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WEC GP of Wales

World Enduro Championship - Llanidloes

Double podium result for Knight at WEC GP of Wales Results

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Making the most of the two month break in the US GNCC Series Red Bull KTM Off Road Race Team rider David Knight made a wildcard appearance at the fifth round of the ’08 World Enduro Championship and promptly collected two Enduro 2 class podium finishes aboard his 450cc KTM. Choosing the GP of Wales to make his return to the WEC the former two-time enduro world champion and current leader of the US GNCC Series placed as runner-up to former team-mate Juha Salminen on day one and then finished third behind Frenchman Johnny Aubert and Salminen on day two.

With heavy rain falling throughout the opening day’s competition the GP of Wales proved to be a grueling event. Starting near the rear of the E2 class due to being a wildcard rider Knight found it difficult to match the pace of the riders that had started ahead of him due to the rapid deterioration of both the motocross and enduro special tests. But the start of the second lap saw Knight top the enduro test as he started to pull back the time he’d lost earlier in the day. Placing second in class on the next four tests Knight then topped the penultimate special test before finishing fourth on the ninth and final test. Having had a good day, but having felt that he could have ridden harder at times, Knight finished 46 seconds behind eventual E2 class winner Juha Salminen.

Although still tough day two proved to be a little easier for all competitors due to largely dry skies but for Knight the day didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Forced to fit a replacement rear shock to his bike on lap two David failed to perform at his best and opted simply to enjoy the occasion rather than push over his limits. Although not managing to win any special tests on day two Knight entertained the many supporters that had come to see him compete and placed third making it two podium results from the two-day event. Although a little disappointed that he hadn’t been more competitive during the second day’s competition David thoroughly enjoyed his one-off WEC outing.

David will now travel to Mexico to compete in the annual Fun Enduro event before resuming his GNCC training ahead of the re-start of the ‘08 championship in September.

David Knight: “I’m happy with the way the first day went – finishing second in my first WEC race in nearly two years was good and I really enjoyed it. Things didn’t go quite so well on day two though, but I still finished on the podium so I can’t complain too much. I was at a bit of a disadvantage starting after the top riders in the E2 class, especially early on day one but once the event got into the second lap I started to get things sorted. I knew it would take some time to get used to enduros again, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as difficult as it was. I’ve spent a year-and-a half-riding at 90 per cent so it was hard to get my head around sprinting again. Every test I started I set off thinking I was in a three-hour race.

“Although the first day was hard I really enjoyed it – I’d say it’s the most enjoyable race I’ve done in a long time. It was impossible not to make any mistakes but I managed to put in some pretty good tests. Juha was riding really well so I was a little way behind him but I was quite a way ahead of Aubert so I finished a safe second. I was pleased with things because I didn’t ride over my head.

“The second day didn’t go quite to plan - the rear of my bike didn’t feel right from the start of the day. I changed the shock for the second lap, which was a lot better. I was still struggling to get out of the ruts. I was riding as hard as I could but Aubert was much quicker than Juha and myself so I just enjoyed myself. It’s been a really good weekend.”

Wakely claims maiden WEC podium at GP of Wales

The MPS Racing Husqvarna team had much to celebrate at the end of the Hafren Dirt Bike Club organised GP of Wales as team rider Si Wakely claimed his best ever World Enduro Championship result with a well deserved third place finish in the Enduro Junior class on day one and a fifth pace result on day two. Coming into the event with high hopes of good results Si was one of just 12 EJ class riders to finish the opening day’s competition as heavy rain, difficult special tests, and a demanding course made the event the toughest WEC race of the season so far. Disappointingly for the MPS Racing Husqvarna team Enduro 1 class rider Daryl Bolter was forced to retire from the event on day one due to the ankle injury he sustained at the Welsh Two day Enduro.

Well aware that simply finishing the opening day of the GP of Wales would likely give him a point scoring result, Si Wakely seized his chance to claim his first ever WEC podium and finished day one just 30 seconds behind class winner Oriol Mena from Spain. With each of the three different special tests extremely challenging, the Hafren Forest also proved to be incredibly demanding with just four EJ class riders finishing the day without time penalties. Placing fourth on the first day’s opening special test Si found out just how difficult things were by dropping to 16th in class on test two. Starting the second lap well a mistake on the day’s fifth timed special test saw Si lose well over one-minute to his class rivals and with it his chances of claiming the class win. But with all riders making costly mistakes Si was far from disappointed and maintained his focus during the closing stages of the event to claim a well deserved third place finish – his and the MPS Racing Husqvarna team’s first ever WEC podium result.

On day two competition at the top of the Enduro Junior class was extremely close with Italian Thomas Oldrati claiming the win ahead of Spaniard Oriol Mena. For Si the day started steadily with seventh and ninth place finishes on the opening two tests and continued in a similar way before he upped his pace during the final lap of the event. Finishing fourth in class on each of the special tests during the last lap Si finished fifth, which added to his day one result lifts him to seventh in the Enduro Junior world championship standings, where he now sits just six points behind fourth placed rider Mirco Gritti from Italy.

With Daryl Bolter unable to compete in next weekend’s sixth round of the World Enduro Championship Si will be the MPS Racing Husqvarna team’s lone representative where he will be aiming to return to the podium at the GP of France.

Si Wakely: “The first day was really hard, but I’m so pleased for everyone involved in the MPS Husqvarna team to have finished on the podium. It was enjoyable in a weird way because I knew there weren’t too many Enduro Junior class riders still in the race so I just kept pushing on as hard as I could. The last lap on day one was so difficult – I was almost sick on my helmet I was pushing so hard. Finishing on the podium made it well worth the effort. I’d hoped to finish top three so to be able to do that was great. Mick and the whole MPS team have put so much effort into things this year it was great to be able to repay them for all of their hard work. It would have been nice to have finished on the podium on day two as well but I’m still really pleased with fifth. It was great to have so much home support and I’m really pleased with my results.”

Daryl Bolter: “I knew coming into the event that it would be difficult because of my ankle injury and it was. It was just too difficult not being able to put my right foot on the ground. If the event had been easy it still would have been difficult for me to finish but because the event was hard you needed to be 100 per cent fit. It’s disappointing because I’d been looking forward to the event all season.”


With the FIM World Enduro Championship taking place just around the corner in Wales last weekend, Relentless Suzuki Enduro rider Paul Edmondson could not resist the temptation to mix it up with the World’s best once more.

Edmondson, already a four-times World Champion, revels in the Hafren woodland and special sections. The rain on the Friday before the event and during the first day of racing on Saturday really played to his advantage.

Fast Eddy is awesomely quick in muddy conditions and the Suzuki RM250 two-stroke was the perfect match for both rider and terrain. Edmondson began by taking second spot in the first special test, bested only by current World Champion David Knight.

