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Doodson ACU British Enduro Championship Round 2: 14/15 April 2012
Photo jonathan Bentam

The second round of the ACU British Enduro Championship was the ‘local’ event for MPS Racing, taking place just outside the picturesque North Yorkshire town of Helmsley around 30 minutes from MPS HQ.

Armed with local knowledge, the team had high expectations for the weekend and despite the best efforts of the weather, in particular on Saturday, both Jack Rowland and Jamie Lewis came away with strong class results.

For Husqvarna TE250 rider Jack Rowland Saturday started well. His first test time was fast enough to put him seventh overall and the fastest E1 class bike by a good margin, but unfortunately he failed to capitalise on this strong start and as the weather closed in and the course cut up, his test times slipped back slightly. To compound matters, Jack managed to gain three minutes of time penalties as the checks tightened throughout the day, dropping down the overall order but still fast enough to finish the day third in the E1 class.

Having dissected the events of Saturday and realising where mistakes had been made, Jack started Sunday with renewed enthusiasm and delivered consistent test times and avoided time penalties to claim second in the E1 class, just eight seconds behind E1 class winner and ex-World Champion, Paul Edmondson.

The conditions on Saturday suited Jamie Lewis on the Husqvarna TE310 much better. Despite having to ride half the day without a rear brake, having damaged the brake linkage hitting it on a tree stump, Jamie cleared all the checks and delivered strong test times to finish fourth in the highly competitive E2 class, less than a minute behind the class leader.

With the bike repaired for Sunday, Jamie was able to attack the tough Helmsley course properly and showed the pace he is capable of, finishing fifth overall and third in the E2 class.

Mick Seward, MPS Racing team principal said, "Another good weekend for Jack and Jamie, both finishing well in what was clearly a very tough event and where a lot of more experienced riders failed to finish. We’re particularly pleased with Jamie's result from Sunday, to be fifth overall and third in class when he’s still adapting to the 310 having ridden 450s previously is very impressive".

Rob Johnson, riding the Newcastle Motorcycles Husqvarna TE250 with MPS also had a good weekend. Fifth in the Expert class on Saturday, Rob then upped his game for Sunday, finishing third in the Experts on the day before his 18th birthday.

The next event for MPS Racing is on the weekend of 19th / 20th May for rounds 7 and 8 of the Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship in Adstone, Northamptonshire.

MPS on the Podium at BSEC
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After the literally freezing conditions of rounds 1 and 2 of the Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship in Hampshire, rounds 3 and 4 held at the fabulous Llangrove track on the English/Welsh border couldn't have been more different, with sunglasses being required and the temperature well into positive double figures on both days.

What wasn't any different was the approach of MPS team mates Jack Rowland and Jamie Lewis who again attacked both days full of commitment and looking to improve on the results of the first weekend.

On his TE250 in the Under 23s class, Jack Rowland (left) started the day as he meant to go on with his first lap seeing him 4th in class. Event organiser GMC Events had ensured the day would be a test of stamina for all riders with 8 laps packed in to the day so there was plenty of opportunity to make or lose places throughout the full days racing. However Jack rode consistently all day, keeping in contention with the top three riders on their E2/E3 class bikes but not quite able to close the gap until he snatched 3rd place on the last lap, the highest place E1 bike in the Under 23 class.

In the Elite class, Jamie Lewis on the TE310 was hoping to improve on his 6th place finish of round 1 but despite getting faster every lap, taking some 18 seconds off his initial lap time, Jamie finished round three as 6th in class. A good result for the team considering there were two World Championship riders in his class but not where Jamie wanted to be.

Jamie Lewis

Rob Johnson

Katy Bullock

Round 4 on Sunday was a shorter day, with 6 laps of racing planned on a course running in the opposite direction to Saturday. With just 6 laps, every lap had to count and Jack started Sunday where he'd left off Saturday, finishing lap 1 in 3rd place. For the following five laps, Jack proved his consistency with a variation of less than 8.5 seconds over each approximate 7m 30s lap to again finish 3rd in class.

For Jamie, round 4 started better, still 6th after lap 1 but in much closer contention to the Elite class leaders than on Saturday. Smooth, fast and mistake free all day, Jamie kept the TE310 in sight of the leaders but couldn't quite find the pace to improve on his first lap finish position and again ended the round in 6th place in the Elite class.

Katy Bullock on the WR125 started well on Saturday but an unfortunate crash towards the end of the day dropped down to 5th in the Ladies class, a result she duplicated on Sunday.

Rob Johnson, riding with MPS on the Newcastle Motorcycles TE250 also delivered strong performances on both days with two 4th places in the Under 19s class.

Mick Seward, team principal for MPS Racing: 'We come away from rounds 3 & 4 of the Sprint having again proved how competitive our bikes and riders are against the best riders in the country. I'm extremely pleased with the way all riders performed and to again have both Jack and Jamie in the overall top ten on each day is a testament to how hard the team has worked this weekend.'

MPS Racing would like to thank all team members and sponsors for their on-going support.

Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship: Rounds 1 & 2, 11/12 February 2012

The first event of the 2012 season for MPS Racing was the Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship rounds 1 and 2 held near Aldershot, Hampshire.

With a focused two man team for 2012, including Jack Rowland riding the TE250 and Jamie Lewis on the TE310, MPS was optimistic of strong results for the first two rounds of the ultra-competitive Sprint series. Those expectations were fulfilled by the close of racing on Sunday, despite the event being snow covered and the ground frozen solid in places.

For his first race in the Under 23 class, Jack Rowland started Saturday well, posting a time that put him third in class and running faster than a number of the established World Championship racers. Jack's pace continued to improve throughout the day, but unfortunately the day's racing was cut short due to the late start caused by the cold weather and after the fifth lap of the day Jack had slipped to fourth place in class.

If the under 23 class was competitive for Jack, Jamie Lewis faced a daunting task in the Elites on Saturday riding his TE310. GMC Events, Sprint series organisers, had done a fantastic job of bringing international race stars to their event and Jamie had to contend with a double World Enduro Champion, a triple World Enduro Champion and the current World Super Enduro Champion in his class. Jamie rose to the challenge well and rode consistently throughout the day to finish impressively as sixth in class.

After the minus 7 degree start on Saturday, Sunday felt almost tropical with the temperature just nudging above freezing by the time racing started at 10am. GMC Events had worked hard overnight to change the course, based on feedback from the riders on day one, so the times from Saturday couldn’t be used as a guide for pace on Sunday. However, even with the slightly faster running course, Jack rode consistently to retain his fourth in class and to be the fastest E1 class rider of the day.

For Jamie, day two also turned into a duplicate of day one. Fast consistent rides saw him sitting fifth at one point but he eventually ended the day sixth in class again.

Mick Seward, team principal for MPS Racing said: ‘The class results fail to put into perspective the real strength of these finishes. If you ignore the class results and look at the overall for round 2, Jack placed seventh and Jamie took ninth place against the best riders the UK. We’re coming away from rounds 1 and 2 of the Sprints really pleased with the results. The conditions were difficult but both Jack and Jamie rode maturely, delivering strong results against vastly more experienced Enduro riders. More importantly both Jack and Jamie finished the weekend injury free, ready for the first round of the British Enduro Championship next weekend’.

MPS Racing would like to thank all team members and sponsors for their on-going support.

MPS Racing Husqvarna - Supporting the youth of today

The introduction of the Under 19 class into the ’11 Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship has proved to be a hugely successful addition to the increasingly popular series, with both the U19 and U23 classes playing an important role in the development of British youngsters competing in enduro sport. With close and exciting racing at each of the eight championship rounds held so far this season the emergence of new talent, added to the fact that UK-based riders have what it takes to mix it with Europe’s best, shows that Britain’s enduro future has never looked brighter.

Supporting the BSEC series with a five-rider strong line-up is the MPS Racing Husqvarna team, who believe that supporting young and up-and-coming British talent is of paramount importance. GMC Events caught up with team owner Mick Seward recently to find out more about MPS Racing Husqvarna and how Europe’s first sprint enduro series is helping their riders.

2011 sees MPS Racing line up with a new squad of riders. Who’s riding in your team this year?

MPS Racing: ‘For ’11 we’ve had a fresh overhaul of riders into the team. Riding in the Elite class is Jordan Rose on the TE449 Husqvarna. Jack Rowland is a new rider to enduro having previously competed in motocross. He's competing in the Under 19 class on the TE250 and is really enjoying the change of scene to enduro. Although a Husqvarna supported rider last year, Joe Deakin joins the team also competing on the TE250. This year we are also supporting lady rider Katy Bullock. A top trials rider, Katy will ride the WR125 in the BSEC and selected BEC events. Staying with the team is 16-year old Rob Johnson, who continues to improve with every race. Both Jack and Joe are currently top two in the British Expert E1 4T class while Rob leads the overall Clubman championship.’

Jordan is a top-flight motocross rider. How is he adapting to enduros?

MPS Racing: ‘Jordan came to us shortly before the fifth round of the BSEC without a ride and we decided to give him a try. We managed to get a basic set up for him before that event and without any proper training he finished fourth along with posting the second fastest time on four of the tests. He enjoyed the experience so we brought him along to the first round of the European championship in Poland the following weekend. There he put in two brilliant results to finish third and second. Unfortunately during the British Enduro Championship at Harwood he hit a tree stump and crashed heavily resulting in a compound fracture of his toe and thumb. This stopped him from competing at the BSEC in Adstone but he decided to ride the European championship in Romania. Again luck wasn't on his side there either as he hit a deer at hi-speed during one of the special tests! However, after we rebuilt his bike he dug deep to score a tenth place finish. This was a remarkably result as we later found out he had broken two ribs in the crash.’

Husqvarna has stepped up their support of MPS Racing, what is your relationship with the brand?

MPS Racing: ‘Husqvarna are fully supporting us in our racing and we are now the official Husqvarna race team in the UK. With the recent restructure within Husqvarna we are now able to have a direct relationship with the factory for bikes and parts, while HVUK Ltd, Husqvarna’s official marketing representative in the UK, help us with the racing side of things to promote the brand. Overall we have got a much improved support package this year, which is great.’

Who else supports the MPS Racing Husqvarna team effort?

MPS Racing: ‘We are fully supported by Husqvarna motorcycles and use Castrol Oils. Our team partners include Renthal, SPS, EK Chains, Reiger Suspension and Super B Batteries for which we are also distributors. Our riders wear Sidi boots, Shoei helmets and Pro Grip provide us with clothing and goggles.’

MPS Racing has always been focused on supporting young junior riders, why is that?

MPS Racing: ‘When I began riding enduros a few years back I could see that there was little or no support for young riders entering the sport. I set up the team to try and give them support to allow them to make a name for themselves. Previously the only way to gain sponsorship as a rider was to fund things yourself until you eventually made a name for yourself. Often those with talent became disillusioned and left the sport altogether. We hope to promote the youth of our sport, give them the package they need to compete in high profile events and help them develop into world class riders.’

Having heavily supported the Enduro World championship you have decided to take a step back from it for ’11. Why is that?

MPS Racing: ‘Ultimately we would love to continue to compete in the EWC but the current calendar sees many races in far away places including Turkey and Greece. It would prove too difficult to fully commit to supporting and promoting the Husqvarna brand on the domestic scene while also travelling to such far-flung places. Husqvarna need us to represent the brand to our full potential in the UK and that is what we’re doing in ’11. We haven’t completely stepped away from international competition as we’re competing in the European Enduro Championship.’

How have you found the European Championship?

MPS Racing: ‘So far we are really enjoying the events and the change of scene they're bringing. To date we've been up the sharp end of the results and fighting for wins. Although they are of a smaller scale than the EWC it is allowing our riders to compete in high profile European events. With the final round in France in September we're hoping for these good results to continue.’

