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Tea Til Nearly Dark 

REME have announced their Tea Til Nearly Dark Evening Series

  • Rd 1 - 01 June 2011 Slab Common - Regs - Entry
  • Rd 2 - 15 June 2011 Hogmoor Enclosure
  • Rd 3 - 06 July 2011 Hogmoor Enclosure
  • Rd 4 - 03 Aug 2011 Bagshot Test Track

Round 2 of the REME Winter series 
Report by Teamsnapper

What a fantastic 4hour Hare and Hounds event put on by the REME guys from Bordon, the organisation skills are second to none and it really showed today with such detail in the course, i myself (Rich T) am an ex Royal marine and i will never call the REME boys soft anymore as the course was very hard and had every conceivable hazard.

The Start was wide and long which went into a tight left into a tight wooded section which opened out into an open space which zig zagged up to the pit area where you had choice of extreme section or the chicken route which was 25 seconds longer, the extreme section was well thought out and had various hazards to test all skill levels, the course then went through tight woods which eventually turned into some superb forest trails with hazards at every where and it really was a high level concentration course at all times, the climbs which were steep were covered in very deep ruts which made them tough and many a rider down there was several of these climbs, there was a long whoop section which was WHOOPY to say the least and caught a few riders out, some very tricky trial like bits which were slow but needed total concentration and that skill of trial riders, a few short sections of the fire roads were used which made for some very fast riding, the guys from REME had use of the otherside of Bagshot which is rarely used and to get there we went under a tunnel (Below M3 Motorway) and what a cracking bit of forest land it was full of climbs and tight trails, there was a couple of boggy sections but nothing to deep or troublesome, the course was just a tad over 7 miles and very well marked and i personally never saw any course cutting due to clear markers and plenty of working static marshalls

There were two celebrities riding which made the event more entertaining, Ross Noble the stand up TV comedian and Mark Richardson who is from the Skunk Anansie band.

EXPERT CLASS was a Rogershill Raceway 1st and 2nd with the extreme rider and outright Mr Adventure Stan Watt (KTM) taking the victory with 12 laps from the legend and dare i say Veteran Danny Hall (Honda) who also did 12 laps and were the only two riders to do 12 laps, a great result in 3rd for Dave Taylor on his new bike (Honda) and looked very comfortable and we can expect many podiums this year from Dave, 4th was Phil Maltby (KTM) , both Dave and Phil did 11 laps.

CLUBMAN CLASS had a clear winner in Rob Clark(KTM) with 11 laps and he made his mark today on his 125 KTM and made some of the tricky stuff look childsplay, 2nd place went to the likeable LFB rider Iain Judkins (Honda) despite suffering from serious arm cramps and was hounded to the end by Mark Goddard (KTM) who was only seconds behind for 3rd both on 10 laps, 4th went to Donovan pearce (KTM) with 10 laps.

VETERAN CLASS Was won by KTM mounted Steve Bird who looked well at home in these conditions and always looked comfortable, 2nd 3rd and 4th were all very close and the birthday boy Dave Grover(Husaberg)got 2nd place (Happy Birthday Dave) with Wayne Player (KTM) 3rd and 4th place went to Phil Gardener all top 4 did 11 laps.

SPORTSMAN CLASS was easily won by Maciey Berdysz (Honda) with 10 laps and was in different league in this class, however nothing could surpass the legend in 2nd place with 9 laps.....oh yes your very own Teamsnapper rider Rich Troth who is still smiling now despite crashing some 13 times, 3rd went to John Anderson (KTM)who also did 9 laps despite arriving late at the venue as forgot to put his clocks forward or simply fancied the lie in (Only joking John), 4th went to Keith Rackley (Husky)

REME would also like to wish Antony Guppy a speedy recovery from a nasty accident that resulted in broken collarbone.

The buzz in the pits at the end was very high and everyone thought the course was tough but enjoyable.

Photos available from  www.teamsnapper.co.uk

Team REME KTM held the first round of the 2011 Winter Series at the Bagshot training area between Brachnell and Camberley on Sunday 30th January. The weather was perfect with a warm sun soon burning of the light morning cloud. The start area was ideal with a vast open area - beneath power lines - yards from the main road.

The flagged dropped on the 4 hour race at 10.00am. REME Craftsman Gareth Davies took the holeshot in his first ride for the REME KTM team. A couple of hundred yards from the line the course divided into two giving the riders the option of a man made extreme section or a chicken run. On the first lap the field was directed around the outside to avoid bunching. Gareth Davies had some bad luck when his chain jumped off the sprocket and he lost the lead. 