The first day went extremely well with Edmondson finishing in fourth spot overall in the E2 class. He had been up to third but a miscalculation in the final rocky extreme test section lost valuable time and he slipped a place to fourth.

A significantly drier second day saw Edmondson put in a solid ride and was placed eighth going into the three final special tests, seeing him draw on his vast experience to rocket up to fourth in the race and finish the same in the overall across the two days.

The Relentless Suzuki Enduro team found great satisfaction in the knowledge that their top rider, who has not entered a WEC round for over two years, placed so well and brought the Suzuki RM250 home as the top two-stroke bike in the tough and highly competitive E2 class.

Electraction TM UK '08 World Enduro Championship - round 5: Llanidloes, Mid Wales, 19/20.7.2008

McConnell & McLaughlin finish top 10 at GP of Wales

Electraction TM UK team riders Euan McConnell and Philip McLaughlin (left) both claimed top 10 results at the fifth round of the '08 World Enduro Championship, the GP of Wales staged in Llanidloes, Mid Wales where McConnell claimed ninth in the Enduro 3 class on day one and McLaughlin ninth in the Enduro Junior class on day two. McLaughlin's ninth place result on day two was the Irishman's first ever top 10 result in WEC competition.

Finishing agonisingly close to seven-time world champion Anders Eriksson at the end of day one McConnell started the Electraction TM UK team's home round of the '08 WEC series well with eighth place finishes on the opening two special tests. But as the bad weather worsened and the event's special tests became increasingly difficult Euan' opted not to push too hard and risk crashing and made just one mistake on the extreme test. Losing around 30 seconds, McConnell then finished inside the top 10 of the E3 class on the final three tests of the day to place four minutes behind E3 class winner Christophe Nambotin and less than two seconds behind seven-time world champion Anders Eriksson.

With day two a little less challenging than day one due to improved weather McConnell struggled to perform at his best during the first lap but steadily improved his performances during the day claiming sixth on the fifth special test. Again not wanting to take any unnecessary risks he finished the second day without problems to claim 12th. Euan currently sits 12th in the E3 championship standings. Joining Euan in finishing both days of the GP of Wales, something 13 riders failed to do, Gordon Clarke claimed yet more world championship points finishing in 16th and 19th positions.

Although disappointed that he was unable to finish the first day's competition due to a damaged spark plug lead Enduro Junior class rider Phillip McLaughlin claimed a well deserved ninth place result on day two in only his fourth ever WEC event. Overcoming a terrible opening lap during which he placed in 24th in class on the first special test, Philip steadily improved his riding to finish as high as seventh in class on the sixth timed special test.

The Electraction TM team now head to France for round five of the '08 World Enduro Championship.

Euan McConnell: "It was great to finally be competing in a world championship event in the UK. It's been a cracking event, which I've really enjoyed. It was obvious that the first day was going to be tough due to the rain we had in the days leading up to the race so it was good to clean the tight check with plenty of time to spare on the first lap - I knew then that I'd be able to stay on time even though the check got harder and herder as the day progressed. The checks were difficult but there was nothing that couldn't be ridden. "I'm pretty happy with finishing ninth on day one, especially considering that Anders Eriksson was less than two seconds ahead of me and I had Nate Kanney and Stefan Merriman behind me. All of those ahead of me are full-time riders so to be in amongst them was good. It was so easy to make mistakes, big mistakes, and I made a few like most riders did. But I only had one crash, on the extreme test, so I was quite pleased with that. "I didn't sleep well on Saturday night and was really tired at the start of day two. I struggled on the first lap and it wasn't until I was able to get some food and drink inside me that I started to feel better. The first day was really tough, and I think I was feeling it a bit on day two. I had some good tests, but having to fit racing in around my work makes it a bit frustrating because I know I could be faster if I was able to ride more. It would have been nice to have had two top 10 results but I've really enjoyed the event and I'm pleased with the way it went for me really. The Hafren club did a great job, so hats off to them."

Victory for Guillaume at GP of Wales

CH Racing Husqvarna rider Seb Guillaume claimed his best results of the ’08 World Enduro Championship so far this season at the GP of Wales where the Frenchman placed as runner-up in the Enduro 3 class on day one before claiming his second day win of the year on day two. Revelling in the difficult Welsh conditions, and following on from his stunning return to form at the GP of Poland, Seb again claimed the CH Racing Husqvarna team's best results as he closes in on the third place position in the Enduro 3 championship standings.

Second to countryman Christophe Nambotin on day one, Seb, like all riders found the conditions in Wales extremely challenging and was fortunate to benefit from a costly mistake by Stefan Merriman having trailed the Australian in third for much of the day. With no rider able to perform mistake free due to the heavy rain and extremely slippery special tests Seb mixed good special tests performances with the occasional mistake to finish one-minute behind Nambotin and close to one-minute ahead of Finn Marko Tarkkala.

Starting well on day two with runner-up finishes in the opening two special tests, Seb performed consistently while several of his class rivals made costly mistakes. Recording the fastest times in two of the day's special tests he arrived at the ninth and final test of the day all but level with Finland's Marko Tarkkala. Needing simply to win the test in order to claim the day win Seb placed six seconds ahead of Tarkkala to stand on top of the E3 class podium for the second time in as many races.

Despite the GP of Wales being the toughest event of the '08 WEC season the CH Racing Husqvarna team's Enduro 1 class rider Bartosz Oblucki claimed two top 10 results on is return from injury. Lacking race fitness due to the hand injury he sustained at the opening round of the series Oblucki placed sixth on day one and seventh on day two.

Opting to compete on a 250cc two-stroke and not his usual 450cc four-stroke Antoine Meo finished ninth on both days in the Enduro 2 class and would likely have finished fourth in class on day two had he not unfortunately clocked into one of the day's time controls one-minute early. Finding the opening day tough Meo recorded some impressive special test performances on day two, but with one-minute being added to his special test times as a result of clocking in early he was unable to improve on his day one result despite his improved riding.

Disappointingly the CH Racing Husqvarna team's Enduro Junior class rider Marc Bourgeois was unable to compete in Wales due to having broken his scaphoid prior to the event. Although it is not yet known how long Marc will be out of action it looks certain that he will miss his home GP next weekend and may not return to competition until the ISDE in Greece in early September.

Seb Guillaume: “Wales is a very beautiful country but they have very hard enduro races. It was hard, the special tests were really difficult, but it was a true enduro and I enjoyed it. I was lucky to finish second on day one because Stefan Merriman was second before the second to last special tests and then made a mistake on the extreme test, which put me second. So I was a little lucky. Day two was great – I had a really good fight with Tarkkala and Nambotin. Nambotin crashed and dropped from the top three, which left myself and Tarkkala. Before the last special test we were level on time. I managed to win the test and also the day, which I’m very happy about. It’s been a great weekend.”