What are your thoughts on enduro since you’ve become involved with the sport?

MPS Racing: ‘When I first arrived on the scene it was still very amateur in comparison to motocross and road racing – there was very little sponsor and spectator interest. The sport seemed hidden away from the public eye. Since we began running a team it has begun to grow in terms of professionalism. More teams have come into the sport and manufactures are now better represented. Events on the whole are more professional and there’s better movement of information through the media. Hopefully the BSEC will help enduro sport grow further.’

How do you find the BSEC, have you warmed to the new format of enduro racing?

MPS Racing: ‘The BSEC has been superb and has brought fresh thinking and ideas to the sport. I think the organisers have got the format right. As well as great racing we can invite our sponsors to the events and spend time with them. Since everything happens around a central point they can watch the racing out on the track then return to the team truck for lunch and meet with riders. The format is very sponsor friendly and the organisers have worked hard to maintain a professional looking championship. I think the latest round at Adstone, Northants was the best venue so far. It was perfect for both riders and spectators. The course had a little bit of everything in it and with up to eight tests completed per day it was tough but enjoyable for riders while giving spectators plenty of action to watch.’

Has the BSEC been of benefit for your riders when competing abroad?

MPS Racing: ‘Yes, without doubt it has really helped and I think that is showing in their results, as well as the results of other British riders competing in the BSEC and in the EEC. The Extreme Test in Romania was almost a carbon copy of the extreme section used in Adstone. That unexpected practice almost certainly helped Jack to finish second fastest on both runs and for a rider with no prior trials riding experience they are excellent results.’

Rounds 9 & 10 of the 2011 Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship take place on July 2/3 at Berwyn Leisure Park, Clwyd, LL20 7LH

MPS Racing Husqvarna at the European Enduro Championship
Comanesti. Romania.

Three days of hard driving for the MPS Racing Husqvarna team saw them arrive in Comanesti, Romania for the second round of the European Enduro Championship with 2500Km's added to the mileage of the team truck.

Team Principal Mick Seward had everything prepared for the arrival of the MPS Husqvarna team riders Jordan Rose and Jack Rowlands and things were looking good as both riders rode off to scrutineering and the Parc Ferme.

Things didn't look quite so good on Saturday morning when Jack Rowlands arrived to collect his bike to find the clutch hose completely unscrewed. With time issues pressing the rider to take to the start line, Rowlands rode the first section of the going without a clutch, losing six minutes before riding the first untimed test, clutchless still, posting a sub six-minute time, before finally being able to tender repairs. This was a decent recovery from a potentially disastrous situation. Jack rode well for the rest of the day and would have finished in sixth position if it were not for the time penalties incurred at the start of the day

Jordan Rose, aka The Deer Hunter', showed that he has really taken to the Enduro scene, riding with two broken toes and a broken thumb he banged in a 5.47 time on the first test to grab a top ten position and set off for his second lap. Flat out on the Enduro test Jordan hit a deer, the crash resulting in two broken ribs for the MPS Racing rider and an end to his day.

Sunday proved to be a much better day. Jack Rowlands rode extremely well to finish fourth in class as Jordan Rose, pumped full of painkillers, rode to 10th in class despite getting stuck in a bog and struggling with his broken ribs trying to free the bike.

Rose's bad luck continued when he had his wallet stolen at the airport and now someone in Romania is the proud owner of new family transport, a rotivator courtesy of Jordan Rose. Lets hope whoever it is has the decency to put a handful of MPS Racing stickers on it.

The trip proved to be quite an experience for the whole team but Mick Seward remained as pragmatic as ever, concentrating on the positive to be taken from the event. Both Rowlands and Rose have gained invaluable experience at European level and are now looking forward to the next round of the Championship.

MPS return stronger for 2011

After a difficult 2010 season, MPS is set to return in 2011 even stronger and with the full support of Husqvarna Motorcycles.

When the team was formed in 2005, our original plan was to bring young riders into the team and into the British Enduro Championship. After a lot of thought, for 2011 we have decided to go back to our original plan, with a completely new line up
of young riders who will be entering the British Enduro Championship and the Sprint Enduro Championship, whilst giving them the support to ultimately move on to international competition.

Leading the team will be New Zealand enduro champion Jason Davies, riding the all new Husqvarna TE449 in the championship class. For the expert class, a new boy to Enduro is 18 year old MX star Jack Rowland from Doncaster, who will be riding the world championship winning Husqvarna TE 250 alongside Joe Deakin who will be running with MPS on a TE250 after a successful 2010 on WR125.

The Clubman class will have 2 MPS backed riders, the first being another Yorkshire lad, Rob Johnson, riding the Husqvarna TE250 and for the first time MPS are introducing a lady to the Enduro world with Katy Bullock joining Rob in the clubman class on a Husqvarna WR125. Katy is new to enduro but is an accomplished Trials rider and is looking forward to her new challenge.

The team will be concentrating on the Husqvarna supported ACU British Sprint Enduro  Championship, the British Enduro Championship and undertaking selected European championship rounds.

MPS Racing would like to thank everyone for their support in 2010 and we look forward to your continued support in 2011.

For more information please contact Mick Seward via email to mick@mps-racing.co.uk  or call 01904 760016.
Team website: www.mps-racing.co.uk 

Two New Riders for MPS Racing.

The philosophy of MPS Racing has always been to have someone within the team who is relatively new to the sport and to give them a taste of top flight Enduro, whilst learning from the more experienced team members.

For 2010 the original plans have been reshuffled somewhat with the departure of one team member before the season started and the unfortunate testing crash suffered by Matt Ridgway recently, leaving relative new boy Tom Braddock as the sole MPS racer.

However, with the team having the capacity to support a minimum of three riders for the season, team principal Mick Seward has offered Muntjac Expert class winner, Alex Rockwell the opportunity to join the team and get his first taste of the World Enduro scene.

Isle of Man resident Alex will be racing the new Husqvarna TE250 for MPS in all the forthcoming British and World Championship events, hoping to replicate his early season success on a grander scale.

After agreeing the deal with Alex, Mick Seward said 'It's great to have Alex on board, the start of the 2010 season hasn't gone to plan for us but at least now we can look to start achieving some results shortly. We had always planned to run more than two riders so we can easily support Alex for the season whilst Matt recovers and rejoins the team when he is fit to do so'.

MPS have also agreed a deal to support Neil Chatham on a Husqvarna WR125 for his British events. Neil has secured a place in the European Motorcycle Union (UEM) 'Team UEM Enduro Project' which was started by the UEM in collaboration with Husqvarna and UFO in order to establish a special Enduro Promotion Team comprising of young and promising riders. Neil will be racing in the E1 Junior class in the European Enduro Championship on a Husqvarna WR125 prepared by Mucci Racing as part of Team UEM.

Mick Seward commented 'Neil has done an outstanding job, being selected ahead of 20 or so other riders from across Europe to make it into Team UEM so it made perfect sense for Neil to be on a Husqvarna in the UK too'.

Quote from Neil ' I have always admired the MPS Team and the hard work that Mick Seward puts into supporting his riders. I have never been fitter or more focused to perform in the British Championship. Tom Braddock, Alex Rockwell and I hope to help turn around the difficult start to the season that the team has had. I am especially looking forward to Matt Ridgeway's return to fitness after his terrible accident, he has been a brilliant addition to the British scene and I would like to wish him a speedy recovery.'

For further information please contact Mick Seward at MPS Racing on 07801 256767 or email mpsracing@btconnect.com .

MPS Racing is a privately run team with the aim of bringing Junior riders to the World Championships, and give them the best opportunity and possibility of gaining top results.

The whole team works on a voluntary basis devoting their time and money for no other reason but their love and passion for the sport. Both Marnie and I devote 100% of our time and finances to supporting our race team. Our support team use holidays from work plus unpaid time off to help us, this dedication and enthusiasm earned us 2009 WEC team of the year.

Over the past four years we have assisted riders to two UEM titles plus one third and one forth placing at WEC level plus many British titles and race wins.

2010 is looking to be our most difficult season so far with manufacturers and sponsors cutting their support due to the financial climate, but we are more determined than ever to succeed and build on the experience gained over the past few years.

We have for next season a very exciting new rider who we believe has the ability and determination to be finishing top 10 in the junior class at World level also we have a 19 year old who will compete in the WEC youth cup and a 15 year old to ride in UK events our forth rider is still recovering from major shoulder surgery and will join us part way through the season all 4 riders we believe have the ability and personality to promote themselves and your products

Manager: Mick Seward .Mechanic / truck driver / Main sponsor

Matt Ridgeway - WEC junior. BEC Championship E1.
Gav Houson – WEC junior.BEC Championship E1.
Tom Braddock - WEC youth 125. BEC Expert EI
Rob Johnston - Youth British Sprint and cross country
Mick Seward – veteran class when time permits !!!!

Support team
Marnie Kendall, Chef, Tea maker, entertainment!
Johnny Wardle, Mechanic / Out rider
Sam Davidson, Mechanic/Service/Sponsor
Trev/Brian/Nigel/Darren/Rowland: Service when available

Engine tune and preparation
2 Stroke Rowland Shaw: Hardcore Racing
4 Stroke Stewart Johnstone Northmoor Engineering
Suspension preparation Reiger

2010 aims
WEC to fully support 2/3 junior riders.
BEC to support our own riders plus selected private Husky riders.

2010 calendar (Provisional)

Jan/Feb testing of bikes / practice (Spain?)
Feb 28th BEC Muntjac
March 27/28 British Sprint Championship
April 3/4 BEC Grampian
10/11 WEC Spain
17/18 WEC Portugal
27/28 British Sprint Championship
May 22/23 WEC Italy
24/25 British Sprint Championship
June 4/5 BEC Hafren
12/13 WEC Slovakia
19/20 WEC Poland
July 10/11 BEC Knighton
August 24/15 BEC Dyfi
28/29 WEC Greece
September 4/5 WEC Turkey
25/26 WEC France /BEC Natterjack (results in championships determine which event we compete in)

We will also compete in other British events when in the UK plus organize and conduct test/training days.

Sponsors (Provisional) - Husqvarna motorcycles Italy - Motul lubricants - Metzeler tyres (UK events only) - Helmets to be confirmed - Riding Kit. Pro-Grip - Renthall sprockets and Bars - Twin air - Reiger suspension - Super B batteries - HGS Exhausts

Our aim has always been to bring young British riders to the highest level, as we believe that to find a future World or British Champion; riders need to be in the World Juniors class as soon as possible.

Regards Mick Seward


MPS HUSQVARNA are now running Reiger rear suspension on all their Huskys they will also be selling and servicing the Dutch built suspension, the Reiger shocks are unique in that they have a built in thermostat to ensure damping stays the same and is not effected by oil temp they also have an ICS(intelligent compression system) valve which controls the big hits and also a RCV (rebound control valve ) which controls rebound when the wheel leaves the ground ,Reiger are more well known in the WRC world suspending the Ford focus and Subaru team cars plus supplying most of the Dakar teams they are a small professional team who will build shocks in house for almost anything from your 1960s twin shock to the very latest enduro/mx bike with each shock built specially for the customers weight and ability

We are also selling and using the Dutch Super B batteries ½ the size and 1/3 of the weight of STD

And finally we have received support directly from another Dutch company Twin air filters who will be supplying us with filters for the rest of the season

Further info from Mick at mpsracing@googlemail.com 


After ten hard days of training and testing of new bikes, we are ready for the 09 Season.

