Two Day Enduro (W2D). A non-championship event, the W2D (which originated in 1951) nonetheless remains Britain's biggest enduro by entry, with over 500 enthusiastic amateurs taking part each year in this (largely social!) classic that runs over a significant area of central Wales.

McCanney, riding a Gas Gas EC300 Racing, took the win in the Under 21 class and won the second day outright, but conceded overall victory, placing runner-up to former British champion Ed Jones.

With heavy rain preceding the event and continuing over both days, the event proved more arduous than anyone anticipated with many riders not finishing.

Danny McCanney: “We came to this event really just to enjoy ourselves. Itʼs a great gathering of British enduro enthusiasts and in past years, with sunshine, itʼs been a nice two days trail riding with a little competition thrown in. Unfortunately it was 100% wet all the way this year, in fact it got so bad the organisers had to abandon parts of the route and two of the four tests on day two.

“All the same, it was good practice riding in extreme conditions, although I didnʼt think exactly that when I took a heavy fall on the going on day one! My EC300 Racing was again faultless and didnʼt miss a beat despite the saturating wetness.”

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: “Weʼll remember this W2D for a good while – they donʼt come much wetter! Thatʼs a pity as itʼs essentially a fun event thatʼs the highlight of so many amateur ridersʼ year.

“Danny had a nice little ride-out, although Iʼm sure heʼd have been happier spectating, cheering the Sportsmen on, given the conditions. We also took along and displayed some of the new 2013 Gas Gas four-strokes and were very pleased with the public feedback on those. The weather aside, it was a fun two days, as always.”

Danny McCanneyʼs next race is round five of the 2012 Enduro World Championship in Italy, this weekend (June 30-July 1).


Gas Gas's Danny McCanney has won the Under 23 title in the 2012 British Sprint Enduro Championship. After two undisputed wins in the final rounds held at Canada Heights, Kent at the weekend, McCanney is the clear winner of what has been the hottest-contested title in the series.

McCanney also celebrated number one status as the top performing rider across all classes in the series, consistently placing top-three outright, and recording two outright wins.

The final round of the series held at the legendary motocross venue Canada Heights proved an excellent closer to the BSEC series, with a course that was a mix of the motocross track and trail through the surrounding woodland. As ever, McCanney was on top form to take his two wins and placing second fastest overall to visiting world enduro star Matti Seistola.

Danny McCanney: "This weekend was the best I've ridden all year. I've had a three-week break from competing and so I came back hungry to win. I didn't actually expect to do so well, as the course featured a lot of motocross elements which would favour some of my rivals, but I felt good, everything flowed, I had no issues.

"My bike is a major part of that success - we've been refining the fine-tune set-up on the new Gas Gas EC300 Racing since the beginning of the year and it's so good right now. All I did through the weekend was to change the front tyre to suit the changing conditions, it was perfect - a championship winning machine. I couldn't want for more!"

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "We've had a great weekend. Jonty Edmunds and his BSEC team put on a fantastic last event to cap-off on an excellent series. We even had good weather.

"Danny was brilliant, the bike ran perfect. Some weekends you can't help but feel the joy - we come racing for days like these. And another championship won - job done!"

Danny McCanney's next race is, by entry numbers alone, the biggest fixture in the British enduro calendar - the Welsh Two Day Enduro, starting in Llandrindod Wells this Thursday-Friday (June 21-22).

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Danny McCanney enjoyed more success at rounds seven and eight of the 2012 British Sprint Enduro Championship at Adstone, Northants at the weekend. After a podium finish on day one, McCanney topped the Under 23 class on day two, placing second overall behind EWC works rider Alex Salvini. McCanney consequently extended his lead in the Under 23 championship.

Conditions were testing, recent rains making the course, a mix of woods and fields, claggy - leading to problems for the clubmen riders early on day one. The course was subsequently altered, removing a man-made extreme section. On day two the course had dried and the extreme section was reinstated, making for close racing.

Danny McCanney: "I'm happy for the win and I'm happy to inch a bit further ahead in the championship, but I feel I've a little bit of work to do. Saturday was a disaster for me, on the second run everything went wrong and I crashed over and over, losing me about 30-seconds - too many to recover a win. Fortunately the rest of my runs were fast enough to salvage third. On day two I got the win, but I'd left it to the last run to make it stick, I don't need to make it that close - although obviously it's great for the spectators!

"I'm off to Spain now for some suspension tests with the factory. But I'll be looking to practice extreme sections more over the coming weeks. Just as I said after the recent EWC rounds, that's where I can make some substantial gains."

