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Great results for Brits in France
UEM Final - Riom es Montagnes France
16/17/18th September

The final round of the UEM European Enduro Championship is taking place this weekend in the small town of Riom es Montagnes near Clermont Ferrand in central France. The three day event kicked off on Thursday night with a parade through the town. The warm evening was officially described as "gorgeous" by Greg Evan's mum Kay.

On Friday morning the racing started in earnest. Overnight rain had softened the air but the early autumn sun shone. KORRacing's Greg Evans took the lead in the E2 Senior class. Greg is riding with a plated shoulder. Danny McCanney on the GasGas led the E2/3 Juniors from Greg's team mate Jonny Walker. Danny started the final round 3rd in the overall standings with 74 pts behind Paulo Felicia 82pts and Maurizio Micheluz 77pts. Guido Comforti led the E1 Juniors with MPS Racing's Jack Rowland in 3rd. Fellow MPS rider Jordan Rose was 5th in the Senior E3 class.

After a second night of light showers, the Saturday morning weather was bright. Greg Evans had a slower start than on Day 1 with a 6th place on his 3rd test but he moved up into 3rd while Michael Szuster and Jonathan Rosse battled for the lead. Greg set the fastest times on T5 and T6 to move into 2nd behind Michael Szuster by a 4 second deficit. Tim Forman put in consistent times in 12th. Jordan Rose was also putting in some good times and he had moved up to second place after 3 tests behind Maurizio Micheluz. Paulo Felicia led the E1 Seniors from Alessio Paoli. Danny McCanney again led the Juniors from Jonny Walker - opening up a 9 second gap on the first testof the day  but on test 3 Jonny put in the fastest time and pulled 5 seconds back. Rheinalt Davies and Lewis Belfield were riding together in 10th and 11th. In the E1 Juniors Milan Engel established a 10 second lead over Luis Oliviera after 4 tests. Jack Rowland was 5th. Alun Jones was 12th. In a dramatic end to the day Greg Evans took the last test and the win by a third of a second. Jordan Rose set the fastest test times on the last 6 tests to win the Senior E3. Danny McCanney won the E2/3 Juniors and Jonny Walker was the runner up. 

Riders (left to Right) Tim Forman, Jonny Walker, Alun Jones, Jordan Rose, Greg Evans, Lewis Belfield, Rheinalt Davies, Jack Rowlands and Danny McCanney. 

Lewis Belfield

Junior Cup

Another successful weekend for KORR riders in the last race of the 2011 European Enduro Championship held at Riom es Montagnes, France, the final would be 3 days of Enduro completed with a final MX race.

Greg Evans Azego KTM 350 XCF:- the defending E2 Senior Champion who recently broke his collarbone at the 6 Days returned to top form and had 3 excellent days in France, Battling with Michael Szuster of Poland, “Special” Greg won both the first two days and went into the final day's MX race with a good advantage in the points table. So to complete a hat trick Greg made a holeshot in the final MX and lead from start to finish to yet again win the E2 European Senior crown.

Jonny Walker Azego KTM 300 EXC:- riding his practice bike as his race bike is being prepared for this weeks BEC final Jonny had a great weekend in France, Saturday's result was tainted by a mistake on one special test which cost him 40 seconds, however he finished 2nd in the Junior E2/E3 class both days. And just like his team mate the former trials rider showed his MX potential by easily winning his groups final race, Jonny finished runner up in the championship to fellow UK rider Danny McCanny.

Julian Stevens Team Manager:- “ I'm really pleased for both Greg and Jonny, Gregs bounced back well from his recent injury and rode very consistently during the 3 days despite pressure from rivals to take the championship again. Jonny also made an impressive result on all 3 days finishing on the podium in his class and also high up in the overall, once again thanks to all that help the KORR riders and our sponsors. This weekend we go to the final round of the British Enduro Championship, Greg has a small overall lead and lets hope he can win his first British Title to go with his Europeans. Jonny is in a close Battle for the E3 title with his European rival Danny McCanny and Daryl Bolter KTM 250 XCF


Gas Gas' Danny McCanney has won the 2011 European Junior E2/3 Enduro Championship. After completing the tough three-day final in France this weekend McCanney won his class and took second overall for the concluding event of the championship. This in his first year in international competition.

Danny McCanney: “I'm delighted. As usual for me it was a combination of setting fast times and then taking the odd crash, but overall the weekend went well, I finished top Brit and took the title we set out to win. To come so high in the overall classification as well was a bonus. I was third in the overall championship standings before the weekend but we still don't know yet if I did enough to step up to being vice-champion. Either way, second or third, I'm happy enough. “It was another great event, lots of natural terrain tests over a mix of soil and rock. I even won an extreme test this weekend, which has been a weakness of mine, so I'm happy to have made progress there. As ever my Gas Gas CC300 was spot on. It didn't miss a beat, it's a great bike."

Steve Plain, Gas Gas team manager : “Brilliant! I can't stress enough what a great season this has been. We set goals – championships to win – and we attain them. Danny continues to improve with every ride and his performance in the extreme test showed he works on his weaknesses too. "To come away as top Brit is excellent, as with Greg Evans winning the European Senior E2 title and Jonny Walker (4th E2 in the ISDE) – just to mention two – there's a lot of quality there. "It's a great lead-in to the final round of the British Enduro Championship this coming weekend. Danny's leading the E3 and Junior ranks in the BEC so we're hoping for a top outcome there as well. The week after that Danny's entered to ride the final round of the world championship. That will be his debut ride in the premier enduro championship in the world. It's a brilliant way to finish the season.”

Double podium finish for Greg Evans in Poland European Enduro Championship, Poland 26/27th June 2010.

11 Brits made it over to Poland for the second round of the European Championships on the 26/27th June 2010. Heavy rain on Thursday, was not really needed to reminded the boys that they were missing out on The Welsh 2 Day, as the free internet in the hotel foyer was permanently logged on to www.enduronews.com 

Friday was a better day and all of the usual formalities went without a hitch. Some last minute test walking was followed by dinner in the Grill Bar and an early night.

A 10.00am start was thought a bit late by most riders, but they were thankful for the 4th lap being cut or that would have meant a 7pm finish. Only 2 tests, 1 cross and 1 enduro, but 2 huge hill climbs on the going kept it interesting, not to mention the very low tunnel on the ride out of the paddock which saw many riders with scratched helmets and some even getting off and walking the bikes through. The timing failed on the First cross test, so they had to scrap that one, which left just 5 tests for day 1. There were no major incidents for the Brits, all finished clean with some good results and test times being scored.

The problem for all visitors seemed to be the locals around the going. Some of the boys had to learn quickly, not to trust any of them as they were sending them in all the bogs, wrong lines, covering lines with sticks and trees and even lit fires at one point. Our boys were coming to checks with allsorts of stories, every lap, which kept the pit crew very amused.

Sunday was a 9 am start and another 3 laps of the same. We suffered a casualty on the first lap when Neil Chatham had a fall in the Cross test and suffered a broken wrist and fracture to his right arm. Then towards the end of the first lap Aaron Poolman retired with mechanical problems. Otherwise all was well, with the other 9 riders, all again finishing on time.

The Brits went one better this time and had 2 riders on the podium, Greg Evans was 1st in E2 senior class and 3rd overall, Ollie Moyce was 3rd in the Junior class (right).

Congratulations to all The British Riders, and best wished to Neil for a speedy recovery.

Our next adventure will be to Val de Nizza, Italy on the 16/17th July.

Podium Finish for Ollie Moyce
Midwest Husaberg UK Race Team Report

All 4 Midwest Husaberg UK team riders Ollie Moyce, Jamie Paget, Tyson Maytom-Jones and Arran Poolman, set off for the long drive to Poland early Tuesday morning leaving the UK in record temperatures only to arrive in Poland to be met with heavy rain. This would suit the UK riders as they are used to riding in wet conditions but for the weekend the rain stopped and the course was in good condition. The course was to be 4 laps per day and featured only 2 tests per lap, one cross and one enduro but the first test on Saturday was scrapped as the timing system failed. A late start of 10am also meant that the last lap was cancelled so only 3 laps were completed by all competitors on day 1. All Midwest Husaberg UK team riders put in good test times and all finished the first day with no problems with Ollie Moyce finishing 3rd in class followed by Jamie Paget 11th, Tyson Maytom-Jones 12th and Arran Poolman 8th.