On Sunday 18th January, Mick and Leo loaded 8 bikes into the back of a VW Crafter van, loaned to us by West Yorkshire VW Van Centre and set off to Sol Moto, Puerto Lumberas, Spain, via Dover. After reaching Calais late Sunday evening, we decided to drive through the night to avoid traffic around Paris, and continued to arrive at Sol Moto Monday evening.

The first of the riders to arrive were Aston Bird and Tom Braddock on Tuesday morning, within half an hour we were all out riding. Aston on his 09 TE250, Tom on a race prepped 08 TE250, Leo on his new TC450 and Mick running in Si's race prepared TE450. 18 year old Sol Moto guide Ben Kupferberg put us through our paces on some superb tracks and trails.

On Wednesday, Si and Gav arrived, meeting up with us at a small MX track, only to find Aston thrashing Si's 450 around, he also tried Leo's TC450, revealing it was the best 450 MX bike he'd ever ridden. He couldn't understand why so few riders were racing them.

Later that day saw the complete MPS Husqvarna 09 Team training together. With Mick now on his new TE310, we rode until dark, everyone familiarising themselves with new bikes and the terrain. Within riding distance of Sol Moto we had MX tests, Enduro tests and an Extreme test from the Spanish Championships, plus the 2007 WEC course to train on. Happy days!

Seeing the terrain which the Spanish have to train on all year round, this makes the British riders results at World and European level even more creditable (especially seeing as it has snowed since our return).

On Sunday evening, due to work commitments Aston and Tom had to leave us, their places were taken by Mark of NTB Racing (Husky dealer in York), Vince Harker on Si's UEM Championship winning WR250 plus Gav's Dad Mark, riding anything he could get his hands on from dawn till dusk (yes he was still seen riding with head-light on, when we were all in bed).

Making the most of Mark from NTB's expertise, we spent several hours suspension testing, changing front forks, rear shocks, ride heights and adjusting WER steering dampers. The hard work paid off; we ended the day with a bike set up better than we've ever had before.

On Wednesday, we loaded the bikes and travelled approx 40 mins to a MX track at Albox. This was the first time we could use a full on MX track due to high winds earlier in the week.

The track was a little rough, but good for building speed and confidence over the jumps, around the track there was also some big hill climbs to practice on. Mark Houson had fallen in love with Micks TE310 so Mick used the opportunity to bank some sleep ready for the long drive home. Its hard life!

Thursday came around too soon and it was time for Mick and Leo to set off home. After a 28 hour drive we were back in York, ready for an early night to prepare for the ACU dinner and Prize Presentation.

In summary, the 09 Husky's performed better than we could have hoped for, the 09 Si Wakely is leaner, meaner and noticeably faster than 08. Aston's speed on the MX test was never in question, but what surprised us was the speed he has adapted to the technical and extreme disciplines. Gav is now back to full fitness being as fast, neat and tidy as he was before his injuries of last year. Tom will be riding under the GH banner and assisted by MPS Husqvarna, and has now found good speed to compliment his trials skills. Having now ridden all our bikes, Vince has now traded the two stoke for a Husky 510, and as for the veterans, after watching the young guns, wished they were 20 years younger. All three are looking forward to doing battle in BEC Vets class.

Many thanks to Steve, Debbie and Ben at Sol Moto for their superb hospitality, West ~Yorkshire VW Van Centre for the loan of the Crafter, and Mark from NTB for his time and patience.

MPS sign Aston Bird for 2009

Yorkshire based MPS Husqvarna have signed Aston Bird for the 2009 season to join Si Wakely and Gavin Houson in their assault on the UK and World Enduro championships.

27 year old Aston is joining the MPS Husqvarna Enduro team to prove that successful MX racers can also become successful Enduro racers, a trend started last year by Antoine Meo with the factory Husqvarna team. Aston joins MPS having secured both the 2008 ACU Eastern Centre MX Championship and the ACU Eastern Centre Enduro Championship so he's no stranger to the podium.

Aston will be campaigning GBXC, British Enduro Championship and World Enduro Championship rounds alongside teammate and current British E2 Enduro Champion, Si Wakely. Si will again be racing the fuel injected Husqvarna TE450 and hoping to improve on his World Championship results from 2008 whilst retaining the title of British Champion.

The third member of the MPS Husqvarna team is Gavin Houson. 2008 was a difficult year for Gavin, sidelined by injury for most of the season but for 2009 Gavin is back on form, campaigning a WR125 in GBXC and British Enduro, with a selected number of World and European Enduro rounds also being undertaken.

MPS Team Principal, Mick Seward commented 'We are extremely pleased with the team line up for 2009. Si has proven himself capable of beating multiple world champions on a standard production bike and we are confident Aston can transfer his unquestioned speed from MX to Enduro. MPS Husqvarna is now recognised as a serious team at world level and our 09 rider line up should ensure our results are better than ever.'

Seward continues 'We've already tested the 2009 Husqvarnas and are very impressed with the new bikes. Our experience from 2008 combined with the factory development for 09 and the new Husqvarna 'Special Parts' range should ensure we have the best Enduro bike in the paddock at the Muntjac in February.'

For the 'vet class' MPS will be supporting Mark Houson on a TE250 and Mick Seward himself will be riding selected events on a TE310.

MPS will be racing in 2009 thanks to the ongoing support of Husky Sport, Motul Oils, Gaerne boots, Nau helmets, Pro Grip, Renthal, SIS Energy Products and The Sign Shop. Further sponsors to be confirmed shortly.

’08 World Enduro Championship – Mende, France. 11-12.10.2008

Encouraging end to ’08 WEC season for Wakely with two top 10 results at GP of Europe

MPS Racing Husqvarna team’s Si Wakely brought his participation in the ’08 World Enduro Championship to a positive end as the TE 450 mounted rider finished both days of the GP of Europe inside the top 10 of the Enduro Junior class. With the final round of the series, staged in Mende, France, a fitting and challenging end to the championship Wakely placed eighth on day one before bettering his position by one position on day two with seventh.

Starting day one with a sixth place result on the opening special test Si continued to perform well throughout the day and on the second lap finished fourth in class on the motocross test. With Husqvarna mounted Frenchman Marc Bourgeois winning the day, Si finished less than two seconds behind seventh placed rider Benoit Fortunato.

With the challenging enduro test catching out more than a few riders during the second day, including day one winner Bourgeois who derailed a chain and dropped from first to fifth, Si put in a solid opening lap before continuing to ride well throughout the day. Performing best on the jump filled extreme test and twice finishing fourth in class, Si improved on his first day result by one pace and finished less than one second behind the sixth placed rider.

At the end of the ’08 World Enduro Championship Si placed sixth in the Enduro Junior World Championship.

Si Wakely: “It’s certainly not been an easy event but it’s been an enjoyable one. I spent some time practicing with Husqvarna factory rider Antoine Meo before the event so I was feeling pretty confident. The motocross test and the extreme test were both good for me, but the enduro test was really tough. It was incredibly slippery. Both days went pretty well and I didn’t have any real problems. I had a couple of slow tests but I also had some really good tests too. It’s been a long, hard season that on the whole has gone well. Finishing sixth in the Enduro Junior World Championship is great.”

2008 World Enduro Championship

Grand Prix of Europe – Day 1

Enduro Junior class

1. Marc Bourgeois (Husqvarna) 54:17.76; 2. Oriol Mena (KTM) 54:32.50; 3. Jeremy Joly (Sherco) 54:51.05; 4. Vanni Cominotto (KTM) 55:02.10; 5. Sebastien Bozzo (Husqvarna) 55:21.83; 6. Romain Boucardey (KTM) 56:00.10; 7. Benoit Fortunato (Husqvarna) 55:10.63; 8. Simon Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 56:12.12; 9. Mirko Gritti (Beta) 56:26.88; 10. Antoine Basset (Husqvarna) 56:28.37; 11. Lorenzo Santolino (KTM) 56:40.56; 12. Adrien Metge (Husqvarna) 56:44.26; 13. Philip McLaughlin (TM) 57:23.58; 14. Armand Monleon (Yamaha) 57:41.77; 15. Martin Bonnet (Husqvarna) 58:03.12; 16. Guillem Pares (Yamaha) 58:04.69; 17. Vincent Charbonnier (KTM) 58:56.02; 18. Xavier De Soultrait (KTM) 59:32.44; 19. Romain Cadillac (Yamaha) 59:43.27; 20. Johan Molinarie (Husqvarna) 59:51.60

2008 World Enduro Championship

Grand Prix of Europe – Day 2

Enduro Junior class

1. Jeremy Joly (Sherco) 53:59.03; 2. Oriol Mena (KTM) 54:04.21; 3. Vanni Cominotto (KTM) 54:09.42; 4. Mirko Gritti (Beta) 54:29.69; 5. Marc Bourgeois (Husqvarna) 54:33.67; 6. Adrien Metge (Husqvarna) 55:11.81; 7. Simon Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 55:21.51; 8. Lorenzo Santolino (KTM) 56:27.82; 9. Antoine Basset (Husqvarna) 55:46.55; 10. Benoit Fortunato (Husqvarna) 56:43.07; 11. Sebastien Bozzo (Husqvarna) 56:54.72; 12. Romain Dumontier (Husqvarna) 57:18.24; 13. Vincent Charbonnier (KTM) 57:19.65; 14. Edoardo D’Ambrosio (TM) 57:29.70; 15. Philip McLaughlin (TM) 57:38.13; 16. Romain Cadillac (Yamaha) 57:49.39; 17. Xavier De Soultrait (KTM) 58:23.39; 18. Vaclav Malkus (Husqvarna) 58:24.82; 19. Guillaume Adam (Husqvarna) 58:27.78; 20. Guillem Pares (Yamaha) 58:36.15


2008 has started with a few changes from 2007 firstly our name we will now be MPS HUSQVARNA and will be running the British Husqvarna team with MPS and HUSKY SPORT under the same banner with us pooling our resources to both promote our riders Husqvarna products and our sponsors, Metzeler, Talon, NTB, Pro Grip, Rangers, MAG Sport, Motul, Core Racing, Malcom Rathmell, Pro Clean. Fro Systems. more effectively Our riders remain relatively unchanged with SI and Daryl competing in the World and British championships plus the usual non championship events, Gav will build on his rapid improvement and continue with UEM championship and BEC. We will also be assisting Rhinallt Davies and David Lloyd Jones in the BEC and not forgetting Mick and Mark Houson renewing their battle in the Vets both on new bikes TE 450 and WR 250 respectively.

2008 has come round even quicker this year with January being a very busy month for us with both Si and Daryl changing bikes Si riding the new 450 and Daryl on the 250 4 stroke so they needed to start training as soon as possible so the team including Gav and Vince Harker who joined us at the last minute with Rhenailt having to stay at home to finish his exams. We headed to Sol Moto near Puerto Lumbreras in Spain , a Trail , Enduro and MX centre run by Yorkshire family Steve, Debbie, Ben and Emma who's hospitality was first class Steve a Chef by trade fed us his wife Debbie mothered us and son Ben entertained us and took us on enduro trails and MX tracks Our training has gone very well with every one of us benefiting from the dry weather and being able to put in good hours on the bikes, our very own 'motocross Mick' was the first casualty when he decided to crash on the first day, first lap of a local motocross track and had to sit the rest of the rest of the day out due to bending his thumb back! The rest of the team got on well with everybody adapting to the hard pack track and the big jumps. With everybody warmed up we headed from sol moto on the bikes into the mountains where we pick up the world championship course from last year and continued to practice on the small, rock littered bike tracks. With everybody gaining in confidence day by day we headed to the 'infamous' rock step, it's a rock step of about 5 feet with no run up and covered in football sized rocks, with the experience gained everybody with one or two attempts manage to get up and over it, with Gav making it look easy, and Ben taking the chicken route! Rest day, or so we thought! Mick decided we should to go for a mountain bike ride down the dried up river bed to Puerto lumbreras and back, a ride of about 20 miles, we set off and it was all downhill with a tailwind, was a brilliant ride down, a spot of lunch and then the return journey, at this point we all realised it was all uphill and now with an even stronger head wind , what took half an hour to get down was about to turn into a two hour fight with nature, the wind being so strong that if you stopped pedalling you stopped dead, eventually we all returned to sol moto feeling like we had just done a stage of the tour de France. Back to a motocross track where we met up with one of Bens friends, 'GP Dave', another lad out in Spain training for the fore coming season, were he found out that enduro riders were also very quick MX riders, the rest of the 2 weeks was spent alternating between enduro training around Sol Moto and Mx training on the many tracks within an hour of our base then relaxing in the hot tub afterwards. 