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "Like Danny I'm happy with the results. Also like Danny I can see there's so much more to come. As he said, he'll cut a lot of time when he gets the extreme riding sorted, but it'll also help him to be up to full-race speed earlier. It's still early in his career, though, all these things will come.

"His Gas Gas EC300 Racing was again perfect and we took the time to experiment with settings, trying different mousses, tyres and suspension settings. There's more to come from the bike as well. It's good to keep building on the successes."

Also racing: Jack Lee placed 4-5 in the Experts on his John Lee Motorcycles Gas Gas EC300.

McCanney's next race is the final of the 2012 British Sprint Enduro Championship at Canada Heights, Kent (June 16-17).


Danny McCanney finished the Iberian leg of the 2012 Enduro World Championship this weekend with a podium finish on Day Two in Portugal, having missed a similar result on Day One by just 2.1-seconds. Placing 4-3 over the two days McCanney is now just two points away from second place in the EWC Junior championship standings.

The conditions in Portugal couldn't have been more different from those of a week ago in Spain, swapping grass and mud for hardpack and rock, but again McCanney found his Gas Gas EC300 Racing adapted well to the conditions, allowing him to fight for podium finishes.

Danny McCanney: "A good weekend, but made agonising by little mistakes costing me dear. On Saturday I lost a third place finish on the very last test as I figured riding it smooth and flowing - there was a real blue groove - would make me faster; but on reflection I should have attacked it harder. Then on Sunday I had a crash in the cross test on lap two and lost 15-seconds, without that I would have been runner-up.

"There's still a lot to learn. This weekend I realised I've been riding the extreme tests too much like a trials rider, riding feet-up and neat. The fast way, it turns out, is to ride more ragged - bounce off everything and use your legs! It doesn't look very pretty but it saves so many seconds.

"I'm happy though; the bike was excellent, I've learnt so much and I'm improving my position in the championship. All positives."

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "EWC is never less than tough. We had 35ºC heat and high humidity to battle this weekend as well as a very challenging course, it was very tough on the going.

"The Gas Gas EWC team were excellent and very helpful to us with their knowledge on jetting and set-up for conditions we don't typically see in the UK, again this meant we had a faultless ride with the bike. Danny will be kicking himself over his two slip-ups, but for the other 98% of the time he was excellent, he's actually very consistent and very fast, so has put himself in a very strong position in the championship."

McCanney's next race is rounds seven and eight of the 2012 British Enduro Sprint Championship at Adstone, Northants, this weekend (May 19-20).


Danny McCanney found the speed and consistency to put himself on the podium again this weekend at the Spanish GP of the 2012 Enduro World Championship. Placing sixth on day one then a fighting third on day two, McCanney, riding a Gas Gas EC300 Racing, now lies in third position in the 2012 EWC Junior standings.

On a course that was more typical of French enduro than Spanish – rolling grassy hillsides and clay-based pine forests of the Basque country near Bilbao – McCanney had struggled on day one, feeling rusty after an enforced lay-off from riding (to allow the ribs he injured at the last Sprint Enduro to fully heal). But on day two McCanney was back to his best, posting second-fastest times and challenging for the win. 

Danny McCanney: “That was a great event. I enjoyed all the tests, we had a bit of everything. It got really technical on day two as overnight rain and so many laps meant the course was very rutted out. The enduro test was long and very tough with ruts and berms like you see on a motocross course, but made slippery by the water that seemed to sit everywhere on the course.

“I struggled on the Saturday; having been off the bike for a while I felt uncomfortable and to push harder would have been risky. I was much happier on Sunday, more familiar, and I changed the way I rode, using the EC300s ability to pull higher gears which works brilliantly in wet conditions. I'm very happy to be back on the podium, to be challenging the leader again. I'm really looking forward to Portugal now!”

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: “This was a tough enduro for a rider returning from injury. The Spanish organisers had put together an excellent – and tough – 70 kilometre course (repeated three times) that kept the riders working hard for the full seven hours of each day. The enduro test was impressive as well, very long with a good variation in terrain through a tricky clay-based forest. Danny was understandably below his best for day one, but it acted as a good tune up and he was his usual battling self on Sunday – he took third, but significantly he was setting top-three, even top-two times. He's bang on form again.” McCanney's next race is round four of the 2012 Enduro World Championship in Portugal this weekend (May 12-13).