Antoine Meo: “The team’s decision to race on a 250cc two-stroke was definitely the right one because the bike worked great in the muddy conditions. The first day was so difficult because of the weather and the hard special tests. It was the hardest enduro I have competed in so far. It was impossible not to make any mistakes. I made some mistakes and they cost me minutes not seconds. The second day was going much better for me compared to the first day, but I made a stupid mistake and arrived one-minute early at one of the time controls. I should have finished fourth but ended up in ninth.”

Bartosz Oblucki: “It’s been a mixed weekend for me because I had some good tests and some not so good tests. But the hardest thing for me was my lack of race fitness. Because I’ve been injured this season I’m not as bike fit as the other riders, which made things extra hard for me. But I felt like I was riding well, my bike was really good, and I know that I just need to spend more time racing and my results will improve. It was really hard not to make any mistakes on day one because the weather was so bad. On day two it wasn’t too difficult although it was still tough. I just need to keep racing now to improve my fitness and feeling with my bike.”

Salminen scores a 1-2 on tough E2 weekend's racing in Wales

KTM Factory team star Juha Salminen delivered a solid victory on Saturday in difficult conditions in Wales for the Enduro 2 Grand Prix but was beaten into second place by rival Jonny Aubert on Sunday by 45 seconds.

"Juha was incredible fast on Saturday but then Aubert was the same on Sunday," team boss Fabio Farioli said. Salminen was well supported by KTM's David Knight, who returned from competition in the USA to ride as a guest competitor in the Welsh GPs. Les fortunate was KTM rider Alessandro Belometti of Italy who was only able to register 11 place on both days.

Riders struggled with wet and very hard and slippery surfaces in what amounted to a very difficult weekend on the bikes.

Tough weekend Enduro racing for KTM Factory Team 

Enduro 1 riders in the World Championship rounds in Lanidloes, Wales struggled this weekend in conditions that they found some of the toughest this season.

On Sunday KTM Factory rider Ivan Cervantes managed to improve on his fourth position from Saturday to finish in second on Sunday narrowly missing out on victory. He had a bad start in the first Extreme test but pressed on to finally finish in second place behind behind his rival Ahola. Team-mate Tom Sagar was fifth on both days in a competition that team boss Fabio Farioli described as "roulette"

Riders were confronted with wet conditions and large sections of the course that were slippery grassed surfaces.

Hard weekend for big bikes in Welsh E3 GP

Marko Tarkkala and Samuli Aro struggled with slippery grass, cold wind and drizzle on Saturday and still slippery conditions on Sunday in the two E3 Grand Prix races in Wales in what was described by team boss Fabio Farioli as typical British races.

KTM's Finnish racer Marko Tarkkala was nevertheless twice on the podium in third and second place while factory team-mate Samuli Aro managed a fourth and sixth on the two days, still riding with considerable pain from a non race related hand injury. Tarkkala, Farioli reported only lost the victory in the final test on a weekend that was very difficult for the big bikes, he said.

First day podium for Albergoni in wet Wales

Starting the second half of the 2008 World Enduro Championship in style Italian UFO Course Yamaha rider Simone Albergoni narrowly missed out on claiming the Enduro 1 class win on day one of the Grand Prix of Wales, claiming an eventual second place behind Yamaha France rider Marc Germain.

With the opening day of the fifth round of the series the wettest of the calendar so far, it also proved to be one of the hardest, but despite the atrocious conditions the two Yamaha riders battled one another for the top spot on the podium finishing comfortably ahead of E1 class leader Mika Ahola in third.

Due to incredibly difficult circumstances in Wales, being able to complete special tests without any mistakes was the key to good results but seemed impossible to do as over half the event's entry list failed to finish the opening day. Topping the opening two tests on day one it looked like the Germain was going to walk away with the E1 class win but Albergoni maintained pressure on his French rival to ensure the day's result wouldn't be decided until the very last special test. Despite both riders making errors during the outing neither was able to open up and maintain any real advantage with the ninth and final special test deciding the final result. With Albergoni managing to pull back Germain's near 30 second mid-day advantage the two riders were neck-and-neck going into the final test. With just two seconds separating them in Germain's favour the Yamaha France rider collected a well-deserved victory with Albergoni runner-up.

Although there was drier weather on Day2 the demanding Welsh course and three challenging special tests ensured the second attempt was almost as difficult as day one. Returning to his best form after placing third on day one Finn Mika Ahola claimed victory followed by Spaniard Ivan Cervantes with Germain and Albergoni 3rd and 4th respectively. Winning three of the day's special tests Germain wasn't able to reproduce the form that had seen him top Day1, missing the second step of the podium by an agonising two seconds. For Albergoni Day2 started well as the Italian looked to be headed toward a repeat of his runner-up result. But a mistake within sight of the finish of the extreme test on lap three cost him close to 20 seconds, which ended his hopes of a podium and saw him place 4th.

For UFO Course Yamaha team riders Cristobal Guerrero and Maurizio Micheluz the GP of Wales proved to be a challenging one. Competing with a badly inflamed right forearm Maurizio rode through the pain barrier to claim 8th on both days. Finding the slippery Welsh conditions difficult to master, Cristobal finished 7th on Day1 before improving to sixth on Day2.

Simone Albergoni (UFO Corse Yamaha) Enduro 1 class - Day 1 2nd, Day 2 4th: "Day one was really good for me. I had a great fight with Marc Germain, who is really good in slippery, wet and muddy conditions, so to finish second and less than five seconds behind him is not too bad. I made a mistake on the last extreme test on day two, which lost me about 20 seconds. I crashed, had to push the bike, and then fell again. I lost second or third position with that crash but more importantly championship points. It's been a real enduro - very hard but very good." Cristobal Guerrero (UFO Corse Yamaha) Enduro 1 class - Day 1 7th, Day 2 6th: "It's been a tough race for me. It's hard to train in conditions like in Wales when you live in the south of Spain. But I tried to push as hard as I could and I had a pretty good race. The conditions on day one were really hard. With the mud and the rain I found it really hard. I was terrible in the extreme test, having to push my bike at times when I got stuck. It was just a very difficult day. Day two was better for me. I was much closer to the third and fourth place riders, which I was happy about." Maurizio Micheluz (UFO Corse Yamaha) Enduro 1 class - Day 1 8th, Day 2 8th: "It's been an especially tough race for me because I have been suffering with my right wrist. It wasn't too much of a problem during the first lap on day one but then it started to become painful. I knew early on that it would be difficult to finish so I was just focused on trying to complete the race. I was eighth on both days but it was so difficult for me. I'm just pleased that I was able to finish."