On the Thursday of the second week it was time for Vince and Gav to head home (reluctantly) and leave us for another day after which we caught a plane to the UK to attend the ACU dinner so that Si and Daryl could collect their awards for winning European championships and Daryl’s British championship but then it was back to Spain Sunday morning we travelled north to Gerona and met up with Husky rider Mark Puigimont who found us a small castle to stay in with an extreme enduro track out front we stayed here for 3 days practicing and preparing the bikes for the WEC preview and Genoa indoor enduro

Arrived in San Remo for the preview and met up with the other Brits David Knight , Tom Sagar and Greg Evans the preview was well attended by all the teams and we all had photos taken and were introduced to the press and the factory tams put on a show round a test on the beach ( we didn’t want to get our bikes dirty ) from there we headed up to Genoa for the indoor enduro thankfully it was indoor as the weather had turned wet and cold ,practice went well with Si qualifying 9th then 4th in his heat and a hard earned 5th in the final( hope you all saw Si Wakey and Tommy Cigar on Eurosport 2 ). Congratulations to Meo on his Husqvarna TE 450 who won the event and good to see 3 Husky’s in the final!

Were back in the UK now and looking forward to the first event the GBXC race at Matchams with Daryl, Si and Gav looking forward to good results

Congratulations to Rheinallt Davies and David Lloyd – Jones on winning their classes at the Snowrun.

PROVISIONAL 2008 race schedule





FEB 3rd

Indoor enduro

Genoa Italy


FEB 17th




FEB 24th




MARCH 15th/16TH













































































Go Dutch

MPS RACING made their last trip of the year to race in Holland at the final round of the Dutch championship held in the Bernheze area. I arrived Wednesday accompanied by Paul and Rob Johnson, and we were joined the following day by Si and Daryl both riding Huskysport 4 strokes, Si with a new 08 / 450 out of the crate in standard trim and Daryl on an 07 / 250 borrowed from the Husky trail fleet (with just over 200 hrs on the clock).

Both riders were looking forward to their first ride in Holland, but after walking the tests realised it was going to be a tough 2 days with 3 long and fast tests in the four 75 kms laps, with 2, 1 hour checks per lap on the first day, then 3 laps and an 8 lap MX to finish. The first 4 riders were away at 8.00 sharp with headlights on Daryl at 3 mins past and Si at 6. The weather was cold and damp with light rain most of the day, both lads rode well with Daryl setting the fastest time on test 2 finishing 5th on day 1, Si posted consistent fast times finishing day 1 in 7th, it had been a tough day for us all with Paul, Rob and I having to drive between fuel stops and tests.

Saturday was even tougher with heavy overnight rain turning the tests into a mud bath linked together with deep ruts and bike eating mud. Daryl revelled in it, consistently setting fastest times on the std Husky 250, until disaster struck at the end of the last test of the day when it cried enough, and the engine stopped. To make things worse 3 of the riders in front of Daryl on the first day hit problems Mike Kocks Honda destroyed a clutch (but he had a spare one in his bum bag and a drain tin and a litre of oil! NOT) so he lost time. Lammertink's 250 Yam exploded, but as he was fighting for the championship he swapped bikes with Vogels (450 Yam) to try and finish, but was subsequently disqualified and Pedro Tragter on his Suzuki also retired with problems.

Si continued to get used to the 450 and his times improved, as the conditions worsened, but the course was taking its toll on every one. Very tired, he finished the day in a very hard earned 6th place. There was however a little light relief in one test, where a young lady decided to flash her breasts at every passing rider, some even stopping to take full advantage some crashing or like our riders not seeing her, (pictures to follow).

Unfortunately the MX race had to be cancelled after the first race due to the lap scorers not being able to read the numbers this however gave us more time to prepare for the famous end of season party and prize giving. This started about 8.00pm with speeches and presentations for the season, then a rock band and lots of beer, and finally at the strike of midnight it was Simon's 22nd birthday, he was carried round the bar to loud applause and showered in beer as is the custom in Holland!

PS . Congratulations to Paul and Rob who rushed home to meet wife Julie and daughter to show one their prize beef cattle at York market, which won in all 3 categories.

2007 review

With the season almost to a close it's a good time to look back and reflect on what has been a long hard year however all of the hard work put in by our riders Si, Daryl (Huskysport) Gav and Edd our support crew Wyn, Jonny, Al, Jake, Marnie and all other helpers who have given their time freely to help us it has become a very successful and enjoyable one. We have had every rider finishing in the top 5 of their class.

Si Wakely.

1st European Junior E2 championship

3rd British championship (overall & E2)

14th World championship (only contested 50%)



Daryl Bolter (Huskysport).

1st European E1 championship

1st E1 British championship

11th World championship (only contested 50%)




Gav Houson

2nd E1 Expert British championship (1st 125) 

3rd overall Expert British championship 

2nd North of England championship (missed 3 rounds) 

3rd Dirtbike Trax multi lap championship 



Edd Mc Intosh 5th North of England championship (expert) .

Mick Seward. 4th British championship Vets

Mark Houson. 5th British championship Vets

1st European championship manufacturer. Husqvarna. Si, Daryl and Michal Szuster.

2nd European championship Nations, Great Britain . Si, Daryl and Greg Evans

1st British championship team MPS RACING. Si (championship), Gav (expert), Mick (vet)

1st British championship manufacturer Husqvarna . Si , Gav , Mick .

We have competed in 4 British, 4 European and 4 World championship rounds plus North of England , Dirt bike Trax multi lap events the Welsh 2 day plus many other local events we have traveled over 20,000 miles visited 14 different countries and traveled on 14 ferries . We have used approximately 150 Michelin tyres, £2,500.00 worth of Motul oil , 20 sets of Xc-ting kit , 6 pairs of Gearne boots 7 Nau helmets , 20 pairs of Scott goggles , £ 1,000.00 worth of Science in sport energy drinks etc , Paid out over £2,000.00 on entry fees, £5,000.00 on fuel £5,000.00 on ferries Riders and support crew have taken 8 return flights to and from events We have used 1800 Yorkshire tea bags , 12 boxes of crunchy nut cornflakes 1 box of Co Co pops (when Special Greg Evans joined us for the weekend) , 10 packets of chocolate digestive biscuits (Wyn ate them all ) .144 bananas , 24 boxes of Jaffa cakes and finally 4 bottles of champagne ! The lads will have walked about 200 miles of special tests and drunk over 80 ltrs of water each We have had 22 photos including full front page in TMX, TBM etc had monthly reports and Photos on www.enduronews.com , www.dirtbike-trax.com and www.enduro-neec.org.uk, Gav was filmed and interviewed on TV! And the team was congratulated by James Whitham whilst commentating on the World Superbikes on Eurosport

All this would not have been possible without all the support both financial and time given freely that we have received from an army of enthusiasts all of which have made our lives easier and we can never than them enough . Special thanks to Support Crew Wyn , Marnie , Jonny , Jake , Al & Lynne, Mick & Denise ,Mark & Lisa, Sid Bolter , Tony Harwood, Mick Beard , Mick Driffield , Michael Ranger , Mike Carter , Alec Brocklehurst , Dusty Martin , Jonathon King , Neil Boyd .

ACU Mary Kerr, John Collins, Dave Willoughby, Malcolm Bates and Alan Penny .

Sponsors Huskysport , Motul oils ,Talon , Michelin Tyres , Mark@ NTB RACING , Steve Plain Motorcycles , Chris @ Dr SHOX , Malcolm Rathmell Sport ( GAERNE & Nau ) Braybrook off road ( XC-TING ) , Tim @ Rush Racing (FMF, EVS ),MXM Graphics , GMX , Bert Harkins ( Scott Goggles & Acerbis ), CYCLESCENE ( York ) , Mike and Craig @ Autohaus Diagnostics . Jon @ JBP in sport, Alec @ Core Racing (WER steering dampers) Marcus @ FMTS. Richard Sheen.VW Van centre West Yorkshire.

Support Jonty Edmunds, Bob Mullins, Colin Jacques. Tim @ Photo X, Mucci Racing, Motorsport Travel.

Husky Sport - MPS Racing Husqvarna '07 British Enduro Championship - round 5: Natterjack Enduro, 29-30.9.2007

Bolter wins '07 Enduro 1 BEC title

Husky Sport Husqvarna rider Daryl Bolter has well and truly put his disappointing, injury ruined '06 season behind him by adding the '07 Enduro 1 British Enduro Championship title to the Senior E1 European Enduro Championship he claimed one week ago in Poland. Placing a close second to Paul Edmondson in the opening day's overall results at the fifth and final round of the '07 BEC series, the Natterjack Enduro, Bolter claimed his second British Enduro 1 championship in style by claiming victory in the E1 class on both days. Joining Bolter in bringing Husqvarna's successful '07 BEC campaign to a close MPS Racing Husqvarna's Si Wakely claimed fifth overall aboard his WR250, just one week after he claimed the Junior E2/3 European Enduro Championship title.

Marking the end of the five-round '07 British Enduro Championship the Natterjack Enduro provided plenty of end-of-season drama as a tight and technical enduro test and a spectacular motocross test ensured close racing action during each of the two days of competition. For Bolter it was an event at which he needed to do well. Having been forced to miss the Rhayader Enduro due to a broken collarbone the WR125 mounted rider was well aware that he could afford no mistakes if he was to claim his second E1 BEC title. Starting day one well Daryl performed strongly during each of the six tests and as well as comfortably topping the E1 class he came within less than half a second of beating overall day one winner Paul Edmondson. Knowing that securing the E1 BEC title was more important than trying to better his day one result Bolter matched speed with consistency and put in another great performance and claimed third overall behind Edmondson and E3 class rider Euan McConnell on day two, as well as claiming the all important E1 class win. Although claiming sixth overall and finishing as the third placed E2 class rider on day one, MPS Husqvarna's Si Wakely was a little disappointed that he wasn't able to finish inside the overall top three at the final round of the BEC series. Fresh from claiming his first European Enduro Championship Si saw a troubled opening enduro test on day one hamper his result despite some impressive times on the sandy motocross test. On day two Si improved his overall result by one position finishing in fifth and just six seconds behind newly crowned overall '07 BEC winner Tom Sagar.

Daryl Bolter: "Obviously it's great to win my second Enduro 1 British Enduro Championship on a 125. Having had such a bad season last year with all my injuries I've been surprised how quickly I've been able to re-find my form. Unfortunately breaking my collarbone and having to miss the Rhayader stopped me from getting a better position in the overall BEC series but considering how well Greg Evans has ridden this year winning the E1 title is a fantastic achievement. In '06 I had things a lot easier as far as the E1 championship was concerned, but this year Greg has pushed me every step of the way. "This weekend has gone really well. Greg took a few seconds out of me on the first test, which made me think I was going to have to fight all the way to the end of the event. But I got my head down and things went really well. I started fast and seemed to get faster and faster. I put in some really good enduro tests and at the end of the day I topped the E1 class quite comfortably and was less than half a second behind Paul Edmondson in the overall results. "On Sunday I was just riding sensibly. I tried to put in a good opening test and then just made sure that I didn't make any mistakes. I'm well chuffed that I've been able to win both a European and British championship in the same season."