Sunday was to be 3 laps again but an earlier start of 9am was planned which suited all the riders. Again all Midwest Husaberg UK team riders rode well on day 2 with only Arran Poolman loosing coolant from his radiator forcing him to retire. Ollie Moyce made it another 3rd in class and made it to the podium for his best result ever followed home by an improving Jamie Paget in 9th and Tyson Maytom-Jones 16th. This was a very good result by all team riders and puts them in strong positions for the next round in Italy on 16/17th July.

First podium for Michel Szuster - Italy wins Nations Trophy 
Final round - Day 1

Seven hours of race for this dirst day of the final round of European Championship at Castiglion Fiorentino. 126 ther riders at the start; only 5 don't finish the race. Good result for the italians D'Ambrosio, Beconi e Pellegrinelli who win theier own classes .

Start with fog and clouds this morning, at nine o'clock, from Piazza Garibaldi, for the seventh and last race of the european championship 2009. The sun - shines on the sky only later - became the protagonist of the day with a terrible dust and the temperature too to remember this summer. The hot weather has been a little problem for the riders, especially in the cross test - very techincal - more difficult for the dust. Very good job of the "Castiglion Fiorentino - Fabrizio Meoni" Moto Club that controlled without problems all the situations and every moment of the race. 126 the riders came in Tuscany from every part of Europe for this event, and at the end of the day we count only 5 riders out from the standings, and between them also Daniel Jud who didn't make the pre-finish, after a very good race.

The winner of the first day was Michel Szuster in front, for only 9 seconds, to the italian Andrea Beconi and the portuguese Paulo Felicia. In the Europe Trophy, Italy is leader with Beconi, Paoli and Zanni in front of Portugal, second, with Felicia, Reis and Rodriguez, and of France, third, with Lebrun, Curvalle e Dubac. For the Junior Trophy first position for France with Bossi, Metge and Dumontier. Second place for Italy with D'Ambrosio, Mangini and Conforti, and the third position is for Germany with Beier, Hubner and Weidemann. Veteran Trophy, again to Italy, thanks to Pellegrinelli - the winner - and Belloni Pasquinelli and Mauri. Behind them Great Britain with Smithson, Greenall and Crimp. Third position for Czech Republic with Novak, Hanc and Posledni. Winner among the motos club Treviglio, thanks to Facchin, Canova, Vignola. Second place for Valdibure Pistoiese (Magherini, Lilli, Paoletti), and third Oggiono Club Team Enduro (Rota, Cerutti, Consolini). France wins the Woman Trophy with Puy, Bouisson and Rossat.

Julian Crimp writes: "We are second in the Veterans trophy. I had a good ride yesterday but two more days left. It's going to be hot today. Beating the Italian team will be hard but who knows with the bulldog spirit".

Daily Standings:

E1 Junior: 1. Andreas Beir, 2. Goncalo Reis, 3. Romain Dumontier E2/E3 Junior: 1. Edoardo D'Ambrosio, 2. Yannick Bossi, 3. Adrien Metge E1 Senior: 1. Michal Szuster, 2. Alessio Paoli, 3. Sylvain Lebrun E2 Senior: 1. Andrea Beconi, 2. Paulo Felicia, 3. Alessandro Zanni E3 Senior: 1. Stefan Svitko, 2. Mark Wassink, 3. Roni Nikander Veteran: 1. Tullio Pellegrinelli, 3. Werner Muller, 3. Gianni Belloni Pasquinelli Lady: 1. Ludivine Puy, 2. Heike Petrick, 3. Stéphanie Bouisson

Beconi the best of the second day
Final round - Day 2

While the tuscan rider win the second day of race, the polish Michal Szuster became european champion and in Enduro 1 Junior triumph the french Romain Dumontier.

Andrea Beconi (Suzuki) is the protagonist today of this second day of race, in the final rush of the European Championship at Castiglion Fiorentino. The tuscan rider impose himself at the end of a day not so easy, with sun and dust, and the rain that has arrived at the end of the day, when everybody has came back at the paddock.Beconi lived this day concentrated in a terrible fight with polish Michal Szuster (Yamaha)– yesterday winner – who, today, has won only two stages on the six of the day, against the three good result of Beconi. The portougues Paulo Felicia (Husqvarna) has won only the first special, today. Very important for the result of this second day has been the unlucky second stage of Szuster when his bikes decide to go off, allowing him only the 28th time.

So Beconi win the day and Enduro 2 Senior : behind him, in the overall, we find Paulo Felicia with a difference of 10 seconds. Third position for the italian Edo D'Ambrosio (KTM) winner of E2/E3 Junior. Michal Szuster is the best in E1 Senior but Italy is able to put in second classes position Alessio Paoli, sixth in the overall, behind an other italian, Alex Zanni. To complete the italian group, in the first ten places of the overall standing, Maurizio Magherini, tenth.

Thanks to these results today we have the first two European title 2009: first of all the overall success of polish rider Szuster the “Dominator” of the year: meanwhile in E1 Junior the best rider of 2009 season is the French Romain Dumontier (Husqvarna).

The positive day of Italy continue with the success in Europe Cup, in Nations Trophy and Portugal and France have to be satisfed with the second and third places. French gays take the first place in Junior Trophy and Italy and Germany occupied the other place on the podium.

Italy do the “bis” in the Veteran Trophy leaving to Great Britain and Czech Republic only the other places.The particular standing of the One Make Team look at the good result of Daihatsu Terios Team, in front of FFM Husqvarna, and german team KTM Junior Team.

Tomorrow last day of race with a very special program: Castiglion Fiorentino-Fabrizio Meoni Moto Club have studied a “cross day”. All the riders will fight on a long cross test, each one for his category, during 6 manches.A very special day to finish a wonderfull italian week end !

Daily Standings :

E1 Junior: 1. Gonçalo Reis, 2. Romain Dumontier, 3. Andreas Beier
E2/E3 Junior: 1. Edoardo D’Ambrosio, 2. Adrien Metge, 3. Pierre Pallut
E1 Senior: 1. Michal Szuster, 2. Alessio Paoli, 3. Sylvain Lebrun
E2 Senior: 1. Andrea Beconi, 2. Paulo Felicia, 3. Alessandro Zanni
E3 Senior: 1. Stefan Svitko, 2. Mark Wassink, 3. Maurizio Facchin
Veteran: 1. Werner Muller, 2. Tullio Pellegrinelli 3. Falk Ziegler
Lady: 1. Ludivine Puy, 2. Heike Petrick, 3. Audrey Rossat

Spectacular final rush in Tuscany
Final round - Day 3

Great emotions for the big public at the end of the European Championship 2009. After a season with stage in France, Hungary and Slovakia, Italy organize the last race in Tuscany with 3 days unforgettable.Sun, dust and big show ! These three elements have distinguished the last event of the european championship 2009, at Castiglion Fiorentino, where we find the news 2009's champions.

The last day, dedicated to the cross, have seen the start of the riders at 8,30 in the morning, but this time on the opposite way. Ladys open the starting list and with all the riders have gone on the cross camp where the men of “Castiglion Fiorentino – Fabrizio Meoni” Moto Club worked just to deep night.Let's start, girls ! The first to go on the stage has been the ladys group and the fight has been so strong and beautiful that public and riders of the other classes have really enjoyned. Queen of the day was the french Blandine Dufrene first at the end of the sunday race in front of her fellow-countrywoman Audrey Rossat. Unlucky day for Ludvine Puy that have a puncture in the first part of the race and she's arrived at the end of the race with the bib mousse completely destroyed. So she finished last in the day but win all the same the title with a gap of 10 points. Werner Muller has been the big protagonist of Veteran class against the italian rider Tullio Pellegrinelli, ever first in the days before – but only second sunday. The best result in the championship is for Toivo Nikopensius, from Estony.

The third manche in the day has been for E3 Senior where on the camp the fight was among Vita Kuklik, Daniele Tellini, Maurizio Facchin and Stefan Svitko: this last rider have a problem – he too, like Ludvine – with his back tyre and arrive at the end with a bad position: but in any case the european title is only for him. After E3 it's been the time of E2 Senior that gives to the public a very big spectacle just at the last minute. Paulo Felicia, crash in the first lap but have the force to start again and during an overtaking of Simon Wakely, in that moment in second position, he crash again and his motorbike stay on the Wakely's bike. In this way it's been Oskari Kantonen who take the second postion, behind Alex Zanni, ex cross man, and for this reason invincible on this kind of race. Third position in the manche for Andrea Beconi who win the european title for this class.