Excellent Day 2 victory for Aubert

UFO Corse Yamaha rider Johnny Aubert showed just how determined he is to claim the 2008 Enduro 2 world championship at the Grand Prix of Wales as the current E2 series leader finished on the podium on both days including a stunning 45-second victory over his title rival Juha Salminen on day two.

With conditions on Day1 wetter than they have been at any round of the '08 WEC series so far this season Aubert topped the event's opening special test before recording the second fastest time on test two to lead the E2 class at the end of the first lap. But as conditions worsened Aubert was unable to hold his position at the front of the class and although placing no lower than sixth on any of the day's special tests, found himself behind rival Juha Salminen and wildcard rider David Knight come the end of the day. Winning the final test Aubert claimed an eventual 3rd place result having failed to gel with the slippery extreme test.

With conditions a little drier on Day2 Aubert started as he intended to go on and comfortably topped the first motocross special test before then recording the fastest Enduro 2 times on the opening seven tests. Winning on the event's motocross test, the event's enduro test, and on the extreme test (that on day one he'd struggled to master) Aubert failed to win just one section and forged a 45-second winning margin ahead of Salminen with Knight third.

He now leads the series by 17 points over Salminen.

For Aubert's UFO Corse Yamaha team-mate Fabrizio Dini the demanding Welsh conditions saw the Italian placing 10th on day one and 15th on day two.

Johnny Aubert (UFO Corse Yamaha) Enduro 2 class - Day 1 3rd, Day 2 1st: "After a difficult first day I'm really pleased to have won on day two. I felt good and everything went well. The first day was really tough for me though, but I couldn't work out why I was having problems. I just didn't have a good feeling. I used a rear mousse that was a little bit too hard on day one, which didn't work well. I changed it for the second day and it was much better. The special tests were also a lot drier on day two, which I liked. The Extreme test was where I struggled the most on day one. I didn't have a good feeling, I couldn't find good lines and I struggled. I pushed hard but all I did was tire myself out. I also found things tough in the enduro test. But day two was great. I hope I can carry my winning result into my home race next weekend." Fabrizio Dini (UFO Corse Yamaha) Enduro 2 class - Day 1 10th Day 2 15th: "This is my third year in the World Enduro Championship and the GP of Wales has been the hardest enduro race I've done. But it's been a good race. It was a real challenge on day one simply to remain on time and not collect any penalties, which I managed to do. In the enduro test I had a problem with my rear mousse because it came out and I had to push the bike to the finish. I changed it at the time control but I lost a lot of time in that special test. The second day was also tough but I didn't have any big problems. I enjoyed the race but it was very difficult."


The 24 year old French EC300 rider was in awesome form in the wet conditions and proved to the world that when the conditions are this bad one of the best Enduro bikes out there is a GAS GAS EC300!

He won E3 by a massive 1 minute and 10 seconds from Sebastian Guillaume on the Husky. He also finished 3rd 'Scratch' behind Enduro 'gods' Salminen and Knigher... If you look at the test times you will see that on the superb Enduro Test he was pulling over 1 minute on his E3 rivals on this test. Infact he was also 20 seconds quicker than Knighter on this test on the first lap and 12 seconds quicker on the second lap!

This is NAMBOTINs first year in the main E3 Class after riding in the Juniors last year. You may not have heard much about this french rider but if you saw him ride at the weekend i think you'll know him now!

On the dryer Sundays race Christophe was dissappointed to finish 4th, 17 seconds behind the winner Gulliame.. Numerous crashes stopped him repeating his previous days performance.

My two British Team GG riders Wayne Braybrook (left) and Juan Knight (right) gave 110% and were neck and neck all weekend. Both riders also armed with EC300s rode round together for two days and Juan just got the better of Wayne. Juan was 13th on both days and Wayne was 14th Saturday and 15th Sunday. Wayne was fuming when he got stuck on the big hill on the Enduro test on Saturday which shows how tough this test was!

GG Rider Robert Wrayford (EC300 right) was unlucky not to finish on the Saturday when the tiny waterpump drain screw came out and lost his coolant in the tight check. 'Rabbit' looked awesome on the tests though and had some real good times. Rob finished a respectable 20th in E3 on Sunday.

In E2 the Factory GG rider Nicolas DEPARROIS finished 12th on his FSR450 4-Stroke on Day 1 and 13th on Day2.

This guy must be the shortest rider in the paddock and im amazed he still isnt stuck in a rut somewhere! His speed is fast but really lacks long legs when the going gets tough especially on a fourstroke. I think this guy would be better in E1 on the new improved "09 EC125 than the big 4T in E2..... Nevertheless i thank him because he proved the reliability of the GG FSR450 in these extreme Welsh conditions.

Bradley King (K4 GAS GAS EC250) was 'timed out' on Day 1 in the Juniors and finished 24th on Sunday. Brad is improving well this year and is learning all the time. Bradley and his family are fully commited to Enduros and his determination and dedication impresses me. Enduro is a sport that 99% commitment is not enough so i expect good things to come from Bradley...

I must finish my Press Release by Congratulating EVERYONE at the Hafren Dirt Bike Club for organising this awesome event. Those of you that were there will agree and can appreciate the scale of organising such an event is huge. The attention to detail was superb regarding the Paddock, all three superb tests and the course. All the 'true' Enduro Riders loved the event and only a few people were moaning about the condtions which is normal. This event was a round of the WORLD ENDURO CHAMPIONSHIP which is supposed to be tough! The weather on the Saturday was bad so you always gets a few 'lightweights' when the weather turns bad. So another BIG CONGRATS to everyone concerned.

For those that were not there....you should have been it was awesome!


It was yet another podium for Stefan Merriman (Aprilia RXV 5.5) in the World E3 Enduro. On Saturday, he unfortunately gave up 2nd place and had to settle for 11th after being blocked in the extreme trial on a hill that was rendered unraceable by the rain. The Australian, however, redeemed himself on Sunday and finished 3rd, just 15 seconds behind the winner. Antoine Letellier (Aprilia RXV 5.5) placed 8th on Sunday after withdrawing on Saturday. It was a regular race for Nicolas Paganon (Aprilia RXV 4.5) in the E2 as he finished 6th and 7th.

The positive podium streak continues for Stefan Merriman in the World Enduro Championships. The official Aprilia rider conquered 3rd place in the E3 in the second day of racing at the Wales Grand Prix in Llanidloes (Great Britain). It was too bad that an erratic choice of trajectory for a fast hill in the extreme trial cost him five minutes and a potential double. At the time of the incident, he was in 2nd place (after winning the previous lap) but subsequently fell back to 11th. Merriman paid dearly for the base conditions that were so heavily affected by the rain and terrain that was ruined by the passing of competitors. Yet the official Aprilia rider did not give up and placed 3rd on Sunday after winning two special trials. The 15 and 6.69 seconds of distance behind the first and second place finishers testify to how competitive the twin from Noale is, even in extreme conditions. A refuelling problem forced Antoine Letellier (Aprilia RXV 55) to withdraw on Saturday. He actually ran out of gas with less than a kilometer to go to the finish line. On Sunday, the French rider finished 8th. In the E2, it was a regular race for Nicolas Paganon who finished 6th and 7th atop an Aprilia RXV 4.5.