Si Wakely: "The first day didn't go that well to be honest. I was good on the motocross test, although I fell on the second lap, but what really messed me up was the enduro test. I messed up loads of corners on the first lap and then fell near the end. I lost a lot of time that lap and was way back in the results and had to fight to work my way up the results. "The second day was better. Maybe it's because of racing in the final round of the European championship last weekend, or just because it's the end of the season, but I felt tired. I still rode pretty well on the motocross test. My final enduro test was also quite good so the event ended well. "Winning the European title is great, as well as having a good British championship season. Everyone involved in the MPS Husqvarna team has worked really hard, I can't thank them enough."

2007 Metzeler British Enduro Championship Natterjack Enduro - day 1

Championship class (overall) 1. Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 1795.45; 2. Daryl Bolter (Husky Sport Husqvarna) 1796.07; 3. Tom Sagar (KTM) 1802.37; 4. Euan McConnell (TM) 1809.93; 5. Jason Thomas (Suzuki) 1824.83; 6. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 1838.34; 7. Greg Evans (KTM) 1846.61; 8. Edward Jones (KTM) 1874.91; 9. Ricky Mair (Suzuki) 1886.36; 10. Paul Bolton (Honda) 1891.1

2007 Metzeler British Enduro Championship Natterjack Enduro - day 2

Championship class (overall) 1. Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 1715.63; 2. Euan McConnell (TM) 1724.93; 3. Daryl Bolter (Husky Sport Husqvarna) 1743.98; 4. Tom Sagar (KTM) 1752.13; 5. Si Wakely (Husqvarna) 1758.47; 6. Jason Thomas (Suzuki) 1783.18; 7. Greg Evans (KTM) 1804.97; 8. Edward Jones (KTM) 1809.02; 9. Ricky Mair (Suzuki) 1827.84; 10. Robert Jones (Yamaha) 1836.13

Husky Sport/MPS Racing Husqvarna - 07 European Enduro Championship - Round 4: Kielce, Poland, 22-23/9/2007

Bolter & Wakely '07 European Enduro Champions

British Husqvarna riders Daryl Bolter and Si Wakely are the '07 Senior E1 and Junior E2 '07 European Enduro Champions. Winning their respective classes at the fourth and final round of the series, staged in Kielce, Poland, both riders brought their EEC championships to the perfect close with Daryl earning his second European title while Si claimed his first.

For Bolter the '07 EEC series ended in the best possible way as he placed his WR125 at the top of the Senior E1 class results on both days. Finishing 10 seconds ahead of his closest championship rival Giuseppe Canova on day one Daryl then finished 26 seconds ahead of Frenchman Pierre Duzellier on day two. Matching Daryl's winning performance on day one Si Wakely comfortably outpaced all riders in the Junior E2/3 class to claim a well-deserved class win. Finishing 25 seconds ahead of Poland's Lukasz Kurowski having topped all but one of the opening day's special tests, Si then finished as runner-up on day two.

With both Daryl and Si starting the '07 season with the firm goal of winning their respective classes in this year's European Enduro Championship both riders showed that they had what it took to win this season when they performed well at the championship opener and both finished as runner-up. With the series moving onto Hungary more great results followed as Daryl topped both days in the Senior E1 class while Si finished second both times out, just as he had at round one. The next stop of the series, in Heinola, Finland, saw the two riders continue to perform well with Daryl finishing on the podium on both days in third while Si importantly topped the first day before finishing fourth on day two. At the fourth and final round Daryl claimed top honours in the Senior E1 class to put the finishing touches to his impressive season while Si finished first on day one and second on day two to claim his first EEC title.

At the end of the '07 EEC series Daryl Bolter placed 14 points ahead of his nearest rival in the Senior Enduro 1 class finishing in front of Italy's Giuseppe Canova and France's Pierre Duzellier. From the eight days of competition Daryl claimed three class wins, finished as runner-up three times and placed third twice. In the Junior Enduro 2/3 class Si Wakely finished 16 points clear at the top of the class followed by Poland's Lukasz Kurowski and Italy's Maurizio Facchin. During the '07 EEC series Si claimed two day wins and placed as runner-up five times.

Daryl Bolter: "It's great to have won a second European Enduro Championship. This one was a lot tougher than the first one. I had to have one of my collarbone plated a week before I left to go to Poland. I hurt my shoulder at the last WEC round and it was either six weeks in a sling or get it plated, so I decided to get it plated. "I don't think I've ever been as nervous as I was on the first day in Kielce. I knew I had to win the first day so I put quite a lot of pressure on myself. I started well but so to did Giuseppe Canova, my closets championship rival. There was nothing to separate the two of us right up until the third lap. I had a really good final motocross test and Giuseppe crashed, which meant that I didn't have to push too hard during the final test to claim the day win. "On the second day I rode much better. I didn't have any pressure on me and I felt much more confidant than I did on the first day. I finished much further ahead at the end of the second day than I did on the first day, but the most important thing was winning the European championship, which I'm thrilled about."

Si Wakely: "It's been a long season but to win a European championship is great. From the first round of the series I knew that I could win but it's certainly not been easy. I knew coming into the final round that if I rode well and didn't make any mistakes that I'd be able to win, which thankfully is what I was able to do. "The first day went perfectly. I won six of the seven special tests and felt good all day. I won the day by 24 seconds, which was good. The second day didn't go quite as well as I finished second but the most important thing was winning the European championship."

2007 European Enduro Championship Rnd 4 Grand Prix of Poland - Day 1

Senior E1 class 1. Daryl Bolter (Mucci Racing Husqvarna) 35:34.06; 2. Giuseppe Canova (KTM) 35:43.61; 3. Pierre Duzellier (KTM) 35:50.75; 4. Lukasz Bartos (Yamaha) 36:05.62

Junior E2/E3 class 1. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 35:18.61; 2. Lukasz Kurowski (KTM) 35:43.07; 3. Maurizio Facchin (Kawasaki) 36:09.42; 4. Vincent Charbonnier (Suzuki) 36:11.74

2007 European Enduro Championship Rnd 4 Grand Prix of Poland - Day 2

Senior E1 class 1. Daryl Bolter (Mucci Racing Husqvarna) 29:53.41; 2. Pierre Duzellier (KTM) 30:19.64; 3. Giovanni Gritti (Honda) 30:28.56; 4. Giuseppe Canova (KTM) 30:31.00

Junior E2/E3 1. Lukasz Kurowski (KTM) 30|:18.48; 2. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 30:30.61; 3. Maurizio Facchin (Kawasaki) 30:30.84; 4. Vincent Charbonnier (Suzuki) 30:42.74;


We started august with the third round of the British championship back in Wales with the Crychan at the rugby club in Llandovery and it wasn't raining ! arriving on Thursday evening gave us plenty of time to set up camp and fine tune the bikes unfortunately the test was unavailable to walk so everyone had a relaxing day on Friday apart from me when my bike decided not to start after checking everything it still refused then just as we were going to give up away she went very mysterious . Saturday morning everything in place Marnie and Lisa at the out check with fuel and refreshments for all the Husky boys Si , Daryl ,Chris, Gav , Daryl (Peach) Mark and me . The course was good and the test which had been set out by Rob Sartin and Steve Plain was long and varied with the first part reminiscent to a North of England test tight through the trees with roots and quite slow and technical then it opened out onto fast fire roads with chicanes then a rocky slippery hillclimb then a balls out fast finish , riding it slowly to find the best lines it terrified me and I was not looking forward to tackling it in anger on the next lap but strangely when ridden at speed it was totally different and thoroughly enjoyable a credit to rob and Steve . Daryl came home in 5th Si just behind him in 6th Gav had an excellent ride to 3rd in the expert and 2nd in E1 Mark 9th and me 7th in the vets . Sunday was a better day for all our rides except me, Daryl was 3rd, Si 5th , Gav 2nd , Mark 2nd and I was 6th , 4 places behind Mark ! We left Wales with Si still leading the championship and Daryl third and Gav leading the expert class and MPS , Husky Sport leading the team standings . Next stop was Finland for the UEM championship back on the ferry at Hull to Europort then a drive up through Holland , Germany , Denmark onto a ferry to Sweden were we made a pilgrimage to the town of Huskvarna were we visited the Husqvarna museum to view their large collection of bikes , chainsaws , sewing machines , guns , stoves etc ( if ever in Sweden it's well worth a visit Husky has long history ).From there to Stockholm and another ferry to Helsinki , what a night we had on the ferry Micky Beard ( an enduro virgin ) brought his guitar and we all ended up singing in the bar even Dusty Martin had a sing-along between his drunken heckling and leering at the Swedish girls, non of us remember going back to the cabin , must have been a good night ! back on dry land we travelled up to the event at Heinola , where Marnie , Wyn , Jonny , Simon , Tony Harwood and Daryl , Gav and Mark had pegged us out a prime spot in the Paddock which was at at MX track , first job as usual was walking the tests which were fast and rocky , then scrutineering which went without any problems . Following impressive results at round three of the ’07 European Enduro Championship held in Heinola, Finland, and with just one round of the ’07 EEC series remaining, British Husqvarna riders Mucci Racing’s Daryl Bolter and MPS Racing’s Si Wakely currently lead the Senior Enduro 1 and Junior Enduro 2/3 classes respectively. In the Senior E1 class former European champion Daryl Bolter claimed third on both days to open up a small but important advantage at the top of the class standings while Si Wakely topped the Junior E2/3 class on day one before finishing in fourth on day two to extend his championship lead to a sizeable 16 points.

Despite the Finnish round of the ’07 EEC not being particularly challenging a spectacular motocross test and a long, rock littered and slippery enduro test made for a tough event. With former enduro world champion Petteri Silvan one of a number of fast Scandinavian riders competing in the Senior E1 class Daryl Bolter knew that he would have to perform well in Heinola if he was to stand any chance of claiming a podium finish. Daryl did just that by placing third in class on both day one and day two. Finishing just two seconds being runner-up Silvan on day one Bolter finished day two just five seconds away from claiming the win. In claiming two top three results Daryl has moved to the top of the Senior E1 class standings with just one round of the championship remaining.

As leader of the Junior E2/3 class going into the Finnish event Si Wakely also knew that he needed to be on top of his game if he were to improve his chances of claiming his first ever EEC title and got off to a great start by winning his class on day one. Finishing 11 seconds ahead of his nearest class competitor Si more importantly finished several places ahead of his closest championship rival Lukasz Kurowski from Poland.

Hoping to repeat his day one win Si began day two steadily but importantly made no major mistakes on the unforgiving enduro test. Increasing his speed throughout the day Si eventually finished fourth and in again beating Kurowski further extended his championship lead and now sits 16 points clear at the top of the Junior E2/3 class.

Daryl Bolter: “I had a really good weekend. My main goal was to beat Canova on both days, which I managed to do. The enduro test was really hard so I decided not to push too hard and let the other riders make the mistakes. I made a few mistakes, but it was impossible not to. The enduro test was covered in rocks and they were extremely slippery.

“Third on both days is really good. I was only about four seconds off winning the Senior E1 class on day two, which I was pleased with as the two riders ahead of me were Scandinavian. I have a small championship lead now so I hope I can finish the championship off with a good ride at the last round and hopefully win my second European title.”