In E1 Senior the new european champion is Michal Szuster who takes the first place already saturday, but decide to dispute a very quite manche in sunday. Big fight among David Cadek, Amel Advokaat and the italian Alessio Paoli, third in the day and second in the championship. After Senior we go to see what's happened in Junior class : in E2/E3 the french Yannick Bossi has been the best
of the day in front of our italian rider, Edoardo D’Ambrosio. The victory of the european title in this case goes to Adrien Metge who follows the example of Szuster, and ride a very quite manche ended with a fifth place. Last to start the young riders E1 Junior : if saturday race have given the title 2009 to Dumontier, sunday the “dominator” was the german Andreas Beier followed from the portoguese Gonçalo Reis and from Roman Laurens.

For the One Make Team victory goes for the day and the championship to Daihatsu Terios Team and after them, with a difference of 7 points we find the french Husqvarna and the italian team Mucci Racing B. Italy, at the end, wins the Europe Cup for the Nations, in front of France and Portugal, meanwhile the italian junior team arrive second behind french group. In Veteran Trophy we have italians first on Great Britain and Cezch Republic.

Women Trophy goes to France, and in the club fight the winner is Treviglio, in front of Valdibure Pistoiese and the equipe FFM 1.

Team Steve Plain / GGUK 

ASHLEY WOOD made the trip to Italy and finished 12th in the Junior E2/3 Class. 8th after two days with just the final motocross yesterday to race. Ash got a bad strart from the gate and because the dust was so bad he circulated safely to eventually finish 12th after the 3 days.

Ashley now joins his Factory GG Team mate Christophe Nambotin at this weekends final BEC Round…..The Natterjack!

Pictures (Axiver): Michal Zsuster, Edoardo D'Ambrosio.

The 2009 European Enduro Championship

Venues are now confirmed as

  • 11-12 April 2009 FFM - France-Riom des Mountains 
  • 30-31 May MAMS - Hungary - Tokod 
  • 15-16 August SMF - Slovakia - Vysny Medzev
  • 18-19-20 September - FMI Italy-Castiglion Fiorentino - FINAL 3days

There are some important changes next year .

As well as the normal Championship, each of the 4 rounds will count for a " One Make " Team" Championship.

Additionally in the first 3 rounds there will be an introductory European Cup for 125cc Four Stroke machines.

And in Rd 3 in Hungary there will also be a class ( over different course) for 50cc machines.

The biggest change however is the last round which is a return to a 3 Day final.

As well as counting as the last round of the Individual and One Make Team Championship - it will also incorporate a European Championship for National Teams , and also a Club Team Competition.

The National team competition will cater for

  • National teams - ( which can include - Senior, Junior or Veteran riders)
  • Junior National Team - ( Junior Riders only)
  • Veteran national team - ( Veteran riders only) 
  • Women National team - ( Women riders only)

All teams must consist of 3 riders ( riders who finished in top 5 of WEC in last 3 years are not eligible)

All teams must consist of at least 2 rider's who have participated in at least 1 European Enduro round in that calendar year.

The final will consist of two days of a normal European Enduro Championship - and the 3rd day will be based on the ISDE format of a Final MX test.

Enduro European Championship in Hengelo Photos by David Moyce & report by Kay Evans

British riders Greg Evans, Simon Wakely & Ollie Moyce (grouped on the right of the picture opposite) all had a good results in the final round of the Enduro European Championship held in Hengelo, Netherlands on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th October.

11 British riders made the trip over to Holland to compete in the last round. Greg Evans, Si Wakley, Ollie Moyce, Ed Jones, Robert Jones, Leo Cordingley, Ash Wood, Bradley King, Martyn Lewis, Richard Ely, Chris Hockey.

With 3 laps and 12 tests each day, the boys were up and away by 8am, it was cold and dark leaving the paddock but the weather stayed fine. Several riders were feeling dizzy after second test which consisted of two corkscrew sections followed by a tricky log section.

It was then on to the GP motorcross test with its big jumps & flowing berms. This was followed by a long 11min plus Enduro test that had a bit of everything. very fast ,bumpy with some tricky deep sand sections and some rooty stumpy bits. Everyone got back to the pits safely.

Day 2 saw 2 riders not start. Leo Cordingley suffering with a knee Injury and Martyn Lewis had bike problems. All 11 riders put in maximum effort & the support crews would like to congratulate all riders and thank them for providing an entertaining weekend .

By the end Greg was 2nd in E1 juniors & Simon was third in E2 seniors. Ollie's result secured him third in the UEM E1 junior championship for 2008 & together the trio were third in the nations competition. 

After the last round the new European Champions are the following

  • E1 Junior: Sylvain Lebrun (France, KTM)
  • E2-3 Junior: Robert Kapajcik (Slovakia, KTM)
  • E1 Senior: Jordan Curvalle (France, Suzuki)
  • E2 Senior: Maurizio Facchin (Italy, Honda)
  • E3 Senior: Alessandro Zanni (Italy, HM)
  • Veteran: Zdenek Cyprian (Slovakia, KTM)
  • Women: Ludivine Puy (France, Gas Gas)
  • Overall: Jordan Curvalle (France, Suzuki)
  • One Make Team: HM Daihatsu Terios Team (Honda)
  • Nations: France

At the end of the event, UEM Vice-President, Mr. Thuur Coen, awarded the winners of the Championship.

Latvia - 3rd Round of the European Enduro Championship - Report by Ollie Moyce (right)

Kurt Pringle and Leo Cordingley set off on Tuesday to catch a ferry from northern Germany with 4 bikes heading to Latvia. Unfortunately the luxury boat trip we promised had turned out to be a cargo ship with only a small space for passengers. The entertainment on the ferry was to see how far they could roll a coin across the deck or to sit in the sauna with naked Germans!

The three other riders (Ollie M, Lee Ed and Ed Jones) arrived on the Thursday and set about walking tests and testing the bikes. The practice track was very sandy with roots showing through so it was a good indication as to what the tests and going would be like. The sun was beaming down whilst we were testing so everyone got a tan if nothing else. For lunch we decided to head opposite the cross test where we had seen a small restaurant. We all ordered soup (5 hot and 5 cold) as I'm not sure of they have catered for so many at one time before, and also 10 main courses. There were very mixed reactions to the tastes and textures of both soups but the main courses filled the gap and we were on our way back to the pits.

On Friday all that was left to do was to sign on and put the bike through into the parc ferme. After a few noise problems we were all through and off to walk the tests for the last time.

Day 1.

After the start we went pretty much straight to the extreme test which wasn't very extreme apart from a menacing peaty woods which would prove to be a challenge by the end of the 2 days. Then we rode another 25 minutes or so to a check where Dave and Marilyn were refuelling. After leaving here we rode a 45 minute check which had an Enduro test in the middle. It was a very fast test so was not timed on the first lap of both days. The last check of the lap was a 30 minute check back to the start which had a cross test in between. On arrival at the test, Joey and Gareth were waiting to tell us lines and take our bumbags. There were 3 laps on both days.

Class Overall At the end of day one: Ollie 5th (17th) Lee 9th (27th) Edd 7th (44th) Leo 5th (83rd)

Day 2.

The course and Enduro test were run in reverse for the second day so after the start we went straight to the cross test which by now was very rough. They had watered the test over night and it had also rained a lot so there was a lot of surface water. As the course was backwards we went from there to a check before getting to the Enduro test which was reversed. Ollie and Lee had an interesting first lap as they were told it was timed on all three laps so things got a little hairy when they were "to the stop" not knowing really where they were going. Luckily it was all sorted out and it wasn't timed. After seeing Joey who was fuelling at the check we had the 55 minute check back to the pits with the extreme test in the middle. Dave and Marilyn were there to take our bumbags and Gareth was in the woods giving us the inch perfect lines we needed to get through the peaty bog. Leo bent his back brake on the test and Lee had some issues with his chain guide but apart from that everyone finished unscathed and on time.