Kanney scores two top-ten finishes at Wales World Enduro Championship

With the GNCC series on its summer break, Red Bull KTM Factory Rider Nate Kanney headed across the pond to round 5 of the 2008 World Enduro Championship in Wales for some enduro practice before heading to Greece to represent the USA in the International Six Days Enduro. "With so much effort being put into making a good team for the ISDE, I felt that I should put in at least as much effort to get myself ready. That meant making the trek to Wales and competing in the special test format enduro there," said Kanney.

Day 1 was an absolute mudfest as an entire day of rain had turned the course into a virtual ice rink. Kanney, who normally excels in muddy, technical conditions, struggled with bike setup for the majority of the day. "I brought over my GNCC suspension and it was definitely not setup for the smooth, flat grass tracks in Wales. Unfortunately it took four crashes and the majority of the day for us to get the bike sorted out." Kanney ended day one in 10th place in the E3 class.

The rain held off for day 2, but riders were met with a very challenging and difficult course. Again, Kanney was left making bike adjustments in a race that was so difficult it had many factory riders showing up late for the time checks. "It was a very tough race, you had to come out of the special tests and go quite fast through the woods to be able to make the checks. Usually you can just cruise through the woods, but I really had to put the hammer down to not be late," said Kanney.

Day 2 ended for Kanney with yet another 10th place finish in the E3 class. "Even though 10th may not sound that great, I was very happy with my finish. The course was very tough and the riders in the class are very, very talented. Day 2 went much better as I cut the time between myself in the leader to a mere 2 minutes. Overall it was a great weekend and I'm glad I made the trip. We learned some valuable things about bike setup that should be very beneficial for the ISDE."

Kanney will now return to his home in New York and begin preparations for the 7th annual Fun Enduro in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Photo: Jonty Edmunds

Front Row GB

Front Row GB fielded a single rider for the GP of Wales; round 5 of the World Enduro Championship. Stan Watt took up the challenge, that would undoubtedly be pushing him to his own limit and experience in pure enduro competition.

The event was based at the rugby club in Llanidloes, Wales where the paddock was split into A & B (factory and privateer) sections. The organisors had thought of every requirement, with the MX test within a short walk plus a practice area next to paddock B and all facilities close by for competitors and spectators.

The main bulk of tests and riding would be located in the area of the Hafren Forest, just 3 miles from the paddock, based around the Jones’s farm complex; consisting of a demanding enduro test followed immediately by the extreme test.

The MX test was compiled around the British Championship event of 2007, a fairly flat area that twisted relentlessly, with no real difficult going, just a matter of putting in fast times on off-camber grass and numerous tight turns.

The enduro test, was set on the wooded and grass hillside overlooking the service area and the Jones’s farm complex. This was a more complicated test, starting with difficult off-camber grass sections before climbing through the woods over steep rock ridden sections. The test then returned to where the spectators could have the best views on the sloping grass hillside, winding its way back into the woods and onto a difficult rocky climb before moving out onto the distant section that wound back along the steep hillside to the finish line.

The extreme test was set for maximum viewing for spectators, where they could see the best in the world take on this intense sector, starting with a 15 foot sheer rock face, which all riders would have to clear. Midway through the test was a difficult and slippery long climb over rock that would catch even the best out. The end of the test was compiled of rocks, logs and wood piles to test the rider’s technical ability and finesse at clearing such manmade obstacles at speed.

The event would consist of 3 laps per day, starting and ending with the MX test plus 4 attempts at the enduro and extreme tests; with a 15 minute limited on penalties before compulsory retirement. This is very tight considering it is 60 minutes for the British Championship

DAY 1: Stan started at 0932 on Day 1, a little apprehensive about the forthcoming tests and enduro checks. With the rain making conditions extremely difficult, lap 1 was a matter of clearing all tests and sections, staying on time on the tight check and just maintaining a solid performance to finish what would undoubtedly be a difficult day, if not the hardest enduro in the 2008 world series. Lap 1 proved the tight check would be extremely important with Stan arriving just on his minute and then having to push on to make the next check time including the enduro test. Lap two would start with the Extreme test and this would be the point that would put Stan backwards and eventually ended his day prematurely. As per lap 1, Stan cleared the initial rock face and made his way to main climb in the middle of the test. With the marshalls directing Stan to the middle of the climb, he lost traction and took a number of minutes to eventually get his KTM300 into a position where he could find grip and make his way out of the climb. A disaster, as this would prove for early retirement later in the day.

Stan lost 12 minutes in total on the check including the extreme section and with losing a further 2 minutes on the tight check and worsening conditions meant it was inevitable Stan would be outside his 15 minute limit eventually. Starting the 3rd lap with a sense of urgency, Stan couldn’t make the end of the tight check on time and had to return to the paddock and wouldn’t take any further part in Day 1.

DAY 2: The sun shone from dawn and the weather would be the biggest improvement for Day 2 as the riders set off for another 8 hours of physically and technically demanding riding in the Hafren Forest. An excellent crowd turned out for the event and lined the tests with huge enthusiasm. Again, Stan’s intention was to stay on time in the checks, while keeping a steady pace through the tests.

The MX test was reversed but the rest of the day was of a similar format to that of Day 1. Pushing hard Stan, finished the initial 3 tests and headed out onto the two main checks where he arrived just on his minute with no time to spare. This was repeated for lap 2 as the sun started to dry the previously treacherous off-camber grass sections throughout the enduro test. By the start of lap 3 Stan was feeling the physical tiredness of such an event and kept everything steady to finish the event and remain well within the ‘time-out’ limits.

THE WEC HITS WALES! Report by Bradley King

At the weekend I competed in my first ever world enduro championship event when the hafren dirt bike club hosted the first wec event in Wales since 1999. the event was to prove very tough with a traditional tough welsh check in the very wet hafren forest and 3 technical tests. Day 1 started with rain and falls on the first 2 tests and then it was onto the tight check. I got stuck twice and struggled in the long ruts and lost 7 minutes. I knew that I could not afford to lose much more time because in WEC events anymore than 15 minutes down mean you “time out” and get a dnf. Unfortunately on lap 2 I was to lose another 13 mins and be stopped with my timecard taken away. On the ride back down the road I realised I need to get stronger and practice hard to improve on the welsh checks

Day 2 started with sun and I was hoping for a better day. I put in a good first mx test but crashed on the hill in the enduro test. I managed to stay clean on time on laps 1+2 but messed up the hill in the xtreme test and crashed in the enduro test!!! Unfortunately I lost 5 minutes on the last lap. I used my last reserves of energy for the last 3 tests to finish 24th junior class rider. My next big event is the Crychan British round in 3 weeks time so will b hoping to be on it there.