Si Wakely: “The event went better than I expected really. I was hoping for two good results but I wasn’t expecting to come away from the race with a 16 point lead, .

“I rode pretty well on all tests on the first day and was pulling about six seconds every lap on the motocross test. I was also going well on the enduro test but on the last lap I made a few mistakes when I caught the rider ahead of me. I didn’t lose too much time so it was great to win the day.

“On the second day I was a bit slow to get going. I didn’t have any major problems all day, I just didn’t really get going until the last lap. The race wasn’t that hard but the tests were really demanding. I managed to finish fourth, which wasn’t so bad. The main thing was that I finished ahead of the riders closest to me in the championship.”

Gavin riding in only his 3rd UEM event got off to a good start 2nd fastest in the first test(officially untimed ) and 15th in the second but it all ended on the enuro test when he lost the front and head butted a tree , the tree won and Gav ended up in hospital thankfully he wasn't seriously hurt just beaten up and sore .

2007 European Enduro Championship Rnd 3

Grand Prix of Finland – Day 1

Senior E1 class

1. Fredrick Georgsson 41:16.17; 2. Petteri Silvan 41:54.65; 3 Daryl Bolter (Mucci Racing Husqvarna) 41:56.46; 4. Jani Laaksonen 42:17.63; 5. Leif Holm 42:22.82

Junior E2/E3 class

1. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 42:31.61; 2. Jonas Karlson 42:42.44; 3. Maurizio Facchin 43:00.00; 4. Oskari Kantonen 43:27.30; 5. Carlo Conforti 43:36.23

2007 European Enduro Championship Rnd 3

Grand Prix of Finland – Day 2

Senior E1 class

1. Petteri Silvan 51:51.28; 2. Fredrick Georgsson 51:52.09; 3. Daryl Bolter (Mucci Racing Husqvarna) 51:56.21; 4. Leif Holm 52:35.40; 5. Jani Laaksonen 53:18.57

Junior E2/E3

1. Oskar Kantonen 53:44.21; 2. Jonas Karlson 53:44.21; 3. Carlo Conforti 54:36.71; 4. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 54:42.86; 5. Maurizio Facchin 54:44.92

Next stop for the lads was the Dawn to Dusk , Si and Daryl in a team riding 4 strokes Daryl on a 250 and Si on a 510 both bike supplied by Husky Sport and straight out of the box they were lying in 2nd place behind Ricky Mair and Jason Thomas when Daryl crashed beaking his chain which ruled them out of the race roll on next year .

While the boys were racing we were travelling though eastern europe visiting Helsinki , Tallin , Rega , Lubin , Krakow , to name but a few we also visited Auswitz concentration came which was a very moving experience . we picked Daryl up from Krakow airport on the wed morning to give us time to prepare his 125 ( which he has used for every event this year without fault not bad for a screaming 125 ) ready for the world round .

Our next destination was a ski resort Krompachy in Slovakia for the WEC were we met up with Alan , Si and Marnie again we got prime position in the paddock which was half way up a mountain with beauitiful views , on the friday evening the town welcomed us with a stunt bike show in the main street ( no health and safety here ) we also sampled some local beers at 60p a pint it had to be done .

Mixed weekend for MPS Racing Husqvarna team at WEC GP of Slovakia

MPS Racing Husqvarna team riders Daryl Bolter and Si Wakely recorded very mixed fortunes at the seventh round of the ’07 World Enduro Championship, the GP of Slovakia staged in Krompachy, where Bolter claimed a well deserved sixth in the Enduro Junior class on day one before crashing out of the event on day two while Wakely, current leader in the Junior Enduro 2/3 class of the European Enduro Championship, scored two top 10 finishes aboard his WR250.

With three rounds of the ’07 WEC series having passed since either Wakely or Bolter competed in the championship both riders were confident of good results following their impressive performances in recent EEC events. But in finishing 15th and 14th on the opening two special tests on day one Bolter made life unnecessarily hard for himself aboard his WR125 but nevertheless steadily improved his pace going on to finish fifth in class on the enduro and motocross tests on lap three. Come the end of the day the former European Enduro Champion placed sixth, just under two minutes behind class leader and defending EJ world champion Joakim Ljunggren.

Day two ended before it had a change to begin for Bolter as a slow-speed mistake on the opening enduro test forced him to retire and take a visit to the local hospital. Thinking that he’d broken his right collarbone x-rays revealed ligament damage, which couldn’t have come at a worse time for Bolter ahead of important British and European championship events in the coming weeks.


Thankfully the seventh round of the ’07 WEC series ended without injury or accidents for Si Wakely. Determined to improve the results he secured in the Enduro Junior class at the second and third rounds of the series held earlier in the year Si finished ninth on both days. On day one Si rode without mistakes to place three positions behind Bolter having performed best on the event’s extreme test. On day two it was s similar story as Si placed as high as sixth in class on the extreme test, as well as improving his speed on the enduro test. Disappointingly though a below par final motocross test prevented Si finishing higher having been well placed to claim seventh.

Daryl Bolter: “Day one went pretty well and I was pleased with sixth. I was enjoying the tests and riding well. The second day was a disaster though. I crashed on the enduro test and tore ligaments in my right shoulder. It was a stupid crash, not that fast, but there was no way I could continue. It couldn’t have come at a worse time with important British and European championship races just around the corner.”

Si Wakely: “It’s been a pretty good weekend all in all. Both days went well and I’m fairly happy with ninth on both days. I felt that I rode much better than I did in the world rounds earlier in the season. The extreme test wasn’t as extreme as some of them have been this year and I really enjoyed it, it was a lot like what I practice on at home. The competition was just as fierce as I expected. I need to find two or three seconds a test and that’ll push me up three or four places in the results. But I’m pleased with the way I rode and the event was great preparation for the next round of the British championship.”

2007 World Enduro Championship Rnd 7

Grand Prix of Slovakia – Day 1

Enduro Junior

1. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 51:13.50; 2. Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) 51:24.62; 3. Tom Sagar (KTM) 51;42.21; 4. Marc Bourgeois (Husqvarna) 52:03.20; 5. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 52:37.88; 6. Daryl Bolter (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 53:06.41; 7. Mirko Gritti (Beta) 53:21.37; 8. Lorenzo Santolino (KTM) 53:39.44; 9. Si Wakely (Husqvarna) 53:43.24; 10. Jeremy Joly (Sherco) 53:53.64…

2007 World Enduro Championship Rnd 6

Grand Prix of Slovakia – Day 2

Enduro Junior class

1. Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas) 58:47.11; 2. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 58:52.80; 3. Tom Sagar (KTM) 59:07.40; 4. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 59:07.40; 5. Marc Bourgeois (Husqvarna) 59:46.55; 6. Mirko Gritti (Beta) 1.00:03.07; 7. Carlos Andreu (KTM) 1.01:23.11; 8. Robert Kapajcik (KTM) 1.01:24.98; 9. Si Wakely (Husqvarna); 10. Sylvain Lebrun (Husqvarna) 1.01:33.77…

So another event finnished with riders flying home we had another 1300mile drive home , we camped up near Bruno on the Sunday night then set off hoping to catch the Monday eve ferry but it wasn't to be so we carrid on with our history trip and called in at the airborne museum at Arnhem . and then caught the tuesday ferry .

4 weeks away , 3750 miles and passed through 12 countries , It' a hard life !

Back home for a day , clean the bikes then back to Wales ( 13th country ) for the Rhayader BEC .

Husky Sport – MPS Husqvarna ’07 British Enduro Championship – round 4: Rhayader Enduro, Rhayader, Wales, 8-9.9.2007

Wakely performs well at ’07 BEC Rnd 4

Current European Enduro Championship Junior E2 class leader Si Wakely produced Husqvarna’s best result at the recent fourth round of the ’07 British Enduro Championship, the Rhayader Enduro staged in Mid Wales, where the MPS Racing Husqvarna team rider finished in third overall in the Championship class on day one and in fourth overall on day two. Producing two solid results Si claimed a deserved third place finish in the event’s combined overall results. Disappointingly for Husqvarna Husky Sport Enduro 1 class rider Daryl Bolter was unable to compete following an injury sustained to his right shoulder at the recent WEC GP of Slovakia.

With the Rhayader Enduro the penultimate round of the ’07 BEC series MPS Racing Husqvarna’s Si Wakely hoped to continue his recent run of good form but knew that just like last year competition would be fierce at the top of the Championship class in the Mid Wales event. But day one started well for Wakely as he recorded the second fastest time on the opening day’s first test before going on to post the fastest time on test two. With the majority of Championship class riders staying on time during the day despite several tight checks the third and final test of the day didn’t go quite as well as the first two for Si and he posted the third quickest time, which placed him in third overall at the end of the day.

With Daryl Bolter unable to compete it was left to Husky Sport’s Chris Hockey to fly the Husky flag in the E1 class. Following a steady opening test Chris performed well on tests two and three to claim a solid seventh overall aboard his TE250 and as runner-up in the E1 class.

On day two Wakely wasn’t able to perform quiet as well as he did on day one despite never being too far behind eventual event winner Tom Sagar. Third quickest on the opening test Si was then bumped down one spot on the second test to fourth. With little to separate the top five Championship class riders Si recorded the fifth fastest time on the event’s final test to place fourth overall on day two and third in the competitive Enduro 2 class.

Although putting in three extremely consistent tests on the second day’s competition at the Rhayader Enduro Chris Hockey was unable to repeat his E1 class runner-up spot from day one and finished fifth in class.

Daryl Bolter: “I knew that the chances of me racing were slim but I hoped that I’d be ok to ride as things have been going really well for me this year in the BEC. I tried to ride on the Thursday before the event but there was no way I’d be able to finish the race. The shoulder that I injured in Slovakia was just too painful. I tried riding on the Thursday before the race but I couldn’t hold on properly over breaking bumps.”

Si Wakely: “The event went pretty well, I’m happy with the way I rode. It was really close at the top of the Championship class on both days. I was pleased with my third place result on day one. Although it was really slippery I had a good opening test finishing second to Paul Edmondson and then a great second test, which I won. My third test was a little bit slow though. But I’m still pleased with third overall.

“The going wasn’t too difficult, although you had to push on and not make any mistakes on the tight checks. The second day was pretty similar to the first for me. I had two good tests and then my third test wasn’t quite as quick. I needed a really good final test to get third again but Tom, Euan and Paul were all really quick and I ended up fourth. Finishing third overall is great though.”

2007 Metzeler British Enduro Championship

Rhayader Enduro – day 1

Championship class (overall)

1. Tom Sagar (KTM) 1659.76; 2. Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 1661.28; 3. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 1668.27; 4. Euan McConnell (TM) 1676.99; 5. Ed Jones (KTM) 1713.62; 6. Paul Bolton (Honda) 1719.36; 7. Chris Hockey (Husky Sport Husqvarna) 1737.52; 8. Ashley Wood (Honda) 1745.05; 9. Greg Evans (KTM) 1760.75; 10. Lee Edmondson (Honda) 1787.43

2007 Metzeler British Enduro Championship

Rhayader Enduro – day 2

Championship class (overall)

1. Tom Sagar (KTM) 1627.34; 2. Euan McConnell (TM) 1631.43; 3. Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 1631.90; 4. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 1638.21; 5. Jason Thomas (Yamaha) 1643.77; 6. Greg Evans (KTM) 1660.07; 7. Ed Jones (KTM) 1689.09; 8. Darren Wheeler (Yamaha) 1700.63; 9. Lee Edmondson (Honda) 1701.73; 10. Chris Hockey (Husky Sport Husqvarna) 1719.52

Due to Daryl's injury and such a hectic month we decided to miss the final world round in France and prepare for the final UEM in Poland .