Gas Gas's Danny McCanney battled with the pain of sore (possibly cracked) ribs to place second and third in the two days of the Helmsley Enduro, the second round of the 2012 British Enduro Championship, this weekend. The results keep him third overall in the BEC championship, second in the E3 class.

McCanney was in great form despite the injury he picked up a week earlier at the Sprint Enduro in Wales, and was beaten only by three-time world champion David Knight on day one, while also being edged by E2 British Champion Tom Sagar, into third, on day two. Conditions on the North Yorkshire moors were bitter all weekend, with rain, snow showers and temperatures always close to freezing. The course was unrelentingly tough, an excellent measure for the country's best riders.

Danny McCanney: "That was a tough two days. The course was a real challenge, very slippery everywhere, with never ending roots, some tricky off cambers - very technical - and it was a long tightly timed lap. You really had to be on top of your game the whole time.

"It was also tough in the conditions to attack the test, the best way to a fast time was to ride with pace and stay smooth. In all, it was everything that my EC300 Racing is good at, the 300cc two-stroke is ideal in these conditions. The tougher it is the better my bike gets!

"I'm very happy with my results. David is a tough man to beat any day and this was a good course for Tom as well, so I was really pleased to beat him on day one."

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "Danny's not one to complain, but it was easy to see he was riding with some pain this weekend. In the circumstances he put in an excellent effort, as he always does, he's certainly established himself as one of the top-three enduro riders in the country. A good pair of results and so a strong position in the championship. Our bike, as ever, ran faultlessly."

Also racing: Andrew Edwards placed 8-6 in Championship E2 on his EC250 Racing, Jack Lee placed an excellent 2-2 in Expert E3 on his John Lee Motorcycles Gas Gas EC300.

Danny McCanney's next race is round three of the 2012 Enduro World Championship in Spain on May 5-6.


Just four days back from South America (racing the Enduro World Championship) Gas Gas's Danny McCanney ignored jet lag to take a 1-2 result from rounds five and six of the 2012 British Sprint Enduro Championship at Saints Well in Wales, extending his lead in the Under 23 standings.

In fact on the Saturday McCanney took his Gas Gas EC300 Racing to his second outright win in the series, coming back from a slow start to the day to take the win by a narrow 2.58-seconds from fellow Manxman Alex Rockwell.

On the Sunday McCanney suffered an early crash, injuring his back, and found it impossible to ride to his usual ability, settling instead for a secure (if uncomfortable) runner-up to Rockwell (and fourth fastest overall).

Danny McCanney: "It was a busy schedule between Argentina and here; I got home Tuesday, Thursday I was back on the boat to the mainland and Friday walking the course. So I was probably still a bit sleepy on that first lap of the course, losing 7-seconds to Alex. It was a good day, though, touch-and-go right to the last lap, but I dug deep and got the time I needed.

"Sunday was more difficult as I crashed early on and hurt my back, making the day quite uncomfortable. Alex was again going 100% so I couldn't hold him. I'm happy, though, I've kept my lead in the Under 23s and to again show that the Gas Gas can be the fastest bike on any day is job done!"

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "This season is going to be a tough one for Danny with so many championship dates to meet, racing weekend after weekend, but he did well to come here and scorch to that day one outright win. The crash on day two meant he rode with some pain all day, but he did what he needed again."

Also racing: Jack Lee placed 6-6 in the Experts on his John Lee Motorcycles Gas Gas EC300.

McCanney's next race is round two of the 2012 British Enduro Championship at Helmsley, North Yorkshire this weekend (April 14-15).


Gas Gas's Danny McCanney endured a tough two days of high altitude and high heat to place fourth and fifth in the Junior category at the second round of the 2012 Enduro World Championship at San Juan in Argentina at the weekend. His points haul keeps him (equal) second in the championship standings.

The competition was tough this weekend and on day one McCanney was separated from the winner by only 37-seconds yet still only placed fourth! McCanney consistently set top-three times, and even set fastest time in the extreme section on the last lap, yet was still pipped for the podium.

Day two proved tougher still, and while again McCanney fought hard - even setting second fastest time on the last test of the day - the high-level of competition meant fifth place.

Danny McCanney: "I'm upset I didn't do better, but I know I gave it my all. What is important is that it's a year long championship and while the results might not have come this weekend, not giving in and battling for the places meant I've retained a strong position in the championship, just 18 points behind the leader.

"Again I was very happy with my bike, the EC300 Racing. It gives me no troubles and lets me fire in fast times whether I'm in an extreme or motocross test."