After 20 minutes Dan Beaven - on a new KTM 250XC - was the first rider to complete a lap with a minute lead over second placed rider Richard Ely on a Husaberg 390 and Aaron Simth was 3rd on his Husaberg TE250. Desert Rose Patsy Quick hit the tyres on the extreme test and then the ground in quick succession injuring her shoulder. Gareth Jenkins lost the tip of his thumb on the first lap but he had it sewn back on again so thumbs up to Gareth. Kristian Pickworth was riding well and he clocked up 8 laps before a recurrent problem with his hand put him out. Dan dropped some tine when he snapped his throttle cable but he held on to the lead and crossed the finishing  line 3 seconds ahead of Richard Ely. Julian Harvey was 3rd on a new KTM SX. They clocked up 12 laps and covered over 70 miles. Simon Beken (10th) was the best of the Vets ahead of Richard Shaw (14th) and Tom Moore (15th). Phil Maltby won the Clubman class and clublady Clare was the runner up. John Bishop was 3rd.

The organisers went for a rideable course with 50% new ground and a lot less of the boggy going than they have had in the past. There were some tricky climbs but everyone managed to climb them. Clubman Rob Mussell muscled his way around 8 laps and finished with big grin on his face despite a cut lip. The happy combination of a good course and the fine weather meant that everyone went home with a smile on their faces at the end of the day.

Results - Photos - More 

Top comedian Ross Noble also competed at Bagshot - Details

James Jackman wins Team REME Winter Series Round 1

With Track nTrail canceling their event early in the week Team REME knew they had to run Rd 1 to give a lot of frustrated riders somewhere to ride? The area inspection Sat morning was good? "We were on". Sunday saw 100 riders brave the quickly thawing snow and ice to have a cracking race! The start area was the worst area with 6 inch deep puddles and ice? But ride able! Dead on 11am the Experts were away on the 5 mile course with James Jackman (Poole Yamaha) leading the field closely followed by Jamie Paget on his brand new Midwest Husaberg. Next away was the Vet's class followed by the Clubman and Sportsman with no major incidents on the icy start straight? As the leaders came back into time control for the first time it was James Jackman leading, Jamie Paget 2nd, Julian Harvey (KTM) 3rd, closely followed by Bradley King (On his first race back from his back injury). Jackman managed to put in constant 14 min laps and within an hour had built up a lead big enough to relax a bit but continued to lap on the 14 min mark.

With the land starting to cut up in places the marshals were kept busy with re-routing the course to keep it ride-able and flowing. At the end of the 3 hour race the top 10 was virtually the same as they started with only 2 riders completing 13 laps, James Jackman leading Jamie Paget by 5 minute. Julian Harvey was 3rd with 12 laps and Bradley King 4th coming in 6 minutes behind him. In the Vet's class Jack Twentyman stormed to a convincing win by coming 7th overall and beating Dave Coles by a whole lap. In the Clubman class David Machinek put in a good showing completing 10 laps ahead of Andrew Gorse by 5 mins. Sportsman was won by Russell Matthews convincingly over Stuart Spalding by 1 lap and 11 mins. A big thank you must go out to all the competitors that raced and enjoyed themselves? Without them we would not have a race? We must mention No 213 Richard Troth who decided to use this event as his first ever off road race "What a Baptism of Fire for Him" I hope he is not put off for life?

Results can be found at www.team-reme.com 

All photo's courtesy of www.actionsport.co.uk 

  Team REME   3 Round Winter/Spring Series 

Team REME have announced their 3 round Winter/Spring Series.

The first round of the Winter/Spring Series is a 3 Hour Hare & Hound at The Bagshot Test Track Facility on 17th January 2010

The second round of The Winter/Spring Series is a 3 Hour Hare & Hound at Slab Common, Bordon on 7th February 2010

Plus 2 Day Enduro Training School

On 5th & 6th February 2010 the REME Team will host a 2 Day Enduro Training School at Slab Common, Bordon, Each day is treated as an individual training day, but you can book both days. Instructors will be Top names from the BEC Championship Class. Those people who attend either day of the Training School will get to race the Hare & Hound on the 7th February for HALF PRICE.

The Land and Date for Round 3 is yet to be finalised but will appear here shortly. Details 

  Team REME  
James Jackman wins Team REME 'Tea Til nearly Dark' Series
Report by Al Cook Team REME

Weather conditions were much kinder for the final round compared to the heat and dust of Rd 2. A good field of riders sat at the start in anticipation as to what Team REME had done to the course this time out and bang on six o'clock the Experts were away to find out how easy or difficult the 5.8 mile course was? Kev Murray (Team REME) decided to ride the 300m start straight on his back wheel and was first into the wooded section. He was closely followed by James Jackman (series leader and eventual series winner) with the rest of the Expert's pushing hard. Kev blasted away and had a 30 second lead as he started his second lap, from then on he never looked back and eventually finished the 2 hour race with a 3m 24 second lead. James Jackman (pictured leftt) was in a good tussle for most of the race with Dan Beaven and James Giddings but was too strong for the both of them finishing second on the night and winning the Expert Championship.