I've had enough writing and you've probably had enough reading so I'll finish here .

Many thanks to Marnie , Denise , Tracy ,Angela Peach and Angela Carter for suppling us with cakes and as team manager I have decided that anyone finishing second in the UEM championships will have the honour of judging the best cake of the year ! in the event of them both winning I will have to do it , what an incentive yo win .

Once Again many thanks to everyone who assists us – to Johny, Wyn, Alan, Jake, Lisa and Marnie for all their hard work. Plus thanks also to Husky Sport, Motul, Talon, Steve Plain Motorcycles, Sheen Projects, SIS, NTB, MAG , 3 City , White Horse, Cycle Scene, Bert Harkins, MXM Graphics, Gaerne, Michelin Tyres, and X-citing plus all other other support

'07 British Enduro Championship - round 3: Crychan Enduro, Llandovery, Wales, 11-12.8.2007

Bolter dominates E1 class at BEC Rnd 3

Husky Sport Husqvarna rider Daryl Bolter claimed his first double Enduro 1 class victory of the '07 British Enduro Championship season at the Crychan Enduro, round three of the BEC series, finishing comfortably ahead of his nearest class rival on both days. Placing fifth overall on day one aboard his WR125 Bolter then claimed a deserved third place overall result on day two. In doing so the former European Enduro Champion opened up a small but significant gap at the top of the E1 BEC series standings. MPS Racing Husqvarna rider Si Wakely was unable to repeat his winning result from round two of the championship and placed in fourth and third positions in the Enduro 2 class.

Determined to claim his first double E1 class win of the '07 BEC series having won one day at both the Hafren and Tywi enduros Daryl Bolter put his many seasons of international racing to good use to perform well on the event's fast, rough and one-lined enduro test. Although not able to finish as high up the overall results as he would have liked on day one Bolter importantly finished at the top of the E1 class, close to 30 seconds ahead of runner-up and his closest championship rival Greg Evans. On day two Bolter achieved his goal of claiming a double E1 class win but also improved his overall result. Performing well on each of the second day's four timed tests Daryl improved to third overall finishing just two seconds behind overall runner-up Paul Edmondson. In addition Bolter finished the day as the only E1 class rider to not drop time and as a result placed close to one-and-a-half minutes ahead of the second E1 class rider.

Hoping to repeat his overall winning result from the second round of the '07 BEC series Si Wakely struggled to perform at his best during the Crychan Enduro despite still finishing in fourth and third positions in the competitive Enduro 2 class. With no riders permitted to walk the event's enduro test before the start of the first day Si rode a little too cautiously and despite no mistakes ended the day behind class winner Tom Sagar, Jason Thomas and Paul Edmondson. Not helping Si's performance was the fact that he crashed prior to the opening day's first test and badly damaged one of his bike's radiators. Forced to 'take it steadily' on the final test Si finished in sixth overall. On day two Si was again unable to perform at his best and following a crash on the going was forced to ride the first test with a broken clutch perch. Despite not being able to match the pace of the E2 class front runners Si did manage to improve his results from day one and finished third in the E2 class and fifth overall.

In the Expert class MPS Racing Husqvarna rider Gavin Houson claimed a creditable runner-up result in the Enduro 1 class while also finishing in third overall. But on day two Gavin performed better still taking the top spot in the E1 class and finishing as overall runner-up in the Expert class.

The next round of the '07 BEC series again takes place in Wales with the Rhayader Enduro on September 7-8. Both Daryl Bolter and Si Wakely will now travel to Finland for round three of the '07 European Enduro Championship.

Daryl Bolter: "It's been a really good weekend for me. I knew that I would have to ride well to beat Greg, but my goal was to beat him on both days as we've won one day each in the Enduro 1 class at the first two rounds of the BEC. I managed to do that so I'm pleased with the way I rode. The event was good, but the main thing for me was that I got more championship points. "I was a bit nervous on the test having never walked it. I felt comfortable on it though, I guess having ridden in Italy a lot it helped me because it was a lot like a test you get abroad. I stayed clean on time, which was good. I'm looking forward to the Rhayader now."

Si Wakely: "I was pretty steady on the first day, but not riding that well really. I seemed to be half asleep on the first test and didn't ride that well. I felt better on the second test but that wasn't brilliant - I just couldn't get my head around the test. I did start to feel better towards the end of the day but then I smashed a radiator on the going. I had a stupid little crash - I hit a stick, cart wheeled the bike and put a hole in the radiator. I couldn't fix it before the last test so I just had to take it easy and not get the bike too hot. Obviously that test wasn't so good. "The second day was better, but I still didn't get to grips with the test properly. I fell before the first test and broke my clutch perch. I wasn't riding that well so I just wanted to get as many points as I could. I stayed clean on the going though so I was pleased with that."

'07 British Enduro Championship Round 3, Crychan Enduro - day 1 (overall)

1. Tom Sagar (KTM) 1241.2; 2. Euan McConnell (TM) 1254.28; 3. Jason Thomas (Yamaha) 1255.35; 4 Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 1256.64; 5. Daryl Bolter (Husky Sport Husqvarna) 1272.1; 6. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 1292.38; 7. Greg Evans (KTM) 1301.07; 8. Paul Bolton (Honda) 1313.74; 9. Tim Lewis (TM) 1323.87; 10. Ollie Moyce (Yamaha) 1332.18

'07 British Enduro Championship Round 3, Crychan Enduro - day 2 (overall)

1. Tom Sagar (KTM) 1630.94; 2. Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 1672.09; 3. Daryl Bolter (Husky Sport Husqvarna) 1674.33; 4. Euan McConnell (TM) 1680.51; 5. Si Wakely (MPS Racing Husqvarna) 1747.59; 6. Greg Evans (KTM) 1800.84; 7. Ed Jones (KTM) 1869.56; 8. Ashley Wood (Honda) 1870.09; 9. Rob Jones (Yamaha) 1871.57; 10. Andrew Edwards (KTM) 1893.88


What a month for MPS Racing, Husky Sport, and Husqvarna!

After the first two rounds of the British Championship our results have been brilliant. All the hard work from the riders, the team and our valued sponsors is starting to pay off. The results below speak for themselves.








It has seemed like a long time coming, but the start of the British Championship at the Haferen seemed like the start of our season. With all hands on deck and with some of our major sponsors in attendance Mike Carter, Rob Sartin, Steve Plain, and Rich Sheen, we were all keen to put on a good show, which from the results I think we did. The only down side to the weekend was Edd McIntosh crashing in the enduro test, and injuring his thumb which knocked the edge off his performance; but in true enduro spirit he battled on to the end. The up side of the weekend was Si finishing less that one second behind multiple world champion Juha Salminen on the motocross test, and Si on his MPS Husky 250 having a full front page photo in TMX News.

The following weekend Gav and his Dad (Papa Hoo) rode dirt bike trax endurance event at Butts Quarry, where Gav easily won the Iron man class by 2 laps, and Mark partnered with Rich Sheen finished 3rd in the over 40's two man class. Well done to them all.

Back to Wales again.


Unbelievably it was 'nt raining when we arrived, surprise surprise as soon as set up it poured down. Thankfully Saturday and Sunday were perfect riding conditions, if not a touch boggy underfoot. This made for a proper tough enduro, which obviously suited our boys, Mark and Mick, with Si finishing first overall, Daryl 3rd and Gav finishing 2nd overall in Experts. The fiercest battle was in the Vets class with Mark beating Mick by one place at the Haferen. At the Twyi on the first day Mark was 5th Mick 7th, on the second day Mick was 5th and Mark 7th!

Our next trip will be wait for it yes, Wales again. The 3rd round of the BEC, The Crychan, where battle will commence again. The on the 13th we head off the Finland for the 3rd round of the European Championship. Hopefully on our new website I will try to keep everyone informed of our progress via podcast where you will be able to listen rather than read about our exploits.

Once again many thanks to everyone who assists us - to Johny, Wyn, Alan, Jake, Lisa and Marnie for all their hard work over the weekend. Plus thanks also to Husky Sport, Motul, Talon, Steve Plain Motorcycles, Sheen Projects, SIS, NTB, MAG , 3 City , White Horse, Cycle Scene, Bert Harkins, MXM Graphics, Gaerne Michelin Tyres, and X-citing plus all other support received.

June Report

June was about half way through the season and the teams results have been better than we could have dreamed of Simon leading the European championship (E2 Junior ) Husky sport / MPS Racing rider Daryl Bolter 2nd in UEM (E 1 )Daryl finishing 1 place from the rostrum in the Italian World round and lying 8th overall and Si 13th , Gavin Houson leading the North of England championship ( championship )and Edd Mc Intosh 2nd in the expert class ( leading until last event when a reed valve broke at the start making his bike almost impossible to ride but still finishing 6th ) We travelled down to Wales to support Wyn and the Hafren club in a fund raising event , a n enduro trial followed by a hill climb Edd was one of only 6 riders to go lean on the trial then finished second to Edd Jones on the hill climb Gav and I just had a good day having a bit of fun , day 2 was spent with Wyn practicing on the grass tests as usual Wyn had the boys going much faster The team had a weekend off from racing and went to the MAG run Farmyard party www.mag-uk.org. we took the truck and some bikes to put on display and just chilled out ! We were then back to business and back to Wales teaming up with Husky sport Si , Daryl and Chris Hockey won the one make / team award at the Welsh 2 day , Daryl won overall with Si finishing 4th ,Gav a good 16th , Edd 32 and me 26th .all in all a good couple of days Gav and Edd rushed back up north for The Stang which is well known as a tough event but with all the rain it was even tougher Gav won by a big margin an Edd battled on to 6th UEM in Hungary next another 2400 mile round trip but well worth it both Si and Daryl on blistering form Bolter & Wakely continue to shine in ’07 EEC

British Husqvarna riders Mucci Racing’s Daryl Bolter and MPS Racing’s Si Wakely have continued their good form in the ’07 European Enduro Championship - this time producing strong results at round two of the series held in Cered, Hungary. With Bolter having claimed a day win in the Senior E1 class at the season opener, and with Wakely having recorded two runner-up finishes at the same event in the Junior E2 class, the pair again battled at the front of their respective classes in Hungary with Bolter securing his second class win of the season while Wakely again produced runner-up results.

With his confidence high going into the event having recently claimed outright victory at the prestigious Welsh two-day enduro former European Enduro Champion Daryl Bolter maintained his winning ways in Cered as he claimed the top spot in the Senior E1 class on day one in Hungary. With conditions dry despite heavy rain the day before the race Bolter placed four seconds ahead of Italian Giuseppe Canova. On day two Daryl disappointingly slipped one position to second having started well before losing five seconds to Canova on the day’s final test, which handed the class win to the Italian.

With two solid runner-up finishes already under his belt from the opening round of the EEC series Si Wakely again performed well against his European championship rivals finishing frustratingly close to Lukasz Kurowski on day one. With little to split the pair during the day as they traded special test wins Wakely eventually found himself second, less than half a second behind his Polish class mate. On day two Si wasn’t quite able to perform as well as he had on day one and despite his best efforts he again placed as runner-up, nine seconds adrift of Kurowski.

With double runner-up finishes at both of the opening two rounds of the ’07 EEC series Wakely now leads the Junior E2/E3 class with two rounds remaining.

The MPS Husqvarna team will next be in action at the opening round of the ’07 British Enduro Championship, the HDBC organised Hafren Enduro on July 14/15. The third round of the European Enduro Championship takes place in Heinola in Finland on August 18/19.