I'd like to say thanks and well done to the Jones family, Wyn Hughes, the Hafren dirt bike club and everyone else involved with bringing the WEC back to “enduros country” with such an awesome event. I certainly hope its not another 9 years before I happens again!!!

Also to everyone cheering me on the tests and everyone who helped me out over the weekend especially my dad, mum and sister zoe. also the Wakely’s (good 2 see Si on the podium), John Shirt, Rob Sartin, Stan Watt, The Padgett family, Neil Hawker, Steve plain and anyone I have forgot!

Once again i would like to say thanks to all of my sponsers; GAS GAS UK, TALON, K4OFFROAD, RENTHAL, KRIEGA, SCEC, STEVE PLAIN SUSPENSION AND RUSH RACING. for more info please go to my sponsers page

From the Pressroom Reports by Bob Mulins.

9.30am Friday morning - I am sitting in the Press room of the Llanidloes Rugby club looking out over the start of the GP of Wales. Below me the whole valley floor has been transformed into a multicoloured canvas village as far as the eye can see. One pitch consists of the start & the park ferme with inflatable arches, flags & banners. Above them all floats a blue Metzeler elephant. Beyond the start is the paddock. Literally an entire football field covered in canvas. The rugby ground is bounded by the river Severn which has it's origin in the Hafren forest to the west. The event will take place in the Hafren. A temporary bridge has been constructed to connect the start to the camping site that covers 5 fields & the practice track. The riders can look down over the side of the bridge into the dark swirling waters of the river flowing swiftly & wonder how more water is in the forest. A steady breeze is blowing flags & the weather from the Southwest. At this moment there is a fine shower of misty rain sweeping across the field. Now it's gone & now it back.

The temperature last night was more like an evening in October than July & many people were drawn to the spiritual warmth of the bar like moths to huge floodlights that illuminate the ground. The bar is an impressive timber built barn lit by chandeliers. At one table Dylan Jones & his uncle Gareth discuss the going with Ashley Wood & Chris Hockey. The most often repeated word is "wet". John Kerwin has brought his Dirtbike Trax team to marshal the tests. He will be leaving on Saturday night to drive to Kielder to prepare for his double header trial & enduro next weekend. Brian Eland has been helping with the marking. His ample frame suggests he is no stranger to fried food but the gallons of cooking oil on the roof of his disco seems a bit extreme until he fires it up & I realise he's putting it in the tank. At one end of the bar is a blue sea murmuring in a Celtic lilt as Nick Craigie's TM team in their distinctive blue jackets chat with fellow Irishmen Robert & Paddy Lynn. At closing time Marnie & Mick Seward returned from a meal in town with Leo Cordingley. Leo has had tough week putting together a team for a late entry into this year's ISDE. With only six weeks to go, raising the money will be struggle & any support for the Isle of Man team would be appreciated. With Red Bull sponsoring the GP of Wales & Paul Edmondson representing Relentless. Mick has brokered a sponsorship deal for his MPS Husqvarna team with Yorkshire tea. How refreshing.

Signing on is about to begin at 10.00 am in the Marquee. Kate Jones thinks the entry should be around 128 which will be more than they hoped. Thanks to Campbell Chatham for the use of his link. 

4.30pm Friday afternoon - Signing on has been completed & 126 riders have officially entered the event. Scrutineering is under way. When I asked a damp Geriant Jones to comment on the going he said "remember the old Beacons".  Fortunately I can't. It's one of the benefits of Alzhiemers. The steady drizzle that has drifted across the town has drifted off for the moment. The scrutineers are calling for riders to present their machine for examination as scrutineering closes at 5.00pm..

8.00pm Friday evening - Following a brisk Jury meeting at 5.30 the times were posted. The marshals were then divided up into their allocated tasks & briefed. Check 2 to 3 would be the longest & the tightest. In the pre-ride the only rider to clean the stage with Wyn Hughes was Kari Tiairnen. The organisers decided to cut a section but it would still be tight. 

8.30am Saturday morning - There is a limit to the number ways you can describe Welsh rain & after 3 days I have reached it. Unless it stops I won't mention it again. The riders will be away in an hour at 9.00pm & despite the conditions everyone is a good humour. By 9.00pm last night the paddock was a ghost town under the eerie floodlights. Most of riders had retired early. In the bar the spectators fueled up. There are a few reluctant spectators this weekend. Greg Evans & Gavin Houson are still recovering from their broken femurs. Gavin has been riding but it's still a bit painful. Greg is waiting until September until he gets back in the saddle although he did clean the Extreme test yesterday on a quad. Paul Bolton will be going under the knife in a couple of weeks to repair knee cartilage & crucial ligament. He will be supporting the Sandiford team. Brian Higgins is welcoming the riders on the PA system. John Collins has lost his van keys & he has nicked my bike (temporarily). When I get it back I will heading off into the forest to marshal the long tight stage between checks 2 & 3. It should be long day for everyone. 

7.30pm Saturday night - For the riders & the organisers, a long day is over & the Hafren club has shown the World's best a classic Welsh forestry enduro. Sweden may have snow, Spain may have sand but Wales has mud & there is no better medium to test a rider's resolve.

My task for the day was to set up a couple of stamp checks. For a journalist the stamp check is a great opportunity to reduce the interview to it's most basic. A simple "what do you think?" receives an instant responds. Paul Edmondson said he was he really enjoying it, Chris Hockey said it was brilliant & - after emerging from a rut so full of water that you could have floated a raft down it - David Knight said it was a bit damp. Some riders grunted, some swore & few made the sound of a soul departing from the body which was very worrying as this was only the first lap. By the 2nd lap the cold wind & the rain - that continued to softened the ground - had taken their toll. The 25 mile lap & the wet conditions stretched fuel consumption to the limit. Both Richard Hay & Edward Jones ran out of fuel on the test. Edward was also struggling with bone he chipped in the Welsh. Daryl Bolter was also suffering from a similar injury. Out on the course the gaps between the riders grew & by lap 3 half the field had retired or gone over thier 15 minute allowance. In an ironic twist as the last rider closed the finishing line the rain stopped, the clouds parted & the sun shone. At 6.00pm  - as the closing marshals were still slogging around the course - the winners were standing on the podium. Marc Germain from France on a Yamaha was the winner of the E1 class ahead of Simon Albergoni with Mika Ahola in 3rd. In the E2w class Juha Salminen was the winner ahead of David Knight & Jonny Aubert was3rd. A slip on the Extreme test may have cost Paul Edmondson a podium place but he was more than satidfied with his 4th place. Christophe Nambotin was the best E3. In the Juniors Spain's Oriol Mena took the win from Sweden's Robert Kvarrnstrom but the biggest cheer was reserved for MPS Husqvarna rider Simon Wakely. Following the presentation Simon made a quick change to join his fellow team mates in an ISDE photo shoot (pictures to follow. Disappointingly for the spectators, the Jury has decided to cut the "big hill" out of the Extreme test. 