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "This was a very tough weekend for Danny, he had everything new thrown at him here - high altitude - we're well over 6000ft here - and temperatures over 30ºC. As well, these were long seven-to-eight hours days including 12 tests. That's as tough as you're going to find.

"So these conditions were never going to suit him but he battled as hard as he always does and I think the fact he set the second fastest time in the final test, after two long hard days, shows his commitment.

"There's a long way to go in this championship, we've only just started, so Danny's well-placed, just 18 points off the lead, with 12 races and 240 points still up for grabs."

McCanney's next race is rounds five and six of the 2012 British Sprint Enduro Championship at Saints Well in Wales this weekend (April 7-8)

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Gas Gas's Danny McCanney got his Junior Enduro World Championship season off to a great start at round one in Talca, Chile at the weekend. Riding a factory-prepared Gas Gas EC300 Racing, the Manxman took a second and third finish from the two days of competition to place second in the Junior standings, just eight points down on double-winner Mathias Bellino of France.

Danny McCanney: "These were hot and dusty conditions with hard pack terrain, not something we see a lot of at home - so I'm very happy I spent two weekends racing in Spain in preparation for this. As it was I enjoyed the 11-minute enduro test and was never out of the top-three on that, even posting a fastest time on the second attempt on Saturday.

"My slowest times came in the extreme section, mainly because I crashed! Even though I've practiced extreme in the UK there's big a difference between winter extreme and summer extreme! I'll be working on this for the coming rounds.

"Overall I'm very happy with the start to the EWC year, to be on the podium is exactly what I was planning and to have already claimed a runner-up means my next logical goal has to be to win!"

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: "Danny rose to the challenge this weekend. He's only ridden one world championship round before this weekend, so to come here in his first proper season and immediately jump on the podium on both days is a brilliant result. I'm even more impressed because Danny rode the whole event in a dust cloud from the riders in front - he was the seventh starter in the class - while the winner was always in clear air riding off the front, that makes a big difference.

"Again his EC300 Racing ran perfectly, he gets on so well with it he has his hands free to learn all he has about the competition. And it was a great to see him on the podium both days together with his senior team-mate Ivan Cervantes, who has put the prototype EC450 at the head of the E2 world championship in its debut race. All round an excellent weekend for Gas Gas."

Danny McCanney's next event is the second round of the Enduro World Championship in San Juan, Argentina this weekend.

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With just days to go before the start of the 2012 Enduro World Championship Gas Gas's Danny McCanney this weekend made a last call into Europe to again brush up on his hard terrain skills. 

Riding the second round of the 2012 Spanish Enduro Championship in Almeria, McCanney shone, often setting topthree times (outright) during an eight-hour competition over extreme hard pack terrain, much of it peppered with rock.

McCanney led the E3 class by six-seconds into the afternoon, but then a chance fall in a deep sand section of a special test made for a difficult restart and the Manxman lost over a minute of time. Despite this he still made fourth in E3 and eighth overall, just behind team-mate Ivan Cervantes.

Danny McCanney: “This was a tough enduro, we were eight hours riding and at no point was the terrain ever anything less than difficult. All the same I felt strong and I'm getting better and better at reading this continental hard-pack type of terrain. I was so happy to be leading the class and challenging for an outright podium, so to fall and lose all that time was devastating. But looking at the bigger picture, this was excellent training going into the EWC, starting this weekend in Chile. I'm very happy with my fitness and with my bike – I'm in good condition to start the world championship.” 

Steve Plain, Gas Gas UK team manager: “Danny was so unlucky this weekend. His riding was excellent and to have been leading the E3s and riding top-three overall was an incredible performance – he's creating a lot of excitement in Europe! His crash was just one of those accidents – a dust berm that simply gave way, only it suffocated the bike and rider in dust – and with an airbox smothered in dust it was the hardest job for Danny to get the bike restarted again.“

Everybody is excited though. He's got the bike (the 2012 Gas Gas EC300 Racing) the skill, the speed and the fitness – as he showed – to ride with the best in the world in their own backyard. To be aiming for the Enduro Junior world title this year is then very realistic. As with last season, Danny's out to win. It's going to be an exciting year!”

Danny McCanney's next event is the first round of the Enduro World Championship in Chile this weekend.

McCanney, a new commitment to the future of Gas Gas

The young champion from the Isle of Man is attached to the factory team for three seasons. 

The official Gas Gas team has become a major player in the international Enduro pre-season thanks to the good results achieved by Ivan Cervantes with the new EC450 with the fourstroke engine, but also by the excellent performances of recently signed, young Danny McCanney, which surprised some international riders with extensive experience and track record in both the British and the Spanish Championships.