At the end of Day 2: Ollie 4th (16th) Lee 8th (33rd) Edd 7th (43rd) Leo 5th (78th)


Lee Edmondson, Edward Jones, Leo Cordingley


After the successful first round in Letojanni (Italy), the Enduro European Championship had two more exciting days of sports in the second round held Saturday and Sunday in Oliveira de Hospital (Portugal), during the celebrations of the Portuguese Motorcycling Federation anniversary. The event was so perfectly organised that the Enduro Commission chairman, Mr Marco Bolzonello, declared: “It seemed to be attending to a world event, for the perfect organisation, the spectacular track and the effort put in place by all the riders”. The only negative aspect was the absence of Spanish riders, whose participation was particularly awaited, considered the short distance to Oliveira do Hospital.

The weekend started poorly when Greg Evans was injured in a road traffic accident on Friday evening. Greg had been walking the extreme test for the final time & he was driving back to the start in a hire car when he collided with another car coming in the opposite direction. He sustained a fracture of the femur. The other driver was not badly hurt. Greg's family were in Portugal & they report that he will need a operation to plate the bone but he is in good spirits.

Ollie Moyce (above) was fourth on the 1st day in the E1 Junior class & the highest placed British rider overall in 15th.  Alongside Ollie in the E1 Juniors was Ashley Wood 8th & Lee Edmondson 9th. Thomas Braddock was 15th. Ed Jones finished 5th in the E3 Senior class & Leo Cordingley picked up 16pts for a 5th in the Veterans.

On Day 2 Ollie was running third until he had a crash in the last extreme test and broke his front brake lever, losing over a minute in the test. He ended the day in 9th position but has still maintained his third position overall in the championship. Ashley Wood finished 7th, Lee Edmondson 10th & Thomas Braddock 17th. Ed & Leo both finished in 5th. 

The winners of the two days are the following: - E1 Junior: 1st day Maurizio Gerini (I, Husqvarna); 2nd day Sebastien Bozzo (F, Husqvarna). - E2-3 Junior: 1st day Yannick Bossi (F,TM); 2nd day Yannick Bossi (F, KTM). - E1 Senior: 1st day David Cadek (CZ, KTM); 2nd day Jordan Curvalle (F, Suzuki). - E2 Senior: 1st day Alex Van den Broek (NL, Honda); 2nd day Maurizio Facchin (I, Honda). - E3 Senior: 1st day Erwin Plekkenpol (NL, Honda); 2nd day Erwin Plekkenpol (NL Honda). - Veteran: 1st day Zdenek Cyprian (CZ, KTM); 2nd day Zdenek Cyprian (CZ, KTM). - Women: 1st day Ludivine Puy (F, Gas Gas); 2nd Ludivine Puy (F, Gas Gas). - Overall: 1st day David Cadek (CZ, KTM); 2nd day Jordan Curvalle (F, Suzuki). - One Make Team: 1st day HM Daihatsu Terios Team; 2nd day HM Daihatsu Terios Team. - Nations: 1st day France; 2nd day France. The next event is schedules on the 2nd and 3rd of August in Vidrizi (Latvia).


Round 1 UEM Enduro Championship Taormina, Sicily 19th/20th April 2008


The Enduro European Championship opened this weekend in Letojanni (Italy), beach resort close to Taormina, Sicily under the management of MEC Promotion, the new UEM Enduro promoter.

The weather conditions of the two days (19th and 20th of April) were warm and typical Mediterranean in front of a good number of spectators. 127 riders at start representing 14 countries competed on a track of 160 kilometres, to be repeated four times. Two special tests with one also held on the beach. Perfect organisation of the event by the local Motoclub in coordination with the Messina Motoclub.

In the E1 Junior on Day 1 Maurizio Gerini was the winner & Robert Kvarnstrom was the runner up. Olliie Moyce was 5th. Lee Edmondson 6th & Gavin Houson 15th. Yannick Bossi won the E2 Junior ahead of Robert Kapajcik. Greg Evans (pictured left) was 3rd & Jamie Paget picked up 7 pts valuable pts in 14th. In the Senior E1 Jordan Curvalle was the winner & Giuseppe Canova was the runner up. Robert Jones was 10th. Class E2 Senior 1st Maurizio Facchin & 2nd Alex Van der Broek. In the E3 Seniors 1st Alessandro Zanni & 2nd Vita Kuklik. Edward Jones was 5th. The best Veteran was Arturs Robeznieks & Olaf Redecker was the runner up. Leo Cordingley was 7th. Greg Evans finished the day 7th overall.

On Day 2 Ollie Moyce moved up to 3rd. Lee consolidated his 6th. Ashley Wood finished 8th, Darren Carter 11th & Gav 19th. In Junior E2+3 Greg finished 3rd & Jamie 12th. Robert Jones was 12th in the E1 Seniors & Ed moved up 2 places to 3rd in the E3 Seniors. Leo also moved up a place in the Vets. 

British Riders

Left to right: Ollie Moyce,  Lee Edmondson, Gav Houson, Leo Cordingley,

Ashley Wood, Darren Carter, Jamie Paget, Robert Jones, Ed Jones

Ollie Moyce was third overall in the E1 juniors (Kvarnstrom did not start the second day), Greg Evans was third overall in the E2/3 juniors & Great Britain was third in the Nations competition. (Ollie, Greg & Lee Edmondson) behind Italy & France.

Next round of the Enduro European Championship is scheduled on the 10th and 11th of May in Oliveira do Hospital (Portugal) UEM Press Office

Photos by David Moyce

2008 Dates

Rd1 19/20th April Italy
Rd2 10/11th May
Rd3 2/3rd August
Rd4 17/18th Oct

Official Website

European Championship: final verdicts in Polonia

A month after the Finnish race, the continental championship returns in order to assign the titles to European Champions on 22/23rd September in the city of Sitkòwka-Nowiny in Poland. In one week will start the last act of 2007 European Championship between the sweet heights to South of the Polonia just ten kilometers from Kielce that as all will remember was center in 2004 of the Six Days.

The organization of the final round has been delivered in the expert hands of ZO PZM Kielce ( www.pzm.pl ) with support from KTM Novi Club. They has devised a route of 65 kms. to repeat 4 times on Saturdays and 3 on Sunday, with 2 hour controls to every lap. There are 2 special tests to the lap, 1 Enduro and 1 Cross-Test.

The event will begin in the morning of Friday 21st, with scrutineering from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm near the Sports Center used also as the Paddock area and situated in the city center. The contest will leave with the pilots Junior, while the prize giving ceremony is planned on Sunday at 4.30 pm

With a beautiful performance in the previous test in Finland (Heinola 18-19 August) the Pole Michal Szuster - leading the Junior E1 - has stolen precious points from the leader and holder of the title in the Senior 3 class Roman Michalik. In ONE MAKE TEAM Trophy the Italian team of Husqvarna Mucci Racing continues to excel & Italy also domininates the Nations.

Provisional Rankings after 3 rounds

E 1 JUNIOR 1 Michal Szuster PL PZM Husqvarna 147 2 Julien Dubac F FFM KTM 108 3 Gregory Evans GB ACU KTM 103 4 Maurizio Gerini I FMI Husqvarna 84 5 Robert Kapajcik SK SMF LTM 78

E 2-3 JUNIOR 1 Simon Wakely GB ACU Husqvarna 131 2 Lukasz Kurowski PL PZM KTM 115 3 Maurizio Facchin I FMI KL 114 4 Oskari Kantonen FIN SML KTM 104 5 Carlo Conforti I FMI HM 101

E 1 SENIOR 1 Daryl Bolter GB ACU Husqvarna 131 2 Giuseppe Canova I FMI KTM 127 3 Pierre Duzellier F FFM KTM 87 4 Giovanni Gritti I FMI HM 87 5 Ralph Hubers NL KNMV Yamaha 82

E 2 SENIOR 1 Roman Michalik CZ ACCR Beta 150 2 Andrea Beconi I FMI HM 130 3 Giuliano Falgari I FMI KL 102 4 Hans Vogels NL KNMV Yamaha 86 5 Simone Tonelli I FMI HM 84

E 3 SENIOR 1 Vita Kuklik CZ ACCR KTM 139 2 Mark Wassink NL KNMV KTM 134 3 Stefan Svitko SK SMF KTM 121 4 Erwin Plekkenpol NL KNMV Honda 102 5 Christophe Seifert D DMSB KTM 91

VETERAN 1 Gianmarco Rossi I FMI HM 150 2 Udo Grellmann D DMSB KTM 120 3 Guenther Schophohl A ÖAMTC KTM 103 4 Olaf Redecker D DMSB KTM 92 5 Toivo Nikopensius EST EMF Yamaha 90

OVERALL 1 Roman Michalik CZ ACCR Beta 139 2 Michal Szuster PL PZM Huqvarna 136 3 Andrea Beconi I FMI HM 84 4 Daryl Bolter GB ACU Husqvarna 81 5 Vita Kuklik CZ ACCR KTM 75

ONE MAKE TEAM 1 Husqvarna Mucci Racing Husqvarna 150 2 HM Enduro Team Treviza HM 120 3 SKMP-KTM CZ Praha KTM 112 4 Husky Mucci Racing Team Italia Husqvarna 94 5 KTM GP Motors KTM 90

NATIONS 1 Italy FMI 138 2 Great Britain ACU 120 3 Czech Republic ACCR 119 4 The Netherlands KNMV 100 5 Sweden SVEMO 90

Si Wakely wins Juniors E2/3

The 140 pilots introduced to the way in green Finland, center of the third test of championship. To dominate two Finnish pilots Tarkkala and Nikonder.