Daryl Bolter: “Following on from my success at the Welsh 2 Day I was delighted to continue my good form and score two great results in Hungary. The bike and Team MPS Husqvarna performed perfectly and I can now look forward to the opening British Championship round, again in Wales; in 2 weeks time. Many thanks to all sponsors especially Mick Seward & MPS Racing, Husky Sport, Pro Grip, Rangers Peugeot, and of course Wyn Hughes. ”

Si Wakely: “I’ve had two great days and am now leading the Junior E2/E3 European championship, which I’m really pleased about. The event was really good but not that difficult. There was nothing that was really that challenging but the days were tiring. I had a really good battle with Kurowski on the first day. There wasn’t much between us at all – he was about two seconds faster on the motocross test each lap and I was about two seconds faster on the enduro test each lap. It was a little disappointing not to have won on day one because there was only a second between us.

The second day also went well. I didn’t make any mistakes on any of the tests but Kurowski was just a little faster than me and took the win. It’s been a solid weekend really and it’s great to be leading the class half way through the championship.”

2007 European Enduro Championship Rnd 2

Unfortunatly Otterburn has been cancelled due to the bad weather and the first British round is in jepordy hopfully it will stop raining and my next report will be from there .

Many thanks to all our supporters. Husky Sport , Motul , MAG Sport , NTB , Racing JBP , 3 City recovery , White horse , Inturf , Cycle scene , Bert Harkins , Core Racing , MRS ( Nau & Gearne ) Sheen Projects Ltd , S.I.S. B.O .R ( XC-TING )


Back on April 25th we travelled to one of Dirtbike Trax events at one of our local tracks at Tong nr Bradford Si had come up from Dorset to ride as we were going to Italy on the Mon for the UEM so we had a full team Si , Gav and Edd , I decided to sit this one out !

The competition was stiff with KTM rider Tom Sagar ,Ryan Voase , Paul bolton , Justin Wilson And Graham Jarvis competing Tom got a good start and pulled a good lead and nobody got close to him , Si had titanic battle with Ryan and Paul and settled for 3rd behind Ryan deciding that the European championship the following week was more important , Gav moved up to 5th place then crashed heavily bending his handlebars but pitted replaced them re joining the race in last place but still finishing well and picking up points , Edd still improving with every event came home a strong 9th ahead of some very fast riders , another good event .

The next event was the first round of the Husqvarna NEEC at Graythwaite where 2 of Britain's best were late entries Paul Edmondson ( x world champion ) and Tom Sagar current European champion , but Gavin was on good form and was determined to give them a run for there money and that's what he did 2nd to Tom after 2 tests only missing out on beating fast Eddy after a spill on the final test a brilliant result only just beaten by 2 world class riders Edd also had his best result with an excellent 3 rd in the expert class riding better every week .

Next was the big one our first World round We caught the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao in Spain then down to Pourto lumbraras in southern Spain where set up with the big teams , in the UK our set up is quite big but here we were the little fish in the big pond but we still worked in a professional manner and found that we were as organised and as competitive as everybody else and found that we became the focal point for the other British riders who soon found it was the best place to get a good cup of tea and somewhere to chill out it was really good to be able to help out Tom Sagar and Greg Evans even though they were riding the wrong bikes ! Both our riders had a good weekend even if the results were a mix of good and bad but 2 good overall finishes which we were very happy with .( results and report sent earlier )

Next stop Portugal were things were a little easier as we knew what to expect and the fact that the paddock was in the centre of the town (above) with the extreme test very close both bikes were re built by Al Wakely , Wyn Hughes and myself and were looking good .again both Si and Daryl had strong rides on Sat and started even better on sun with both riders placed in top 6 after first lap but Daryl had a couple of crashes and Si still in 6th place had an experimental front wheel spindle break on the second to last test putting him out of the event luckily he was un injured but very disappointed ( results and report sent earlier )

The Yorkshire lad were in action at Guisburn at a dirt bike trax event were Gav took a good win against some top opposition and Edd 8th well done to both of them !

Back home to our local event the Ryedale motor clubs Langdale enduro were we had a full team Si , Gav , Edd and me . the Ryedale lads had set out a top course and the rain that was forecast held off , riders were away at 9.00 with Si looking good for the win , but things didn't work out quite to plan after 2 tests Si led from Gav by 11 secs but on the last test Si crashed giving Gav a well earned win with Si second Edd 3rd in the expert class and me well down in 20 th must try harder !

Next stop off to Italy for the 4th round of the WEC just a short trip this time only 12 hours on the ferry and an 800 mile drive to the beautiful ski resort of Borno north east of Milan , we arrived wed evening and set up camp Thursday morning then walked the 3 tests the MX test was a grass field with hundreds of corners and lots of tricky jumps the field was a sea of track tape how anybody could remember all of is beyond me next on to the extreme test which started with a log pile about 20 feet high ( unfortunately cut out after it rained ) then some tricky climbs and runs down a rocky stream then through a tunnel about 500 mtrs long under the town then a man made jump out of it up a narrow valley very spectacular ! . the enduro test was a mix of dry rocky river bed and root strewn woodland . Sat was a good day for both riders with Daryl 6th and Si 10th on sun Daryl finished 4th just 10 secs off a rostrum Si had a bad day with 2 crashes which hit his confidence and decided not to continue as he couldn't focus on the task ahead so it was time to relax and sample some Italian beer and look forward to the next event .

Last weekend saw Gav , Edd and me head to Thorpe Perrow in North Yorks for a North riding enduro club multi lap event Gav won again winning by a huge margin , I crashed on the first lap holding up Edd who was behind me in his haste to catch up the pack he clipped a tree breaking his throttle but made it back to the pits to replace it ( robbed from our latest sponsors bike Richard Sheen of Sheen Projects Ltd ) after a strong fight back he finished 3rd . I didn't a lap with a bike problem

Si was back in Wales competing in the Powys enduro and was locked in battle with Tom Sagar again ! with Tom tacking the win by a small margin , good to see him back to his best after Italy .

that's it then back upto date sorry again for not keeping you up to date and subjecting you to my ramblings in one report

Many thanks to all our supporters. Husky Sport , Motul , MAG Sport , NTB , Racing JBP , 3 City recovery , White horse , Inturf , Cycle scene , Bert Harkins , Core Racing , MRS ( Nau & Gearne ) Sheen Projects Ltd ,S.I.S Mick

WEC Reports


What a week for MPS Racing, Lee Edmondson for reasons only known to him decided he would not be riding for us this year, and has now committed to helping his brother Paul at BEC and WEC events, whilst we are very disappointed to loose Lee we have parted on good terms and wish him all the best.

On a more positive note Gav and I travelled down to the Mountjac Enduro on Friday to set up the truck and awning; then meet up with Si and Husky Sport rider and suspension guru Chris Hockey at his secret test track. We spent a couple of hours there setting suspension, and practicing on terrain similar to Sundays race, when everyone was happy the MPS team headed back to the paddock to finish setting up, then to the pub for some food and some beer for me!

Saturday morning arrived and so did more of the team first Mark, Gavs dad, then Johny, Marnie and Alan, and also Husky Sport rider Daryl Bolter came round for a brew.

The test was walked, and as usual it looked good, but “surprisingly” wet in parts it looked fast but we all knew how rough it would be after the first lap, it turned out to be a very relaxing day with all the Huskys prepped and ready to go.

Wyn turned up early Sunday morning and he, Jonny, Al and Marnie prepared the pit area for not only MPS riders, but Husky Sport riders Chris and Daryl.

All riders were safely away, the championship riders had six 18 mile laps to look forward to, with 5 for expert and 4 for clubmen.

The first test went well for all our riders with Si 3rd and Daryl 4th in the championship class and Gav 5th in the Experts. After the second test, Si moved up to 2nd, Daryl to 3rd, and Gav had an excellent test moving him up to 3rd, as the check times were tight all Gav had to do was stay on time to keep 3rd place, but his result was even better, as other riders dropped time, and he stayed clean, moving him up to 2nd place. Simon still in 2nd with one test left to ride, it looked liked it could be any riders race, with Paul Eddy, Si, Tom Sagar and Greg Evans split by seconds. Paul’s experience paid off in the end with him taking the win by less than 9 seconds, from Simon with Tom in 3rd. Only the top four riders staying clean on time. The third member of MPS Racing and team manager Mick Seward, came home in 29th place in the Expert class, due to loosing time on the last lap, (absolutely knackered).

So the lows from the beginning of the week were out weighed by excellent well deserved performances from both Si and Gav. The whole team worked really well together and many thanks to Johny, Wyn, Alan, Mark and Marnie for all their hard work over the weekend. Plus thanks also to Husky Sport, Motul, Talon, NTB, MAG , 3 City , White Horse Gaerne and X-citing and all other support received.

used WOR Tough One to introduce their new team for 2007.

Picture from left to right Lee Edmonson, Edd McIntosh, Si Wakely, Gavin Houson, Mick Seward. 

Si Wakely, riding Husqvarna WR250, and Lee Edmondson riding Husqvarna WR125, will be competing in BEC, UEM and WEC, plus selected events including North of England, Powys, Dawn 2 Dusk and Welsh 2 Day.

Gavin Houson riding Husqvarna WR125 and Edd McIntosh riding Husqvarna WR250, will be competing in the BEC, North of England Enduro Championship, DBT Hare Scrambles, plus Powys, Dawn 2 Dusk and Welsh 2 Day.

Team Manager Mick Seward is delighted to have secured the services of Si and Lee, who are established championship riders. Gavin who has been competing successfully in multi-lap events in the north of England, and Edd who has never rideen enduro before, but is a successful championship trials rider.

We are very pleased to have secured assistance from Mike Carter at Husky Sport, Rob Sartin at Talon Engineering, Motul Oils, Ex-citing Clothing from Wayne Braybrook, MRS(Nau helmets , Gaerne boots, MAG Sport (Motorcycle Action Group), NTB Racing (York), Cycle Scene (York), JBP Sport (York) and 3 City Recovery. White Horse Contractors MPS Tough One report








Well that's it for 2006 - our first year competing as a team & not a bad start. We have competed in over 20 events, traveled over 14,000 miles, been to over 15 countries, had only 4 mechanical breakdowns, 100 % reliability from TE & WR 250.

Ricky won his first BEC event & had 2 top 10 overall finishes, podium finishes in the Scottish Open MX ( ON A 125 ), top 10 in Fast Eddy races, top place finish in the Dawn to Dusk Ironman & 2 wins in North of England enduros.

Sean (above) won BEC E2 Championship & 3rd Overall - winning races all year. 1st in the North Riding Multi lap Championship. 3rd in the Dawn to Dusk with Mick as a team mate. 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the North of England enduros & 3rd overall.

Mick was 4th in the BEC Veterans class, 3rd in the Dawn to Dusk with Sean as team mate. Silver medal in the ISDE.

All this was achieved with total commitment from the riders, team & sponsors without who's help we couldn't have competed. Many thanks to you all. Service team: Marnie, Will, Jonny, Clive, Jake, Jim, Becs, John, Andy & Caroline. Sponsors: Mark & Alec at NTB Racing (York ), Husky Sport, Motul,  Ryedale MC. White Horse Contractors, Malcolm Rathmall Sport (Gaerne), 3 City Recovery, John at Cyclescene, Dr Shox, Dave Scott at Apico, Alecat Core Racing, Safe Access, Inturf, The fifth Wheel Co, Marcus at FMTS, Wyn Hughes & West Yorkshire Van Centre (VW)

For 2007 we will have new riders as Ricky concentrates on his first love & will be riding in the British & Scottish MX Championship & we wish him all the best.

Sean has decided to take time out as his knee is so badly damaged that it requires surgery & his doctor has advised him not to ride for at least 3 months after so we wish him a speedy recovery.