McCanney was born in Douglas (Isle of Man) on November 12, 1991 and comes to the Gas Gas factory team after a great 2011 season, riding an EC300 with the support of GasGas UK. Danny scored the British Enduro Championship Junior and E3, also the British title of Enduro sprint U23 as well as the Enduro European Championship in both Junior and in E2/3. This season the challenges are even greater, since he will contest his first World Enduro Championship in Junior as well as participating in the British and Spanish championships in the Senior category.

The arrival of this promising figure in the ranks of the official Gas Gas team reaffirms the commitment that the company has always shown with the new stars of the sport. Danny McCanney is the best example of this, and he is worth the bet for the medium to long-haul, as his union with the brand is planned at the outset for three seasons. Danny will ride one of the new EC300 Racing models in both the World and national championships. March 12th 2012


Gas Gas's Danny McCanney travelled to the Mediterranean fishing port of Vinaròs on the west coast of Spain at the weekend to race the first round of the Spanish Enduro Championship. Riding a factory supplied Gas Gas EC300 Racing McCanney again excelled, beating several full-factory riders to take third place in the E3 category (13th overall).

The relatively short course included special tests over deep sand on a beach and through mixed land that McCanney could best describe as an abandoned building site!

Danny McCanney: “This was excellent pre-season training for me. The EWC uses terrain that's quite different to that we ride in the UK so I need to familiarise myself with that – and this was ideal. I ride deep sand in the Isle of Man quite a lot so I had no issues in the sand test and could set fast times quite easily. But the hard pack, loose stones and scrubby stuff is all new and takes a lot of getting used to. They set-out their courses very different as well, they can be a lot tighter, where we like flowing courses in the UK, so I need to practice the sharp turns and short sharp straights.

“Again I'm very happy with my EC300 Racing, it's been competitive right up to the top of the British scene and I was so happy here in Spain, with me still being a Junior rider, it allowed me to mix it with the fully-fledged factory riders. To be on the podium here in this company – I'm stoked!” 

Steve Plain, team manager: “An important weekend this one for Danny. Probably his debut in the EWC in France last year suited him, it was like English enduro, only drier, whereas coming here is taking him further from his comfort zone and giving him practice on terrain he rarely sees. “We're just days away from the EWC season getting underway in South America but the preparation we've been doing over the winter, riding extreme enduros and frequent visits to Spain to test, and now race here, should pay off. Danny is well prepared and that'll give him an assured, calm head to deal with the pressure that's to come.” 

Danny McCanney's next event is the third and fourth rounds of the British Sprint Enduro Championship in Monmouth this weekend.

Team GGUK No.1 Rider DANNY McCANNEY has signed for GAS GAS again for 2012.

Danny has had a fantastic year this year winning the under 23 British Sprint Championship and also the E3 British Enduro Championship.

Danny is pictured here with GG Enduro Team Manager Steve Plain who has been a big part of Danny’s success thus far and will remain with him next year.

Nowadays the young riders need a ‘mentor’ like Steve with their vast experience and ability to provide the riders’ with the best possible bikes. The same can be said for Jonny Walker who is also having some great success but again it’s a Team effort with his mentor Julian Stevens.

Danny has also agreed terms with the GAS GAS Factory to rider the EWC Junior Class. He will be a GG Factory rider next year and will join Ivan Cervantes etc. under the Factory truck.

Also pictured is our Expert rider JACK LEE. Son of the infamous John Lee, Jack has moved from Trials to Enduro this year and has had some promising results. Jack is a grafter and will keep improving. Jack is now heavily involved in the family business John Lee Motorcycles. 

Thanks to ‘Yoomee’ for the pic.

McCanney impresses with top five finish at Enduro World Championship

Gas Gas's Danny McCanney made an impressive debut in the enduro world championship at Mende in France at the weekend. After placing a cautious 11th in the Junior class on day one of the competition, McCanney attacked on day two taking three top-three test times on his way to a brilliant fifth place for the day.

Danny McCanney: "It's been my ambition to race an EWC and coming here has really lived up to my expectations. The French club and organisers put on a fantastic finale to the year with an incredible setting for the parc ferme in the middle of this historic town. And the tests were brilliant, the cross-country test alone took two and half hours to walk and even included a section of closed-road. They were long days in 30ºC heat, but exactly what the world championship should be about.