HEINOLA: to hours 09,00 a.m. of this morning the third test of the European championship enriched from the presence of specialists Jari Mattila, Petteri Silvan, Mika Saarenkoski returned just today to the contests, two years from the ugly incident with Eriksson and the world-wide Marko Tarkkala turned out fastest in absolute is released.

Thanks to the experience of the local organizer Heinolan Moottorikerho, the race has been taken place without problem, and this confirm another time the capacity and the skill of the organizer (it has organized a world-wide test in 2005), designing to a technical route with a total of five special tests (three cross and two enduro tests) repeated for three times and characterized from the fantastic and technical rich Finnish underbrushs of roots that have benefited the house pilots.

The day has been won from Tarkkala that they give regulations does not take points in championship, placed in front of the Finnish junior Roni true Nikander matador absolute. According to place therefore for the Pole Michal Szuster that to puts into effect them leader Roman joined Michalik (above) instead third position.

Si Wakely finished 1st in the E2 juniors and Daryl Bolter finished 3rd in E1 Senior both extending their leads considerably, whilst Greg Evans finished 5th in E1 junior.

Sadly Gav Houson had a bad crash on the second test whilst running 15th in the juniors and put himself in hospital and out of the event. Mick says he hurt his back in the landing but seems to be OK.

Tomorrow the departure is fixed always for hours 09,00 a.m., and the turns to complete will be three.

This the results of the first day of contest:

OVERALL:1°Nikander R. (E1J - KTM); 2° Szuster M.(E1J - Husq); 3 Michalik R. (E2-Beta);

JUNIOR JE1: 1°Nikander Roni (Fin-KTM); 2°Szuster Michal(Pol-Husq); 3°Hellsten Antti (Fin-Husq.);

JE2/E3:1°Wakely Simon(GB-Husq);2°Karlson Jonas (Swe-KTM) 3°Facchin Maurizio(I-Kawasaki);

SENIOR E1: 1° Georgsson Frederik (Swe-KTM); 2° Silvan Petteri (Fin-Suzuki; 3°Bolter Daryl(GB-Husq.);

E2: 1°Michalik Roman(Cze - Beta); 2°Beconi Andrea(I-HM); 3°Mattila Jari (Fin - Beta);

E3: 1° Wassink Mark(Ned-KTM); 2° Timonen Heikki (Fin-KTM); 3° Kuklik Vita (Cze-KTM);

VETERAN: 1°Rossi Gianmarco (I-HM); 2°Redecker Olaf(D-KTM);3°Grellmann Udo(D-KTM);

WOMEN: 1°Puy Ludivine(F-GasGas); 2°Jonsson Jessica(Swe-Suzuki); 3°Nyqvist Marita(Fin-KTM)

Tarkkala makes its the day, but for the championship it's Szuster to triumph

The Finnish pilots dictate law between own lands and sign one double victoria between the Nations. Only to hold head to the Scandinavian dominion he is the polish Michal Szuster

HEINOLA: The second day of contest in the splendid Scandinavian scene has been concluded also, sixth of the European Championship of Enduro, a beautiful day that has respected the prognostics reconfirming the Finnish Marko Tarkkala the fastest, but being outside it classifies the true protagonist turns out the Pole Michal Szuster who door less three points from the absolute leader Roman Michalik today quarter behind Silvan Petteri.

One indeed impregnate contest not a lot for the mostly flowing ruote but for the two special tests (repeated three times for a total of six) characterized from the classic and insidious Finnish underbrush that has put in difficulty great part of the contenders facilitating instead the climb to the podium of the Finnish pilots.

To confirm it classifies of the Nations that it sees to yesterday gain both days Finland with Sweden third and today second. Still a double quantity succeeded instead for Husqvarna Mucci Racing (Szuster, Bolter, Wakely) in the One Make Trophy.

The European championship will return to make to speak about himself 22nd Saturdays and 23rd Sunday September with the quarter and last stage attended in the citizen of Kielce, in Poland.

This the results of the second day of contest:

OVERALL:1° Szuster M (JE1 - Husqvarna); 2° Michalik R. (E2-Beta); 3° Silvan P. (E1 - Suzuki);

JUNIOR JE1: 1° Szuster Michal (Pol-Husq); 2°Pulkkinen Jari (Fin-KTM) 3° Hellsten Antti (Fin-Husqvarna);

JE2/E3: 1° Kantonen Oskari (Fin-KTM); 2°Karlson Jonas (Swe-KTM); 3° Conforti Carlo (I-HMHonda);

SENIOR E1: 1° Silvan Petteri(Fin-Suzuki);2°Georgsson Fredrik (Swe-KTM);3°Bolter Daryl (GB-Husqvarna);

E2: 1° Michalik Roman(Cze - Beta); 2° Mattila Jari (Fin-Beta); 3° Beconi Andrea (I -Hm-Honda);

E3: 1° Wassink Mark (NL-KTM) 2° Kuklik Vita (Cze-KTM); 3° Timonen Heikki (Fin-KTM);

VETERAN: 1° Rossi Gianmarco (I-HM); 2° Redecker Olaf (D-KTM); 3° Grellmann Udo (D-KTM)

WOMEN: 1° Puy Ludivine(F-GasGas); 2°Adriasson Sandra (Swe-Suzuki); 3°Andersson Anna P.(Swe-KTM)


NAZIONI: 1° Finland; 2° Sweden; 3° Italy.



UEM Rd2 Hungary
Michalik wins the Day 2

Results Day1 Day2

Roman Michalik has won the 2nd round of the UEM Championship in Cered, Hungary this weekend. Italy won the Nations results & the Husqvarna Mucci Racing captured the One Make Team Trophy. British riders Daryl Bolter (Husq), Greg Evans (MounterKTM) & Simon Wakely each finished as runner ups in their classes to secure 3rd from Great Britain.


John Collins, Chairman, ACU Trials & Enduro Committee was delighted by the success the fifteen British riders achieved at the second round of the European Enduro Championship held in Hungary last weekend. These included the six members of the ACU U23 Enduro squad.

Whilst there was atrocious weather at home, the UK riders faced 3 laps of 73km each day, in searing heat and dusty conditions!

Squad members Daryl Bolter, Si Wakely and Greg Evans were on a mission, with Bolter winning the Senior E1 class on the first day, Si Wakely took 2nd place in Junior E 2/3 and Greg Evans rode superbly to take 2nd place in Junior E1.

These results combined to give Great Britain an excellent second place in the Nations Championship on Day 1.

Of the other Squad members Oliver Moyce recorded 8th place in Junior E2/3, Lee Edmondson 18th in Junior E1, but unfortunately Jamie Paget was forced out with mechanical failure.

Day 2 was the same again, and the results were again impressive. Daryl made a small mistake in the final test and this dropped him to 2nd place in S1, with Wakely and Evans repeating their runner- up positions for us to finally see three Brits on the podium picking up three-second place awards. The Czech Republic over took the UK on Day 2 to take the runner up National spot, but third place for Britain was an admirable achievement for these three young riders.

Other UK places over the two days included:

Ed Jones: 7th & 9th Senior E1 Dylan Jones: 11th & 12th Senior E1 Robert Jones: 12th & 10th Senior E1 Ashley Wood 19th & 21st Junior E1 Lee Edmondson 20th & 18th Junior E1 Darren Carter 22nd & 19th Junior E1

Gavin Houston, David Brick and Gethin Price were gaining valuable European experience and rode well to lose no time penalties on both days.