Over 40's (or vets as they like to be called) set off next and the holeshot went to Manuel Bernardez, this did not last long as after 5 mins was seen walking through the pits nursing his broken collar bone (much to the disappointment of Team REME as he was chief camera man?). Dave Salkeld (pictured right) took up the lead and just kept going and going, finishing on the same amount of laps as the race winner and only 30 seconds behind Dan Beaven. Dave had a clean sweep in the series winning each race clearly but was more impressed with winning a new rear tyre and some lube's for his efforts? Well done Dave (Expert's next time?). He was followed in by George Dennison (a newcomer to the series) with 7 laps and Paul Hearn (RAF) coming in 3rd.

The Clubman class was set to be a closely contested race with the top 2 leaders in the series within 2 points of each other. Wayne Holdsworth got a cracker of a start which lasted for only about 5 feet as he forgot to dodge the slower rider in front of him resulting in him being last into the 1st corner, still managing to complete 7 laps though! Phil Wiffen (pictured left) and Roger Frean (series 1st and 2nd) were pushing hard and were always within a few minutes of each other, Phil's trials background came into play on the technical sections and he finally finished 5 mins ahead of Roger securing the Championship by 1 point.

The Sportsman class was going to be even closer with Marc Morley-Freer (pictured left) and Andy Hoptroff on level points in the series and Lee Boulder only 4 points behind them. Steve Mercer (1st race of the series) set off at a blistering pace and never seemed to slow down at all, winning the race with 7 laps. Lee Boulder came in 2nd on 6 laps and was secretly hoping he had done enough the secure the series Championship. Andy Hoptroff must of had a bad day at the office as he only managed to finish 7th in class and picked up 9 championship points. Marc Morley-Freer had another steady ride finishing 4th in class and gaining enough points (12) to clinch the Sportsman series Championship.

Results: Overall - Class - Championship final standings

Can I thank all at Team REME and friends for helping organise and run a very successful 3 round series, most of all I would like to thank all the riders? Without you we would not have a race? Look out for the all new Team REME Winter series. Photos of all 3 rounds can be found at www.actionsport.co.uk 

Matt & Jon team up for REME 5 Hour H+H Race Report by Martin Harding Photos by Jack Stringer

The weather was good on the day but the frost was still in the ground the event was in doubt the day before as sand on top frozen ground underneath is not good. Matt Ridgway rode the first 3 laps after a poor start Matt came to the time control 1st team rider. After 3 laps at change over they had a 1 minutes lead, Jon put in steady laps but was caught and passed on his 2nd lap by Gareth Hopkins but not for long soon after he had a big off he pitted and handed over to Ashley at this point the lead was 2 minuets which was maintained until the last 3 laps. Jon rode each of the last three laps 4-5sec faster each lap so Ashley only pulled back 15sec by the end of the race. The winning margin was 1min-53sec after 5hours of racing . Matts fast lap 23.34 Ashley fast lap 23.32 Matt rode very carefully probably only 75% of his abilities, didnít fall off and looked well in control very mature riding. Jon rode about 30 sec a lap slower than matt but in control and the changeovers were slick with no time wasted. Both riders were very impressive beating more established riders because they fell off and many retired. Jon rides in the British championship class but Matt has to do an apprenticeship to learn about enduros in the expert class this year.

This is a massive result for Matt as he is new to riding in the trees at this level with some of the best riders, on a bike straight out of the showroom lot more to come. Next Enduro the Snowrun 8th Feb proper Welsh forest event. Then 15th Feb Midwest H&H. And the big one 1st round British enduro championship Muntjac Enduro 22nd Feb.

Young Scottish Stars Shine at REME 5 Hour H+H Report by Campbell Chatham

Neil Chatham and Fraser Norrie were invited down to take part in the under 23 British Team training weekend at Longmoor in Hants. Accommodation was provided at the Army barracks and Saturday consisted of physical training, bike set up and how to change a moose amungst other topics. Both lads performed well, learned a great deal and enjoyed mixing it with some of the top Enduro riders in the country.

On Sunday they both participated in the five hour hare and hound and opted to ride individually in the top class the 'Iron Man' Expert class, competing for the full 5 hours. The sandy ground was hard with frost and technical, basically a loop of the Natterjack Enduro. Fraser had a hard fall in the first hour but managed to compose himself and charge on. Neil, fresh from a week in Spain training at the Evert's race school, set a steady pace.

Amazingly at the finish Neil won the Iron Man award and Fraser finished third Iron Man, an incredible result for the two young Scottish riders. These two will be running head to head in the Scottish Expert Class and it should prove a great show. Congratulations to both of them, surely a great future ahead for both of them if this result is anything to go by.


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