"On day one I was probably a bit careful, I didn't know what to expect and while I didn't think I was riding anything less than 100% I was not attacking enough. On the second day I came out fighting, twice took second place and once third in the tests. My deficit on the winner was halved, it was a much better ride and gave a proper account of what I can do, I was happy with that. As ever my Gas Gas CC300 was spot on, there was lots of technical going in hard pack and rock, plus long steep hills - and so much dust! - but the bike was never found wanting, it made the job that much easier.

"On a personal note I'd like to say a big thanks to Steve for the brilliant support he's given me this year, I couldn't have done it without him, his knowledge and guidance have been invaluable - and he's prepared a bike that's never let me down. And also I'd like to say thanks to the Manx Sports Aid Foundation, it's only with their support that it's been possible for me to make the many journeys to the British, European and World rounds."

Steve Plain, Gas Gas team manager : "I'm so proud of Danny, he's come through yet again. In fact his first day result shows his strength all the more. It would seem he was studying what it was all about on the first day - his first ever in the world championships - and having seen it and understood, he really did the job on the second day, in fact he finished 24th outright! He even beat the new junior world champion. Again Danny showed his talent, he's clearly world class, and he's more than ready enough to race this series full-time next year. I really hope we can put something together for him to do exactly that."

Team Gas Gas UK's sponsors are: S3, Renthal, Talon, Michelin, Putoline, Sidi, Shoei, Scott, USWE and trialendurodirect.com.


Gas Gas' Danny McCanney was part of the four-man team who took an excellent third place in the Junior Trophy competition at the International Six Days Enduro in Kotka-Hamina, Finland from August 8 to 13. The event was the 99th running of this prestigious competition that's often called the Olympics of motorcycling as it brings together the best riders from countries around the world. This was McCanney's debut year. McCanney was teamed with Alex Rockwell, Jack Rowland and Jonny Walker in the under-23 team that contested the Junior Trophy. As well as winning the bronze medal in the team event, McCanney raced the world's best in the E3 class, placing a best 10th on day three and 4th in the final motocross race.

Danny McCanney: “I'm very proud to have helped the team win the bronze medal. A podium finish in an event this tough is a great achievement. It took all four of us to secure the final result, so I must thank Jack, Alex and Jonny for their performances too. "The six days started with a disaster for me when I crashed off a wooden bridge on day one. The bike fell into a creek, it was totally submerged. It took a good 15 minutes to get it out and then more minutes getting the water out of the engine. With extra work at the final check I used my maximum allowance of 30 minutes over schedule that day. "But credit to my Gas Gas CC300 as it ran great for the rest of the week, even if another crash meant I had to replace a radiator! Six days is a tough test, I'll definitely want to do it again!"

Steve Plain, Gas Gas team manager : “Danny did well to finish the week after his day one disaster, that's credit to him and to the robustness of the CC300. I'm sure this first ISDE has been a very steep learning curve for him. "I'm delighted for him and his team-mates that they've come away with the bronze medal. We've thought for a while that our new youth are world class – and now they've proved it." Danny McCanney's next event is the Dyfi Enduro – rounds eight and nine of the 2011 British Enduro Championship – August 27-28.


Gas Gas' Danny McCanney gathered another super-successful set of results from this weekend's Brechfa Two-Day Enduro (rounds six and seven of the 2011 British Enduro Championship) in Dyfed, Wales. Not only did McCanney again win the E3 class on both days but sensationally he took the outright win on the Saturday.

Danny McCanney: "I'm so happy to score my first outright BEC victory. I've shown the capability all year, but it takes a good day, where you minimise your mistakes and capitalise on your strengths to make the number one spot.

"This weekend Steve (Plain) had given me a great set-up on the Gas Gas CC300, it was such a joy to ride it made the whole day fun. Day two could have been more of the same only I crashed heavily in the first test and the impact numbed my leg, making the day difficult. To come away with fourth overall on day two wasn't bad in the circumstances. Importantly it puts me very close to claiming the E3 title for the year."

Steve Plain, Gas Gas team manager : "We've been looking forward to this day ever since we took Danny on board with Gas Gas. The event was very good, a bit tricky given the extremely wet week before, making the going very slick, quite technical - but Danny's Manx enduro experience really helped. He was especially good on the enduro test, and on the one tight check he was so fast they could have made it even tighter and he'd have still been clean.

"He was unlucky on day two to get injured so early on, but again he's shown his ever-improving skills and maturity to still bring it home fourth overall and record yet another class win."

Danny McCanney's next event is the International Six Days Enduro in Finland starting August 8. McCanney will ride his Gas Gas CC300 for the British Junior team.