Julian Crimp finished Day 1 in 19th spot in Senior E3, but was forced out with injury on the second day.

In conclusion an excellent weekend for the British contingent, who now look forward to the next European round on 18/19th August in Finland.

UEM Rd2 Hungary
Michalik wins the first day

More than 140 riders frrom 17 different countries took part in the two continental days in Cered, Hungary; Eleven team participate in the ONE MAKE TEAM TROPHY Szuster and Michalik fight for the absolute summit.

CERED: 10.00 am of this morning, European championship with 143 departing travelers is released the second test, enriched above the important presence of official team TM Racing, Italian motor house that has carried in contest the three pilots Luca Cherubini, Vanni Cominotto and the young rider Edoardo d' Ambrosio to the debut in the continental championship. After the arrival of Belgium, present to the first contest in Italy, the Nations increase thanks to the important returns of Greece and the Croatia.

Thanks to the experience of the local organizer Gè Sa Se, the race took place without a problem, and this confirm another time the capacity and the skill of the organizer, even if many riders said that the time control were limited. The contest is run on a route of 73 kilometers with 4 check controls (2 with assistance and 2 without) repeated for 3 times for a total of beyond 7 hours of contest. A lot appreciated also the 2 special tests, cross and enduro Test judged fast and and many spectacular for the public and, all cronometrate already from the first turn. The women have instead carried out only 2 turns. The beautiful fight between the champion is repeated in loads Roman Michalik and the young riders Michal Szuster, although the recent accident. But to win she is the czech pilot for single 13 second ones of advantage. Italian dominion in the One Make Trophy with the victory of Husqvarna Mucci Racing that precedes the other italian team HM Enduro Treviza Team. Italy adjudicates also the first place between the 17 present Nations.

Tomorrow's departure is 8.00 a.m.& there will be three laps.

Day 1 Results:
Overall 1 Michalik R.(E2 - Beta); 2 Szuster M.(E1J - Husq); 3 Kurowski M. (E2/3 KTM);
JUNIOR JE1: 1Szuster Michal(Pol-Husq); 2 Evans Gregory (GB-MounterKTM ) 3°Kapajcik Robert(Svk-Ktm);
JE2/E3: 1 KurowskiLukasz(Pol-KTM) 2 Wakely Simon(GB-Husq); 3 Facchin Maurizio(I-Kawasaki);
SENIOR E1: 1 Bolter Daryl (GB-Husq); 2 Duzellier Pierre(F-Ktm) 3 Canova Giuseppe(I-Ktm);
E2: 1 Michalik Roman(Cze - Beta); 2 Beconi Andrea(I-HM); 3 Falgari Giuliano(I - Kawasaki);
E3: 1 Kuklik Vita (Cze-KTM); 2  Wassink Mark(Ned-KTM); 3° Svitko Stefan (Svk-KTM);
VETERAN: 1 Rossi Gianmarco (I-HM); 2 Redecker Olaf(D-KTM); 3 Grellmann Udo(D-KTM);
WOMEN: 1 Puy Ludivine (F-GasGas); 2 Heike Petrick(D-KTM)
O.M.TROPHY: 1 Husqvarna Mucci Racing; 2 HM Enduro Treviza; 3 SKMP-KTM CZ PRAHA
NATION: 1 Italy; 2 Great Britain; 3 Czech Republic.

Roman Michalik opens European championship 2007
148 pilots to the departure of the two days continental to Oliveto Citra, Italy. Record between the Nations with 18 Countries participants.

After beautiful and moving a ceremony of presentation with typical customs and dances, the test of the European championship of enduro has taken to the way this morning to 09,00 a.m. hours before; the three special tests, of which two cross-test and a enduro-test, for a total of eight tests with a turn that altogether exceeded the two hundred kilometers to repeat itself for three times for a total of beyond seven hours of contest.

After the rain come down per every day of friday, a great mud has received the 148 pilots in contest. Fortunately it has not been necessary to take part neither on the distance neither on the tests and the first day however it has been carried out in best of the ways thanks to the appearance of the sun.

Italian dominion in the One Make Trophy with the victoria of Husqvarna Mucci Racing that precedes the other italian team. HM Enduro Treviza Team. Italy adjudicates also the first place between the 18 present Nations, a true record for the championship. Between the great absent to signal the champion class 3, the Austrian Wermer Muller

Tomorrow the departure is fixed for hours 8,00 a.m., and the turns to complete will be three. This the results of the first day of contest:


OVERALL:1°Michalik R.(E2 - Beta); 2° Szuster M.(E1J - Husq); 3 Balletti O. (E2/E3J - HM)
JUNIOR JE1: 1°Szuster Michal (Pol-Husq); 2°Dubac Julien(F - Ktm);3°Kapajcik Robert(Svk-Ktm)
JE2/E3: 1°Balletti Oscar(I-HM); 2°Wakely Simon (Gbr-Husq); 3°Kurowski Lukasz(Pol-Ktm)
SENIOR E1: 1°Canova Giuseppe(I-Ktm); 2° Bolter Daryl (Gbr-Husq); 3° Duzellier Pierre(F-Ktm)
E2: 1°Michalik Roman (Cze - Beta); 2°Beconi Andrea (I-HM); 3°Tonelli Simone (I - HM)
E3: 1° Kuklik Vita (Cze-Ktm); 2° Wassink Mark(Ned-Ktm); 3° Svitko Stefan (Svk-Ktm)
VETERAN: 1°Rossi Gianmarco (I-HM); 2°Dokoupil Petr(Cze-Ktm);3°Schopel Gunter(A-Ktm)
WOMEN: 1°Puy Ludivine (F-GasGas); 2°Geneste Alice (F-TM); 3° Heike Petrick(Ger-Ktm)
O.M.TROPHY: 1°Husqvarna Mucci Racing; 2°HM Enduro Treviza; 3°Ktm Creuse Auvergne
NATIONS: 1° Italy; 2° Czech Republic; 3° Great Britain

Day 2

The second day of the disputed European championship of enduro has been concluded to Oliveto Citra. The always three turns carry out to you with a total of nine special tests. The contest, fought end from the departure, has been gained the fastest Polish Michal Szuster (E1J class) that the winner of the first day precedes for 14 second Roman Michalik (E2 class), champion in loads, adjudicating before the stage in the sum of the two days. Still an optimal third party place for the Italian young person Oscar Balletti (E2/E3J class).

Reaffirmation for the team Husqvarna Mucci Racing (Italy) with Szuster, Simon Wakely and Daryl Bolter, that it is adjudicated the head of classifies temporary of the fought One Make Trophy.

Pause of two months for the European Championship that will return to make to speak about himself 30th saturdays june and 01st Sunday July with the second stage accommodated in Hungary and just in the citizen of Cered.

This the results of the second day:
ASSOLUTA:1° Szuster M.(E1J-Husq); 2° Michalik R.(E2 - Beta); 3 Balletti O. (E2/E3J - HM)
JUNIOR JE1: 1°Szuster Michal(Pol-Husq); 2°Dubac Julien(F-Ktm);3°Cominotto Vanni (I-KLKawa)
JE2/E3:1°Balletti Oscar(I-HM); 2°Wakely Simon(Gbr-Husq);3°Facchin Maurizio(I-KL-Kawa)
SENIOR E1: 1°Canova Giuseppe(I-Ktm); 2° Bolter Daryl (Gbr-Husq); 3° Gritti Giovanni(I-HM)
E2: 1°Michalik Roman(Cze-Beta);2°Beconi Andrea(I-HM);3°Falgari Giuliano(I-KL-Kawa)
E3: 1° Svitko Stefan (Svk-Ktm);2° Kuklik Vita (Cze-Ktm); 3° Wassink Mark (Ned-Ktm)
VETERAN: 1°Rossi Gianmarco(I-HM);2°Grellmanm Udo(D-Ktm);3°Schopel Gunter(A-Ktm)
WOMEN: 1°Puy Ludivine (F-GasGas); 2°Geneste Alice (F-TM); 3° Heike Petrick(Ger-Ktm)
O.M.TROPHY: 1°Husqvarna Mucci Racing; 2°HM Enduro Treviza; 3°SKMP-KTM CZ Praha
NATIONS: 1° Italia; 2° Repubblica Ceca; 3° Inghilterra


All 6 members of the U23 ACU Enduro Squad started their 2007 Europan Enduro Championship campaign with the long trip to Italy for round 1.