7.00am Sunday morning - The sun is shining. It takes a while to become accustomed to the unusual light. During the night there was flurry of Sheep Skull stickers that lightly covered the vehicles in the morning. It was a cold night under the clear sky. I missed my cwtch ;-)

9.00am Sunday morning - The first 2 riders are flagged away. The MX test has been reversed. There will be 3 laps again but several sections of the course have been cut.

7.30pm Sunday evening - The carnival is over. The sun & the inflatable arches are going down. It has been a great day & a great event. At 5.45pm the award ceremony was held at the start. Mika Ahola said from the podium that "this had been a hard enduro but the World Championship needed more hard enduros like this".

Apart from a slight shower at 11.00am the weather today has been perfect. Crowds of spectators - that may have topped 3 figures - filled the car parks at Glyn Hafren to watch the cross country & extreme tests. The course remained a challenge but some of the sections that were closed yesterday were opened up again as the riders spirits rose with the Summer sun. Mika Ahola won the E1 class from Ivan Cervantes. Tom Sagar had a better day today & finished 5th. Jonny Aubert was the best E2 ahead of Juha Salminen. David Knight was 3rd. As the 2 KTM riders showered each other with champagne on the podium, Juha again seemed to have the upper hand until David revealed a reserve supply of Red Bull. It will be great to see them both competing in the WEC next season. Paul Edmondson put in another good day's work to finish 4th. Sebastian Guillaume won the E3 class ahead of Marko Tarkkala.  Stefan Merriman was 3rd. Stefan won the event for Husqvarna the last time it was held in Wales in 1999. Master of Ceremonies Brian Higgins allowed him to have final word. After thanking the club he said that this was the best round he has ridden this year. The Hafren club & their supporters have done a wonderful job in difficult conditions & deserve to feel a real sense of pride in their achievement.

Rob Jones at the start of the BMW test on Sunday. Photo by Martin Lauricella David Brick on his last extreme test of the day. Photo by Enduro News
Lewis Bellfield on the BMW Extreme test. Photo by Enduro News Geriant & Gareth Jones chatting to David Knight & Paul Edmondson before their final cross country test. Photo by Enduro News
The start of Day 2. Photo by Enduro News Simon Wakely on the podium being interviewed after collecting his trophy. Photo by Enduro News
Juha Salminen, David Knight & Jonny Aubert on the podium at the end of Day 1. Photo by Enduro News David Knight on the last cross country test. Photo by Enduro News

More Photos available from www.martinpichl.com 

Congratulations from Steve Ireland

"After spending the whole weekend at the WEC in Llanidloes as a spectator, I would like to pass on my huge congratulations to the Hafren Dirt Bike club and ALL of the "behind the scenes" people that made such a great event happen. Logistically the event was massive, and as an event organiser myself (wec well out of my league!) I was blown away by how much must have been involved. OK time card enduros are hard to follow and spectate at, this one was as well, if you wanted to see lots of action you had to be swift on your feet and prepared to walk, but the Hafren dbc Boys and girls did a fantastic planning and preparation job that made the whole weekend and event just superb. From the paddock through to the friendly towns folk of Llanidloes it was awesome. I hope the club have managed to break even although I very much doubt it, and I hope they do run one again, It was so nice to catch up with so many old faces and friends in what can only be described as a dirtbike carnival. Once again HAFREN DBC very well done indeed.....you are true Enduro people. Kind regards Steve Ireland and all at WOR Events."

Maxxis GP of Wales 2008 - 2 weeks to go

With a little over 2 weeks to go till the event the Hafren Dirt Bike Club are busy preparing to host the 5th round of this years Maxxis World Enduro Championship in the small Mid Wales town of Llanidloes. The Hafren forest will provide the main backdrop for the event, which will be very familiar to enduro fans, as it has staged numerous British Enduro Championship events over the last decade as well as a round of the European Enduro Championship back in 2005.

Headquarters and paddock for the event will be based at Llanidloes Rugby playing fields on the outskirts of the town, where thousands of pounds have been spent on improving facilities. New roads and areas of hard standing have been put in place to accommodate the WEC circus. The Maxxis WEC has come a long way over the last five years which has seen the profile and professionalism of the series grow immensely with ABC Communications as promoter. Now the paddock resembles that of the World Motocross Championship with the factory teams with their big rigs and hospitality units. All the major manufacturers have factory teams entered including KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Gas Gas, BMW, Aprillia, Kawaskai, Beta, Sherco and TM.

For all WEC events there is a motocross special test, an Enduro Test and Extreme special test. Riders will complete three 52KM laps of the Hafren Forest including the special tests per day with a 10KM in and out leg and the beginning and end of the day to take them to and from the paddock. Many new rides have been found in the forest with the inclusion of some old tracks that have not been used for many years. The course promises to challenge the world's best riders with lots of traditional Welsh forest type going with a very small amount of roadwork. The Husqvarna Motocross test will be ridden at the beginning and end of the day and is only a stones throw away form the paddock just outside Llanidloes. This test has been used in recent BEC rounds and the EEC back in 2005. It is on rolling field's right on the bank of the River Severn, with some natural and man made jumps, with fast flowing turns. This test will take around six minutes for the quickest riders, and will provide some spectacular action.

There will be three time controls per lap. Two of the checks will be challenging off-road with not too much time to spare, and the other will be a short control which will include service and the Extreme Special test. Much of the special test action will take place at Glynhafren farm, (home of the Jones's). The KTM Enduro Test will take place at the farm on an area of fields and natural woodland that has been used for previous BEC events and EEC event. Slippery off camber turns and plenty of up and downs will be something new to a lot of the southern based European riders, more used to dust and rocks. Some new parts of been added to increase the length which should see the top runners stopping the clock in about seven and half minutes. The BMW Extreme Test presented by TBM will take place in a small forest just a short walk from Glynhafren farm and the enduro test. This will really test the rider's technical abilities, with some really slippery rocky climbs, tree roots and killer streambed. To finish this off, towards the end of the test will be a manmade boulder and log section. We are not just talking pebbles here! This should be a real draw for the spectators. Only about four minutes in length, this will be the most demanding of all the special tests.