The event was held below the Bay of Naples in the Salerno region

The course consisted of 3 laps of 70k and 9 special tests each day, running high into the snow on the mountains and then down to the heat of the valleys.

Daryl Bolter, although still U23, had previously won a European Junior title and had to move into the Senior class This did not phase him however, and he secured an excellent 2nd place in the SE1class.

Si Wakely emulated this with a upper 2nd place in Junior E2\3 and Greg Evans took 7th place in Junior E1 to give these riders 3rd plce for Britain in the National competition.

Other U 23 squad members all scored Championship points with places as below -:

Lee Edmondson JE1 Day1 - 18th, Day 2 - 16th

Oliver Moyce J E2\3 Day1 - 13th, Day 2 - 7th

Jamie Paget J E2\3 Day1 - 18th , Day 2- 19th

15 ACU rider took part in the event with the following all scoring European Championship points

Ed Jones, Dylan Jones, Robert Jones, Andrew Edwards, Darren Carter, Ashley Wood, Jonathan Williams and Julian Crimp.

Although outside the points - Gavin Houston in his first International event rode well, and finished both days. John Collins

Bolter & Wakely shine at ’07 EEC opener

British Husqvarna riders – Mucci Racing’s Daryl Bolter and MPS Racing’s Si Wakely, both showed that they are more than capable of claiming success in this year’s European Enduro Championship after securing runner-up finishes in their respective Senior E1 and Junior E2/E3 classes at the opening round of the series held in Oliveto Citra, Italy. Both starting the new series in style, in finishing the event with double runner-up results the duo, along with Poland’s Michael Szuster, helped the Husqvarna Mucci Racing team top the event’s Team results on both days.

Competing in the Senior Enduro 1 class aboard a WR125 former Junior EEC champion Daryl Bolter was determined to get his ’07 campaign off to a strong start having missed much of the ’06 season due to injury. Competing for the Italian Husqvarna Mucci Racing team, as he did in a ’05, Bolter placed in a creditable second position on day one and finished in 10th in the event’s overall results. Placing 30 seconds behind E1 class winner Giuseppe Canova from Italy Bolter made several mistakes en route to his runner-up finish, the result of trying a little too hard early in the day. The class’s fastest rider on one of the event’s eight tests on day one, Daryl placed no lower than fourth in class to place just under 30 seconds adrift of the winner yet comfortably ahead of the third placed rider.

On day two Daryl upped his pace and ensuring that he didn’t make any mistakes he improved his result in the overall results by one spot to finish ninth and again claimed the runner-up position in the Senior E1 class. Finishing just 13 seconds behind E1 class winner Canova Bolter again posted the class’s fastest time on one of the tests and finished consistently behind his Italian rival on all other tests.

Competing in EEC competition aboard Husqvarna machinery for the first time ever Si Wakely made his debut a good one placing as runner-up on both days in the Junior Enduro2/Enduro 3 class aboard his MPS Racing WR250. Claiming an impressive fifth place finish in the opening day’s overall results Wakely placed less than 30 seconds behind the events fastest competitor – former World Enduro Champion Roman Michalik. Making Si’s overall result even more impressive was the fact that he posted the fastest time on the event’s enduro test on the third and final lap. In the Junior E2/E3 class Si topped two of the day’s tests, including the first, to claim a well earned runner-up result just 18 seconds behind class winner Oscar Balletti and comfortably ahead of the third placed rider.

Despite picking up a 10 second penalty at the start of day two when he flooded his bike on the start line and subsequently failed to start it during the allotted 60 seconds, Si again rode well finishing second in class behind day one winner Balletti but dropping to 13th overall. Every bit as consistent as he was on day one Si topped two tests in the Junior E2/E3 class and once again consistently outpaced the majority of his class rivals.

Prior to Darryl and Si’s next outing in the EEC, which will be round two of the series held in Cered, Hungary on June 30 and July 1, the pair will compete in rounds two and three of the World Enduro Championship held in Spain and Portugal at the end of April and the beginning of May.

Daryl Bolter: “Things went well for me on both days really but I had a few too many crashes on day one, which dropped me a little further behind the class winner than I should have finished. I’m still not back to where I was in ’05 but having not really raced at all last year due to my injuries I guess it will take a little bit of time to get back up to full speed. I’m really happy to have started the championship with two solid results though.

“I made lots of mistakes on day one, which affected my result. I was still second in class but I was pushing a little bit too hard. Day two was better and I was only 12 seconds behind the class winner. All in all it was a good event and not really as typically Italian as I was expecting. Being second in the E1 championship after the first round is great.”

Si Wakely: “It was a very good weekend for me - I’m well pleased with the start I’ve made to the European championships. Day one started well and remained that way really. The first check proved to be really difficult in places but I managed to get through the bottle-neck that caused lots of riders to lose time without any problems. I really enjoyed the three tests and posting the overall fastest time on the final enduro test was great.

“Day two was similar to day one really – I didn’t make any mistakes and really enjoyed the event. I was disappointed to have lost 10 seconds at the start but I still finished second in class, which was good. It’s been a great start to the championship.”

2007 European Enduro Championship Rnd 1

Grand Prix of Italy – Day 1
Senior E1 class 1. Giuseppe Canova (KTM) 34:00.77; 2. Daryl Bolter (Mucci Racing Husqvarna) 34:30.25; 3. Pierre Duzellier (KTM) 34:34.31; 4. Giovanni Gritti (Honda) 35:03.56; 5 Ralph Hubers (Yamaha) 35:21.47

Junior E2/E3 class 1. Oscar Balletti (Honda) 33:39.70; 2. Si Wakely (MPS Husqvarna) 33:57.92; 3. Lukasz Kurowski (KTM) 35:21.54; 4. Maurizo Facchin (Kawasaki) 35:29.40; 5. Andrea Fossati (Suzuki) 35:29.86

Grand Prix of Italy – Day 2
Senior E1 class 1. Giuseppe Canova (KTM) 38:54.55; 2. Daryl Bolter (Mucci Racing Husqvarna) 39:07.54; 3. Giovanni Gritti (Honda) 39:51.02; 4. Pierre Duzellier (KTM) 39:52.24; 5. Ralph Hubers (Yamaha) 40:01.32

Junior E2/E3 1. Oscar Balletti (Honda) 38:47.00; 2. Si Wakely (MPS Husqvarna) 39:27.76; 3. Maurizio Facchin (Kawasaki) 39:37.26; 4. Lukasz Kurowski (KTM) 39:40.62; 5. Carlo Conforti (Honda) 40:07.54

2006 UEM European Enduro Championship

2007 Dates

31st Mar/1st Apr Rd1 Oliveto, Citra Italy
30th June/1st July R2 Cered, Hungary
18/19th Aug Rd3 Einola, Finland
22/23rd Sept Rd4 Poland

2006 Dates

8-9th April Iglesias Italy
20-21st May Kwidzyn Poland
10-11th June Csitar Hungary
16-17th September Noire table France

European Enduro success for Juniors' Rd 3 Hungary

John Collins, Chairman of the ACU's Trials and Enduro Committee is pleased to inform you of the success of the British Junior Enduro Team at this weekends European Enduro Championship in Csitar, Hungary.

Junior Team Members Simon Wakely and Tom Sagar dominated the E2/3 Class finishing 1st and 2nd respectively. With a win on Day 1 and Runner-Up in the Second day, Wakely took the Overall Class win, backed up by Sagar's Day 2 win, following his 3rd place on Day 1. Other Junior Team members riding well were Oliver Moyce 9th and 11th, Sean Robinson 12th and 13th. Tom Sagar is now currently leading the European E2/3 Junior Championship by 15 points after 3 Rounds.

Other British riders included;

E1 Junior Lee Edmondson, 13th and 11th Ricky Mair, 10th on Day 2

E1 Senior Dylan Jones 7th and 10th Chris Hockey 9th and 8th Robert Jones 10th and 6th and now 5th in the Championship.

E2 Senior Edward Jones rode consistently finishing 7th on both days James Yearley 20th on Day 2

E3 Senior Jim Wright 20th on Day 2

Veteran Neil Boyd 7th both days.

The success of all riders gave the ACU Team 4th Overall in the Event behind The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Report by Ed Jones

The 4th and Final Round of the Championship is due to be held on 16th - 17th September 2006 in France.


The sun, the hospitality and the landscape of Borno, in the middle of the green mountains of Brescia (Italy), welcomed riders from fifteen different nations for the second event of the Enduro European Championship. 167 riders of the 180 enrolled have been taken part at the two continental days in Italy; fifteen the nations and nine the teams participating in the ONE MAKE TEAM TROPHY. T he first day welcomed the participants with a very difficult track, made of a lap of 62 km repeated three times. Three special tests included: one extreme test, one cross test and one enduro test for a six hours race, with riders facing a height difference of 1000 meter: from the downhill to Angolo Terme (350 meter height) to the Lake of Lova (1350 meter height). More than 160 persons, from three different motoclubs (Bergamo Orobie, Costa Volpino and R.S. 77) worked at the organization. Very happy the president of the motoclub organizer Costante Bontempi who said: “ We created a real race, made on the track and not only on special tests.”. Enthusiast the Husqvarna Mucci Racing team, who played the lord and the master another time, placing three riders in the first three positions of the overall results confirming the leadership conquered in Lublin in Poland. 

Second day for the Enduro European Championship event number 2, held in Borno (Italy). Three laps for a total of 186 km with a height difference of 1000 meters and nine special tests, well organised by the motoclub organizer. 163 riders have been started this morning and 139 have ended the race. A day that respected all predictions and reconfirmed the home rider, Fausto Scovolo (Husqvarna), leader of this Championship. Very good the second place in the overall results for the Czech Scheder Karel (Husaberg), while reconfirmed his good form the Italian Giuseppe Canova (Husqvarna), conquering the third place.

Bolter extends E1 Junior championship lead

Husky Sport Husqvarna rider Daryl Bolter, racing for the Italian Mucci Racing Husqvarna team, extended his lead in the Enduro 1 Junior class of the ’05 European Enduro Championship with two solid rides at the second round of the series in Italy. Winning on day one and placing third in the overall results, Bolter came close to seeing his championship winning dream ended just prior to the end of the first day’s competition following a head on collision with an event official. On day two Daryl placed as runner-up in the E1 Junior class.

Riding as the first competitor in the event, Daryl topped the E1 Junior class on day one to extend his championship lead. But with just a few kilometres to go at the end of the first day Daryl was hit by an event official who was riding the wrong way down the course. Despite badly damaging his bike, and feeling decidedly second hand after the impact, Daryl managed to get himself and his bike to the end of the day and repair the damage in readiness for the start of day two.

Day two didn’t go quite as well as day one for Daryl due to his heavy impact on Saturday afternoon. Still shaken from the incident, and not feeling anywhere near as good as he had been on day one, Daryl still managed to finish second in class. In fact Daryl came close to winning again on day two and had it not been for a couple of slightly off the pace cross-country test times would have topped the second day, as he did the first.

With a win on day one and a runner-up finish on day two Daryl now sits 10 points clear at the top of the E1 Junior class at the half way point of the European Enduro Championship.

The next round of the series takes place in Mid Wales on July 16/17.

Daryl Bolter: “Apart from my crash on day one the event was really good for me. I’ve been struggling a bit to ride at my best on day one recently so to have a good result on Saturday was great. It was close at the front of the class but to win was good. It was pretty difficult being the first rider on the course but I rode well on the motocross and extreme tests, which helped my result.

“On day two I was feeling pretty second hand and was a bit shaken up after day one. I got whiplash in my neck, which meant that I was in a bit of discomfort all day. Also my bike was still pretty second hand after the impact, which again didn’t help. Being the first rider on the course was even harder on day two. I found it really difficult on the cross-country special test, which was the test that I struggled on a bit on day one. I was fast on the motocross and extreme like on day one but just not on the cross-country. I was in fourth early on day two but I managed to get myself into the lead with only a few tests to go. Finishing second was a bit disappointing but considering what happened I’m really happy.

“Winning the class overall for the two days was good and it’s great to have extended my championship lead. Knowing that I’m 10 points ahead half way through the championship is great, especially as the next round is in Wales. I’m really looking forward to competing there - it should be a great event.”



The beautiful settings of the town of Lublin in Poland, started the first round of the Enduro European Championship on the 30th April 2005. There were 2 Enduro & 1 MX test) & 3 laps (for a total of 300 km) over 7 hours. More than 130 riders of 14 different countries took part. 9 teams participated in the One-Make Team Trophy.

The town’s Major gave the start to the race together with the bishop Giovanni Kielbasa, who blessed all the riders & gave a key ring with the image of Saint Christopher (Protector of the drivers) & of the Pope John Paul II.

Thanks to the experience of the organizers, the race took place without problems, even if some riders lamented that time control was limited.

On Day 2 Team Husqvarna Mucci Racing (Italy) dominated the final results with the first position for Daryl Bolter, second Deparrois and third Scovolo and now leads the ONE MAKE TEAM TROPHY (11 team). The second day course was 2x 109 km laps (one less than the day before) with six special tests for race longer than 5 hours. The competition, fierce from the start, was dominated by the French E1 class rider Nicolas Deparrois (Team Husqvarna Mucci Racing), followed by his team-mate Daryl Bolter (JE1) and at the third place the Italian E1 class rider Fausto Scovolo. The event was perfectly organized, with many riders congratulating with beautiful sceneries and good support from organization. The second event will take place in Borno in the province of Brescia (Italy) the 21/22 of May, organised by the Motoclub Sebino.

Husky Sport Enduro Racing : Bolter leads E1 Junior European Enduro Championship

Husky Sport Husqvarna rider Daryl Bolter, racing for the Italian Mucci Racing Husqvarna team, currently leads the Under 23 125cc class of the European Enduro Championship after two strong rides at the opening round of the championship held in Poland. Placing in third on day one and then topping his class on day two, Daryl also finished in an impressive fourth overall in the event’s combined Scratch results.

Finding it difficult to get up to speed early on day one, something not helped by the relatively easy course in Poland, Bolter eventually found the form that has seen him claim Junior World Enduro Championship podium places already this year and finished third in the Enduro 1 Junior class. With the event featuring one motocross and two cross-country tests, Daryl proved to be both one of the quickest and most consistent riders of any class aboard his WR125 Husqvarna.

On day two Bolter upped his pace and moved to the head of the class. Knowing that he had the speed to take the win, a strong start to the day, added to overall special test winning times at the end of the day, resulted in Bolter claiming a comfortable class win and placing in a well deserved runner-up spot in the overall combined Scratch results.

With his first place finish on day two, added to his third place result on day one, Daryl now leads the Enduro1 Junior class of the four-round European Enduro Championship by three points.

Joining Bolter in Poland was Husky Sport rider Chris Hockey. Competing in the Enduro 1 Senior class Chris placed 10th in class after the two days aboard his 250cc four-stroke Husqvarna.

Daryl Bolter: “The course in Poland wasn’t great and I found it hard to get myself going for the tests. There were some bogs, ruts and water crossings but the rest was pretty much all top gear tracks. Because it wasn’t too difficult I found it hard to get fired up for the tests. I guess I wasn’t 100 per cent focused. I did eventually get my head into gear but and I finished third in the Under 23 125cc class but I was a little way off the leader. By the time I got going it was too late to do anything about the two riders ahead of me.

“Day two was much better. I knew that I had to be fast right from the start of the day, which I managed to do. I got my head into gear and won the class by about half a minute. Finishing second overall in the Scratch results was great as well. I didn’t have any problems or make any big mistakes, which I was happy about. I felt that I was riding well and to be leading the championship by three points after the first round is great.”

Chris Whitehouse writes: Just a quickie really. Firstly, a big thank  you to all the people (some of which i still dont know the names of, sorry) who helped out with the fueling etc in Poland, it would have been damn hard without you. An event with a difference, where else would you be able to race around a major city in public parks, weaving in and out of people on their way to work surrounded by houses, how bizarre! We struggle to get land in the middle of nowhere and these geezers seem to be trying their best to create the most havoc! Awsome! All this and no-one seemed to be bothered, not even when marshals repeatedly blocked roads so a load of riders could get on safely! Although the going was a bit boring in places, could have done with an R1 in places (does anyone know if you can get nobbly tyres for them) i thought the tests were pretty darn good, with plenty of variety. All in all a damn good weekend without too many problems and generally good results by all of our lads, both on and off the track, (plenty of stories to tell) well done lads. See u in Italy!