With most of the special test action as well as the service area at Glynhafren (home of the Jones's) farm only 6 miles form the paddock it will be easy for spectators to see plenty of action. There will be a central parking area for spectators for both the KTM Enduro Test and BMW Extreme test, which will allow people to walk between the two. However there will be no vehicular access into the forest during the event. So anybody thinking they will be able to ride a bike around during the event, you will have to park up and walk. For spectators there will be no admission fee, just a car parking charge of £5 per vehicle each day and £2 for motorcycles. Spectator camping is available at the official event campsite at Dol Llys which is opposite the paddock. To reserve a pitch call 01686 412694 or www.llanidloes.com/dol_llys/index.html

Hafren Dirt Bike Club is delighted with the support it has received from sponsors both within the motorcycle industry and further afield. Major sponsors KTM, BMW and Husqvarna have made a major contribution to making sure the event can go ahead. Both KTM and Husqvarna have always had strong enduro roots, but BMW have come onboard to help promote the imminent release of their new 450 enduro bike. It's great that there are companies outside motorcycling that have a passion for Enduro sport with GT Wall & Sons building contractors and Geothermal UK who are an environmental energy company. Mark Molineax of GT Wall & Sons has been riding Enduros for many years and is really pleased he could get involved.

Hawk Plant Hire has kindly supplied the club with a digger which has been busy preparing the special tests. EMG and Honda will be official vehicle and quad providers to help with the setup and running of the event. TBM along with Jonty Edmunds are doing a fantastic job of putting the programme together. We have had some fantastic support from our other sponsors Forestry Commission Wales, Putoline, Electraction TM, The Awning Company, DEC, DEP Pipes, Enduronews.com, Renthal, RPA Mx, Rush Racing, Talon, Wicked Wild Web Design, B&C Express, and of course the ACU without whom there would be no world motorcycle events in the UK.

Breaking News Red Bull are now a confirmed sponsor of the event, they made a site visit last week and were suitably impressed, and are excited to be involved. They will be there with, their Red Bull arches and tents, and there will be various Red Bull promotions running over the weekend. Hafren Dirt bike Club are thrilled to have a massive recognisable brand like Red Bull on board, it will add to the profile of the event and hopefully make it even more of a spectacle for the public. Entries Open for WEC GP of Wales!

Round 5 of the Maxxis FIM World Enduro Championship 19th/20th July 2008 - Llanidloes, Wales

With a little over 8 weeks to go, things are really starting to take shape for the big event. As you read this finishing touches are being made to the course, which will hopefully the biggest and best enduro held in the UK since the 1983 ISDE held in Wales.

Entries are now open, all British entries must be made through the ACU, any interested parties please contact Mary Kerr at the ACU on 01788 566400 or mary.kerr@acu.org.uk for regs and entry forms. HDBC in conjunction with the ACU have drawn up the following criteria for British Wild Card entries, they will be allocated in this order dependent on how many international World Championship regulars we get. They will be accepted in this order (British Enduro Championship standard in the last 3 years) Championship class, Expert Class, Top 10 overall in British Clubman Championship. Obviously there will be riders who do not fall into any of these categories but believe they warrant an entry, maybe top trials or MX riders, exceptional cases will need to contact Mary Kerr at the ACU and put your case forward, results/experience etc. Please note you will need either a full or one event FIM licence, details of this can be obtained from Mary Kerr at the ACU.

This will be rare opportunity for British riders to compete against the Worlds best on home soil.

Round 5 of the Maxxis FIM World Enduro Championship 19th/20th July 2008 - Llanidloes, Wales

Hafren Dirt Bike club are pleased to announce that everything is moving along well with preparation for this years World Enduro Championship round to be held in Llanidloes, Mid Wales in July this year.

With less than 6 months until the event the club have managed to secure some major backing from both inside and outside the motorcycle industry, these include:

BMW Motorrad UK, Marketing Manager Tony Jakeman stated that "we have chosen the WEC GP of Wales as the major public launch for our all new G450X which will be available in the dealers soon after the event, it's also going to be the 1st time that the BMW factory team have competed in the UK."

EMG Group, Paul Ranson stated that "EMG Motor Group in conjunction with LDV Vans of Birmingham are pleased to be able to support the Hafren club with their WEC round in July. EMG is always keen to support any club taking on the organisation of a WEC or BEC events in addition to sponsoring the East Anglian Enduro Championship,

Husky Sport, their supremo Mike Carter enthused that "We are again delighted to help the Hafren Dirt Bike club as they are one of the premier organisers of Enduro in this country. Bringing a world round to Wales is a tremendous outlay and achievement for the club and we wish then and all competitors a fantastic weekend. We will be selfish & pray for a Husqvarna win ! "

KTM UK, MD Shaun Sisterton "The Hafren round of the World Enduro Championship will be fantastic weekend for British Enduro. It will also be an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate that we can put on a great show for the World Enduro audience. KTM UK is delighted to be supporting this event and would like to encourage all Enduro fans to put the 19th and 20th of July in their diaries".

Other sponsors include, The Awning Company, B&C Express, DEP, Hawk Plant Hire, Honda UK, Putoline, Renthal, Rush Racing, RPA MX, TBM and Wicked Wild Web designs. Without companies such as these putting something back into the sport, events like this wouldn't be possible in the UK, due to the extremely high costs here. The club would like to thank all those who have already committed their support to the event, and there are still plenty of opportunities for others who wish to come on board

Preparations are well under way, with the course layout confirmed. Riders will do 3 x 30 mile laps each day plus an in and out leg from the Hafren forest back to the town of Llanidloes morning and evening. The course is planned to be challenging, demanding and intense, with very little fire road and rest, in order to challenge the Worlds best to there limits. It will be loosely based upon a shortened version (due to WEC rules) of previous BEC and EEC routes, using the more difficult stuff and using much less fire road, it will certainly sort the men from the boys!

Three different special tests are planned;

The Husky Sport-Husqvarna MX Test, which will be close to the paddock on the edge of the town, this will be mainly on rolling grass fields with natural ups and downs creating some great airtime opportunities.

The KTM UK Enduro Test, this will be situated at Glynhafren farm on the edge of the Hafren forest where the central service area will also be, this will be a mix of steep grassy cambered fields and open oak woodland tracks, with some more technical sections.

The BMW Motorrad Xtreme Test, this will be within walking distance of the Enduro test at Glynhafren farm to allow spectators maximum viewing without having to use their cars. This will start and finish in a quarry, and will be a mix of natural obstacles such rocky climbs and gullys, and man made stuff like logs, rocks, tyres etc, this will be real test of the riders technical skills.


WEC Wales website will be live shortly, in the meantime please if you wish to be added to the mailing list to be informed when website is live, or need to contact WEC Wales about sponsorship / trade stands or any other info please fill out the Contact Form.